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2003- January Highlights

1- January 29, 2003: Natasha Log to Pinch Pot in Minutes

auntyalias: ok, now that is all settled, let's do Roll Call
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco,
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana
dahs512: Denise in Cedar Creek
jude: jude, Tehachapi
jyladams: Jyl Adams, Gig Harbor WA (State)
dahs512: Texas
lindaslists: Linda Bohrn in Ely Nevada(and Mariah-LOL)
auntyalias: Faye and Kay?
auntyalias: afk?
sew_short: Kay in Missouri
auntyalias: thanks honey
sew_short: Gosh - somebody just pulled up brb
bonsaikathy: I'll help virtual scribe this time until I can't stay
awake any longer, I just can't stay in here very long tonight, Been up
since the middle of the night
faye_shelton: Hey, Faye, Norfolk. I'm back
sew_short: False alarm
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Chop/Natasha/ScrapLogs.htm
sew_short: Thanks Kathy - I'm running back & forth cooking
dahs512: pudy chop
auntyalias: Ok who is unfamiliar with the whole chop and toss to
natasha log stage?

bonsaikathy: not me, I think it's fantastic
dahs512: purdy
sew_short: I just learned it from - who ? was it you Linda?
sew_short: Linda or Teri
auntyalias: If everyone is good to go with the chop and toss technique
auntyalias: how one takes that and turns it into a natasha bead
auntyalias: then I'll begin
auntyalias: when you do a long log of chop and toss
auntyalias: and make a LONG natasha bead
auntyalias: you have a natasha log
auntyalias: like these that are laying horizontally in the cam
auntyalias: the colored ones are natasha logs
auntyalias: same technique as the bead but you slice off beads as the
patterns suggest
auntyalias: you pinch off one end and cut small ones, medium sized
ones or long ones
auntyalias: makes the whole bead making thing go fast
auntyalias: also it is good for the really small pain in the ass beads
auntyalias: because you're working one end of the bead off the log
which is easier to hold on to
auntyalias: ok so far?
dahs512: yep
faye_shelton: ok
sew_short: k
bonsaikathy: yes Maam
auntyalias: now I'll clear off these logs and show ya something
lindaslists: I have a real problem with the tiny ones.
auntyalias: on the left is the squared off natasha bead
auntyalias: in the middle is that squared off bead rounded
auntyalias: I'm showing one standing up and one lying down
auntyalias: ok with me so far? All we do is pinch in the corners and
make the square round, ok?
dahs512: yes
bonsaikathy: yes
frogger70301: gotcha so far.
sew_short: ya
faye_shelton: yup
auntyalias: now skewer it and make a hole down the center
jude: Oh, Lord, she's gonna kill it.
auntyalias: this is my elvis bead
auntyalias: see the hole?
sew_short: huh?
jude: Yup.
dahs512: did she put a hole all the way through?
sew_short: ya
auntyalias: That's where we start
auntyalias: with that hole there
auntyalias: now you know how you roll out pie crust?
auntyalias: with a wooden roller?
dahs512: yes
bonsaikathy: yes
faye_shelton: yep
sew_short: yz
sew_short: ya
auntyalias: I like yz better...LOL
auntyalias: very Southern
sew_short: hehe
sew_short: But I'm a Yank
dahs512: easy breezt
auntyalias: ok, our bamboon skewer is going to be our rolling pin
dahs512: y
auntyalias: and now we roll it to thin out the sides, make the hole
sew_short left the room
bonsaikathy: NJ has put the skewer through the hole and holding it on
either side of the bead was rolling it back and forth to thin the
bonsaikathy: when she quit!!
sew_short joined the room
sew_short: Oops
jill_z_q joined the room
sew_short: Am I back?
frogger70301: yeah.
bonsaikathy: did I lose the cam or did NJ stop
frogger70301: think she stopped.
auntyalias: I'm still here, I'm talking to Said
auntyalias: sorry
bonsaikathy: oh ok
jill_z_q: Hi Everyone!
bonsaikathy: it's alright, just making sure it didn't lock up on me
