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2003- January Highlights

6) January 21, 2003: Chiaroscuro, playing with light and shadow through blends.

Fearless Leader: 119 screen shots
Fearless Leader: there's the screen shots that Kathy sent to me
Fearless Leader: thanks honey
Fearless Leader: I announced it to the list
bonsaikathy: Ok, I've read my bonsai group messages and one of my
other mini groups too, so I'm done
Fearless Leader: still need to get it linked, but I'll do that later
Fearless Leader: I'll announce to the list that we're ready for the
Fearless Leader: brb
nor4man93553: I'm back my husband kicked me off line
nor4man93553: :D
bonsaikathy: on purpose
chelyha55 joined the room
bonsaikathy: ok, naughty grin, don't answer the last question
nor4man93553: No way he pick up the phone to make a call
bonsaikathy: oh ok
nor4man93553: I would kick his butt if he did it on purpose
nor4man93553: Hi Cheryl H
bonsaikathy: we have an isdn line so we have 2 lines thank goodness,
I'll never forget one time when he was downloading something, had been
for like over an hour and I picked up the phone just as it was about
bonsaikathy: Hi Cheryl H
nor4man93553: oh no
bonsaikathy: he about had a cow
Fearless Leader: Yikes
Fearless Leader: I'll bet
Fearless Leader: Sent the announcement that the late demo will begin
on the hour
bonsaikathy: good thing he loves me, lol
chelyha55 left the room
Fearless Leader: whoa Cheryl H is having difficulties there with Yahoo
Fearless Leader: looks like
chelyha55 joined the room
bonsaikathy: she's back
Fearless Leader: Welcome back Cheryl H
Fearless Leader: we'll be starting in a minute and it's funny that
you're here right now we'll be doing more leaf highlights
nor4man93553: I have my sugar free hot chocolate I am ready to go
everyone fed and happy so they don't bug me during this lol
Fearless Leader: I got grape juice and I told these guys to heat up
left overs
bonsaikathy: I'm excited for warm weather to get here, one of the guys
in my bonsai group is going to send me a bunch of bonsai
Fearless Leader: I had coffee made, juice made, left overs and they
are set
Fearless Leader: wow, that's great Kathy
jyladams: I sent my son out for Pizza!
Fearless Leader: Yeah for Sons!!
nor4man93553: right on Kathy
bonsaikathy: I'm pizza's out, we get it free any time we like at work
Fearless Leader: chelyha55: something is wrong I can't type, so I will
reboot and come back
bonsaikathy: sorry, that's pizza'd out
Fearless Leader: CherylH is going to reboot
bonsaikathy: ok
nor4man93553: ok
bonsaikathy: I can't stick around to much longer, I have to be to work
at 7 in the morning, so I'll be hitting the sack soon
Fearless Leader: Well you'll just be seeing repeats anyway honey
Fearless Leader: going to do some highlight with yellow/green, green
and black
bonsaikathy: ok, that makes me feel better, lol
Fearless Leader: and do the pressed sheets with that
Fearless Leader: see what the difference is, when Kathy heads out who
can take screen shots?
Fearless Leader: bit silence
Fearless Leader: big silence I mean, LOL
Fearless Leader: does no one know how to take screen shots?
bonsaikathy: ok hubby is hollering for me to come watch a movie with
him, better get going, big hugs everyone
nor4man93553: Bummer it was fun having you I have really missed being
at the demos
Fearless Leader: See ya Kathy, thanks for the help with the shots
bonsaikathy: me too, talk to you later
bonsaikathy left the room
Fearless Leader: For those who are new here's the page on how to get
to the Demo, how
to help save logs and take screen shots.
Fearless Leader: does anyone want to check that link to see how to
take screen shots. I'll save logs
nor4man93553: I will go check brb
Fearless Leader: Thanks CherylD
Fearless Leader: you're a trooper
jyladams: My poor old weak computer locks up tight when I try
Fearless Leader: we got to wait for CherylH to reboot
Fearless Leader: shim poi poi to your computer Jyl
Fearless Leader: give it a pitty pat for me
Fearless Leader: ;-)
Fearless Leader: I'm going to mix some clay colors while Cheryl D is
checking on how to get screen shots and Cherly H is rebooting, it's
pretty boring stuff, but I got to get prepped
nor4man93553 left the room
nor4man93553 joined the room
chelyha55 left the room
nor4man93553: Sorry my computer won't let me go to that page.It even
kick me off of yahoo sorry NJ
Fearless Leader: Yow
frogger70301 joined the room
nor4man93553: My computer has been giving my fits for some time now I
am ready to pitch it out the window :((
Fearless Leader: Cheryl H should be coming back sooHey Mitch
Fearless Leader: could you do screen shots?
Fearless Leader: Kathy had to go spend time with Gary
Fearless Leader: I'll save logs
frogger70301: How long would I need to do them?
Fearless Leader: until you get tired of doing them, it's a repeat of
what we did with the leaves earlier so you can take less of them
frogger70301: I'm prob gonna get off around 9 or 9:30.
frogger70301: k.
