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2003- January Highlights

2- January 27, 2003, Chiaroscuro Review

merrie60us: I can't wait to get better and try this I love it
jude: Why wait?
merrie60us: I am in a sling
jude: Oh, my!
chelyha55: AACCKk! why?
jude: I know what that's like.
auntyalias: ok check this out
auntyalias: on the left is just silver tubes
auntyalias: you can see one pretty well at the bottom
icare4bunnies joined the room
auntyalias: on the right there's highlights and shadows built in on
the tubes
auntyalias: and see the difference?
jude: Ah, ha...a waskilly wabbit.
auntyalias: Yo Jael
dahs512: is that an eye?
auntyalias: LOL
icare4bunnies: eh, what's up doc?
auntyalias: That's dragon's eye sushi
dahs512: lol
jude: Howdy Jael.
sew_short: Hi Jael
icare4bunnies: hi
icare4bunnies: thought I'd stop in
jude: eyeball.
sew_short: The eye of Ra?
icare4bunnies: so, what did I miss
auntyalias: folded cane makes easy eyeballs
merrie60us: Are you going to do the blend again or move on to
something else?
merrie60us: cool
jude: Reptilian eye.
dahs512: very nice eye cane
icare4bunnies: kinda creepy lol
merrie60us: from jurassic park
auntyalias: and it's just folded cane
auntyalias: I love Creepy Jael
auntyalias: it's my bag
auntyalias: LOL
icare4bunnies: I know
auntyalias: Creep R Us
auntyalias: Ok, now we got to know what needs to be reviewed with this
light and shadow play
faye_shelton: Is this a pendant? Make a cool one!
auntyalias: who needs to see the silver, black and pearl blend done?
auntyalias: it's not a pin or pendant, Faye, just a thingie
merrie60us: I would like to if anyone else does
icare4bunnies: nope
faye_shelton: kewl thingy
chelyha55: I'd like to see it,
icare4bunnies: but I won't be able to stay long, so go ahead
chelyha55: I want to make some leaves with metallic clay
icare4bunnies: ooh, that's cool
icare4bunnies: like a shell
dahs512: alien aminoid
auntyalias: that is that same blend just done as a shell
auntyalias: it looks alien because we are using highlights and shadow
auntyalias: it would be nothing if it were just one color
merrie60us: so nice
auntyalias: Ok, Merrie needs to see the blend, CherylH wants to do
auntyalias: why not do some of this blend
icare4bunnies: leaves
auntyalias: and apply it to a chevron flip
icare4bunnies: yes leaves
merrie60us: fine
auntyalias: sculpt some
auntyalias: press some
merrie60us: great
auntyalias: ok?
merrie60us: yes
jude: Okie.
chelyha55: works for me
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: Ok, I got to condition some clay and prepare for the
blend, so why don't those who need to go to the bathroom or get food
do so
auntyalias: I'll save log here and Denise no one is taking screen
shots for I'll have digital pictures of what I've shown here today
icare4bunnies: I am feeling sort of creatively constipated
icare4bunnies: I need some inspiration
dahs512: Do you want me to get shots?
auntyalias: not really necessary with reviews, Denise, you can clay
along instead
dahs512: ok
icare4bunnies: Denise, I want to thank you for your help in reducing
auntyalias: thanks for asking though, I just figure the reviews
already have screen shots and the Back Up Crew can take a break and
clay with their Claymates
auntyalias: I'll save log though
dahs512: you are welcome
icare4bunnies: I had always rolled the canes, and now I find out that
it's a faux pas
auntyalias: I've been doing it hourly
dahs512: and whipee, a play cam
auntyalias: ok, potty break for me and I'm grabbing something quick to
eat and then condition the clay
auntyalias: so... let's say 15 minutes to the blend?
auntyalias: how's that?
chelyha55: great
icare4bunnies: fine with me
auntyalias: anyone with a cam can open up and show stuff to their
dahs512: sure
auntyalias: brb
dahs512: I'm rusting my helmets
dahs512: come see if you want
chelyha55: So Jael who told you you shouldn't roll your canes?
icare4bunnies: It's on a demonstration
chelyha55: where?
