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2003- January Highlights

2- January 30, 2003: Larger Pinch Pots, a review

jude: He's in the UK?
auntyalias: and it's not often that someone from the UK pops in
auntyalias: yes
auntyalias: The Dragon Fly man
auntyalias: the bugs he makes are just stunning
auntyalias: ok, let's get started with a large black pinch pot
auntyalias: from a wad of clay to a pot
frogger70301: ok.
auntyalias: now that onion I showed you
auntyalias: is just an elaborated bubble pinch pot
auntyalias: if I cured it I would put a hole to let the hot air out
auntyalias: with the bubble pinch pot
auntyalias: we can make tea pots to die for
auntyalias: amongst other things
dahs512: I sent it to you
auntyalias: but doing a bubble pot and then cutting off the lid
auntyalias: makes the lid and the pot fit perfectly
dahs512: oh goody
auntyalias: no dicking around with checking out if the circles match
or what not
auntyalias: if you cut a triangle top
auntyalias: it'll fit the triangle space you pull it out of
auntyalias: save yourself hair pulling
auntyalias: Thank you Denise, you're a peach
dahs512: like a pumkin
auntyalias: YES
dahs512: p
auntyalias: just like a pumkin
auntyalias: makes me look for pumkin worthy cane here
auntyalias: but let's do it in black
auntyalias: from ball of clay, to a bowl, to a bubble pinch pot
dahs512: can someone else do shots today, and I'll scribe?
auntyalias: ok?
jude: Basic black.
frogger70301: give me a sec.
auntyalias: and conditioned until it pulls like taffy, ok Mitch
jude: I am leaving in a bit.
auntyalias: say when I'll warm this up a bit...oh Jude
auntyalias: how long you got?
jude: Maybr 10 minutes.
dahs512: I see a deflted pot on the table
dahs512: deflated
jude: I have a ton of things to do.
auntyalias: I'll start a pot for Jude then
jude: Can come back later.
faye_shelton: I am in and out with 2 sick kids, so I wouldn't be
reliable for shots or scribing. sorry
dahs512: we are covered
jude: That looks liek a solid ball of black clay, right? Okie.
faye_shelton: cool
dahs512: she made a big ball then pressed her thumb into it
merrie60us: then sticks thumb in it
jude: she is playing Little whoosis Horner.
dahs512: Jack
jude: Yes, Jack...thanks.
dahs512: pinching from the bottom up
dahs512: starting with the bottom
jude: My fingernails make marks all over...sigh...
frogger70301: thinning out the sides?
dahs512: then moving to the sides
dahs512: using her fingers to bellow out the sides while keeping the
opening smaller
dahs512: oops
dahs512: the opening is big
dahs512: rounded bottom
jude: Looks like she's making it taller.
jude: Fist of doom.
dahs512: squeezing the opening?
jude: Giving it the squeeze.
dahs512: pinching the edges
faye_shelton: making those little gathers in it, to reduce it
faye_shelton: yes
jude: This is where she gathers it up.
dahs512: gathering
dahs512: she is going for a sphere shape
dahs512: slightly wonky sphere
dahs512: halfway closed
dahs512: patience
jude: When I do that, I end up mashing the whole thing.
jude: You need a delicate touch.
dahs512: i haven't tried it yet
merrie60us: remember last night she said do it very slowly
dahs512: but i read the site she sent and looked at the pics there
frogger70301: brb-mommy biz
jude: She make sit look so easy.
dahs512: olive, black, and large
frogger70301: back
auntyalias: now we can leave it open
auntyalias: pinch a neck
auntyalias: close it up completely
jude: Olla?
dahs512: close it
auntyalias: from this point, ok close it is to just gather the gathers
and pinch off the excess
dahs512: squeezing the neck and gathtering some more
auntyalias: I'm going to blow in it, folks go ick, but it puffs it out
a lot that way
dahs512: i won't comment
jude: Me either.