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: brb
bonsaikathy: Hi there young lady
bonsaikathy: Hi Merrie
sew_short: Howdy
faye_shelton: Hey Merrie
merrie60us: Hi everyone
jill_z_q: giggles at Kathy
merrie60us: when did you start?
bonsaikathy: ok the hole is now large and the sides thin
bonsaikathy: she just got started a few minutes ago, you haven't
really missed anything yet
sew_short: OK - you thinned out the sides of the bead and made the
hole larger. Did this make the bead any longer?
merrie60us: did she do it with her thumbs
dahs512: with a stick
merrie60us: oh
bonsaikathy: no she stuck a skewer through it
lindaslists: natasha log with a big hole through the middle
faye_shelton: I dunno about hers. It made mine slightly longer
dahs512: it would make it a little longer maybe
frogger70301: Well, I'm gonna head out. Headache is getting worse.
Talk with yall later.
bonsaikathy: can't see how it wouldn't make it longer,
frogger70301: Bye.
jill_z_q: bye mitch
frogger70301 left the room
dahs512: By Mitch
bonsaikathy: Bye Sweetie, hope you feel better
sew_short: Get better Mitch
auntyalias: sorry, I'm back now
auntyalias: I had to do Mom stuff
bonsaikathy: ok
sew_short: Kay has question
auntyalias: before he headed out
auntyalias: Yes, Kay
bonsaikathy: no problem, that always comes first
sew_short: You thined out the bead and made hole bigger - does that
make your bead longer?
auntyalias: ya a bit
auntyalias: depends
auntyalias: you can make it wider and it won't go longer
auntyalias: or you can keep the hole smaller and make it longer
auntyalias: good for quick tube beads that have mirror images all
sew_short: Thanks
merrie60us: sort of like when you make a tube bead?
auntyalias: yes, Merrie, Hi honey, you came in when I was being a mom
merrie60us: HI
auntyalias: so let's see the steps again
auntyalias: just a natasha bead
auntyalias: no hole
auntyalias: then you make that squared off natasha bead into a round
auntyalias: press in the corners and roll
auntyalias: like that
auntyalias: ok?
dahs512: k
merrie60us: okay
auntyalias: then skewer a hole
auntyalias: and roll like pie crust
bonsaikathy: She'll hold either side and roll and it will thin the
inside walls of the tube
auntyalias: now as the hole gets bigger so can what you stick down it
bonsaikathy: and the hole gets larger
auntyalias: dust your tool
auntyalias: see?
auntyalias: the hole got BIGGER
merrie60us: yes
auntyalias: the walls thinner
auntyalias: now for the instant pinch pot
jill_z_q left the room
bonsaikathy: she's pinching in one end to close it up
merrie60us: you are really smart
merrie60us: what a neat way to do it
merrie60us: the other way never works for me
auntyalias: here are some shapes you can do like this
bonsaikathy: I was making pinch pots yesterday and got one as small as
bonsaikathy: I like the top on that one NJ how did you do it
bonsaikathy: the one with the indented top
auntyalias: stick your finger in the inside and push it outward
auntyalias: while you have a thumb on the outside
auntyalias: controling the push
faye_shelton: hey, I did it. sooooo cool. thanks, NJ
jude: This could be the way to make canopic jars, yes?
auntyalias: easy breezy
auntyalias: yes, Jude
merrie60us: this one looks bigger in the middle
dahs512: that's the word i was trying to say earlier
bonsaikathy: I love those, they are addictive once you learn how to do
merrie60us: I really like them also
auntyalias: so I'll change cam angles
auntyalias: and show you how to get these different pot forms, ok?
auntyalias: I'll take questions at this point as well
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: any questions?
auntyalias: or are you all ready to see different pots made with this
dahs512: nope
faye_shelton: nope. I think I'm with ya so far
lindaslists left the room
dahs512: I'll save the pics
faye_shelton: ready
auntyalias: ok, I'll save log then too Denise