icare4bunnies: I mean a tutorial on polymer clay central
icare4bunnies: I think that's where I saw it
chelyha55: oh, ok. I roll mine all the time
techi_mom56: i have seen that also...says it twists the pattern inside
icare4bunnies: you are better off squeezin
dahs512: probably to minimize distortion
chelyha55: you just have to be careful
icare4bunnies: I found out it works better over all to squeeze
chelyha55: I squeeze and roll
auntyalias: Cool helmets
auntyalias: brb
dahs512: thanks nj
icare4bunnies: I made a couple of plain canes today, and the squeeze
method worked better
chelyha55: when I wrap a cane I leave a little gap so I have a line to
guide me as I reduce
icare4bunnies: I got more out of my cane, less distortion at the ends
icare4bunnies: I'm playing with colors right now, doing geometric
icare4bunnies: I love color
icare4bunnies: brb
jude: Great helmets.
chelyha55: Cool. I seem to get waste at the ends no matter how I
dahs512: thanks jude
jude: I do too, Cheryl.
dahs512: second application of step2
icare4bunnies: oh, and stretching
chelyha55: oh your helmets are great!
dahs512: thanks
merrie60us: Has anyone seen Sandra Mcaw's tape?
chelyha55: I've seen it
merrie60us: Is it any good
jude: Nope, haven't seen that.
faye_shelton: not I
chelyha55: yes, but it takes a lot of patience to do it right
chelyha55: which I don't have in abundance
merrie60us: I've seen some canes some people have made using her
technique and they are nice
dahs512: what is it about?
chelyha55: she does a geometric cane
chelyha55: that is quite intricate
dahs512: like shriver?
chelyha55: looks great
jyladams joined the room
chelyha55: shriver is a little different, but it is similar to hers
chelyha55: Hi Jyl
dahs512: i'd like to see how it's done
merrie60us: me too
chelyha55: If you ever get a chance to rent her video it is worth a
jude: Howdy Jyl.
merrie60us: I have a chance to see Sarah but don't think I can afford
chelyha55: it takes patience and precise cutting
merrie60us: oops it
jyladams: Hey all! How much have I missed?
chelyha55: I work for Klew so I get a lot of help from her
merrie60us: she is prepping now for a review of the
merrie60us: shading and blending
merrie60us: lucky you
merrie60us: I had the library here buy a lot of her tapes so I have
been able to view them
chelyha55: Klew?
merrie60us: yes
dahs512: my mardi gra masks wont show up right on cam
chelyha55: I think her instructional videos are the best
merrie60us: I agree
chelyha55: and not just because I know her
merrie60us: but I like NJ 's demos the best
chelyha55: Hey Denise that's cool
merrie60us: because it is interactive and she is very innovative
merrie60us: and motivating
chelyha55: Oh besides NJ, I mean
faye_shelton: Is that all masks, Denise?
faye_shelton: nice
chelyha55: that is too cute!
faye_shelton: love the helmets, too
dahs512: yes but the colors are freaking out my
chelyha55: Good job!
chelyha55: what are you going to do with those?
dahs512: mask swap
faye_shelton: you can have a mini masquerade ball
chelyha55: LOL
chelyha55: put one of those masks on Kai
chelyha55: or Lexx or whoever
chelyha55: Denise, have you posted any pics of those to the list?
dahs512: the helmets?
chelyha55: and the mardi gras
dahs512: The helmits on the pic list
chelyha55: I'd love to see a good pic of the mask too
bonsaikathy: they are wonderful Denise, great job
dahs512: not the mask yet, i just finished them today
chelyha55: oh ok
faye_shelton: are they all polymer clay?
dahs512: yes, with rust
chelyha55: Reminds me of Russell Crowe
dahs512: lol
bonsaikathy: they are truly incredible
auntyalias: Hey Jyl
bonsaikathy: NJ will be really proud of how well you've done
auntyalias: back from a quick bite
dahs512: oooh, rusty pagodas
dahs512: might look good
auntyalias: The helmets are just faboo!!
auntyalias: I'm totally impressed and ...where's the tute?
dahs512: thanks
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: excellant idea, lol
auntyalias: that's our battle cry, Where's The Tute
auntyalias: SHOW ME THE TUTE
chelyha55: show her the mardi gras
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: I agree NJ, here here,
dahs512: sewing pattern-like
chelyha55: yeah me too!
