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2003- January Highlights

7) January 21, 2003: Chiaroscuro, playing with light and shadow through blends.

nor4man93553: ya I like the black a lot better too
sew_short: Base Beads??
chelyha55: it depends on what you are doing
chelyha55: base beads
sew_short: Sorry, what are base beads
chelyha55: a center of scrap clay that you put the slices on
sew_short: Oh (the guts!)
chelyha55: yeah! LOL
nor4man93553: yep
nor4man93553: :D
sew_short: that would save on the cane slices, huh?
chelyha55: oh yes
nor4man93553: yep
chelyha55: definitely
sew_short: I'm going to have to give this a try
Fearless Leader: that's the best I can do for now
Fearless Leader: I'll save log here
sew_short: Looks great NJ
nor4man93553: Great job NJ
frogger70301: I'm bout ready to head out. What do you want me to do
with the shots I have?
sew_short: Look how shiny the one on the left is.
Fearless Leader: ok, log saved, any questions or comments at this
nor4man93553: ya the way the light is hitting it
Fearless Leader: Mitch, you can send them to me if that's easier
chelyha55: nope. Great job as usual
Fearless Leader: thanks honey
chelyha55: gave me something new to try
Fearless Leader: I would have thought you've got this one down already
Cheryl H
Fearless Leader: let me give you a link
chelyha55: yeah but there is always a new spin on things
nor4man93553: I think I am gonna head out as well It was great to see
a demo again Thanks NJ
frogger70301: K. Some of them are messed up, so I'm gonna save the
good ones real quick then send em.
chelyha55: the circular pattern would look great under my leaf slices
sew_short: Sweet Dreams Cheryl D
chelyha55: nite cheryl d
nor4man93553: Good night everyone
Fearless Leader:
nor4man93553: :-*
Fearless Leader: check this out before you go
Fearless Leader: done with the same technique
chelyha55: do the leaf circle flattened and then applique more slices
Fearless Leader: very pretty
nor4man93553: NJ are you talking to me
Fearless Leader: One can do the blend as a jelly roll but that makes
the highlight fade out
Fearless Leader: yes, Cheryl D, check out that link before you go to
bed, it's pretty
Fearless Leader: the Pearl Premos
nor4man93553: Oh ok
Fearless Leader: Pearl Green, Pearl Red and Pearl Blue, done with the
pressed leaf technique
techi_mom56 joined the room
Fearless Leader: That link takes this technique to the next level,
using very colorful colors and do the leaf press trick
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: here's the link for Nancy
techi_mom56: hi all...just home from work and have a few while dinner
Fearless Leader: the steps were announced on the list in the epson
Fearless Leader: and the link shows what can be done with the leaf
pressing trick
Fearless Leader: using different colors is all
nor4man93553: WOW that blue one is my favorite
Fearless Leader: SEE
Fearless Leader: I knew you'd love these
chelyha55: see that's what I mean
chelyha55: I do leaf pressing all the time
Fearless Leader: oh Honey you got to give the Pearl Premos an effort
chelyha55: but never in a circle
nor4man93553: I have blue and green pearl
Fearless Leader: If you cut along the edges and adhere the edges
together you get a leaf pot
nor4man93553: I am going to try this for sure
Fearless Leader: since it's round and all
Fearless Leader: oh it's so easy and such a nice effect
techi_mom56: very nice....
Fearless Leader: I was so tired of my leaves going in the same
Fearless Leader: or scattered randomly
Fearless Leader: I figured wait a minute, they can be done in a circle
chelyha55: very cool
Fearless Leader: I screwed up doing the center first
chelyha55: lol
Fearless Leader: then figured out if I want over lap I got to lay the
lower layers that get over lapped down first
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: it was the slap the forehead moment for sure
chelyha55: I did that at first
nor4man93553: Thanks NJ Hi Nancy good night everyone
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Cheryl D
frogger70301: NJ, do you want me to email them to you or just upload
Fearless Leader: what ever is easiest for you Mitch
nor4man93553: This was a blast until next time:-*
Fearless Leader: emailing them to me would be easier wouldn't it?
frogger70301: If I email them it will be 8 emails.
nor4man93553 left the room
Fearless Leader: Until next Tuesday. I'm going to do Tuesdays regular
Fearless Leader: yikes
Fearless Leader: ok, Mitch if you want to upload them I'd be obliged
frogger70301: got 22, but I don't know if you want to keep them all.
Fearless Leader: just leave them in the in box and I'll go through
them there, in the Epson in box I mean
frogger70301: yeah, that's what I was thinking.
Fearless Leader: You were thinking good, I'll catch up with you
Fearless Leader: LOL
lindaslists joined the room
Fearless Leader: Linda, Hey honey
Fearless Leader: did you see the screen shots that were announced to
the list?
Fearless Leader: it had all the steps
frogger70301: Want me to do it now, or wait?