Fearless Leader: what time is it now for you?
frogger70301: ten after eight.
frogger70301: Is that gonna be long enough to get a few?
Fearless Leader: I could do digi pix of these late ones, like one tile
tutes since we have 74 pictures so far
Fearless Leader: Cheryl H is having yahoo problems, I'll start mixing
colors for this next one. I'm doing a leaf cane again
Fearless Leader: yellow/green, dark green and black
nor4man93553: ok
Fearless Leader: unless anyone has a special request for other colors?
Fearless Leader: are these colors and another leaf cane and leaf press
ok with everyone?
frogger70301: sounds good to me.
jyladams: green is good
Fearless Leader: Lord Knows I'm easy
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ok, let me mix these colors quick and make the blends
nor4man93553: me too shh don't tell anyone
Fearless Leader: everyone has been here to see all this before, right?
Fearless Leader: so I won't slow down
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: likity split blends
nor4man93553: ok
Fearless Leader: I'm going to kick up this light green with a touch of
Fearless Leader: for more contrast
nor4man93553: sounds good
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey Cheryl H
chelyha55: hi
Fearless Leader: you made it
Fearless Leader: cool
nor4man93553: Hi Cheryl H
chelyha55: ok finally!
Fearless Leader: just mixing colors and about to do a blend
chelyha55: Cool
Fearless Leader: basic green with half yellow and half blue
Fearless Leader: take that basic green and mix it with an equal amount
of yellow
Fearless Leader: and one fifth portion of pearl, just for some shimmer
Fearless Leader: and then black for the shadow
chelyha55: are you doing easy breezy blends?
nor4man93553: yes Cheryl she is
chelyha55: thanks. I still haven't been able to get that to work for
chelyha55: still better off doing it the long way
nor4man93553: ya me too
chelyha55: Oh man I'm eating the best ravioli
chelyha55: from Costco
Fearless Leader: now I'll take some of that yellow green and mix it
with pearl just for the heck of it
nor4man93553: yummy
nor4man93553: ok
sew_short joined the room
frogger70301: Hi, Kay.
nor4man93553: hi Kay
sew_short: Hi Mitch
sew_short: Hi ??
frogger70301: Cheryl D.
nor4man93553: Cheryl D
Fearless Leader: So there are three blends, Hey Kay
sew_short: Oh gosh - didn't recognize her
sew_short: Hey NJ - sorry had to take a nap
Fearless Leader: Sleep is good
Fearless Leader: no worries
Fearless Leader: instead of only doing two blends
sew_short: til the phone rings hehe
Fearless Leader: here I did three
Fearless Leader: dark green to black
Fearless Leader: dark green to yellow green
Fearless Leader: yellow green to pearl
Fearless Leader: now to fan fold them and stack
nor4man93553: ok
Fearless Leader: we're doing another leaf but pushing the edge of the
blend envelope
chelyha55: ok here's what I need to see
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: know how to fold a paper fan?
Fearless Leader: just like that, if there's no questions I'll start
chelyha55: oh yeah I've done fan folds
Fearless Leader: we don't need to connect these ribbons
chelyha55: gives you a different look
nor4man93553: none here
Fearless Leader: we can do three fan folds and then just stack them
Fearless Leader: here I go then
Fearless Leader: now that the three ribbons are fan folded, I'll stack
them and reduce them
Fearless Leader: once I get a long loaf of these three stacks I'll cut
it in half and put the light edges together, ok?
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
chelyha55: ok. Hi Jude
jude: Howdy!
nor4man93553: Hi Jude ok NJ
jyladams: where did you cut?
chelyha55: ok so she stacked them on top of each other
sew_short: Cut the long part in half?
chelyha55: I dont know if she cut them yet
frogger70301: no, she's reducing the stack.
chelyha55: looks like she is reducing the stack
chelyha55: ok
sew_short: yes
frogger70301: lengthening too.
sew_short: But this is where I lost her before
chelyha55: I've never done 3 fan folds on top of each other
chelyha55: something new to try!
jyladams: put the light edges together how? On top together, end to
end ? How?
chelyha55: don't know yet
sew_short: I see
chelyha55: ok here is the cut
chelyha55: ah, I see
jyladams: like a sandwich!
sew_short: ok
sew_short: Is she reducing again?
nor4man93553: yes
Fearless Leader: now I'll use this to cut sections out for the leaf
Fearless Leader: we'll have deep shadows with that black
Fearless Leader: I'll stack the sliced sections and do a chevron flip
for our leaf cane
chelyha55: I'm always looking for new ways to do leaf canes
sew_short: ok - go slow
chelyha55: she flattened it didn't she
frogger70301: yeah
chelyha55: ok
nor4man93553: yes
Fearless Leader: ok, questions?
Fearless Leader: Longevity, morphology, incept date?
