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2003- January Highlights

5) January 21, 2003: Chiaroscuro, playing with light and shadow through blends.

Fearless Leader: ok, log saved and now I'll press twice, turning once
nor4man93553: ok NJ ran the sheet through the PM once and is now
adding more slices to the sheet
nor4man93553: all the leafs are pointing out
Fearless Leader: now I'll press twice, turning once, the second press
smaller setting than the first
Fearless Leader: starting at the widest setting going to the next step
Fearless Leader: ok?
kmrhodes: k
nor4man93553: ok
boobearns: back
Fearless Leader: now we'll do another ring, going inward with each
kmrhodes: is all the leaves the same size or do you reduce the further
in you go?
nor4man93553: I think they are the same size
kmrhodes: looks like she reduced the leave cane
kmrhodes: teri, did she reduce or same size?
Fearless Leader: they all start out the same size
kmrhodes: okay, same size.
Fearless Leader: but each layer and each press the earlier layers get
teri56: I believe they are the same size, but when she pressed the
sheet, they got bigger
Fearless Leader: get stretched out
kmrhodes: gotcha
Fearless Leader: the later layers are smaller, darker too, for smaller
equals darker
Fearless Leader: wider equals brighter
Fearless Leader: for we see more mica, more surface area
Fearless Leader: now to press twice, turning once this for each
layer of leaves
kmrhodes: WOW
kmrhodes: nice
Fearless Leader: now we just fill in the center bit and it'll be done
teri56: that is so pretty - what a great effect
boobearns: that is nice!
kmrhodes: I see my next booklet in the making!
nor4man93553: coooool
jyladams: I'd better wait for the booklet!!
bonsaikathy: NJ could you hold it up again and this time try to get
the light on it right and maybe back up just a bit so I can get a
clear shot of it
kmrhodes: will start to work on it when the pics and logs are done
Fearless Leader: ok, let me hold it up and Kathy you tell me when you
got your shot, ok?
kmrhodes: that way i can edit all this into an easy booklet form
bonsaikathy: got it, thanks
jyladams: so beautiful
Fearless Leader: now see how the light and dark green with the pearl
highlight gives the leaves depth
Fearless Leader: when this is flat as a pancake?
kmrhodes: so nice
Fearless Leader: A little closer look
teri56: the larger leaves on the outer edge also contributes to the
Fearless Leader: I really like this highlight and shadow business
Fearless Leader: Teri, you're absolutely right
kmrhodes: 3D effect
teri56: and it's so easy to achieve, simply by laying down that layer
Fearless Leader: with them all being the same size to start with the
incremental stretching of the earlier layers makes for a more 3D feel
Fearless Leader: and starting from the outer leaves
Fearless Leader: so the center ones can over lap
Fearless Leader: and if you do this with flower petals?
Fearless Leader: huh?
Fearless Leader: what sort of flower pressed sheet can you get?
kmrhodes: beautiful ones
Fearless Leader: yuppers
teri56: could be like a chrysanthemum
boobearns: hard to believe that that is flat!
Fearless Leader: that's the nifty thing of it Doro
boobearns: reminds me of a scene from "The Lion King"
Fearless Leader: with highlights and shading blended in you get a 3D
effect on a flat sheet
boobearns: expect to see Simba's head popping through the center of it
Fearless Leader: oh, mix pressed leaves with pressed flowers and a
butterfly wing here and there
Fearless Leader: yes, very Unga bunga Jungle feel
kmrhodes: jungle motif
Fearless Leader: yes yes
teri56: I can relate
Fearless Leader: are there any questions at this point?
kmrhodes: head shrinkers
bonsaikathy: I'll be back in a bit, there are 2 countries on ham radio
that I don't have, I'm going to see if I can get them before they go
off the air
Fearless Leader: time for a break
bonsaikathy: not to many new ones when you have almost all of them
teri56: break sounds good
Fearless Leader: go get them, let's break at this point
Fearless Leader: how much time do all y'all need?
kmrhodes: for how long?
nor4man93553: ok I have to fix dinner
Fearless Leader: half hour?
kmrhodes: k
Fearless Leader: dinner break?
jyladams: ok
nor4man93553: yes
Fearless Leader: How about this, I'll be back at the half hour, about
35 minutes or so
boobearns: glad I was able to catch part of this
teri56: sounds good
kmrhodes: good
Fearless Leader: I'll put that on my status
teri56: 8:30 eastern
nor4man93553: that works for me
jyladams: Hey Faye
nor4man93553: NJ do I need to save logs?
kmrhodes: please do
Fearless Leader: I've been saving logs
boobearns left the room
nor4man93553: ok I just wanted to make sure
Fearless Leader: best save this one right now, brb
Fearless Leader: Thanks for asking Cheryl
Fearless Leader: I appreciate that
Fearless Leader: be back on the half hour then...
nor4man93553: oh no problem honey