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2003- January Highlights

Chiaroscuro Review

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techi_mom56 joined the room
auntyalias: Hi Nancy
auntyalias: thanks for that link, I got it up on the Egyptian Link
page I just made
techi_mom56: HI...hows it going
auntyalias: Just setting up. I'm all excited about the baby coming
techi_mom56: great...i have been looking at bead information
sites...lots of cool info out there....
techi_mom56: congrats...that is so terrific about the granddaughter
auntyalias: Got these things cured and put a finish on one side of
auntyalias: I take them to show Ruth
auntyalias: so they were sort of hurried, she liked this run though
auntyalias: we'll give folks time to get into chat, see how many show
auntyalias: if there's only you and me you get "Short Order" rights
auntyalias: you get to ask for special requests if folks don't show up
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: got to reward you for showing up and being on time
auntyalias: I did a goofy pendant
auntyalias: let me show you
auntyalias: first let me explain
techi_mom56: sure
auntyalias: there's this Japanese food called Kamaboko
auntyalias: it's fish done like cheese in texture
auntyalias: they puree fish and form it and color it
auntyalias: and Neon Pink and white in a half circle is the most
auntyalias: So this pendant
auntyalias: is called
auntyalias: Kai Goes Tropical with Kamaboko Eyes
auntyalias: are you ready?
techi_mom56: beverage in mouth
techi_mom56: wow...that is really something
auntyalias: I goofed up a face mold
auntyalias: went on crooked
auntyalias: so I cut it off
auntyalias: and then though...hey
auntyalias: this lower part of the face ain't half bad
auntyalias: so I put it aside
auntyalias: then I had some scrap brown clay and put it on that
auntyalias: and then I was cleaning out some mini food collection and
two of the Kamaboko pairs fell out
auntyalias: and I added the eyes
auntyalias: over a month or so I kept adding things to this
auntyalias: it has a hole that goes from the center of the flower at
the top
auntyalias: down to the bottom
techi_mom56: it is very striking...eyes are great...
faye_shelton joined the room
auntyalias: The back has a shell
auntyalias: so I made two shells to go with it
faye_shelton: Hi NJ and Nancy
auntyalias: Faye, this is a goofy pendant I made
auntyalias: Kai Goes Tropical with Kamaboko Eyes
faye_shelton: kewl
faye_shelton: good shot of it, there
auntyalias: Kamaboko is a common Japanese food
techi_mom56: nice touch....i have a pendant that was my grandma and it
is two sided..i get more comments on it...i am going to make something
like that...still thinking it through
auntyalias: fish cake, texture like cheese
faye_shelton: what size is it?
faye_shelton: just put your hand over there
auntyalias: I like doing to the back as much as doing to the front of
faye_shelton: thanks
auntyalias: I just kept adding stuff to this, which started out as
auntyalias: I'm going to do Sushi Eyes
auntyalias: and other Food Eyes
faye_shelton: it's cool
auntyalias: on faces
faye_shelton: i love it
auntyalias: with flowers and stuff, just because it's such a trip
techi_mom56: one side is a faux cameo then the other has a raised
fluer de lei (sp?)..
auntyalias: Got pix?
chelyha55 joined the room
auntyalias: CherylH
auntyalias: Check out the Pendant
auntyalias: Kai Goes Tropical with Kamaboko Eyes
techi_mom56: um not right now but i will have some tomorrow...(its in
the den with the papa bear and hes taking a nap...
auntyalias: At your leisure Nancy
chelyha55: Hi all
techi_mom56: yeah i dont go poking at him...laugh
faye_shelton: Hi Cheryl
auntyalias: Cheryl how do you like my modern art?
auntyalias: LOL
chelyha55: way cool
auntyalias: The shell beads echo the shell on the back of the pendant
auntyalias: then
auntyalias: small orchid at the center
auntyalias: shell on the back
auntyalias: just another weird pendant
auntyalias: a hanging hankie pendant with the Lexx Iris
auntyalias: that's the hole for the wire so it'll hand down
auntyalias: that's the back but it's not got a finish to it yet
auntyalias: put another iris on the back
auntyalias: Pendant and earrings with the Lexx Iris
auntyalias: there's the cane
auntyalias: can everyone type something so I know I'm seeing type
techi_mom56: nancy
auntyalias: got ya Nancy
faye_shelton: it looks so three demensional. you added texture?
