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2003- January Highlights

4) January 21, 2003: Chiaroscuro, playing with light and shadow through blends.

sew_short: Chain Mail - hummm that's good
bonsaikathy: I did
buci131: all saved
Fearless Leader: there's the silver, black and pearl
Fearless Leader: saving log, brb
bonsaikathy: checking dinner I'll brb too
sew_short left the room
nor4man93553: potty break brb
daytonlinda: i gotta go too, i am going to try this to cover a box. it
looks so cool!
Fearless Leader: See ya Linda
Fearless Leader: show us what you make with this technique when you're
daytonlinda: i have made so many things i want to show off, need to
get one of my kids over with their camera! thanks as always
Fearless Leader: ok, let's break for 15 minutes and I'll be back on
the half hour
daytonlinda left the room
jyladams: I went wrong again somewhere, mine came out looking like a
pretty good cinnamon roll! LOL
bonsaikathy: At least you're trying, each attempt will get better
jyladams: I rolled the wrong sides together - Now I have it!! HOORAY I
jyladams: The copper with the burnt umber is awsome
bonsaikathy: I've done that before, lol, you're doing great honey
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: So Jyl you got it did ya?
Fearless Leader: Ok, who's back from break, roll call please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
frogger70301: Mitch, south LA
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E TN who's about to eat real quick
Fearless Leader: seems like folks are still away from their keyboards
Fearless Leader: let's get something to eat Kathy
Fearless Leader: I'm hungry too
Fearless Leader: another 10 minutes maybe?
jude: jude,Tehachapi
Fearless Leader: I got your pictures Kathy, they came out real nice
bonsaikathy: I had Cheryl tied up in another window
Fearless Leader: hope it didn't hurt
bonsaikathy: good I'm glad you got them ok
bonsaikathy: :D
jyladams: 10 minutes more would be good - Jyl
nor4man93553: I just broke lose from being tied up ;)
Fearless Leader: I'm heating up left overs from last night
Fearless Leader: Oh good Cheryl
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I realized I hadn't eaten since early this morning
and was starting to fade
Fearless Leader: What I'd like to show next is how this highlight
works on green for better leaves
Fearless Leader: if that's ok with everyone
bonsaikathy: Hey watch it or I'll have to tie you up again, lol
bonsaikathy: sounds great to me
Fearless Leader: Ever see "Tie me up, Tie me down" with Antonio
Fearless Leader: he was so young
Fearless Leader: funny picture
nor4man93553: sounds good to me too
nor4man93553 left the room
nor4man93553 joined the room
bonsaikathy: I'm afraid not, I don't get out to movies much, once the
price went up so high, Gary refused to go anymore,
Fearless Leader: it's rentable if you do rented movies on VCR
Fearless Leader: it was made a while ago, before he ever made an
English film, it is subtitled
Fearless Leader: but funny as all get out
Fearless Leader: there's the microwave, brb
bonsaikathy: will have to look into it, I love funny movies
bonsaikathy: ok
frogger70301 left the room
Fearless Leader: back and eating
Fearless Leader: when every one is ready we'll do this highlight and
shadow with green
bonsaikathy: I just took my last mouthful, mmm mm, creamy baked
chicken, mashed potatos and peas
nor4man93553: I am ready when ever everyone else is
bonsaikathy: me too
Fearless Leader: beef, potatoes, brocili (sp) and baby carrots
buci131: I'm here--probably in and out, though. got my daughter some
food and started some supper for hubby and I
Fearless Leader: Ok Eva, it's the same trick but with green this next
bonsaikathy: ooohhh, that sounds good NJ
buci131: Hmmm--I read back to see what was up
buci131: sounds good to me
Fearless Leader: now with leaves we can do the highlight with yellow
or with pearl
Fearless Leader: depending on what you want your highlight to be
Fearless Leader: we can do the shadow with green or black, depending
on how deep you want that shadow to be
bonsaikathy: how about a deep green
Fearless Leader: The dark of this green will be equal portions of
yellow and blue
Fearless Leader: I think I'll go with pearl for the highlight
Fearless Leader: and the lighter part of the green will be that basic
green with more yellow, maybe half
nor4man93553: sounds good
bonsaikathy: worked for the others
Fearless Leader: just experimenting
Fearless Leader: I'll get started on the mix for the green and
bonsaikathy: ok
nor4man93553: ok
nor4man93553: zink yellow cobalt blue and pearl
Fearless Leader: those are the colors that I'm going to use
Fearless Leader: half blue and half yellow for basic green
Fearless Leader: half basic green and half yellow again for the second
Fearless Leader: then pearl
bonsaikathy: did I lose the webcam again
nor4man93553: I have it
teri56 joined the room
nor4man93553: hi Teri
buci131: Hiya Teri
bonsaikathy left the room
teri56: hey everybody!