dahs512: made it then cut it and laid it out flat
auntyalias: I'll start conditioning the clay, lost Merrie and I hope
she'll be back
auntyalias: yahoo is kicking folks off
dahs512: so i could make a card stock pattern
faye_shelton: that would be cool
bonsaikathy: I can't believe with all the windows I have open that
I've not gotten booted, lol
jude: I wouldn't talk about it, Kathy, it's listening.
auntyalias: Kai and Xev gone Egyptian
chelyha55: ok here's the Barbarian Horde
merrie60us left the room
merrie60us joined the room
jude: Rehi Merrie.
auntyalias: welcome back Merrie
chelyha55: Denise you might have to make more of those
auntyalias: if Merrie were Mexican we'd say ReFry
chelyha55: I'd love one of those Mardi Gras masks
auntyalias: if she were a banker we'd say ReFi
auntyalias: LOL
techi_mom56: laugh
icare4bunnies: lost kathy
merrie60us: got bumped ugh!
jude: I get booted when the ad's change sometimes.
bonsaikathy: sorry, I'm here, you're request was hidden under this
window, sorry about that
jude: the inch worm!
icare4bunnies: I'm trying to see kathy
icare4bunnies: teeny tiny stuff
jude: Love that guy.
icare4bunnies: too much to look at LOL
bonsaikathy: can you see now
dahs512: don't remember you sawe this
bonsaikathy: yup, I was playing to see how tiny I could get pinch pots
icare4bunnies: fungi
bonsaikathy: Denise that was wonderful
techi_mom56: wow...that is great...snakes...fungi...great
icare4bunnies: vines
icare4bunnies: flower
icare4bunnies: snake
jude: Coral snake?
auntyalias: nifty snake
bonsaikathy: that snake looks to real
icare4bunnies: I see blocks of clay getting ready
dahs512: yes, but you didn't see it ok
icare4bunnies: on your marks
chelyha55: Looks like Denise is one of your best students NJ
dahs512: yes coral snake
chelyha55: Well I want one of those Mardi Gras masks Denise
jude: Red next to yellow, kill a fellow, If I remember correctly.
dahs512: thank you, Cheryl
dahs512: i looked in a book for the colors
jude: There is a king snake that has similar colors, but different
icare4bunnies: Kathy, you are dark now
chelyha55: I'd make a necklace out of it
bonsaikathy: I turned it off
icare4bunnies: might be too delicate though
chelyha55: Ok so she is doing black, silver and pearl, right?
jude: Yes, she is conditioning it.
merrie60us: I think so
dahs512: Kathy I saw your little pots! cute
bonsaikathy: I can't see all these cams at once, haha
bonsaikathy: thanks, I was playing around with some scraps after doing
some new bonsai today
dahs512: Was that one of my or your pagodas?
icare4bunnies: yahoo messenger quit on me
bonsaikathy: yours if I remember right
dahs512: cool
dahs512: how is the BIG project coming?
jyladams left the room
jyladams joined the room
icare4bunnies: I have to go for a bit, I might be back
bonsaikathy: I took a break after working for days on the waterfall
and finally getting it exactly the way I wanted, now I have to start
adding trees
icare4bunnies: see ya later
icare4bunnies left the room
bonsaikathy: bye
jyladams: Got kicked out right off the bat, ya'll talking bout me?
bonsaikathy: I have a bunch made for it, just working on some other
things that got put to the side well doing this much on it
dahs512: no jyl, are your ears burning?
jyladams: I have been playing with my PM, after I finally found it and
it really is wonderful!
merrie60us: what is she doing now making a long sheet of black?
jyladams: I have made some Iris. Working toward 1/4" scale, but so far
have only managed 1" and 1/2" scale.
jyladams: I have them posted in my album (JylAdams) have a look and
let me know what you think?