auntyalias: got ya Faye, and yes I sculpted the cane after cutting it
faye_shelton: nice
auntyalias: there's the finding
chelyha55: I'm here, my brother stopped by
chelyha55: was talking to him
auntyalias: just sandwich the finding between clay
auntyalias: Ok, Cheryl
chelyha55: Dad is remodeling my art studio!
auntyalias: I just get anxious when it grows silent, since sometimes I
can't see people typing
auntyalias: God Bless your Dad, tell him I said so
auntyalias: LOL
faye_shelton: i'm still here. feeding my face.
chelyha55: We found two mahogany doors at the dump to use as the
auntyalias: is everyone comfortable with findings and stuff?
chelyha55: ya
techi_mom56: just getting stuff moved around here...have to use
hubbies monitor is displaying in green....
faye_shelton: yep
techi_mom56: yes...
chelyha55: ew I hate it when the monitor goes bad
chelyha55: mine got all blurry
auntyalias: hmmm, I'm pretty clear on cam I think
faye_shelton: mine has a slightly blue right edge. got snapped by
lightening about 18 months ago
auntyalias: Yikes
faye_shelton: i thought so too!
chelyha55: NJwhat is that we are looking at?
auntyalias: Pendant and matching earrings
chelyha55: k
chelyha55: is that from a mold?
faye_shelton: no. she cut it from a cane and sculpted it
chelyha55: oh ok
faye_shelton: looks amazing
chelyha55: lost track of things when bro came over
faye_shelton: here's a shot of the cane, too
auntyalias: there's the cane
chelyha55: ah, I see
auntyalias: press in the black
auntyalias: lift the pearl
auntyalias: I've been experimenting with sculpting cane slices
faye_shelton: nice light shift
auntyalias: here's the natasha logs from the trim
faye_shelton: nice, NJ
faye_shelton: that bead looks kinda like a scarab
chelyha55: I love chop & toss
faye_shelton: me too
auntyalias: and doing it with these three colors, silver, pearl and
black with blends
auntyalias: is just too nifty
auntyalias: they are haunting
auntyalias: sort of somber, like beads to wear to a tomb
faye_shelton: that they are, yes
auntyalias: here's a new trick I'm working on
faye_shelton: beautiful light playing on that
auntyalias: you know when I take a cane and slice it down the length
auntyalias: into fourths
auntyalias: and then reassemble
auntyalias: we did that for the fish scale
auntyalias: well in this case the cane, a bullseye blend, was made
into a CONE shape first
auntyalias: then sliced down the center and then reassembled
auntyalias: and you get the different sizes just instant like
auntyalias: now this is smooth
auntyalias: not pressed in the black
auntyalias: but the back is
claychik joined the room
auntyalias: let me turn it around, no finish on the back yet
auntyalias: Yo Sharon
claychik: hey nj!
jill_z_q joined the room
faye_shelton: Hi Sharon
claychik: hi faye
auntyalias: Hey Suzy, can you see today?
jill_z_q: no
jill_z_q: I Just come by to say hi
faye_shelton: Hi Suzy
auntyalias: Hi honey, sorry you still can't see
jill_z_q: me too
jill_z_q: but boy do I have stuff to show you is proud
jill_z_q: giggles
auntyalias: Pix somehow....Suzy
jill_z_q: I going to email the listy
jill_z_q: grin
auntyalias: coolness
auntyalias: Sharon
claychik: ?
jill_z_q: Hi Everyone!
auntyalias: You know Kamaboko, the pink and white stuff?
claychik: yes!!
auntyalias: check this out
auntyalias: Kai Goes Tropical with Kamaboko Eyes
jill_z_q: like he's sunburnt?
claychik: rofl!
claychik: YEAH!!!
auntyalias: Suzy I had a face mold screw up
auntyalias: so I cut the lower part of the face off
auntyalias: no eyes
jill_z_q: ack
jill_z_q: lol
auntyalias: so I gave him Kamaboko eyes
auntyalias: and then added flowers and got all crazy
claychik: too kewl
jill_z_q: Well you do your best work on accidents do ya?
jill_z_q: er don't not do
auntyalias: don't ya know it? Accidents and just farting about, some
of the best stuff is done
jill_z_q: I think I have a great idea on how to fire opal

auntyalias: I love this and am going to do more Sushi Eyes faces
claychik: yes yes!!