buci131: I gotta go--the girl is being way too demanding.
buci131: I'll drop the screen shots I got into the Epson file
buci131: Later all
buci131 left the room
nor4man93553: bye Eva
bonsaikathy joined the room
bonsaikathy: sorry, everything froze up again, that's 2ce now
nor4man93553: I hate when that happens
bonsaikathy: me too
bonsaikathy: fortunately it doesn't happen to me very often
nor4man93553: ok NJ has equal parts yellow and blue blending them
together for the basic green
nor4man93553: now she has equal parts yellow and basic green and she
is blending them for a lighter green
Fearless Leader: Ok, so the greens are prepared
Fearless Leader: Now I'll do a blend with the dark green and the light
green, and do another blend with the light green and the pearl
jyladams: I was so excited when I found the pasta maker at a garage
sale this past summer, you would have thought I'd put it where I could
find it - but NO!
Fearless Leader: uh oh, Jyl... yikes
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Oh Hey Teri
nor4man93553: oh no Jyl
bonsaikathy: Hi Teri
Fearless Leader: didn't see you come in because I was mixing the
teri56: hiya NJ...Kathy!
teri56: :D
teri56: vampire morning, that is
Fearless Leader: I'll do these two blends and we'll get started, we're
going to take these and use them as sections on a leaf cane, the
chevron flip
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: does anyone need links to leaves, the chevron flip or
teri56: ok!
Fearless Leader: if there's no questions or need for links I'll get
started. Ok?
nor4man93553: ok
teri56: I'm good
Fearless Leader: I know you're good, Teri, I just want to know if
you're ready?
Fearless Leader: LOLOL
teri56: oh yeah, that too! lol
bonsaikathy: ready here
Fearless Leader: he he he
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll do these blends
Fearless Leader: I'll cut off a bunch of this pure pearl at the end
Fearless Leader: so the highlight isn't a stripe of pearl
nor4man93553: ok Nj is blending the light green and the dark green
nor4man93553: NJ the first blend was light green and pearl right?
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll take questions now
Fearless Leader: you can blend any two colors in any order at the
Fearless Leader: dark green with light green, then light green with
Fearless Leader: or visa versa
Fearless Leader: I connected the light green ends together to get this
Fearless Leader: which I'm going to fan fold
Fearless Leader: any other questions before I fan fold?
nor4man93553: ok
bonsaikathy: nope
Fearless Leader: okie dokie
nor4man93553: none here
jyladams: start fold from where exactly?
Fearless Leader: I'm starting from the pearl end, but I'm showing you
how little pure pearl is there at the end
Fearless Leader: I'm going to press it again at one smaller setting
jyladams: press before or after the fold??
nor4man93553: before
jyladams: tu
nor4man93553: your welcome honey
Fearless Leader: Now if there's any questions at this point I'm ready
to take them
nor4man93553: I'm good
Fearless Leader: I wanted to make mention that other tutorials tell
you to mix all these colors separate and do sheets and stack sheets
bonsaikathy: none here
Fearless Leader: I never liked how that turned out
jyladams: after you fan fold, you made that square block I see now?