Fearless Leader: for BladeRunner Fans
sew_short: huh?
chelyha55: so you flattened it and cut sections
Fearless Leader: "I just do eyes," says Dr. Chu
Fearless Leader: channeling a movie, Kay, that's all
sew_short: lol
Fearless Leader: yes I flattened it and cut it into 8 sections and
took a section and pressed it.
Fearless Leader: for the vein
chelyha55: oh you pressed it
Fearless Leader: one section, that was two sections long got pressed
Fearless Leader: that's why I pinched one edge and made it into a
sew_short: lol
Fearless Leader: so it'll go through the rollers
chelyha55: ok
sew_short: I think you need to do that part again .... you cut a
section off and then ......
chelyha55: put it thru the rollers
Fearless Leader: I pinched the edge into a point
chelyha55: after she pinched the edge
Fearless Leader: for a tapered edge to go into the rollers better
Fearless Leader: I get a sandwich of these colors but thinned out
Fearless Leader: for the center vein
Fearless Leader: of the leaf
chelyha55: now we get to see what she does with thatl
Fearless Leader: we can get fancy and do veins all
Fearless Leader: but we won't on this one
Fearless Leader: so I'm going to stack these sections and square it
off, cut diagonally for the chevron flip
Fearless Leader: everyone with me so far?
chelyha55: yes
nor4man93553: yes
sew_short: I think
Fearless Leader: ok so I stacked 6 and squared it off
chelyha55: ok
sew_short: six chunks cut off?
nor4man93553: gotcha
sew_short: ok
Fearless Leader: six of these sections
sew_short: k
Fearless Leader: this line is where I'm going to cut
chelyha55: oh, I see
Fearless Leader: then we can use that vein sheet
sew_short: a diagonal line
Fearless Leader: see how that chevron flip is manifest?
Fearless Leader: we can take those extra sections and press them for
surround sheet, let me show you how to taper the edge before pressing
sew_short: Cut diagonally, then lay them side by side like a Christmas
nor4man93553: yes I have been wanting to learn this now I got it
Fearless Leader: cut diagonally and flip one half around, then you can
form the chevron, Kay
sew_short: Wonder why viewing the webcam from work is so much clearer
than here at home..... probably my Mac
chelyha55 left the room
nor4man93553: i have kind of a fuzy picture too
sew_short: Are your colors true?
chelyha55 joined the room
nor4man93553: no not by a long shot
chelyha55: very cool
jyladams: thanks so much for the demo- gotta go see about life now.
Nite Jyl
nor4man93553: Good night Jyl
jyladams left the room
sew_short: Sweet Dreams Jyl
sew_short: Is the Chevron for leaves?
Fearless Leader: ok, shall I do a circle of leaves again?
chelyha55: yes
sew_short: yes
chelyha55: yes do the circle
Fearless Leader: I'm going to press leaves on this sheet, you start
with the circle that is the furthest out, lay down the slices
nor4man93553: ok NJ is slicing the leaf cane and she is going to put
the slices on a sheet of green in a circle
Fearless Leader: and when you press, turn the sheet and narrow the
rollers to get them spread out
nor4man93553: I have one ? about this do you keep going from #1 to # 2
or do you go # 1 # 2 then # 3 to #4 and so on
Fearless Leader: Great Question Cheryl D
Fearless Leader: I go to #1 to #2, and then go back to #1 and then to
nor4man93553: Ok that's what I thought
nor4man93553: I just wanted to make sure
sew_short: Wow, that circle of leaves is pretty.
sew_short: Oh, another layer
nor4man93553: yes Kay she does 3 or 4 altogether
chelyha55: that technique would work for my bead bases
chelyha55: when I do a flat piece and add more leaves
Fearless Leader: the door, brb
chelyha55: in applique
nor4man93553: Oh Cheryl That sounds great
sew_short: Yes, it would
chelyha55: I'll try it
Fearless Leader: ok, now check this out
Fearless Leader: with and without black
sew_short: OK, now what can be done with this?
nor4man93553: I love these leafs I am a leaf junkie anyway
chelyha55: me too
nor4man93553: Cover a box
nor4man93553: or a tin
chelyha55: i always want to make something I can wear
Fearless Leader: see how the black makes stronger
chelyha55: or sell to someone else to wear :)
sew_short: Hummm, me thinks the black looks better
nor4man93553: Like Cheryl H said make base beads
chelyha55: oh yes
chelyha55: more dramatic
nor4man93553: ya I like the black a lot better too
sew_short: Base Beads??
chelyha55: it depends on what you are doing
chelyha55: base beads
sew_short: Sorry, what are base beads
chelyha55: a center of scrap clay that you put the slices on
sew_short: Oh (the guts!)
chelyha55: yeah! LOL
nor4man93553: yep
nor4man93553: :D
sew_short: that would save on the cane slices, huh?
chelyha55: oh yes
nor4man93553: yep
chelyha55: definitely
sew_short: I'm going to have to give this a try
Fearless Leader: that's the best I can do for now
Fearless Leader: I'll save log here