jill_z_q: do even
auntyalias: Oh do tell!! I'm always wondering how to do a better opal.
jill_z_q: okay you got to see my hearts then
jill_z_q: so easier to explain
auntyalias: get those pix up and send through the list
auntyalias: great, thanks
jill_z_q: is cheating!
jill_z_q: okay now at the bottom is the faux abalone
jill_z_q: notice the inclusions like green and purple and so forth
claychik: yow yow, those are niiiiice
jill_z_q: Thank you
auntyalias: yes very interesting mixes. Elissa uses molds instead of
putting two bits together
jill_z_q: is really proud of how they came out
auntyalias: might be able to avoid the seam that way, no?
jill_z_q: actually she did it that way too that is how I learn how
auntyalias: I'm proud of you too, love the red
auntyalias: I want to do hearts that look like real human hearts
auntyalias: just to be an asshole
auntyalias: LOL
techi_mom56: those top two...amazing...
jill_z_q: laugh
claychik: i lol
jill_z_q: the abalone is mixed with pearl ex
auntyalias: I got to show another thing for those who can see, sorry
jill_z_q: no problem
claychik: thanks for showing the sushi face nj
auntyalias: This is the jelly roll blend of silver, black and pearl,
done as a lace cane
claychik: that was really cool
auntyalias: and then shaped, orchid on the front and shell on the back
jill_z_q: my buzzer is about to go off too.
auntyalias: ok Suzy, hope you can see soon
auntyalias: ok, who was here for the green blend? where I pressed
faye_shelton: i was in and out, and finally konked out
chelyha55: i was
auntyalias: that's what was made of the green with black
auntyalias: it's a pendant
faye_shelton: nice work.
faye_shelton: that is the circle of leaves you laid down and pressed?
auntyalias: the trick to making these pendants
auntyalias: is this
auntyalias: you know when I press leaves there's these pointed ends
sticking out like in a star burst
auntyalias: so the edge is zig zag
auntyalias: right?
faye_shelton: yes
auntyalias: slice along the edge and match the edges, it will make a
auntyalias: press the edges of the bowl so it becomes more like a
auntyalias: just connected the sticking out parts of the leaves and
the form comes natural
auntyalias: ok for the other leaf presses from that demo, not yet
auntyalias: that light green blend
auntyalias: I filled in the back so it's all leaves
auntyalias: it'll need some flowers or something to kick it up
auntyalias: here's the gold leaves
auntyalias: still in the process of being made
faye_shelton: it's beautiful
auntyalias: I took some of these gold leaves and put them on a black
vase in prep for Egypt
techi_mom56: very nice!
faye_shelton: looks almost tigerish on the vase
auntyalias: I did one large leaf on one side, yes very tigerish
auntyalias: and then three leaves on the other side, I think I like
the one leaf better
faye_shelton: yes, me too
auntyalias: but they were rushed all of these and maybe with a sanding
and refinish
auntyalias: that was the other blend done as a sheet with some leaves
and the hanging hankie done to it
auntyalias: then I added a second blend using the same colors without
the dark bit for the flower petals at the top
auntyalias: another pendant on the hanging hankies technique
faye_shelton: pretty
jill_z_q: bye ladies  hugs
jill_z_q left the room
auntyalias: goofing around with that silver, black and pearl mix
auntyalias: putting the pearl in the center
auntyalias: a two tube pendant
auntyalias: back is not finished
auntyalias: the reason why all of these only have a finish on one side
auntyalias: is I cured it in a hurry and slapped a finish on one side
and then packed up to show them to Ruth
auntyalias: but you see how different finish vs non finish is
auntyalias: this side is so dull
auntyalias: this side is finished, no sanding or anything
auntyalias: makes a big difference
auntyalias: and this is generic floor polish bought at the warehouse
faye_shelton: brings it a lot of depth. richens up the color
auntyalias: what I'd like to do more experiments with is this one
auntyalias: goofing around with highlight and shadow and pressing thin
auntyalias: see what happens
auntyalias: I think it has potential but I still got to kick it around
auntyalias: Ok, we've been here an hour. 5 minute break for
biologicals and I'll be back
auntyalias: ok? I'll save this log
chelyha55: k
sew_short joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Kay
faye_shelton: Hi ya Kay
auntyalias: turn on the cam so I can show you
chelyha55: Hi Kay
auntyalias: Kai gone tropical with Kamaboko Eyes
bonsaikathy joined the room
sew_short: Hi, brb -
faye_shelton: Hi Kathy
bonsaikathy: Hi Faye
sew_short: NJ - Messenger says your cam is not on and you are not
auntyalias: Kay how weird, I'm on and folks can see the cam
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to sew_short (1/27/03 4:16
auntyalias: just sent you an invite to see the cam, maybe that might
auntyalias: Hey Kathy
sew_short: Hey, are you on as auntyalias instead of msatclayart?