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: oh hush
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ok, now we can keep this stubby end here
dahs512: closed the end after blowing
auntyalias: and work it into the handle of a top of a tea pot
auntyalias: just cut around the wrinkles going to the stub
auntyalias: you got a tea pot top that'll fit
dahs512: or a black booby vessel
auntyalias: anyone not see Kai on the Green Breast?
frogger70301: yup. just wwhat I's thinking.
auntyalias: this is how I got that green breast, exactly
dahs512: slicing the lid from the balloon
teri56 joined the room
dahs512: let me go find the link
auntyalias: I can get it quick
auntyalias: no problem
auntyalias: Hi Teri
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: folks you can fill her in
teri56: hi NJ _ So solly I'm late
teri56: hadda take Mom to the store
merrie60us: took black clay made a ball
merrie60us: stuck her thumb in it
dahs512: she's making a balloon vessel with a lid
merrie60us: made a pot
merrie60us: the closed the top
merrie60us: cut off excess
merrie60us: brb
teri56: k
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/Kai4-thms.htm
auntyalias: ok, when working out the wrinkles at the stub, where you
closed up the pinch pot there's a trick of using the air inside
auntyalias: to form the ball
auntyalias: by pressing in on the sides of the bubble
auntyalias: you push soft clay with air
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: now these wrinkles here are out of hand
dahs512: I just saw Kai
auntyalias: because I was moving fast before Jude had to go
auntyalias: you on the other hand
merrie60us: he's cute
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: will work slower and more careful
jude: thanks...
auntyalias: LOL, Doffy has that and Cowboy Kai
jude: I can do peacefully now.
jude: do=go
auntyalias: Ciao Bella
jude: Will be back later!
merrie60us: bye
jude: Bye!
auntyalias: we'll go over this again when you have more time
auntyalias: okie dokie
greatauntjudy left the room
dahs512: smoothing the opening
dahs512: to form a ball
dahs512: she sliced off the gathered part earlier to use later?
dahs512: right?
merrie60us: think so
auntyalias: now let's cut this in half
auntyalias: to see what is inside
dahs512: looks about the size of one of those olypian ball things they
merrie60us: empty inside
dahs512: no suprises?
dahs512: bumpy where the opening was closed
auntyalias: ok now what would you do to a bubble of clay?
auntyalias: other than make it into a Green Tit like some demented
people do
teri56: I would be afraid to work with it - I'd smash it
auntyalias: you can treat it like an egg, cover it with slices of clay
auntyalias: if everything is sealed
dahs512: oh yes
auntyalias: the air holds it's own
dahs512: i remember now
auntyalias: and you can man handle it a lot
auntyalias: That pearl bubble with the green stripes
dahs512: seemed like a good way to get a smooth surface
auntyalias: I sent the link through last night
dahs512: i saw
auntyalias: I rolled that thing until all the square cane slices
auntyalias: got warm and melded and merged with each other
teri56: yes, I read that
auntyalias: just watching TV and rolling it in my hands
auntyalias: if your walls are even
teri56: and decided it must not be as fragile as I think it is
auntyalias: if the last closing seam is air tight
auntyalias: you can squeese it into a shape of a DUCK
auntyalias: and you won't pop it
dahs512: o whistle can be made
auntyalias: can't really make things that are put in the mouth
teri56: a whistle? really?
dahs512: I tried once to do that, but it didn't work
auntyalias: that's the rub on whistles and kazoos
dahs512: I'll look for the link
dahs512: oncara
auntyalias: ya ya, I thought that too
auntyalias: but it is PVC and folks shouldn't suck or gnaw on it
dahs512: one has to get the openings for the air just so
dahs512: after it is baked you could coat it
dahs512: but that is another debate...for later
dahs512: what is she doing now?
dahs512: is she forming the pice she sliced off earlier?
frogger70301: Hey, I just did one!
dahs512: cool
teri56: yay Mitch
frogger70301: bumpy, but about half an inch high.
frogger70301: a duck!
dahs512: she made a duck
teri56: oooooo nifty
auntyalias: let's cut the duck
auntyalias: see what's inside
merrie60us: empty
frogger70301: nothing?
