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2003 February Highlights

2-4-03: Lotus-1

merrie60us: ha ha ha

auntyalias: so she laughs too

auntyalias: "You're such a nut!" she likes to say

bonsaikathy: it's good for her to laugh

bonsaikathy: how's she doing lately

auntyalias: I tell her sweets for a sweet and she deserves a nut

dahs512: how is Ruth doing?

auntyalias: her physical therapy is moving along

bonsaikathy: good comeback

merrie60us: how old is she

auntyalias: she was holding her right hand immobile afraid

auntyalias: but we 're getting her to do exercises, slowly but surely, she's 86

merrie60us: my aunt live to be 102 died last year

auntyalias: but took a fall and broke her wrist, is frail, pace maker and all that

auntyalias: but she's funny

bonsaikathy: it's not surprising then that at that age things have tightened up

auntyalias: I found her a Doris Day flick she never saw before, "The Man Who Knew Too Much" and we sang while I gave her a sponge bath


auntyalias: I might be pulled in for Wednesday shift though

auntyalias: need the money but it's more time away from the list

merrie60us: unfortunatley in life money counts first

bonsaikathy: Sweetie you have to take care of your family and self first, list afterwards

merrie60us: passion second

auntyalias: Stargazer/Jeanne is going to be doing Demos on Week Ends, she wrote to me about not wanting to conflict with our Demo times

dahs512: we will always be here

merrie60us: Yes I told her about your demos

auntyalias: Noodling away

auntyalias: Ah, I'm glad it gave her a goose to her muse, she took me to the South Bay Polymer Clay Guild back in July of 2001

auntyalias: just after my tour

auntyalias: she said, show and tell

auntyalias: I brought just a part of what I carted about on tour and blew everyone out of the water

auntyalias: had to hide Kai on the Green Tit because there were kids there

auntyalias: so Adults could come behind the table and see the R rated stuff

auntyalias: LOL

auntyalias: so I'm happy she is getting inspired to do Demos

auntyalias: the more the merrier

merrie60us: I actually took the liberty of telling a few people on PCJ about your demos etc

dahs512: always causing a stir

auntyalias: No worries honey

auntyalias: I was wondering why we got a surge of list members

merrie60us: They seemed very interested and excited

auntyalias: I figured someone was saying something somewhere, been getting like 2, 000 hits a day on the web

bonsaikathy: and some of them have just jumped right in there too which is wonderful

merrie60us: they were blown away by your website

auntyalias: I tell folks

auntyalias: when they are new to my site

auntyalias: bring food and drink

auntyalias: you'll be here for a while

auntyalias: LOL


bonsaikathy: brb, gonna do the potty break before we get started

auntyalias: It's an outing, like going to the Carlsbad Cavarns

auntyalias: sure, bioligicals folks

merrie60us: what are those

merrie60us: Carlsbad Cavarns

dahs512: caves

merrie60us: oh

auntyalias: Ok, where are they, America Southwest,

merrie60us: in CA

auntyalias: rain melted soft stone

merrie60us: ooh sounds interesting

auntyalias: made miles of miles of caves as the water resided

auntyalias: where water drips through rocks we get our rock formations like Malachite

merrie60us: bet my son would likethat

auntyalias: oh it's such a trip

merrie60us: brb

auntyalias: they have some areas where you can go and they are roped off

dahs512: pristeen water sometimes

auntyalias: for caves are delicate things really, the mineral formations from years and years of seeping water

auntyalias: they hope to protect those not open to the public and keep them for study, so it's said

auntyalias: is everyone back?

bonsaikathy: yup

auntyalias: I was going to show close ups of this stuff before making the cane

dahs512: i'm here

bonsaikathy: ok

auntyalias: Merrie?

auntyalias: give her a tick

auntyalias: smoke em if you got em

auntyalias: so who's doing pix?

auntyalias: I think we got silly there and didn't get it settled

merrie60us: back

NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room

bonsaikathy: me

auntyalias: And Niki comes right on time

auntyalias: girl

auntyalias: good horse

auntyalias: LOL

NikiT: hehe

auntyalias: I'll wait to let you get cam

auntyalias: Ok, Kathy you're doing pix

dahs512: Kathy said she would do the pics i think

bonsaikathy: yes

NikiT: those are perty

auntyalias: Merrie and Denise doing belt and suspender saves?