auntyalias: I'm on as AuntyAlias
auntyalias: ya that's the problem
sew_short: OK
auntyalias: add me and such all
auntyalias: whew
auntyalias: figured it out at the same time
auntyalias: I posted to the list that I'll be on as Aunty Alias
because we lost some folks when I didn't last time
bonsaikathy: Hi NJ
sew_short: OK - see ya now
sew_short: Hi Kathy
chelyha55: Hey Kathy, howya doin?
auntyalias: Ok here is the weird pendant I made
sew_short: Hi Cheryl
bonsaikathy: Hi Kay and Cheryl
chelyha55: Hi Kay
auntyalias: he has Kamaboko, fish cake, for eyes
bonsaikathy: doing fine and you
chelyha55: I couldn't remember your name before
bonsaikathy: love the colors NJ
sew_short: I'm fixin supper - a real hard sticks and
chelyha55: LOL!
auntyalias: I got left over spaghetti to warm up, making my own life
easier here
auntyalias: Now everyone here was in the Chiaroscuro demo before, yes?
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
sew_short: OK what is Kamaboko, fish cake, for eyes
auntyalias: Hey Aunt Jude
bonsaikathy: I made creamy baked chicken, mmm mmmmm delicious
sew_short: No
chelyha55: I had sweet&sour chicken wings that my Japanese friend made
jude: Howdy,
auntyalias: Kamaboko is a common Japanese food, fish paste, done as
half circles with a bright pink outside
sew_short: Hi Aunty Jude
auntyalias: so his eyes are Kamaboko eyes
faye_shelton: Howdy Aunt Jude
bonsaikathy: Hi Aunt Jude
sew_short: Oh - he looks good
chelyha55: Hey Jude, I talked to a guy at Albertsons who knows you
chelyha55: He's your neighbor?
jude: Mike, my next door neighbor.
jude: yup!
jude: Tall bald guy, right?
bonsaikathy: awesome, I'll brb, going to make hot chocolate real quick
chelyha55: Yea, thats him
auntyalias: Here is the hanging hanky done with the silver, black and
pearl blend
chelyha55: He was admiring a bead I was wearing
jude: He told me about it.
chelyha55: and mentioned that you work in pc
sew_short: Pretty
jude: He loves your work.
chelyha55: Oh he did!
chelyha55: Thats nice to hear
jude: We live right near there.
chelyha55: well maybe someday we will meet in person!
jude: Yes!
jude: They don't let me out too often. LOL!
chelyha55: haha!
chelyha55: I sneak out when no ones' looking
jude: Good for you.
techi_mom56: that looks interesting nj
sew_short: I see and NJ
jude: What is NJ doing? what did I miss?
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I'm making effort to do letter cane
auntyalias: with the purple and pink blend we did
jude: Oh, I see it! NJ!
auntyalias: Yuppers
auntyalias: if we make letter canes we can slap a slice on our work
auntyalias: to sign it
faye_shelton: kewl
auntyalias: just fill in the blank space with something
auntyalias: I guess I'll do black
faye_shelton: I tried a Superman logo cane once. total flop.
auntyalias: cut where the lines meet at an angle
sew_short: Thats cause you are SuperWoman not SuperMan
auntyalias: it fits like corners of frames
faye_shelton: Thanks, Kay
auntyalias: But Kay didn't see the blend trick so let's do a silver,
black and pearl blend again. Ok?
jude: Okie.
faye_shelton: k
sew_short: goodie
sew_short: Pinwheel?
jude: NJ's swirl.