merrie60us: rolling silver
chelyha55: I will look at them later Jyl
bonsaikathy: The smaller you go with PC the more difficult it gets
because you have to have the clay so thin to be in scale and it gets
really flimsy, that's what I was just finding out with the pinch pots,
one of which was only 1/4" tall
chelyha55: I have to get out of chat to go to the photos
merrie60us: showing roll
merrie60us: is the black rolled over the silver pearl blend
chelyha55: not sure
sew_short: I'm back - my sister came to take shower and wash some
clothes... her water was frozen and busted a pipe
sew_short: She is watching tv right now so I slipped off to watch NJ
merrie60us: Cannot make out what she is doing now
merrie60us: flattening cane
merrie60us: ?
auntyalias: three sheets
auntyalias: no blend, pressed and will be sandwiched for veins
auntyalias: before cutting out the segments for the leaf
auntyalias: only put the vein on one side
auntyalias: or you'll get double veins
auntyalias: when you stack the sections, ok?
chelyha55: ah crud I missed something
chelyha55: I don't know what she's doiing
merrie60us: not sure I think she is stacking leaf cane that she cut in
merrie60us: sections
dahs512: is that a blended plug NJ?
bonsaikathy: she said earlier no blend
bonsaikathy: pressed and sandwiched for veins
merrie60us: I thoght it was no blend for the veins
faye_shelton: no blend on the veings
dahs512: ok
faye_shelton: pardon me spelling
dahs512: ok
merrie60us: cutting square at angle put vein in
merrie60us: then putting back together
bonsaikathy: chevron flip
faye_shelton: chevron flipped
merrie60us: turning to make cheveron pattern
faye_shelton: vuja da
merrie60us: ?
faye_shelton: deja vu. i repeated Kathy's statement, is all
bonsaikathy: We were probably typing it in at the same time, I just
hit enter first
merrie60us: cover leaf with outer layer (black)
merrie60us: reducing
bonsaikathy: very pretty NJ
dahs512: ooh
merrie60us: nice
auntyalias: now to press some leaves on black
chelyha55: very pretty
jyladams left the room
dahs512: They are very dimensional
jyladams joined the room
chelyha55: I want to try this on one of my draped fabric beads
merrie60us: what's a draped fabric bead
chelyha55: remember back when NJ did the fish scale demo?
jyladams left the room
merrie60us: yes
jyladams joined the room
chelyha55: I rolled out the sheet of scales and thought it would look
pretty folded like fabric
merrie60us: oh nice any pics
chelyha55: so I did it and appliqued leaf slices on it
chelyha55: yes on the pics list
merrie60us: oh I will take a look later
merrie60us: very nice oooh
jyladams: Vertigo!
jyladams: This is facinating!
bonsaikathy: well folks, 5 a.m. comes really fast, so better hit the
sack, big hugs everyone
faye_shelton: Nite, Kathy
bonsaikathy: Thanks Denise and NJ
dahs512: bye Kathy
auntyalias: nighty night Kathy
merrie60us: bye Kathy
jyladams: good night
bonsaikathy left the room
auntyalias: sweet dreams in your OWN bed
auntyalias: oh she missed that
auntyalias: LOL
jyladams: Are you finger pressing the leaves in, or running it through
the PM?
auntyalias: I'll take questions now
auntyalias: Jyl ...both
auntyalias: when you take the slices and put it on the sheet
auntyalias: press the edges down
auntyalias: or you might press the surround sheet over the leaf design
auntyalias: then press
merrie60us: what you wrapped in black was a blend of pearl and silver
auntyalias: I pressed this three times, turning each time and making
the rollers narrow as I turn
auntyalias: Merrie, the veins are layers of sheets with no blends
auntyalias: just black, silver and pearl
auntyalias: layered and then sandwiched
merrie60us: i get that the leaf itself though
auntyalias: Oh now I understand your question
auntyalias: a jelly roll of a three color blend
auntyalias: pearl in the center
auntyalias: silver and then black
merrie60us: yes thanks
auntyalias: I blended silver with black, then blended silver with
auntyalias: merged them at the silver before rolling
auntyalias: this flat cane slice here looks rounded
auntyalias: I think
auntyalias: because the highlight is in the center
auntyalias: like the alien skin
auntyalias: like this
merrie60us: I get it thanks
auntyalias: there's a slice of the finished cane on the jelly roll
auntyalias: when pressed the pearl stretches out and it looks lighter
auntyalias: so when you press in layers like this, the first layers
will appear lighter
chelyha55: Ok I'm going to do this because I want a metallic leaf
auntyalias: the later layers will look darker for they are not
stretched out as much
chelyha55: and this looks way cool
auntyalias: Good Cheryl. You said it would be good as a base for your
chelyha55: yes it will. Thanks my dear!
