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2003 February Highlights

2-4-03: Lotus-2

auntyalias: save logs and pix

auntyalias: and potty break

bonsaikathy: Did you totally close out and then open again

merrie60us: save logs okay

dahs512: ok

auntyalias: folks can reboot and come back in

faye_shelton: K. cool

bonsaikathy: sounds good

auntyalias: until the half hour

auntyalias: how's that?

bonsaikathy: ok

aurorajv: I will not be here.... I have to go make dinner

aurorajv: *pout*

auntyalias: come back when it's simmering

auntyalias: check in

aurorajv: hehe

auntyalias: that's what we all do

aurorajv: I will try

aurorajv: ty

auntyalias: ciao bella

auntyalias: I'm going to check the list for a tick. brb

auntyalias: all's quiet on the western front

dahs512 left the room

auntyalias: going to get a bite to eat

auntyalias: brb

kmrhodes joined the room

dahs512 joined the room

auntyalias: Hey Kathy

auntyalias: Karen

merrie60us: Hi Karen we are on a break

auntyalias: I mean

kmrhodes: on break?

auntyalias: just going to get something to eat, just rolled up five logs here

kmrhodes: I see them

merrie60us: nj sent you log

auntyalias: starting up on the half hour so you can relax and chat

merrie60us: called lotus 1

auntyalias: thank you Merrie, going to forage, brb

kmrhodes: NJ are you getting my paypals okay?

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kmrhodes: so whats a going on tonight

auntyalias: Yes Karen, now I got to get something to eat...LOL, Folks share the lotus links with Karen

auntyalias: brb

bonsaikathy: Hi Karen, and NJ did you need something

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bonsaikathy: Biz-Archive/Egypt/BlueNileLotus-grp.htm

kmrhodes: hey kathy! Hows it going

bonsaikathy: fine and you

dahs512: Hi Karen

kmrhodes: busy as a bee

kmrhodes: hey girl

kmrhodes: just got a new tool

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bonsaikathy: I have been too

kmrhodes: you know me. I love tools

dahs512: Jael needs some velcro

bonsaikathy: I have several special orders to do

bonsaikathy: what kind of tool

kmrhodes: is she falling off her chair again

dahs512: i think so

dahs512: or off yahoo at least

kmrhodes: the tool is a 7-1/2" blade with handle

kmrhodes: stainless steel blade

bonsaikathy: cool, that sounds like a great tool to have

kmrhodes: and 1" high

kmrhodes: oh, and it comes with a wavy blade too

kmrhodes: this is awesome

kmrhodes: you can cut canes lenghwise up to 6" long

bonsaikathy: wow, that sounds great

kmrhodes: hope to have it up on my site within the next several days

techi_mom56: anyone interest in what i have discovered on the lapis?

bonsaikathy: is the price a lot higher than the tissue blades

kmrhodes: heck no

bonsaikathy: I am Nancy

kmrhodes: me to Nancy

merrie60us: I am Nancy

bonsaikathy: good then next order I may have to have both blades

kmrhodes: wait for the pictures first

kmrhodes: then decide

bonsaikathy: ok

kmrhodes: but I think you are going to love it

bonsaikathy: I'm sure especially if it has a handle

kmrhodes: have I ever steered you wrong

bonsaikathy: lol

auntyalias: ok

kmrhodes: LOL

auntyalias: who's here

kmrhodes: me

auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco

merrie60us: me

techi_mom56: i used gold leaf with the ultramarine blue..then ran it through the pasta several times ..tearing the sheets up and stacking to get some randomness...

bonsaikathy: me

techi_mom56: nancy

bonsaikathy: Kathy In E. TN

merrie60us: Merrie, Boston

kmrhodes: Karen, Gettysburg, PA

faye_shelton: Faye, Norfolk

dahs512: i'm almost back....Denise in Cedar Creek Texas

bonsaikathy: do you have pics yet Nancy

Chryse: <----- from WA

auntyalias: just say when Denise

techi_mom56: it bakes up perfect...more on this later...i posted some to the pictures group

bonsaikathy: I"ll take a look as soon as I get time, thanks Nancy

dahs512: go ahead, I will dash in to get my plate in a minute

techi_mom56: okay will put together a complete report...on it..found out a bunch of other info too...

kmrhodes: what happened to NJs hand?

auntyalias: I got my wrists wrapped

auntyalias: they were achey

kmrhodes: too much working with it, huh?

