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 2003- January Highlights

2- January 29, 2003: Natasha Log to Pinch Pot in Minutes

auntyalias: you tell me when you're ready for the next step
auntyalias: after you save pix I mean
merrie60us: I am ready
jyladams: ok
dahs512: back
merrie60us: Is that a cat?
auntyalias: my Falcon
merrie60us: ooh
faye_shelton: is this the same one, or a new one? looks like a new
one, and she's
faye_shelton: shaping the top
merrie60us: I agree with you
bonsaikathy: Ok, NJ is pinching the end in to narrow it, then putting
her finger in and pushing it out at the top
bonsaikathy: giving it a rounded top
bonsaikathy: narrow at the bottom and pushed out on the top
bonsaikathy: now pinching in the top opening to make the hole smaller
bonsaikathy: She just makes thses things look so easy
merrie60us: smoothing with tool
bonsaikathy: she's now using her shaping tool to push the top out a
little bit
faye_shelton: making a little lip on it
bonsaikathy: the best way I can describe this pot is that it's narrow
at the bottom, then gets fatter 3/4 of the way up, then narrow again
and then the lip at the top
merrie60us: looks very egyptian
merrie60us: in shape
bonsaikathy: very
bonsaikathy: I love it
faye_shelton: puts pinch pots in a whole new light, doesnt' it?
merrie60us: patting top gently with her thumb
bonsaikathy: she used her shaper tool then her fingers to even the top
out and smooth it
merrie60us: yes it does
faye_shelton: did she roll the lip over into a band?
bonsaikathy: Wow, she did a great job on it and I love the marbled
look of it
auntyalias: I put my finger over the hole
auntyalias: and pressed down
bonsaikathy: it looks like it
auntyalias: it balloons out
auntyalias: now let's see this in color
auntyalias: papaya chop
bonsaikathy: Mine just collapses when I try to do that, arrgghh
faye_shelton: sshe took a section of log and is pressing in on the
faye_shelton: rounding them
bonsaikathy: looks like eyes on that one
faye_shelton: nice mix
auntyalias: like rolling a joint
auntyalias: lol
bonsaikathy: Good Faye, I'm glad you're doing the scribing, I'm about
to fall off the chair, I've got to get to bed, I hate to miss this,
nite everyone
merrie60us: goodnight
faye_shelton: Nite, Kathy
dahs512: nite Kathy
bonsaikathy: I'll look forward to the pics
faye_shelton: Kewl
bonsaikathy: see ya,
bonsaikathy left the room
faye_shelton: skewering the log , makig a hole
faye_shelton: rolling it like pie crust, making the hole larger
merrie60us: changing roller
merrie60us: to a larger one
faye_shelton: Nice shaper. I used a pencil
faye_shelton: closing one end
faye_shelton: shaping , enlarging the hole more
faye_shelton: Looks like she's pushing down and creating a wider area
faye_shelton: finger inside to shape the top
faye_shelton: now, making the little lip around the rim
faye_shelton: I love how it keeps the mirror imaging so well
faye_shelton: no distortion
faye_shelton: reshaping the top again
faye_shelton: OOOh, it does look like eyes
faye_shelton: Nice, eh
merrie60us: very
faye_shelton: so we get 4 mirror images around the sides of the vase
auntyalias: Now I'll do this in a larger size, with white and yellow.
Sometimes these small pots are too small to see the moves
auntyalias: yes Faye
auntyalias: here's one I didn't show you yet
faye_shelton: pretty, it is!
merrie60us: cool how did you get that round bottom shape?
auntyalias: by make a bowl for the bottom first
auntyalias: and then compress the sides to go up
auntyalias: here's the original cane for this pot
merrie60us: same technique with the bead and stick?
auntyalias: this is the citrus round pot trick I'm fixing to show you
faye_shelton: the black, silver and pearl? perty.
merrie60us: ooh goody
auntyalias: this starts out with a round disk, made the same way we
make oranges
auntyalias: each of these orange wedges were just that black, silver
and pearl mess I've been working with
auntyalias: it looks complicated but it's just a lot of easy stuff
stuck together in a wedge
auntyalias: and built up like a orange, lemon or lime cane
auntyalias: instant artifact
auntyalias: certain shapes
auntyalias: so you all got the stick in the tube pot trick down yes?
Do you want to see the large version in white and yellow
auntyalias: or do you want to see this pot trick? going from a disk
and making it a pot
merrie60us: okay with me
auntyalias: vote
auntyalias: and we'll take a break at the hour
jyladams: yes please
dahs512: I'm gonna save
dahs512: pics
auntyalias: I'll save too
merrie60us: brb bathroom calling
jude: We can move on to the disk to pot trick.
auntyalias: break for 15 minutes
auntyalias: Ok after break we'll do disk to pot
jude: that's my vote anyway.
auntyalias: I'm going to get something to eat and drink and I'll be
teri56 joined the room
dahs512: my son needs to get some shots with my webcam of a school
project. I'll be back in a sec
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: Hi Teri
teri56: hiya NJ
sew_short left the room
merrie60us: Hi
auntyalias: Teri we're taking a break until 15 past the hour
teri56: k .......
auntyalias: I'm stuffing a skabanna foldie in my face with milk
teri56: I'm just setting up here anyhow......... I've still got some
of those customer request canes to get done
auntyalias: going to get the hickups that way
teri56: no kidding
teri56: don't forget to chew!