auntyalias: with Yahoo being weird and all

dahs512: sure

auntyalias: thanks love

merrie60us: yes

auntyalias: ok, here's what I used to make these blue and white things

merrie60us: they look blue and yellow

auntyalias: pearl now see?

merrie60us: yes better

auntyalias: my hand made the color go wonky

auntyalias: just blue plugs with pearl blue surround

auntyalias: made a long one and sliced it down the center, cut it a half log like this

auntyalias: into three pie shaped pieces

auntyalias: and did like a lace cane wedge thing for this cane

merrie60us: ooh nice

auntyalias: and the chop made this vase

auntyalias: The blue and pearl made the petals for this lotus cane

auntyalias: those pearl fillers didn't work

merrie60us: how do you put it together the components to get the lotus

techi_mom56 joined the room

auntyalias: How this lotus is made is what we're going to do in a tick

auntyalias: oooh

auntyalias: here's where I took some cane ends and repeated the lotus without that awful pearl filler

bonsaikathy: Hi Nancy

merrie60us: Hi Nancy

techi_mom56: hi...everyone...

techi_mom56: on my day off...

dahs512: oooh i see

techi_mom56: nj that is really really pretty...

auntyalias: that's what we're going to do by popular demand

auntyalias: LOL

auntyalias: and because I want to do it better the second time around


bonsaikathy: I love all the differant pots made from these canes, they are really pretty

dahs512: NJ change you status

dahs512: you are a negative

auntyalias: ooops, thanks Denise

auntyalias: There, I always space on that, thanks honey

auntyalias: I'd like to show you some pots made with Natasha logs first though

dahs512: yw

bonsaikathy: great

auntyalias: and some new cane designs I've been playing with

faye_shelton joined the room

dahs512: hey faye

auntyalias: Hey Faye

bonsaikathy: Hi Faye

auntyalias: and Howdy Nancy, sorry my hands were busy

faye_shelton: Hi Y'all

auntyalias: ok, Natasha pots

dahs512: you've become a pothead

ljcswartz joined the room

dahs512: lots and lots of pots

icare4bunnies joined the room

auntyalias: Jael make this your favorite room

dahs512: Is that Jackie?

dahs512: Hi Jael

auntyalias: and you'll be able to get to the chat room easier

icare4bunnies: I have been having problems with the internet this afternoon

ljcswartz: I have a question..... I was looking for the demo 6 -9 pm est. I can't stay anyway - just trying to see how it works. I actually thought it would be on yahoo messenger

auntyalias: File, favorite room, add

auntyalias: It is through Yahoo Messenger

icare4bunnies: doesn't work that way on my mac

auntyalias: ah, Mac...sorry

icare4bunnies: lol I

icare4bunnies: i'm not

icare4bunnies: I'm fine though

dahs512: do you see her cam Jackie?

auntyalias: Swartz...what's your name honey? Can you see the Cam, did you come in through Yahoo Messenger?

icare4bunnies: hi denise

icare4bunnies: I am here through the msat site

ljcswartz: jackie ==I came in through chat on the msatclayart site

auntyalias: are you on PC Jackie?

dahs512: oh, i didn't know we could do that

ljcswartz: nora jean is the only id i have and she is not on

auntyalias: auntyalias

dahs512: auntyalias

ljcswartz: pc yes

dahs512: is her alias

icare4bunnies: on the site, there is a spot for chat

dahs512: hee hee

auntyalias: that's the name that should be up on your Yahoo Messenger friend's list

ljcswartz: let me look

auntyalias: If you're on pc it's best to open up messenger

auntyalias: right click on auntyalias

auntyalias: and then "join user in chat"

auntyalias: then add as a favorite room so you could be here first if you wanted

merrie60us: maybe we should post the page that has the webcam demo info on your website

auntyalias: I'll get it

ljcswartz: i am switching now

merrie60us: also you have to then go back and choose view webcam at least I do

ljcswartz left the room

auntyalias: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/How-To.htm

auntyalias: for Mac and PC

icare4bunnies: there is no chat option for my yahoo messenger

merrie60us: if you go to the link just posted it will walk you through it

dahs512: she's not here yet NJ

faye_shelton: Merrie, did you right click on the name? Mine is all the way on the bottom

jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room

faye_shelton: Howdy, Jude!

jude: Howdy!

bonsaikathy: Hi Jude

ljcswartz joined the room

auntyalias: YES

merrie60us: I right click on auntyalias and choose join chat then I right click again and choose view webcam

auntyalias: She did it

merrie60us: yeah

auntyalias: ok now let me invite you to the cam

ljcswartz: I made it!!

