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2003- January Highlights

3) January 21, 2003: Chiaroscuro, playing with light and shadow through blends.

buci131: I've been getting screen shots, with chat, too
sew_short joined the room
Fearless Leader: Thank you Eva, you know I like a belt and suspender
Fearless Leader: Kay
buci131: Hiya Kay!
Fearless Leader: Hey honey
buci131: Good timing
Fearless Leader: we're doing to do the three color blend with these
colors here
Fearless Leader: gold, burnt umber and pearl
buci131: we're about to do another chiarascuro cane again
jakmiami left the room
buci131: Ok--she's preparing the three colors
buci131: to make a blend
jakmiami joined the room
sew_short: Hi Ladies
buci131: sheet of pearl
jakmiami: excuse the unceremonius exit pls just upgraded and am having
the usual problems
buci131: burnt umber
buci131: and gold
bonsaikathy: Hi Kay
buci131: are there two sheets of gold?
Fearless Leader: I cut out two slices of gold, one slice of burnt
umber and pearl
sew_short: I have to pour a glass of tea brb
Fearless Leader: I'll do a blend with gold and pearl, then a blend of
gold and burnt umber, which is what I like to use with the tiger cane,
by the way
Fearless Leader: but we're not going to use a lot of the pearl or
burnt umber for we don't want a fat assed highlight and a bunch of
shadow on the edges
Fearless Leader: are there any questions before I proceed?
Fearless Leader: anyone need the blends link?
buci131: nope
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Aunt Jude, just getting started with a three color
buci131: Hey, Jude
bonsaikathy: none here, Hi Jude
Fearless Leader: gold, pearl and burnt umber
jude: Howdy!
Fearless Leader: I'll get started then if everyone is ok
Fearless Leader: ok?
buci131: ok
nor4man93553: ok
daytonlinda: im still here
Fearless Leader: oh I remember something
Fearless Leader: when you're doing blends
misty222bagwell: not yet please
Fearless Leader: just slice off some clay and press once and start
your blend
Fearless Leader: over conditioning before doing the blend is making
work for yourself
Fearless Leader: the clay will get conditioned perfectly when the
blend is done
Fearless Leader: ok?
buci131: yep
Fearless Leader: Misty, not start?
misty222bagwell: yes
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'll have a sip of coffee and you let me know
when you're ready
sew_short: Hey bright colors!
misty222bagwell: done
Fearless Leader: good time for any questions. Aunt Jude did you see
the links that are at the top of my home page?
jude: Yes, I did.
Fearless Leader: You're so good, Jude. Ok now to do the two blends of
these three colors
misty222bagwell: ready
Fearless Leader: Kay, it's gold, burnt umber and pearl this time
Fearless Leader: it's an experiment
Fearless Leader: he he he
jyladams: I have (by hand) a rectangle strip of gold, raw umber, and
pearl. Right?
buci131: two golds
buci131: Jyl
jyladams: 2 strips of gold, or 1 twice as big as the other 2?
Fearless Leader: if you don't get a natural point when you press the
first time I fold a square into a sort of triangle and press to get a
pointy end
buci131: NJ is preparing the blends--pearl and gold and pearl and
burnt umber
buci131: oops gold and burnt umber
jakmiami left the room
bonsaikathy: NJ is popping bubbles
sew_short: She runs it through the past machine. Then she rolls,
pinches and runs thru the machine again (and again - - and again - get
my drift?)
jyladams: by hand?
sew_short: Always rolling the same direction each time
sew_short: Does the rolling and pinching by hand - then runs it thru
the pasta machine
sew_short: Now she is blending the other color - see how she rolls,
pinches the clay to get a good start into the machine
buci131: she's doing the easy breezy method of blend
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll take questions now
buci131: looks like she trimmed the ends too on the second one
Fearless Leader: and see how quick these blends are when you roll and
then press?
buci131: none from me
bonsaikathy: none here
nor4man93553: none from me
misty222bagwell: none here
Fearless Leader: so I'm going to attach these two blends at the gold
buci131: and run it thru the pm for a looong ribbon
buci131: running it thru again--smaller setting maybe?