auntyalias: very cyberpunk

kmrhodes: I thought you were starting a new fad

dahs512: i was gonna say it was fashion

kmrhodes: the newest clay fashion

jyladams: me too

auntyalias: hope not

auntyalias: LOL

kmrhodes: I miss you guys

auntyalias: We miss you too, you hard working girl

auntyalias: Ok what we have here is why my wrists are achey

auntyalias: I did this cane last night and learned what not to do

auntyalias: the pearl filler on the cane and pot to the right is what I'm not going to do

auntyalias: the middle pot

auntyalias: is more the direction I'm going towards

auntyalias: I filled in the spaces with more Lotus flowers

auntyalias: are we about ready?

merrie60us: yes yes

kmrhodes: yep

dahs512: yes

bonsaikathy: yes

techi_mom56: yes..claying along

jyladams: yes

kmrhodes: robo-arm

auntyalias: oh let me show you a quick cane first, then we'll start

merrie60us: okie dokie

merrie60us: too close

merrie60us: can't see

merrie60us: good

merrie60us: thanks

kmrhodes: good

dahs512: got it

auntyalias: from this

kmrhodes: You blow me away NJ

dahs512: got it

auntyalias: datz my job

auntyalias: now let me refocus the cam

auntyalias: what I aim to do is cut these logs in half and form into petals for the lotus

auntyalias: 6 petals

auntyalias: three leaf sections

auntyalias: It's the second time I've done this so bare with me if I hesitate

auntyalias: LOL

merrie60us: slicing cane lenthwise into two pieces

merrie60us: oops lengthwise

merrie60us: now has six half cirles

kmrhodes: squeezing the halves

merrie60us: she seems to be shaping them

kmrhodes: to make a new log

merrie60us: sort of oval shaped?

kmrhodes: yes, looks oval

merrie60us: oh I see leaf shaped

merrie60us: narrow at bottom oval at top

merrie60us: so I guess there will be six of these

merrie60us: putting two side by side

auntyalias: now the middle bit needs to be cut so the pearl is like an arrow point

dahs512: she is putting the canes side by side

auntyalias: and it'll fit in the middle there

merrie60us: have to see

merrie60us: cuts one piece in center with blade...

merrie60us: shaping log

dahs512: need close up NJ

merrie60us: not sure what she is doing oh I get it filling in between two petals

kmrhodes: squeezing the three pieces into a new log

merrie60us: the filler is on half of the original log not shaped into a leaf just shaped to fit into space between two leaves

merrie60us: oh wow

dahs512: got it

kmrhodes: nice

merrie60us: very nice

merrie60us: how many will she make three sets

merrie60us: takes green and copper log

merrie60us: appears tobe shaping and reducing

kmrhodes: shaping and reducing into an oval shape

merrie60us: is she flattening it?

dahs512: i think so

merrie60us: hmm

kmrhodes: flattening the oval

merrie60us: measuring the

merrie60us: blue leaves

merrie60us: lenghtwise

kmrhodes: 3-1/2" blue and pearl log

merrie60us: cuts in half?

kmrhodes: I think

kmrhodes: 6" copper log

merrie60us: then measures copper log 6 inches

kmrhodes: also cuts in half

merrie60us: cuts in thirds?

kmrhodes: or thirds

kmrhodes: yep, thirds

merrie60us: flattens more

merrie60us: and shapes

kmrhodes: shapes into a diamond?

kmrhodes: n

merrie60us: not sure

merrie60us: looks very flat

kmrhodes: still a flatted oval, it looks like

merrie60us: oh

merrie60us: long oval

merrie60us: with pointed ends

kmrhodes: how wide is it????

merrie60us: did she cut off a strip lenthgwise?

dahs512 left the room

dahs512 joined the room

kmrhodes: yes

merrie60us: she's cutting something

dahs512: back

merrie60us: takes the already formed blue/pearl leaves and puts a long narrow green/copper leaf on either side

merrie60us: then adds another blue leaf and another green leaf

dahs512: got it

merrie60us: green it much thinner in width than blue

stargazer_sbpcg joined the room

merrie60us: in semi circle shape

merrie60us: showing how back looks if standing up

merrie60us: Hi Janice

merrie60us: can you see the cam

stargazer_sbpcg: moi??

