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2003- January Highlights

1- January 30, 2003: Larger Pinch Pots, a review

auntyalias: better?

auntyalias: Hey Denise

frogger70301: for now.

dahs512: hello

auntyalias: you Pot Shot Girl You

dahs512: lol

dahs512: i just saw that

auntyalias: I'm glad to hear you're feeling better Mitch

frogger70301: Hey, Denise.

dahs512: Hey, Mitch. I've thought about you a lot

frogger70301: why?

dahs512: you've had a rough time lately

frogger70301: it's getting better.

dahs512: good

frogger70301: cold weather does some good tricks on my young little bones.

dahs512: and the kitty loss was sad

auntyalias: I'll post to the list that we're here

frogger70301: yeah, but I wasn't completely attached. I only had him for a few weeks.

dahs512: i have 4 and one pissed on my son's bed. Don't know who the culprit is

frogger70301: Wasn't as bad as the one I lost during the storms last year.

dahs512: it's always sad to lose one

frogger70301: the litten got my leather jacket.

dahs512: pee?

frogger70301: yup. when he first showed up over here.

dahs512: markin' his

frogger70301: sure did.

dahs512: I did a big orchid...finished the one i started during NJ's demo

frogger70301: I'm painting a flower pot.

dahs512: i bought some teensie ones at Joanne's

dahs512: didn't know what i needed it for

frogger70301: pots and trays?

dahs512: just pots

frogger70301: oh, I was gonna say make some little bird baths and sculpt a bird taking a bath in them.

dahs512: oh, cool

frogger70301: that's why I'm painting my pot.

frogger70301: gonna make a bird bath to sit on a shelf, and hopefully later on I'll sculpt a bird to go ibn it.

dahs512: mini or full size

frogger70301: six inch tray, so almost full size.

dahs512: big

dahs512: should we turn our cams on while we are waiting?

frogger70301: although I'm thinking of trying it smaller until I get the hang of it.

auntyalias: may as well

auntyalias: I was just chatting with a friend of mine, he lives with his friend's grandmother who is ill

auntyalias: so he needed a hug

frogger70301: Don't have mine hooked up, and got to much of a mess to get it .

auntyalias: reminds him of when his grandmother died

frogger70301: give him a hug from me.

chenoa_2b joined the room

auntyalias: I told him that those we love who passed on are never away from us if we keep them alive in our hearts

auntyalias: if they loved us, we love others

auntyalias: if they had faith in us, we should encourage others

auntyalias: that way we do honor for our dead

auntyalias: That's a great orchid Denise!

dahs512: thanks

auntyalias: wow

auntyalias: oooh a pinch pot

auntyalias: with a mirror image face

auntyalias: very perfect

dahs512: thanks

auntyalias: The blue Man Group

dahs512: yep

chenoa_2b left the room

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auntyalias: Is that Cheryl on a bungie cord?

auntyalias: The Egyptian Mask

dahs512: he was looking for you

dahs512: hee hee

alanjamesv joined the room

alanjamesv: hi all

chenoa_2b: Hi

auntyalias: Alan, well I'll be darned

dahs512: howdy

frogger70301: Hi.

alanjamesv: long time no thingie

auntyalias: LOL, my exact words

auntyalias: how are you doing? How's the back?

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auntyalias: Ah, there's my Merrie

alanjamesv: oh good and bad - you know

alanjamesv: I'm encaustic arting at the moment

auntyalias: It's been a hard winter out there for y'all in the UK, no?

alanjamesv: so less claying I'm afraid

auntyalias: encaustic?

alanjamesv: yep - cold as ususal

auntyalias: I'm not sure if I understand that

alanjamesv: hot wax

alanjamesv: applied with a small iron

auntyalias: Oh, well send us pix anyway

auntyalias: I love to see what you're working on

auntyalias: you're so inventive

alanjamesv: I'll send you the link if you like - to my landscapes

auntyalias: that would be nice, Alan, thanks

alanjamesv: one sec

auntyalias: I think Yahoo is wonky today since we lost Merrie I believe

auntyalias: she's off the cam list even though she shows up here in chat

merrie60us left the room

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auntyalias: Oh let me take a peek at that and welcome back Merrie

merrie60us: got bumped

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merrie60us: Are the faces pots? I love them

alanjamesv: I really just popped in to say hello again - can't stay for the whole demo

auntyalias: Alan, they look like electron microscope pictures

alanjamesv: I know - and they're really easy to do

dahs512: what is the medium?

auntyalias: I understand, I just hoped I didn't scare you away when we were discussing horses

auntyalias: LOL, you horse Widower

alanjamesv: things have moved on since then - sold one and bought another

auntyalias: Wax he said, hot wax applied to what? Alan, is it on glass or something?