Fearless Leader: no it was narrow at the connection
Fearless Leader: so I did a fan fold to widen that connecting area
buci131: oh, I get it
Fearless Leader: I cut off the pure pearl for I don't want a big
stripe in the center of this cane
nor4man93553 left the room
nor4man93553 joined the room
buci131: I wondered about that but figured I'd wait to see what you
would do
Fearless Leader: now I'll fan fold this, like folding a paper fan
bonsaikathy: I wondered what happened to it
Fearless Leader: Welcome Back Cheryl D
Fearless Leader: so if there's no other questions I'll fan fold this
buci131: fold away
Fearless Leader: okie dokie
buci131: folding it like that Christmas ribbon candy
nor4man93553: I got kicked off no questions here
jyladams: I am still hand blending my second color
buci131: wow that's a long piece of clay
buci131: still fan folding
jyladams: By the way, my gold was all crumbly so I am using Sculpy III
COPPER and it is wonderful!
sew_short: LOL Jyl - that's why I can't clay along - I'm too slow
buci131: looks like the fold is done
sew_short: Pretty cool stack there NJ
buci131: It's a beautiful thang
misty222bagwell: I'm using scupley IIImand Fimo
Fearless Leader: now I'll reduce this to a long rectangle loaf
buci131: reducing, stretching, etc.
buci131: voila
bonsaikathy: Eva,I'll brb, if she shows anything good, can you catch
it for me please?
buci131: looks like she's squaring it off and smoothing it a little
sew_short: eeck
jyladams: when you folded, was the umber or the pearl in the middle?
buci131: sure thing Kathy
buci131: taking the dead ends off, heheh
nor4man93553: fastest hands in the west
sew_short: my cat jumped on me and startled me
buci131: cutting it in half
Fearless Leader: and I'm going to put the light edges together, the
dark edges out to the outside
sew_short: the silerr was in middle, i think
sew_short: silver
buci131: pearl, Kay
sew_short: ha - can't think with cat in my arms
misty222bagwell: lol
sew_short: OK I put her on top of the scanner for awhile
nor4man93553: she reduced one end and is cutting slices off
nor4man93553: she is taking the slices and putting them on a sheet of
buci131: placing slices on a sheet that looks like gold
nor4man93553: smoothing the edges out with a clay shaper
bonsaikathy: Sorry had to get dinner going
buci131: and the completed sheet
buci131: Got it NJ
Fearless Leader: ok, so with gold it's a little more subtle, but it
still works
Fearless Leader: the highlight is in the center, the shadows on the
buci131: it definitely works
Fearless Leader: it will make mini metal things have depth where just
plain gold will not
Fearless Leader: that's why I put it on a pure gold sheet
Fearless Leader: to show the difference
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions at this point
sew_short: Sorry, color is off for me
buci131: I'm set, thanks
misty222bagwell: ur's is great but mine is horrible
buci131: was that run thru the pm?
buci131: looks good
Fearless Leader: that was those slices run through the pasta press
bonsaikathy: that's really neat
Fearless Leader: Misty, your's probably looks like my first efforts
misty222bagwell: bye guys. got to look aftr the sickies
Fearless Leader: we can do chain mail,
Fearless Leader: Ok, Misty
Fearless Leader: see ya honey
buci131: Later Misy
sew_short: by Misty
misty222bagwell left the room
buci131: Misty
bonsaikathy: bye Misty
Fearless Leader: If there's no questions I'll save log at this point
Fearless Leader: those with pix can take a moment to save them as well
Fearless Leader: ok?
buci131: brb
sew_short: Chain Mail - hummm that's good
bonsaikathy: I did
buci131: all saved
Fearless Leader: there's the silver, black and pearl