jyladams joined the room

faye_shelton: yeeeehah

merrie60us: Hi Faye

faye_shelton: Howdy Jyl

faye_shelton: Hi Merrie

dahs512: Jackie can you see NJ's cam yet?

jyladams: II almost missed it!

ljcswartz: yes I can see

dahs512: cool!

dahs512: we are cookin' now

icare4bunnies: I can't stay long, this is dinner time for us

auntyalias: On the cam menu you can make the window always stay on top

auntyalias: and shrink the chat window to not be underneath it

auntyalias: I'll start the Lotus cane

ljcswartz: justso you know I have to leave for a meeting at 6:55 -- wish I could stay though

auntyalias: Next Tuesday then

Chryse (chryse3081) joined the room

merrie60us: well at least you know where we are

dahs512: stay for what length you can

auntyalias: Chryse is new

auntyalias: Jackie make this a favorite room

Chryse: Hi room!

dahs512: no she's not

merrie60us: I invited her

auntyalias: file, favorite room, add

Chryse: hehe, Hi Denise

dahs512: she's my age maybe

dahs512: hee hee

Chryse: hehe

ljcswartz: I did that

faye_shelton: Hi Chryse

merrie60us: HI chryse

Chryse: hi

ljcswartz: how do I use favorite rooms

auntyalias: good going

auntyalias: when you open up Messenger

auntyalias: you go chat

bonsaikathy: Hi Chryse

Chryse: hi merrie

auntyalias: favorite room

auntyalias: and come here

Chryse: hi kathy

auntyalias: easy breezy

ljcswartz: cool

dahs512: next time it will be easier to find if you add this room to your favorite rooms

auntyalias: just sent invite to Chryse to view cam

NikiT: I'm gonna be AFK for a bit, NJ.. we took our bikes to the shop today and didn't expect them to be done already.. so gotta go pick them up.

auntyalias: okie dokie Niki

auntyalias: see you when you get back

Chryse: got it,thanks

NikiT: k

auntyalias: I'll start this cane now


auntyalias: Did you see the cane design on the Blue Nile Lotus Page?

dahs512: we are ready to roll

merrie60us: yes

dahs512: yes

faye_shelton: i saw it

techi_mom56: not yet...been playing with lapis...getting real close


auntyalias: my error

auntyalias: it's on my home page

dahs512: Biz-Archive/Egypt/BlueNileLotus-grp.htm

dahs512: that will work too

auntyalias: thanks Denise

auntyalias: That design is just one flower repeated

auntyalias: each piece will be either a snake or a sheet

auntyalias: no blends

auntyalias: the colors are on that page

dahs512: these are stacks of premade sheets that NJ prepared ahead of time

merrie60us: good idea

aurorajv joined the room

dahs512: foil keeps them separated without leaching

dahs512: Hi Jill

aurorajv: Hi Denise

merrie60us: Hi Jill

aurorajv: Hi all

bonsaikathy: Hi Jill

aurorajv: hope you don't mind me joining

dahs512: Jill are you seeing NJ on cam?

merrie60us: Does the foil leave marks on the sheets of clay

aurorajv: not yet

dahs512: right click on her name and view webcam

auntyalias: just sent an invite

dahs512: ok

auntyalias: I'll have to press some Premo Pearl Blue

dahs512: it's too bad I can't do that for you NJ

dahs512: send invites

auntyalias: LOL, I'll take care and it's fresh

auntyalias: it's just boring is all

auntyalias: share the lotus links please

auntyalias: for those who came in after

aurorajv: ty, i am watching

dahs512: Biz-Archive/Egypt/BlueNileLotus-grp.htm

dahs512: go and peek at the pics and she has the colors listed there

aurorajv: thanks Denise

dahs512: do we want too have a sound off while we are waiting?

dahs512: Denise, Cedar Creek Texas

merrie60us: sure

bonsaikathy: sounds like a good idea

bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN

merrie60us: Merrie, Boston

faye_shelton: Faye, Norfolk, VA

icare4bunnies: Jael, Champaign IL

Chryse: Chryse, near Seattle Washington

aurorajv: Jill, near Pensacola Florida

bonsaikathy: NJ is in California

icare4bunnies: can I come visit you Jill?

jude: Me too!

aurorajv: hehe

Chryse: hehe

aurorajv: sure

icare4bunnies: it's mighty cold here right now

dahs512: For all of you who have never been to one of NJ's cam demos, please feel free to comment on what you see her doing.

jude: The arm of doom!