dahs512: a hlf a duck
auntyalias: just air
auntyalias: which makes it light
auntyalias: and saves you clay
auntyalias: why use solid clay on a thing that can be hollow inside?
auntyalias: also soft clay
auntyalias: air
auntyalias: and your hands
auntyalias: can sculpt natural shapes
auntyalias: like early humans
auntyalias: fetishes
auntyalias: totems
auntyalias: they are soft sculpting
auntyalias: just catching the essence of a thing
auntyalias: screw detail
dahs512: do you want the oncara links? one is a duck
auntyalias: when it's for an amulet
auntyalias: yes send it through
auntyalias: saved log, saved link, thanks honey
frogger70301: It's awesome how much you can handle this without it
dahs512: I'm gonna have to dash to go get Keegan from school
auntyalias: Oh Mitch are you claying along?
auntyalias: Ok Denise, see you in a bit
frogger70301: Just picked up a wad.
auntyalias: it's amazing
frogger70301: while yall were chatting.
dahs512: I'm gonna leave this running
auntyalias: ok, Go on now
auntyalias: we'll be here
many2c left the room
auntyalias: now Teri the best thing to do is get a wad of clay and
let's do this if you got free hands
auntyalias: I'll do it in silver this time
teri56: k -I'm warming up my ball o' clay
auntyalias: maybe easier to see
frogger70301: need to take pics?
auntyalias: naw
teri56: let me see how much you start with please
frogger70301: k. I wanna try again.
auntyalias: Jimmy Dean sausage size
teri56: lol - k
auntyalias: now where I put my thumb in a larger wad
auntyalias: you might use the end of a tool
auntyalias: for a smaller bit of clay
auntyalias: the technique is the same
auntyalias: round and round
auntyalias: pulling for height
auntyalias: pressing inside and out to adjust wall thickness
auntyalias: we all go the gathering to close up the hole
auntyalias: but I feel we need to pay attention to the floor of the
auntyalias: the walls and do they as good as we can
auntyalias: before we start to gather
auntyalias: for going back is a pill
auntyalias: shall we start?
teri56: ok, I'm with ya
auntyalias: no scribe unless folks got free hands
merrie60us: I will try with one hand
auntyalias: the end of a tool instead of the thumb
merrie60us: takes wad of silver clay and puts tool in powder and then
in center of circular wad
merrie60us: roll
merrie60us: take thumb and start manipulating walls slowly
chenoa_2b left the room
merrie60us: shaping
merrie60us: sides with fingers
auntyalias: to pull the sides round I pull the wall of the clay over
my finger tip on the inside
auntyalias: pinch with the finger and thumb to hold it
merrie60us: how thin do you make it
auntyalias: with the other hand pull the wall OVER the round of your
finger to form the inside of the wall round
auntyalias: as thin as you can get away with it, depends on the clay
frogger70301: I am now hearing"That's not food, it's clay." from Lene.
auntyalias: Said whines, "Clay again?" as he looks in the oven,
"Didn't we have clay last night?"
auntyalias: ok at this point of this pot
auntyalias: we have drinking tankards
frogger70301: She caught me blowing the pot out.
auntyalias: uh oh
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: If we put a lip on it and a handle we have a pitcher
auntyalias: of sorts
auntyalias: you get my drift
auntyalias: pots lead to other vessles
frogger70301: How cute!
auntyalias: change the size, change the color
auntyalias: you have any thing that can hold water
auntyalias: now if it had two handles side to side
auntyalias: you get my drift
auntyalias: the pot isn't an end in itself
auntyalias: it's a means to an end
auntyalias: a pitcher
auntyalias: a vessel that holds oils
auntyalias: conopic jars
auntyalias: but it starts with taking a wad of clay
auntyalias: and getting your fingers or a tool inside
auntyalias: to thin the walls
auntyalias: pull up the excess clay when you constrict
auntyalias: there's only a few basic steps
auntyalias: the rest is up to your choice of color
auntyalias: if we had pumkin cane in the round like citrus
auntyalias: and did a disk to pot
auntyalias: and sculpted it
auntyalias: you'd have hollowed out mini pumkins that would beat the
auntyalias: I'll betcha
auntyalias: I'm going to mash this up and do it again while you all
are working on this technique
boobearns joined the room
frogger70301: Hi, Doro. We're all working.