Fearless Leader: I thought it would not only be easier as a blend, the
end result would be better
Fearless Leader: Yes, Jyl, I just sliced off the wonky ends
Fearless Leader: he he he
Fearless Leader: there's the wonky ends
jyladams: gotcha!
jyladams: love this!
Fearless Leader: Now I'll reduce it to a long rectangle log and then
cut it in half and put the light colored sides together and reduce
Fearless Leader: ok?
teri56: ok
Fearless Leader: I'm glad you're happy Jyl, makes my day
Fearless Leader: ;-)
Fearless Leader: so on to reduce
nor4man93553: ok
nor4man93553: Ok she has it reduced and is cutting it in half
jude: I have to go. See you later!
greatauntjudy left the room
bonsaikathy: bye Jude
bonsaikathy: NJ has cut it into several pieces and then stacked a few
of those
Fearless Leader: ok, now I'll cut diagonally across these sections
Fearless Leader: like that, but neater
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I'll take one half and flip it over, add a dark green
vein and reconnect, that's the chevron flip
Fearless Leader: ok?
bonsaikathy: ok
nor4man93553: ok
boobearns joined the room
teri56: hi Doro!
nor4man93553: Hi dorothy
boobearns: Hi
bonsaikathy: Hi Dorothy
bonsaikathy: good to see you
boobearns: good to be here! been a long time
boobearns: so, could someone bring me up to speed on what NJ is
showing us? I looked at the website, but am still confused a bit
bonsaikathy: right now she's doing a chevron flip leaf
nor4man93553: Ok after NJ did the chevron flip she rounded off the
cane and rapped it with the darker green
bonsaikathy: what she's been doing is shadow and highlights
nor4man93553: yes Dorothy
boobearns: OK, so now I watch and learn
teri56: in a nutshell - to get to this point, NJ made two blends -
green to lt green and lt green to pearl
nor4man93553: NJ took a slice off the cane ran it through the PM and
backed it with green
boobearns: Thanks
Fearless Leader: That's one slice pressed
Fearless Leader: Hey Doro
teri56: made ribbons and joined them at the lt green for a long blend
from dark green to lt green to pearl
Fearless Leader: Long Time No See
boobearns: Hi NJ
bonsaikathy: Looks good NJ
teri56: did a fanfold, reduced, cut in tow and joined at the light
teri56: then cut into pieces to form the chevrons
boobearns: fanfold...same as you do with paper?
bonsaikathy: brb, gonna send the pics
Fearless Leader: exactly Doro
Fearless Leader: just like folding a paper fan
boobearns: OK, thanks.
kmrhodes joined the room
teri56: yes, as opposed to rolling up the blend
teri56: hey Karen
kmrhodes: hey
nor4man93553: Hi Karen
boobearns: hi Karen
Fearless Leader: Karen I'm going to show that pressed leaf trick right
Fearless Leader: good that you're here
kmrhodes: how you all doing
Fearless Leader: Kathy if you can get the shots of this next trick
Karen can make a booklet of it
bonsaikathy: HI again Karen
kmrhodes: had supper, took dog for a walk, chatted with Donna and now
back to my clay buddies
bonsaikathy: I'm ready, willing and able,lol
boobearns: I'm hoping I can retain some of what I learn tonight; it's
been a long day. But, I'm trying!
teri56: hang in there Doro. If nothing else, just enjoy hangin' with
the claymates
boobearns: right! gotta go for a few minutes, will be back
Fearless Leader: Get the outer ring of leaves on the sheet first and
nor4man93553: NJ is taking slices off the leaf cane and putting them
on a sheet of the darker green
Fearless Leader: going one way, turn and press at a smaller setting
Fearless Leader: any questions at this point?
bonsaikathy: no
nor4man93553: nope
kmrhodes: good thing you got logs of this
Fearless Leader: ok so I'll press this twice, oh I best save log here