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: let me cut and press these two so I can natter about them
sew_short: k
sew_short: wow
auntyalias: Ok the difference with these two spirals
auntyalias: is with the one on the left the pearl is in the middle
auntyalias: with the one on the right the pearl is butt up against the
auntyalias: it depends on where you want the highlight
jude: More depth with the one on the left, I think.
sew_short: I like them both
auntyalias: now after the cane is sliced you can sculpt it, on this
next example I pressed in the black and lifted the pearl
sew_short: It is amazing how different they look
auntyalias: the cane on the left made the pendant on the right
sew_short: You mean you pushed down on the black with a shaper tool or
auntyalias: take your blended canes a step further by pressing into
auntyalias: yes, Kay
sew_short: wow
sew_short: That would make a neat button, don't you think?
faye_shelton: this is definitely going into my bag of tricks
faye_shelton: yes, it would, Kay
auntyalias: The blend is just like all the other blends but it's
silver, black and pearl
auntyalias: do you want to see the shaping of the cane slice? Or do
you want to see the blend made?
sew_short: Shaping of the cane slice
auntyalias: That's a pendant and there's a set of matching earrings
that go wit hit
faye_shelton: i'm greedy. cannot decide
auntyalias: with it
sew_short: Is the blend like you did last week?
auntyalias: yes it is Kay
auntyalias: I'll cut a slice and sculpt it for you
auntyalias: so what I'm going to do is press in on the black
auntyalias: and lift up on the pearl, pushing it to the edge over the
auntyalias: this has the highlight in the center
sew_short: Are you putting the tip of the shaper slightly under the
pearl and lifting?
sew_short: As you are pushing on the black?
sew_short: That makes it really stand out
auntyalias: ok, I'll take questions now
auntyalias: it's rough and could use more fiddling but do you see the
faye_shelton: oh, definitely
sew_short: Can you see my question or do I need to repeat it?
auntyalias: Ok, when I'm lifting the pearl, Kay
auntyalias: I push IN on the black and the draw back lifting when I
drag over the pearl
sew_short: ok
sew_short: This is neat!
auntyalias: now let's see how the other cane looks different when
pressed, ok?
claychik: is that a blend of pearl and black?
claychik: skinner blend?
sew_short: yes - black silver and pearl
claychik: ah
claychik: ty
chelyha55 left the room
sew_short: she made two canes - one had the pearl color in the middle
of the silver and this one she is working on has the pearl butted up
against the black
merrie60us joined the room
claychik: oh, so that is just the mica shift of the silver then
sew_short: She is using a clay shaper to push down on the black and
lifts up on the silver (oops could be the pearl)
merrie60us: oh my I thought Eva said this review was tomorrow hop eI
did not miss too much
sew_short: Well, I think there is one tomorrow too
merrie60us: What did I miss what is she doing
sew_short: She did a blend of silver, pearl and black then...
merrie60us: Is this that Chir?? (sp) technique
sew_short: she made two canes - one with the pearl inside the silver
and the other with the pearl butted against the black...
merrie60us: then what
sew_short: She has cut a slice off the cane and is using a clay shaper
to push down on the balck and lift up on the pearl
faye_shelton: and she is sculpting the cane slices to add depth and
texture and accentuate the highlights
merrie60us: OH thanks. just one thing what did you mean by butting the
pearla nd the black?
claychik: brb
sew_short: She did the same on the other cane - but they are both so
different in shadings
sew_short: OK see the swirls?
merrie60us: yes
jude: Just a different way of saying the two colors are next to each
merrie60us: oh thanks just a little slow
sew_short: Thanks Jude I was stumbling on that one
auntyalias: Hey Merrie
merrie60us: HI sorry I am late
auntyalias: The cane on the right is just a slice
merrie60us: oh nice
auntyalias: and the cane on the left is that slice sculpted to
accentuate the shading
merrie60us: caught the sculpting part
merrie60us: Can I see the big part of the cane?
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
merrie60us: oh nice thanks
auntyalias: now that has the pearl up against the blac
auntyalias: black
auntyalias: if you have the highlight in the center
merrie60us: is it rolled like a jelly roll or just wrapped
auntyalias: that's the pressed slice with the highlight in the center
merrie60us: I can review the prior logs
dahs512 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Denise
auntyalias: ok, it's been another hour so I'll save log here
sew_short: Hi Ms Austin
merrie60us: Hi Denise
dahs512: Hi, just got back from the store
jude: Get anything good?
faye_shelton: Hi Denise
dahs512: shoes
jude: Shoes? No chocolate?
auntyalias: Chocolate shoes?