Fearless Leader: and then take those steps to this level if you want
to press leaves to sheets.
Fearless Leader:
lindaslists: Hi NJ. No I didn't yet. I'll look later.Beautiful work.
Fearless Leader: Mitch, go ahead and up load them now. I'm going to
take a little break between repeats
frogger70301: heehee, hubby's watching Charmed!
Fearless Leader: Ah, The T Guy, bless his heart
lindaslists: What are you making NJ?
frogger70301: can you give me a reminder of the password?
Fearless Leader: I'll send it private message
frogger70301: k
Fearless Leader: Linda, we've been doing blends, fan fold, to make
light and shadow in canes
Fearless Leader: then taking that light and shade and doing leaves and
pressing them in a circle
lindaslists: A demo after my own heart-LOL
Fearless Leader: check the epson album, want me to get the link?
lindaslists: sure
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: it has all the steps in different color combinations
lindaslists: great. I'll take a look right now.
Fearless Leader: for the rest of us, break time, half hour, I got to
get something prepared for Said
Fearless Leader: who is doing some late night banking for me
Fearless Leader: so back in a half hour?
lindaslists: Sounds like a good idea.
techi_mom56: yippeee!
chelyha55: I have to move all of my clay out of the cabinet
chelyha55: so my brother can take it out of the living room
Fearless Leader: be back in a half hour, gotta do home admin
chelyha55: Dad is remodeling my art studio
chelyha55: So goodnight for the evening
greatauntjudy left the room
chelyha55 left the room
frogger70301: Ok, pics are up, and I'm out. Thnx for the demo. Nite!
frogger70301 left the room
sew_short left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: ping when you get in
jude: Ping!
Fearless Leader: a ling
jude: A ding dong!
Fearless Leader: no
Fearless Leader: that's
techi_mom56: knock knock...
Fearless Leader: Rama lamma ding dong, silly goose girl
Fearless Leader: who's there?
jude: I was close.
techi_mom56: :D
techi_mom56: survived the first day of work
jude: New job?
Fearless Leader: Oh really, tell us
Fearless Leader: new job, dang girl
techi_mom56: same job just missed last preparer
techi_mom56: only during tax season
jude: Oh, fun.
jude: I file online. :D
techi_mom56: really its not a bad job...i like helping people..
jude: I know what you mean.
techi_mom56: or as we tell them..."i am not the irs...i am here to
help you"
jude: NJ, that is a neat color.
jude: Sorta peachy.
Fearless Leader: Gold and Silver sheet
jude: Looks good.
Fearless Leader: and the gold and silver layers
jude: I had thought of doing that a while back, never got the chance.
Fearless Leader: so we're going to do the leaf press, but in these
metal colors
jude: Oh, goodie.
Fearless Leader: we should ping Linda
jude: I got some copper clay now, too and want to play with that a
jude: Just as soon as I get my desk cleared off of Christmas stuff.
Fearless Leader: Just pinged her
jude: I hope Syl can get here tonight. she sure was unhappy to miss
lindaslists: I'm back, just packing a clay case to keep at work for my
techi_mom56: i am thrilled there will be a round 2...
Fearless Leader: I think this gold could use a clean brown sheet, the
gold has gone up over the edge
Fearless Leader: Good thinking, My little Metal Lunch Box is my best
Fearless Leader: I can fit a ton of things to fiddle with in that one
Fearless Leader: used a spice jar to carry Future
Fearless Leader: few of my favorite tools, a tile or two also can fit
jude: I put it in a very small jam jar.
Fearless Leader: so gold or silver ladies?
Fearless Leader: which shall it be?
jude: Hmmm....I do like the looks of the gold.
jude: it's warmer.
lindaslists: gold
techi_mom56: gold
Fearless Leader: okie dokie I'll press out some fresh burnt umber for
surround, what we have there is thinned out in places
jude: the fist of doom making a brief appearance.
jude: Looks liek a red rope with white in the middle?
jude: It may be the cam and it's not really red.
jude: It's the gold.
jude: Looks like she's layering the clay. Brown and gold?
Fearless Leader: questions?
Fearless Leader: I took the gold layered cane
Fearless Leader: gave it a new burnt umber surround on both sides
jude: Gold and silver?
lindaslists: ok
lindaslists: It gives it more depth
jude: Pretty!
Fearless Leader: took a length of the that cane
Fearless Leader: mashed it flat
Fearless Leader: covered it with new burnt umber on both sides
Fearless Leader: then I took a length of that cane and pressed it
Fearless Leader: so there's tiny lines of brown, gold and pearl
Fearless Leader: that will be the section veins on the leaf
Fearless Leader: last time we gave the leaf a center vein
Fearless Leader: this time the sections of the leaf will have
separation lines
Fearless Leader: just for fun
jude: Okie.