auntyalias: Yo Doro
boobearns: I'm watching, too tired to go get the clay
boobearns: Hi NJ
auntyalias: rest and watch honey
boobearns: plan on it...anyone want a headcold?
auntyalias: Nice offer, but I think I'll pass...brb
auntyalias: LOL
boobearns: pinch nemesis!
boobearns: that's about the answer I expected to get
auntyalias: had to close Said's room window
auntyalias: it was causing a draft
auntyalias: Ya pinch pots are everyone's nemesis so we got to review
boobearns: NJ, did you get the swap ones?
auntyalias: Didn't you get my note saying I did?
auntyalias: My email is unreliable I swear to God
auntyalias: I'm sorry if you didn't get my note, but yes I did, I've
not opened the swap boxes. I'm trainwrecked
boobearns: I can't remember if I did or not, so I thought I had better
check to be sure!
auntyalias: I'll have to take off a week from demos to get to them to
catch up
frogger70301: Well, I ain't got nuthin for the museum, but I'm
auntyalias: naw, if you don't remember ...know now, don't bother to
look since it's not opened
auntyalias: It's a start Mitch
auntyalias: wanna see some old wonky pots of mine to cheer up?
auntyalias: the older the site
teri56: I'm ready to blow and close, I think
auntyalias: the wonkier are the pots
frogger70301: Might've looked better if I'd used good clay.
frogger70301: Saw them.
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: so be of good cheer
boobearns: mitch, if it looks like a pot, then it's a good one!
auntyalias: I like to practice pots with mica clay, gold or silver
auntyalias: actually gold with pearl for a hematite is my fav
frogger70301: hang on a sec. I'm gonna try to get my cam hooked up.
auntyalias: ok, Mitch
boobearns: now me, I had to form mine over an unsharpened pencil! LOL
auntyalias: I told them to do that Doro! I really did
auntyalias: stick something in clay and roll
auntyalias: Sue Heaser shows us how to do that in her Mini Book
auntyalias: that's where I learned
auntyalias: from there you experiment
boobearns: that's what I did. just be sure to use a release agent
auntyalias: Polyparrot also with her bubble pinch pot tute
auntyalias: See my little container of baby powder?
teri56: yes
auntyalias: If I'm sticking my fingers inside a pot I dust my fingers
boobearns: yup
auntyalias: makes one's life easier
teri56: I saw it, and got one of my own
teri56: helps
auntyalias: not just the tools
auntyalias: now this silver pot
frogger70301: Wow, easy enough.
auntyalias: it can be cured as is
auntyalias: then after curing you add stuff to it
auntyalias: medallions and vines and cupids
auntyalias: anything
auntyalias: add two small handles at the top by the neck
teri56: it would be pretty to thin and color tls and drizzle it from
the top
auntyalias: it's a standard shape and can be called into all sorts of
different scenes depending on its embellishments
auntyalias: ya ya ya
auntyalias: if you did random blows of pearl ex you can go Faux Raku
boobearns: you guys are just too creative for me!
auntyalias: LOL
teri56: nod, nod .......... time time I need more time!!
auntyalias: once you get this pot business handled
frogger70301: heehee...don't we all.
auntyalias: then you can make your own vases, never blow out another
auntyalias: tea pots are your friend
auntyalias: if you just do silver like this and keep the design simple
you can have table ware for your knights of olde
auntyalias: go gold and embellish for the King
auntyalias: Ah I got your cam on Mitch
frogger70301: That's the one I just made.
boobearns: gotta go, Dan needs the puter
boobearns left the room
frogger70301: First thing I've really made since Christmas.
auntyalias: Really?
frogger70301: unless you count furniture.
auntyalias: well pots are always useful
auntyalias: now, if we take this down a scale
auntyalias: we stop using our fingers
auntyalias: on the inside
auntyalias: and work with our tools more
merrie60us: what do you use
frogger70301: Didn't use mine anyways.
