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2003- January Highlights

3- January 29, 2003: Natasha Log to Pinch Pot in Minutes

dahs512: I'll save the pics
auntyalias: ok I'll wait for you Denise
merrie60us: is there a tut for this cane?
dahs512: back
auntyalias: going to do the same thing with a disk of dragon's eye
sew_short: Merrie must have my bungie cord
faye_shelton: I need it next.
faye_shelton: community bungee cord
faye_shelton: i'm really enjoying these green and yellow mixes
tonight. . .
sew_short: NJ is shaping the dragon's eye disk into a bowl shape
working it around and around to get the sides an even thickness. When
she gets it just right she bill start pushing up and in to form the
lip of the pot
sew_short: I can never get the sides even all around
sew_short: The yellow center of the dragons eye is at the bottom of
the pinch pot
faye_shelton: I only just made my second pinchpot ever
faye_shelton: that yellow eye seems to glow
teri56: yay Faye
sew_short: Congratulations - how did it turn out?
faye_shelton: thanks
jyladams: Is the black iris the tottom of the pot now?
techi_mom56: i saw that...neat effect
faye_shelton: pretty good. made it from a Natasha bead
faye_shelton: my grandson squashed it, tho
faye_shelton: that is sooo pretty
jyladams: beautiful!
teri56: looks like a glazed ceramic urn
techi_mom56: i like it!
merrie60us: very nice
faye_shelton: i can see it with a gloss finish. Wow
auntyalias: now if your folded sheets were translucent rich
auntyalias: and that which you're folding in isn't
auntyalias: then you'll get a play of light when light shines in or
behind the vase
teri56: very nice
auntyalias: ok a couple of tips about making pots
auntyalias: keep turning them
auntyalias: when you push in the rim keep turning it around
auntyalias: so you'll stay even
auntyalias: when you're closing up a bowl
auntyalias: did you see how I gathered a little tent of clay
auntyalias: and then pressed it down?
auntyalias: I did it a number of times very slowly so you could see it
teri56: yes
faye_shelton: yes
auntyalias: that gathering is just like working with fabric
auntyalias: but we can press the fold down and when we do we pull it
auntyalias: so there's not a thickness building where we gathered that
auntyalias: it'll start making a neck
auntyalias: gather, press, pull, turn
auntyalias: round and round, you'll narrow the rim nicely like that
teri56: It is finally dawning on me that my problem is I try to move
the clay too fast, instead of little by little
auntyalias: bowling it at the bottom like the silver or at the top as
with the green is sticking your finger on the inside
auntyalias: and pushing it over your thumb on the other side
auntyalias: dust your finger as you would a tool
auntyalias: roll your finger tip around and press the outside of the
pot against your hand or your thumb ridge
auntyalias: we're nudging the clay into the shape we want
auntyalias: if you have designs like the green
auntyalias: make sure you aren't turning them, making them bend in the
auntyalias: if you desire them to stand up straight
auntyalias: if you want that bent look, twist the pot
auntyalias: while you're forming it
auntyalias: like wringing out a dish rag
auntyalias: otherwise, watch your lines
auntyalias: and make adjustments as needed as you narrow the pot top
auntyalias: taking the edge of a tool
auntyalias: roll it on the edge, the rim of the pot
auntyalias: to keep it from making "gather spikes" which you'll have
to deal with later
auntyalias: after you roll a tool over the rim
auntyalias: take that tool and go inside the neck and press the wall
against your thumb
auntyalias: to thin out what you just mashed down
auntyalias: round and round
auntyalias: until it's even
auntyalias: to make the body more round
auntyalias: put your thumb over the hole and a finger on the bottom
auntyalias: and compress
auntyalias: the air inside will bowl out your pot for you
auntyalias: when the pots are bigger I blow into them
auntyalias: to bowl them out
dahs512: I made one this last time
auntyalias: sometimes I blow through a weak place in the wall
auntyalias: oh cool Denise
auntyalias: that's all I can think of about tips on pot making
auntyalias: let me save log at this point
sew_short left the room
teri56: it's all a big help to me
auntyalias: Oh Teri I'm so glad, let me show you something crazy pot
teri56: ooooooo goodie
teri56: it looks like some sort of water jar?
merrie60us: oh nice
auntyalias: I'm going to do bird feather carving on it
auntyalias: make the top of the pot a bird's head
merrie60us: is that made from a rolled out log
teri56: I love the lines....... so graceful
teri56: that's what it reminds me of - a bird
merrie60us: if so how long is it to have a top and spout
auntyalias: that's made out of a ball of clay, bowl start
auntyalias: and then pulling the clay upwards, thinning out the sides
auntyalias: if folks want another demo on doing larger pots like this
auntyalias: just hollar out
teri56: I would
auntyalias: we aren't limited to minis and pot making in large size is
a good start to going smaller
dahs512: I saved the photos, but I need to go and spend some time with
Keegan before bedtime
auntyalias: ok. We'll do that next time
auntyalias: I'm done
techi_mom56: i would...
merrie60us: I have to go soon it's very late here and I am fading so
whatever you want is fine with me
teri56: sounds good
auntyalias: it's a short demo since I had to wrangle downtown
auntyalias: How about tomorrow?
dahs512: big pots next time is cool
auntyalias: slip in a couple of hours tomorrow
auntyalias: time time
teri56: right - we're glad you had some time for us - tomorrow sounds
auntyalias: what time?
merrie60us: tomorrow works what time
auntyalias: you're east coast Merrie
teri56: any time - I never know
auntyalias: what time for you
dahs512: miday?
merrie60us: yes
teri56: you say, and i'll be here
auntyalias: the rest of us can follow
auntyalias: noon my time, 3pm Merrie's time?
merrie60us: anytime after 12 pm my time before 10pm
merrie60us: that sounds good
merrie60us: 3pm works
auntyalias: does that work for you Teri, noon my time?
dahs512: that is 2 my time CST here i think
auntyalias: Oh let me show you something else Teri, my Falcon
teri56: yep - sounds good
teri56: ok --- oooooooo
auntyalias: gonna carve on it
merrie60us: isn't it cool
teri56: it sure is
auntyalias: but I finally got the general shape
dahs512: looks good
dahs512: carve him warm
dahs512: he's baked already, right?
auntyalias: nothing is cured
auntyalias: I'm going to sculpt on him before curing
auntyalias: I want to make a Maltese Falcon like in the movie
dahs512: oh, carve him cool then...hee hee
auntyalias: a "Dingus"
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: like Bogie called it
jude: Great movie.
auntyalias: ok, so I'm done for the night, see all y'all tomorrow then
auntyalias: I'll go put it on the calendar
teri56: see you tomorrow then
teri56: thanks!!
auntyalias: xoxox
merrie60us: goodnight and thank you
dahs512: I gotta dash, so later gaters. and thanks NJ
merrie60us left the room
jude: Okie, night all!
faye_shelton: Friends, I am sleeping, so I may as well lie down.
auntyalias: thank you Denise
dahs512: welcome
teri56 left the room