stargazer_sbpcg: <= jean

merrie60us: oops sorry jean

bonsaikathy: Hi Jean

dahs512: NJ is settling the cane together

auntyalias: Jean is going to be doing some week end demos, I'll share her schedule with the list

auntyalias: give her the blue nile lotus link please

merrie60us: great

stargazer_sbpcg: no problem - yes i can see cam...

bonsaikathy: Biz-Archive/Egypt/BlueNileLotus-grp.htm

faye_shelton: Biz-Archive/Egypt/BlueNileLotus-grp.htm

merrie60us: Biz-Archive/Egypt/BlueNileLotus-grp.htm

dahs512: lol


stargazer_sbpcg: wahoo! thanks!

dahs512: ready, willin' and able


merrie60us: oh how nice she is making the lotus

dahs512: Making the center join together and leaving a hole

kmrhodes: using a clay shaper

merrie60us: put green log in center

merrie60us: cut a slice off the flower

merrie60us: manipulating green log

faye_shelton: reducing a green log? flattening it

merrie60us: making another leaf?

faye_shelton: looks like

auntyalias: this is the stem

bonsaikathy: looks like she cut it same length as the rest of log

faye_shelton: OIC

jude: Here I thought it was stuff to fill in the empty spaces. Fat lot I know about it.

dahs512: hang on

dahs512: ok, back

merrie60us: what was that luna thing

jude: Ah, ha...

bonsaikathy: wierd

faye_shelton: i saw it too.

jude: It disappeared.

bonsaikathy: doesn't show up on the log either

dahs512: what is wierd?

auntyalias: What Luna thing?

merrie60us: Ipll say

auntyalias: are we being invaded?

jude: Someone names luna something or other entered and then left.

bonsaikathy: usually when someone comes in and out it says so on here

jude: Yahooey at it's best.

auntyalias: copy and paste

auntyalias: I didn't see

faye_shelton: luna someone came in and then disappeared

jude: We had a ghost!

faye_shelton: yep

jude: UFO!

bonsaikathy: yup

merrie60us: a person Named Luna something joined in on our demo

auntyalias: An Egyptian Ghost

auntyalias: ok can you see the lotus flower design there?

merrie60us: then disappeared off log and all

jude: Yes!

merrie60us: yes

faye_shelton: yes

bonsaikathy: yes

auntyalias: I have to fill in the spaces and then make a surround

techi_mom56: yes

auntyalias: I'm going to do a quick surround of Hematite mix

auntyalias: black with silver

jude: That will be a big cane!

merrie60us: ooh that will be nice

auntyalias: a BIG cane, yes

luna9786 joined the room

auntyalias: and you know how the ends get all sunk in

auntyalias: I got a trick to show you

auntyalias: Luna, introduce yourself

merrie60us: oh goody I love your tricks

stargazer_sbpcg: *perk*

jude: luna again.

merrie60us: Luna is back see

luna9786: hi i just joined the other day

auntyalias: it's taking the sunk in ends, rolling them down into a cone and doing a quick lace cane with them

merrie60us: welcome

auntyalias: Howdy honey can you see the cam?

auntyalias: just sent the invite

kmrhodes: Hey Luna! Welcome

auntyalias: let me get a link to share with all y'all while you greet Luna

jude: Howdy Luna.

merrie60us: we are doing a lotus flower link is


luna9786: it said the server was busy

merrie60us: oh

luna9786: how do i get in with messenger

kmrhodes: So Luna, what is your real name? I'm Karen

luna9786: jean

faye_shelton: hummm. Luna, we thought you were a ghost. You showed up and then disappeared

kmrhodes: Hello Jean!!!

luna9786: hello

stargazer_sbpcg: me jean too!

faye_shelton: Hello Jean! Welcome

bonsaikathy: Hi Jean


faye_shelton: Hello other Jean!

luna9786: star hi i am almost finished with my bracelet

auntyalias: Rats it is one of the old photo point albums I'll have to rebuild it

stargazer_sbpcg: wahoo Luna! i wanna see pics!!

auntyalias: I'll just show you the trick

luna9786: you were great

stargazer_sbpcg: thanks!

stargazer_sbpcg: so it was good for you, eh? hee-hee

auntyalias: Ok, so Luna is still not on cam, Jean can you help her in private message?

luna9786: yes it was great for me

stargazer_sbpcg: yes!

auntyalias: and I'll take questions about the cane so far

auntyalias: thanks Jean

stargazer_sbpcg: cool!

auntyalias: good time for logs and pix saves