Chryse: lol

merrie60us: we save the logs and post them with pictures on her website

ljcswartz: how do I make sure a copy is saved from this chat??

ljcswartz: I will do the website then

dahs512: later she will read the log and post it on her site

jude: NJ does not believe in babying her clay. She really does slap it around.

jyladams: Jyl, Gig Harbor WA

icare4bunnies: she has to take out all the profanity first lol

merrie60us: there are also pictures to go with the log

dahs512: you can save it the best by highlighting the whole text, then copy and paste it into word

dahs512: Kathy is doing screen shots

ljcswartz: this is too wonderful .. thanks... got to go

jyladams: Chryse, where near Seattle?

merrie60us: come back soon

Chryse: Snohomish

dahs512: Later then

jude: It can be pasted into any notebook-like program.

bonsaikathy: see you later

auntyalias: OK let's do roll call before this really starts

merrie60us: just did and included you

auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco, Lotus Cane

dahs512: we already did...snicker

auntyalias: LOL

bonsaikathy: I added you

dahs512: hee hee

auntyalias: Ok, lets start then

auntyalias: I'm going to take this pearl and make snakes

auntyalias: then I'm going to surround the snakes with Pearl Blue

auntyalias: they are going to be around this size

dahs512: looks like about an inch across

merrie60us: isn't that one cut in half though

dahs512: yes

auntyalias: after the snakes are made they will be cut to lengths and then cut in half

auntyalias: after they are cut in half they will be formed in to one lotus petal for the cane

auntyalias: we need size of them for the design

jyladams: All I see is a sheet on foil??

auntyalias: the same will be done with the gold green and surrounded with the gold green and copper mix

auntyalias: this is the clay colors that will go into the green part

merrie60us: telling what is going to happen first

jyladams: o

jude: I love that copper color.

merrie60us: ooh the green sheet is yummy

jude: I believe that she is using a green pearl.

dahs512: Clay I'm using for this cane: Pearl for the petals Pearl Blue for the surround sheets of the petals and for the background. Pearl Green mixed with Gold for the stalks. Pearl Green mixed with Copper for the outline for the Lotus. You can use what ever colors you want I just have to use this mica rich stash before it is less than fresh. The Pearl Green is already crumbly and I have to mix it with fresh Gold and Pearl just to get it to cooperate.

dahs512: that is what she had on her site

merrie60us: cutting edge even and rolling into logs

dahs512: She made a sheet and is rollong it into a log

jude: Okie, so, it's green pearl with pearl and gold added.

merrie60us: now has two logs

merrie60us: about width of a penny or nickel?

bonsaikathy: ok did I freeze up or did we come to a standstill

dahs512: an inch?

jude: You froze.

merrie60us: yeah sounds right

dahs512: did you?

jude: she's moving here.

bonsaikathy left the room

bonsaikathy joined the room

bonsaikathy: sorry, looks like I froze up so missed a little bit

dahs512: If you have a lot of trouble, I can back you up Kathy

icare4bunnies: not much

faye_shelton: she just made a third log

merrie60us: now cutting blue sheet

bonsaikathy: Doesn't happen to me often, not sure why it did this time

jyladams: colors of the logs she has done now?

merrie60us: rolling pearl log with blue

jyladams: what are the other 3, they just look plain pearl?

merrie60us: she has not rolled them in blue yet

jyladams: Are they solid colored pearl logs?

jude: What is she wearing on her wrists? Warmers?

merrie60us: yes she said no blends

dahs512: she is wrapping the log with the sheet of blue

merrie60us: no supports

jude: Okie, makes sense, then.

dahs512: NJ is a fashion queen

jude: You got that right.

faye_shelton: some wraps to support her wrists. she overdid it, I think

dahs512: she did say her wrists were sore from working long time last night

merrie60us: they are very good if you have carpal tunnel or have had it

faye_shelton: i think so, yes

merrie60us: wrapping third log

jude: Yes, indeed, know what that is like.

dahs512: my pinkie will wierd out on me once in awhile

jude: NJ uses pearl instead of white all the time. I usually will use th white and maybe put a bit of pearl in it.

merrie60us: now has three wrapped logs

jude: My right index twitches a lot. Not a good thing on the mouse.