auntyalias: done
auntyalias: LOL
teri56: my dad always used to say chew each bite 27 tiems
auntyalias: I got that advice too but I thought Yogurt and Elephant
meat needs different amounts of chews
auntyalias: so I discarded the advice
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: You want me to show you real quick the trick we just did
teri56: good point
teri56: sure!
auntyalias: it's taking a natasha bead and rolling it to a tube and
making a pot
teri56: i think that's a pretty cool idea
auntyalias: color
auntyalias: what color
teri56: oooooooo
merrie60us: red
teri56: yes
teri56: red
auntyalias: ?
merrie60us: the cane that was third in with the red in it
auntyalias: this one here?
merrie60us: yes
merrie60us: yes
auntyalias: this has a lot of translucent so the post cure will look
really different, fyi
teri56: ok, I'll keep that in mind
faye_shelton: taking a section of the log and pressing it round
faye_shelton: Hi Teri
teri56: hi Faye!
faye_shelton: I disappeared for a few. Mom duty.
teri56: NJ's giving me a special show during the break
faye_shelton: she puts a hole in the center with a skewer
faye_shelton: kewl
dahs512: I'm back
auntyalias: now roll it like pie crust, doing a review for Teri
auntyalias: now close up one side to make the bottom of the pot
auntyalias: now we can shape the pot any way we want
teri56: very slick!
sew_short joined the room
auntyalias: which shape Teri?
auntyalias: shall we do your red vase?
teri56: the one in the center please
auntyalias: okie dokie
sew_short: I'm back
dahs512: need some velcro Kay?
sew_short: I do believe I do!!! hehe
sew_short: All I have now is a bungie cord
sew_short: Neat
teri56: that is so cool
teri56: I've never had very good luck shaping that kind of top on a
teri56: so it's good to see you do it
sew_short: Me either
auntyalias: this makes pots that look like they are painted
auntyalias: with four mirror images per pot
auntyalias: little turtle at the bottom there
auntyalias: zuni like face at the top
auntyalias: these totem images are part of the mirror image
auntyalias: and when done as pots we have instant mini archeology
auntyalias: now...if we stuck to Egyptian colors
auntyalias: colors naturally found in nature
auntyalias: malachite for green
auntyalias: that sort of thing
auntyalias: if the canes we made were of lotus plants and pyparus
auntyalias: and then we chopped
auntyalias: we would get pots that would have an egyptian feel
auntyalias: remember folded cane?
auntyalias: folded cane with snakes
teri56: oooooo yes
auntyalias: if we did a wedge of that and did a citrus round
auntyalias: and made a disk
auntyalias: we could do a pot with repeating designs going all around
auntyalias: I'm going to show you disk to pot now just in black,
silver and pearl
teri56: ok - good
auntyalias: Since I'm messing with that mix, we won't get so
distracted with color
teri56: i need to fetch clay from the oven - back in a mo
auntyalias: then I'll do it with this
dahs512: dragon eye
auntyalias: so let's do the disk to pot with black, silver and pearl
auntyalias: then disk to pot with dragon eye
auntyalias: ok?
merrie60us: sure
jude: ok
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: trick to disk to pot is make the bottom and the bowled out
sides perfect in thickness before you start to narrow the rim to make
a smaller neck
auntyalias: you can't go back when you narrow the neck
auntyalias: if the floor of the pot or the walls are uneven
auntyalias: so that's where we take care
auntyalias: then we start to push in the rim
auntyalias: to make the hole smaller over that bowl we just carefully
auntyalias: when you press the edge in it'll ripple, that's when we
put the clay shaper in the hole
auntyalias: with our finger on the outside to thin that gathering and
to pull it taller
auntyalias: round and round
auntyalias: we push in
auntyalias: pull up
auntyalias: thin wall
auntyalias: over the bowl we so carefully made
auntyalias: and we'll get this
techi_mom56 joined the room
auntyalias: instant artifact
auntyalias: Hi Nancy
auntyalias: I'm going to do a pot from a disk of cane, Nancy
techi_mom56: hi everyone...just got home and got dinner done....
techi_mom56: terrific
faye_shelton: Hi Nancy
techi_mom56: hi faye....
faye_shelton: she has taken a disc of the cane and is shaping it into
a bowl
faye_shelton: pushing in at the top
faye_shelton: to make the opening smaller
faye_shelton: looks like she dusted the finger, there
sew_short: yep
faye_shelton: so it will slide easily inside the bowl
techi_mom56: ahhh...that will help..hadnt thought of that
faye_shelton: using the clay tool to smooth the top puckers out
faye_shelton: and to shape the opening
faye_shelton: nice rounded bottom and tapered to the top
faye_shelton: abra cadabra
teri56: that's such a graceful shape; fits the cane design perffectly
faye_shelton: I love it
auntyalias: if it were in flame colors
jude: The pattern looks deliberate, doesn't it?
auntyalias: those pulled up areas would look like flames
auntyalias: we can also sculpt this
auntyalias: pressing in the black
auntyalias: to get a garlic bulb effect
auntyalias: now for the dragon's eye?
jude: Yes.
faye_shelton: new mini food, eh?
teri56: yes plese
auntyalias: I'll save log here