dahs512: I just read back and saw what they were

dahs512: very creative!

auntyalias: they are amazing

alanjamesv: no - coated card - like bristol board

alanjamesv: thankyou for thosse king words

auntyalias: May I share the link with the list?

auntyalias: brag about my guy in the UK?

alanjamesv: kind

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alanjamesv: if you think there'll be interest

auntyalias: I love bragging about you anyhow

alanjamesv: ooh you!

auntyalias: oh, it'll trip them out honey, it's some magical eyecandy there

dahs512: so much depth, they are fantastic!

auntyalias: let me save log to save the link

alanjamesv: but as I say - dead easy

auntyalias: then I'll have to start the Demo

auntyalias: Ok, we have 7 folks and Alan will stay as long as he's comfortable so let me show you what came out of the oven this morning

merrie60us: can't wait

alanjamesv: very delicate

alanjamesv: that one looks a little like a garlic clove

merrie60us: how do you make that cane?

dahs512: you've been playing, NJ

frogger70301: that is cute!

auntyalias: those are the orchid and papaya cane bits worked into a wedge

auntyalias: done as citrus cane

auntyalias: a slice

merrie60us: cool

auntyalias: then to a pot, from disk to pot

merrie60us: the cane with the cross across it?

auntyalias: That was part of one of the wonky faux orchids

alanjamesv: do you use a former for the first stages?

auntyalias: with the orangish petals

auntyalias: I take large design cane elements and reduce and add together

auntyalias: reduce that again and surround and add more bits

merrie60us: wow thanks

auntyalias: onion

dahs512: cool

alanjamesv: there's very little distortion from cane to pot - impressive NJ

auntyalias: thank you Alan

auntyalias: This one tripped me out and made me think there's mini food potential

auntyalias: here's two I did after demo last night

dahs512: face

alanjamesv: better shuffle - nice to see you again - sorry must go

merrie60us: niec

alanjamesv: have fun - looks like you are/will

auntyalias: Toodles Alan

alanjamesv: ta ta

auntyalias: we do have fun

auntyalias: ttfn

merrie60us: can you show the face pot.

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dahs512: later, Allen. It was nice to see you and your latest

dahs512: oops too late

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auntyalias: and these are the ones we made last night

frogger70301: pretty

merrie60us: oriental looking from here

dahs512: are you gonna do the bigger pot with the balloon method, NJ?

dahs512: snake

jude: theinch worm!

dahs512: oh


auntyalias: ya we'll inch along with the Worm Guy

jude: He's cute.

merrie60us: brb emergency for one minute sorry

merrie60us left the room

dahs512: i lost you NJ

frogger70301: she must have froze up.

dahs512: NJ?

dahs512: oh NJaaaay?

frogger70301: went off line when her cam went off.

frogger70301: Don't know why it says she's still here.

dahs512: wonky yahoo

dahs512: who all is still here?

frogger70301: I am.

dahs512: besides Mitch

frogger70301: Here she comes.

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dahs512: Hi NJ

dahs512: let' see who is here?

frogger70301: get her some Velcro--QUICK!!!

dahs512: me

dahs512: Mitch

merrie60us joined the room

merrie60us: back sorry

dahs512: Jude are you here

jude: Yes, I'm here.

dahs512: Faye?

frogger70301: Carolyn?

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faye_shelton: FAye here. I'm in and out. Got 2 sick kiddies.

auntyalias: youch

merrie60us: is webcam working

dahs512: just seeing who got bumped

dahs512: not yet

auntyalias: Denise

dahs512: NJ lost her curser

jude: I got a humongous diet ad here. Sheesh!

auntyalias: do you see me typing?

dahs512: yes

merrie60us: yes but no webcam

jude: Takes up half the screen.

jude: Yes, I see youz, NJ.

auntyalias: whew

auntyalias: ok, got the cam up, if you have black screens, close the cam window and open it up again

auntyalias: In the mean time let's take roll

auntyalias: and Denise, can you send me the copy of the chat to this point please

dahs512: Denise

merrie60us: Merrie Boston

frogger70301: Mitch, Thibodaux, LA

auntyalias: I couldn't save it before I frose up

jude: jude, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

dahs512: Were your ears burning NJ?

auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco on a bungie cord attached to my rear end

auntyalias: huh?

faye_shelton: Faye, NOrfolk, here

dahs512: you want to see what we were saying...hee heee

dahs512: yes i will save to here

auntyalias: Naw, I just like to keep Alan's chat

auntyalias: he's my honey

dahs512: ok