dahs512: I think pearl and white both have there places

jude: True.

dahs512: thier

dahs512: their

dahs512: geez

faye_shelton: therethere

jude: Third time's the charm. Hehehehe

aurorajv: hehehe Denise!


merrie60us: taking green sheet

merrie60us: rolling

merrie60us: into log

bonsaikathy: Ok Denise, for some reason I'm having problems tonight, everything keeps freezing

dahs512: she is making the stem

dahs512: ok

merrie60us: rolling with her hand

jude: I wonder what setting she used on the PM to roll the green out.

dahs512: you guys scribe I'll get shots

merrie60us: okay

bonsaikathy left the room

bonsaikathy joined the room

jude: NJ has rolled the pearl up into logs and now has rolled green around each.

merrie60us: now taking brown/copper? and wrapping green log

jude: Now she is rolling another Over the green on the logs.

bonsaikathy: Ok Denise I guess this is going to be one of those nights where I keep freezing up for some reason

jude: Copper? Okie, I can see that.

dahs512: I've got it Kathy

merrie60us: so far just one log of green and copper

bonsaikathy: so that we don't end up missing out on shots better let you do them

aurorajv: is that straight copper, or a mix with black...looks dark to me

bonsaikathy: arrggghhh, I'll send what I have so far

dahs512: ok

jude: The copper right off the block is kinda dark.

jyladams: This is copper over solid green logs - correct? The other logs are pearl wrapped in blue - still correct?

aurorajv: or maybe it's just the camera

dahs512: yes

dahs512: she swears she is going to get a new camera

merrie60us: she lists the blends etc on the


jude: Oh? this is copper over solid green?

dahs512: three blue-wrapped pearl logs and one copper wrapped green log

merrie60us: Clay I'm using for this cane: Pearl for the petals Pearl Blue for the surround sheets of the petals and for the background. Pearl Green mixed with Gold for the stalks. Pearl Green mixed with Copper for the outline for the Lotus. You can use what ever colors you want I just have to use this mica rich stash before it is less than fresh. The Pearl Green is already crumbly and I have to mix it with fresh Gold and Pearl just to get it to cooperate.

merrie60us: three blue wrapped logs one copper wrapped log and one green wrapped log

dahs512: you can type fast Merrie

merrie60us: do it for a living

jyladams: Thank you JILL, that is what I was trying to clarigy

dahs512: I just cut and paste..hee hee

merrie60us: no problem easy breezy

merrie60us: covering another green log with copper

dahs512: she seems to be working on a second sten sane

dahs512: mmmm

dahs512: stemo

icare4bunnies: ok, where is the image

dahs512: stem

icare4bunnies: it stopped

aurorajv: I have it

dahs512: mine is still going

bonsaikathy: it's still going, close out and get back in

merrie60us: what stopped

faye_shelton: i'm seeing it, too

bonsaikathy: it's happened to me 2ce already

merrie60us: you might have frozen yahoo is wierd

bonsaikathy: it's very wierd tonight

auntyalias: ok

merrie60us: now have five logs

auntyalias: I'll take questions now

dahs512: I think we covered the colors

faye_shelton: someone wondered how thick you roll the surround sheets?

jyladams: none here now

dahs512: they wanted to know what setting

jude: Me!

auntyalias: at the widest setting


jude: Okie, thanks.

auntyalias: the blue and pearl are getting cut in half lengh wise

faye_shelton: Is the petal pure pearl?

auntyalias: yes, pure Pearl

faye_shelton: and the leaf, peral green?

icare4bunnies: says I am receiving images, but I'm not

auntyalias: and the surround is Pearl Blue

bonsaikathy: I"m having a tough time tonight, the webcam keeps freezing up on me

auntyalias: shall we take a break

merrie60us: did you try shutting computer off and getting on fresh

auntyalias: save logs and pix

auntyalias: and potty break

bonsaikathy: Did you totally close out and then open again

merrie60us: save logs okay

dahs512: ok

auntyalias: folks can reboot and come back in

faye_shelton: K. coolClay I'm using for this cane: Pearl for the petals Pearl Blue for the surround sheets of the petals and for the background. Pearl Green mixed with Gold for the stalks. Pearl Green mixed with Copper for the outline for the Lotus. You can use what ever colors you want I just have to use this mica rich stash before it is less than fresh. The Pearl Green is already crumbly and I have to mix it with fresh Gold and Pearl just to get it to cooperate.