dahs512: dieting
auntyalias: Ok, Merrie
dahs512: got to put sa
dahs512: a bathing suit on in April
auntyalias: you missed the blending, how are you feeling about doing
blends in general
dahs512: I'm good at it
auntyalias: you're good at everything Denise
auntyalias: LOL
merrie60us: I am good at blending
dahs512: mostly in attitude
auntyalias: ok, Merrie
sew_short: I suck at it but I can do it
jude: My blends are ok. I have good days and a lot of bad ones, too.
auntyalias: for all this is in this blend is working with the
auntyalias: accentuating the pearl parts
auntyalias: pressing in the blacks
auntyalias: to make something look like it has more depth than it
really does
dahs512: i did some lips with blending
merrie60us: So you make a blend of silver and pearl make a plug and
wrap it in black?
sew_short: I don't know Merrie I missed that part
jude: purple? is that purple?
auntyalias: I did two blends
auntyalias: black with silver
auntyalias: pearl with silver
jude: Oh, must ahve been the light.
sew_short: I figured it was a fan fold making layers
merrie60us: okay then what
auntyalias: and connected it at the silver so we half the blend
jude: It looks like water drops on concrete.
auntyalias: three colors blended
auntyalias: now here I took the pearl side of the blend and sandwiched
merrie60us: so it is all one sheet
auntyalias: and reduced
auntyalias: those sliced on the bottom
auntyalias: the big ones
auntyalias: do they not looked curved?
merrie60us: yes they do
auntyalias: they are flat
jude: They sure do.
merrie60us: wow
auntyalias: they are all flat
jude: they look translucent, too.
auntyalias: we are aiming for the illusion of depth
merrie60us: they are so nice
auntyalias: by building in our highlights
auntyalias: building in our shade
merrie60us: you got the depth
auntyalias: and so can you
auntyalias: when we need stove pipes, machinery in a mini scene
auntyalias: using just silver is too flat
merrie60us: unbelievable they do not look flat
jude: Yes, for my Victorian stove.
auntyalias: if you add in highlights and shadow with blends
chelyha55 joined the room
dahs512: it's like using a grfic design program...
sew_short: No, they do not look flat at all
auntyalias: you can get Aunt Jude's Victorian stove to look more real
auntyalias: here's a real old manifestation of this, the grand father
of this trick
jude: When I get around to making it.
chelyha55: I got booted
jude: I did too, Cheryl.
merrie60us: oh what's this?
dahs512: alien
auntyalias: a jellyroll of the blend with the pearl in the middle and
the black pressed down
chelyha55: I have Bluelight, and they kick you off if you are idle too
auntyalias: it's a pendant
dahs512: dragon bumps
auntyalias: yup
auntyalias: here's some new stuff
jude: Doncha love K-mart?
merrie60us: wow nice
chelyha55: yah, then I found out my Doctor is denying my zoloft refill
chelyha55: the bitch
jude: Bummer.
dahs512: what is it NJ?
dahs512: lot's of depth
jude: A suit of armor?
dahs512: belt buckle
jude: no...not armor.
dahs512: shield
merrie60us: did someone take shots of this demo?
jude: An octopus hugging a football?
dahs512: lol
bonsaikathy: Oh cool, I just was sitting here fooling around with a
tiny bit of clay and made a 1/4" tall pinch pot
auntyalias: this is just goofing around with this blend trick
dahs512: spider going for a worm
jude: A three-eyed octopus, too.
auntyalias: it looks like pewter
jude: amazing, isn't it?
jude: It has a wet look. Is that Future?
jude: Or just the clay.
jude: The color really reminds me of something in the ocean.
auntyalias: Generic floor polish from the warehouse discount store
auntyalias: when you have pearl highlights and black shadows you can
get an armour look
auntyalias: machinery is ours for the making
jude: Like squid.
dahs512: who was the artist that designed the alien movies?
auntyalias: mini machinery is expensive
auntyalias: Geiger
jude: Mini almost everything is expensive.
dahs512: reminds me of his stuff
auntyalias: that jazz piano playing food
auntyalias: fool
auntyalias: LOL
jude: And, most of it is junk.
jude: The commercial stuff.
auntyalias: But he works with that highlight and shadow
auntyalias: something one can do with air brush easily
auntyalias: we have a little more difficulty for we must do with
auntyalias: what he does with airbrush
jude: Which means we must be more creative.