Fearless Leader: as well as a center vein which I pulled out at the
lindaslists: cool
Fearless Leader: That flat fat ribbon
Fearless Leader: will be cut into sections
Fearless Leader: and stacked
Fearless Leader: then chevron flipped
Fearless Leader: center veined
Fearless Leader: then maybe more burnt umber surround
Fearless Leader: reduce, slice leaves and press
Fearless Leader: are we ready?
lindaslists: yep
jude: Sounds like a plan.
jude: I just love it when a plan comes together.
Fearless Leader: As my goofy friend would say ..."My master plan is
going like my...uh, eh, Master Plan!"
jude: Right!
Fearless Leader: ok, here we go
Fearless Leader: 10 inches
Fearless Leader: cut 8, one inch sections
Fearless Leader: the last two sections might be our last surround when
pressed into action
jude: Okie, all cut into sections, stacked and now a diagonal cut is
jude: A small sheet of burnt umber is put on the cut and the piece is
flipped and put back together.
jude: Reducing the cane.
jude: that is pretty!
jude: Has the look of wood to it.
lindaslists: awesome!!!!
jude: It looks almost like inlay.
lindaslists: sure does
lindaslists: I just love what you can do with leaves
jude: Looks like she is going to cut some slices and put them on a
gold sheet.
lindaslists: putting it through the paces
jude: Yup!
jude: She puts them in a circular pattern.
jude: Looks like she's pressing them in with her fingers/thumb.
jude: And, them presses in the PM.
jude: Looks 3D, doesn't it?
jude: More leaf slices go on.
jude: Wouldn't that be pretty with some pressed and the rest not?
lindaslists: it would make a cerimonial mask with her face molds
jude: Yes.
lindaslists: great
jude: I was thinking of a box, though.
jude: Cover the top with the first sheet of pressed leaves. Then add
some to the top, not pressed, shaped well like leaves.
techi_mom56: it would be great on a box
jude: Okie, she's pressed it again. Looks great!
jude: It's getting an interesting design in it.
jude: Reminds me of fabric.
jude: more leaves going on.
jude: One have to be pretty patient to do this clay stuff.
jude: :D
jude: Pressing again?
lindaslists: beautiful
jude: It shows a lot of dimension, too.
jude: It has an almost fuzzy look to it, velvet or velour like.
jude: I'd love to get some fabric like that.
Fearless Leader: there
Fearless Leader: I think I like that shot
jude: You know? If you mooshed that all together and then formed a
cane, it would look just like wood.
Fearless Leader: if you used colors like this you'd have Mokume Gane
that looks real
Fearless Leader: for it should be done with metal colored clay
Fearless Leader: but if we goofed with the highlights and shadows when
we use the metal color clay
Fearless Leader: we give our stuff more ooomph
Fearless Leader: folks might look at this and think....complicated to
Fearless Leader: but the basic techniques are all simple
jude: Yes.
Fearless Leader: we have sections, if they were just solid colors they
would look flat
Fearless Leader: if we gave it highlight and shading it helps
Fearless Leader: if we increase the contrast of the separation sheet
we get some surreal effects
Fearless Leader: more real than real
Fearless Leader: One could have 6 sections to make a leaf or as in
this case it's 8 sections that are layered as well
Fearless Leader: so you get busy stuff, the double lines and all
Fearless Leader: those double lines are just the same cane as the
wider area, just pressed thin
Fearless Leader: one can get a complex look easily
lindaslists: Gotta go NJ. Thanks for the inspiration and the leaf
Fearless Leader: So are there any questions that came up while I was
making this?
jude: Night.
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Linda
Fearless Leader: my pleasure
jude: Nope, nothing from me.
lindaslists left the room
techi_mom56: its really nice...something i plan on trying soon
Fearless Leader: after seeing different renditions you figure you can
do a ton of stuff with this technique
Fearless Leader: love the mica shift on this gold one. I'm hoping the
silver one comes out nice as well
Fearless Leader: got to figure out something different to do with the
black and silver
jude: You gonna try that?
Fearless Leader: the change of light on the sheet is caused by my TV
which is right above it
Fearless Leader: I'm hoping for Syl to show up and do the black and
silver for her
jude: Okie.
Fearless Leader: Is she around?
jude: Not online yet.
jude: she usually shows about quarter past or so.
Fearless Leader: how's the weather there?
jude: Nice here, a little windy, but that's our usual.
Fearless Leader: we can take a break for 15 or so to see if she comes
online, I'd like for her to see something
jude: Okie.
Fearless Leader: we had a touch of rain but nothing bit, more rain
going north
jude: Not a drop here.
Fearless Leader: I'm going to check the list and stretch my legs, I'll
be back in 15 minutes, ok?
jude: Okie.
techi_mom56: just a little rain today....
Fearless Leader: where you at Nancy?
Fearless Leader: I should save log too while I'm at it