auntyalias: the end of our tool is the tip of our finger
auntyalias: I use clay shapers
auntyalias: soft tip big one for larger mini pots
auntyalias: the zero size for the smaller pots
frogger70301: I used a paintbrush handle.
auntyalias: ya, what ever works, you can also make your own shaping
tools out of clay
auntyalias: clay on clay
auntyalias: don't hurt
auntyalias: nifty nails Mitch
auntyalias: you Girl you
auntyalias: so let's go small and let's do it in gold but after a 15
minute break
auntyalias: because I got to eat something
frogger70301: got tired of chewing my fingers.
auntyalias: they look really pretty honey
frogger70301: thnx.
merrie60us: okay
auntyalias: and bloody finger tips don't
auntyalias: LOL
teri56: oh Mitch - your pot is so cool!
auntyalias: so back in 15 then
frogger70301: thnx, Teri.
frogger70301: I'll be here.
teri56: I'll be back then
teri56 left the room
dahs512: I'm back, but I need to go. We are going on a family walk.
It's pretty outside here today.
dahs512: The silver pot is pretty
frogger70301: K, Denise. Have fun. Talk with you laster.
frogger70301: later, sorry.
dahs512: I'll check out the pics later.
frogger70301: k.
dahs512: Tell NJ thankks for me will ya
dahs512 left the room
auntyalias: I'm back but I'm just noodling and doodling
frogger70301: I'm fiddling with a foot.
merrie60us left the room
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Merrie
auntyalias: let me show you something with this gold
merrie60us: okay
auntyalias: to avoid seams of folded gold when you start a pot
auntyalias: fold the raggedy ends into a belly button, that will be
the start of the hold
auntyalias: all foldy lines will be inside
auntyalias: the outside will be stretched nice and fold free
teri56 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Teri
teri56: howdy do
auntyalias: I was showing Merrie how to hide the wonky ends of the
gold clay
auntyalias: into a belly button
auntyalias: and from there we start the hole
auntyalias: gold gets those foldy lines
teri56: right
auntyalias: if you don't turn them inside out
merrie60us: I have a question do you thinkyou can put pc over a
balloon and bake?
merrie60us left the room
frogger70301: I had read the email about that, but didn't understand
auntyalias: I'll wait for her to come back to answer that
auntyalias: I wouldn't, hot air expands
auntyalias: the balloon will expand and probably not take the heat
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: Merrie
merrie60us: gee I keep getting bumped and then it says the server is
busy try later
auntyalias: about the balloon question, I wouldn't do that for hot air
auntyalias: and the shape your clay will be in will be changed
merrie60us: oh okay thanks
auntyalias: also I don't think that plastic would take the heat
auntyalias: I'd form something out of foil
merrie60us: just wondering
auntyalias: if I need a form to work with
auntyalias: cover that with clay and smooth, and cure
merrie60us: I never use foil because of two reasons
teri56: or cover your balloon with papier mache
merrie60us: 1 is that i heard you have to have every bit of air out of
teri56: but you still need to leave a hole for the expanding air to
merrie60us: and 2 how do you get it smooth
auntyalias: I start with small wads and compress and build as I go
auntyalias: so I don't have to do the Muscle Man thing at the end
merrie60us: I have watched you do it
auntyalias: then to smooth it I put clay over it
auntyalias: cure
merrie60us: maybe when I am better I will try it just don't want it to
explode in oven
auntyalias: when I need the mold I cover it with foil, some cover it
with armorall or such stuff
auntyalias: exactly, melted plastic on your oven
auntyalias: makes for weird pot roast later on down the road
auntyalias: LOL
teri56: euww
merrie60us: my son already told everyone all I care about is polymerrr
merrie60us: not him not anything just clay
teri56: poor fella
merrie60us: He' ll get over it
jyladams joined the room
jyladams: hey everybody - sorry I am late
merrie60us: HI
merrie60us: doing pots
auntyalias: Hey Jyl
auntyalias: This is the shape of Ancient Egyptian storage jars
auntyalias: they had a pointy end to them
auntyalias: they would dig a pit in the home
auntyalias: and bury the jars in sand, which would hold them upright
merrie60us: were those faces pots or just egyptian faces
auntyalias: and then they would cover the jars in the pit and it
worked as a cooler
auntyalias: just faces
merrie60us: I thought they were pots with faces cool idea, they are
auntyalias: I was deliberately using the gold foldy lines there
merrie60us: nice
auntyalias: since when you fold and press gold the lines stay
auntyalias: we can use that trick when we do head dresses for our
Egyptian faces
auntyalias: I'll do one more pot
auntyalias: and then I'll have to call it a day
auntyalias: I got chores to do before leaving out for Ruth's tomorrow
frogger70301: before you start
auntyalias: Yes Mitch?