auntyalias: as you turn it you can see the mica shift
auntyalias: nifty bifty
merrie60us: it's awesome
faye_shelton: these colors would look very nice on that little black
vase, too, NJ
auntyalias: now how easy is this you ladies
chelyha55: yep
jude: I may try something like with with my new copper.
dahs512: I started playing with the cane and it got to tiny, so i did
this withit
jude: That is very nice!
jude: We need a tute!
dahs512: lol
faye_shelton: pretty, Denise
chelyha55: ooh that is cool!
auntyalias: Nice Denise
auntyalias: oooh
auntyalias: nifty
merrie60us: nice Denise
jude: You know? That reminds me of a stencil pattern.
dahs512: i also have a hard time coloring inside the lines
jude: Me too.
merrie60us: NJ what are you planning on doing next a break or more
dahs512: This was fun
dahs512: I love the way you showed the leaf NJ
jyladams: Thank you so much!
auntyalias: You're welcome Denis
auntyalias: Denise
dahs512: I've always done it much simpler, and it didn't look as good
as this
auntyalias: It's almost 7pm my time
auntyalias: and I had just planned to clay to 6pm
jude: Great demo!
auntyalias: So I'm going to close down and put some time into the
merrie60us: I have to put my son to sleep it is late here. Thanks
dahs512: Thanks for staying, NJ
auntyalias: I'll post to the list when the baby arrives for its first
merrie60us: for everything see you tomorrow what time?
chelyha55: ok then, Thanks NJ
auntyalias: and you can come to chat and see the new baby
faye_shelton: It has been great. THanks so much
dahs512: Catch you later gaters
merrie60us: would love to how exciting
chelyha55: And thanks Denise for showing your little helmets
jude: Okie, sounds like a plan.
jyladams: Please have a peek at my Iris and give me a pat so I can
keep going before you leave NJ
auntyalias: I don't know when she's coming tomorrow, just check the
chelyha55: sounds cool
auntyalias: Jyl did you send it through the pix list?
chelyha55: Nitey nite
merrie60us left the room
chelyha55: I'll go check it out
dahs512 left the room
jyladams: Yes on our clay list
faye_shelton: It's lovely Jyl. I peeked
jude: Night all.
auntyalias: where is Jyl's iris?
faye_shelton: Nite, Jude
auntyalias: I'm lost
chelyha55: on the clay list
jude: Thanks, NJ! Wonderful, as usual.
auntyalias: in shared photos?
sew_short left the room
auntyalias: I'll go check
faye_shelton: Pix photo. under JylAdams
greatauntjudy left the room
auntyalias: ok, let me go check and I'll be right back
jyladams: I worked all day!
chelyha55: ok cool
auntyalias: WOW
auntyalias: Jyl
auntyalias: they are stunning!!
auntyalias: post to the list so others can see too
faye_shelton: can't decide which I like best!
auntyalias: the blue
auntyalias: for me the blue is just Faboo!!
faye_shelton: blue looks so realistic
auntyalias: isn't it though?
faye_shelton: yep
jyladams: How do I post to the list? The blue is 1/2" scale
chelyha55: I have to go see this so I will catch you all later!
auntyalias: any scale is ok on our list
auntyalias: okie dokie Cheryl H
auntyalias: ciao bella
auntyalias: just post to the list and tell folks where to find the
jyladams: Thank you so much, I was so pleased with the results I just
had to share. It is tough getting them that small though!
auntyalias: let them go click to see it
auntyalias: they are wonderful
auntyalias: you did so good
auntyalias: ATTA GIRL \(*o*)/
faye_shelton: You should be very proud, Jyl
auntyalias: I'm proud for her
jyladams: OK I will. Thank you again (Blush bluch, beam beam and
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: LOL
faye_shelton: me toooooo
auntyalias: ok, my husband is nudging me for attention
faye_shelton: well, nitey nite, you guys
auntyalias: nighty night all
auntyalias: xoxo
chelyha55 left the room
jyladams: Night, thanks again