frogger70301: want me to load these pics up?
auntyalias: Sure, just load them up
frogger70301: same as last time?
auntyalias: Same same
frogger70301: k.
auntyalias: thanks honey
auntyalias: I got logs
jyladams: these pots are so beautiful
chenoa_2b joined the room
frogger70301: Well, I'm gonna head out and load em for ya.
frogger70301: Talk with yall later.
auntyalias: would you or Cheryl want to see a pot done with some cane
with designs?
auntyalias: Ok Mitch, thank you honey
frogger70301: Bye.
frogger70301 left the room
chenoa_2b: Sheeze! I went out to smoke, and then some company came,
and I forgot all about the web cam!
auntyalias: LOL
merrie60us: Thanks so much
auntyalias: Jyl, Cheryl, since this will be my last pot for the day
auntyalias: do you want to see it with some cane slice with designs?
jyladams: thank you, I'll pay real close attention
chenoa_2b: That looks like a little flower cup! lol
merrie60us: it's so cool
auntyalias: there
chenoa_2b: So simple when you do it! lol
jyladams: amazing!!
merrie60us: very nice
teri56: that's lovely
auntyalias: LOL, it is simple
auntyalias: but folks pause too much
auntyalias: got to keep it turning
chenoa_2b: Mine always end up to big!
auntyalias: they pause when it's lop sided
teri56: I finished mine, now I'm gonna "glaze" it
auntyalias: wonky
teri56: then I'll post a pic
auntyalias: Coolness Teri
auntyalias: that's great
teri56: it's simple, but I like it
auntyalias: I say big is good to start with, then when you got the
trick of it handled then you can go small
teri56: makes sense
chenoa_2b: Can you put the acrylic water in poly clay?
auntyalias: simple is the type of pots that humans have been using for
daily use for centuries
auntyalias: any water will moon the clay, water expands with heat to
make steam
auntyalias: the steam makes Moons
chenoa_2b: I am talking about after it is has bee cooked.
auntyalias: Oh I dunno, Teri do you know?
faye_shelton: oh, like in Eva's bathtub?
chenoa_2b: yeah. lol
faye_shelton: I'd say you could
teri56: sure
teri56: I use acrylic paint to
teri56: "antiqu" stuff
chenoa_2b: Ok, then I am going to have to try it. lol
auntyalias: Wait up... I did Kai on the green breast's eyes with
acrylic paint
auntyalias: ya, it can be done and recured too
auntyalias: his ankle broke in transit and I visited doffy and fixed
teri56: right - but as NJ says, I don't think I'd want to use it on
raw clay
auntyalias: and recured him and the acrylic paint lived through the
second curing
auntyalias: well folks, I got folks pulling at me here
chenoa_2b: I was t hinking of a pitcher of water, or a pond, or even a
bucket of water.
teri56: ok - thanks NJ
merrie60us: thanks again bye
merrie60us left the room
teri56: I had fun "Claying with NJ"
auntyalias: thanks for showing up and giving effort
chenoa_2b: ok, thanks NJ
teri56: xoxo
faye_shelton: thanks, NJ.
jyladams: Thanks so much
auntyalias: we'll do this again as necessary
auntyalias: xoxoxo
teri56: sounds good