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2003 February Highlights

2-4-03: Lotus-3

auntyalias: good time for logs and pix saves

bonsaikathy: I already sent the pics along

bonsaikathy: well we were just talking nwo

bonsaikathy: sorry that's now

auntyalias: good time to send more if you have them

auntyalias: I know it takes a moment to send them even

bonsaikathy: I sent 3 sets already which is all I have so far

auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Egypt/BlueNileLotus-grp.htm

auntyalias: that's for Luna

bonsaikathy: we have 15 in here tonight, not bad NJ

merrie60us: I sent two logs seperatel

jude: Great group!

auntyalias: I'll let y'all know when we got Luna hooked up with seeing stuff, but if there are any questions about the lotus cane so far....

auntyalias: ya, full house

merrie60us: ugh my spelling is terrible tonight must be my meds

auntyalias: I only have 13 on cam

bonsaikathy: hmm who's not seeing besides Luna-Jean

merrie60us: Kathy swartz is gone but name is still showing

jude: that's it...the last, the 15th is NJ herself, I think.

merrie60us: cannot remember her first name sorry


auntyalias: Denise dropped off

auntyalias: now I have twelve viewing

stargazer_sbpcg: NJ, your name appears "greyed out" on Luna's list...

auntyalias: it's hard to tell the lists aren't organized in alpha on the cam

auntyalias: auntyalias?

bonsaikathy: Yes we keep having problems so we're backing each other up with the pix

stargazer_sbpcg: cking

auntyalias: I'm using auntyalias, and it's not bolded on the Yahoo Messenger Friend's list. She might have to add me

auntyalias: ah there she is

auntyalias: just added me to her Friend's list

auntyalias: now all she has to do is right click my name and pull up the cam

stargazer_sbpcg: i'll keep you posted...

auntyalias: Kathy in E. TN, roger, I copy, over

auntyalias: LOL

auntyalias: ok, Jean

stargazer_sbpcg: She's in!! Wahoo!


luna9786: i'm in thanks

auntyalias: Denise got yahoo booted, give her a minute and let Luna get settled

kmrhodes stands up and applauds

bonsaikathy: ok good time for a potty break, brb

auntyalias: you can make the cam window always on top and adjust the size of this chat window, so there's no over lap

auntyalias: ya, biological break and smoke em if you got em

merrie60us: brb

stargazer_sbpcg cheers

techi_mom56: yum...saltines and tillamook cheddar cheese...

bonsaikathy: I'm back

techi_mom56: and yes i wash my hands first..

kmrhodes left the room

bonsaikathy: mmm sounds good Nancy

auntyalias: Denise seems to have technical difficulties and now we lost Karen

bonsaikathy: yahoo is being a real pill tonight

auntyalias: I have some hematite mix, silver and black that I'm going to surround the whole lotus flower here

auntyalias: then I'm going to do a pearl blue background before I reduce the cane

auntyalias: pretty boring stuff, so I'll get to it

bonsaikathy: Oh guess what, good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, my daughter will be coming to visit me in the middle of March for a few days

bonsaikathy: it's been over a year, I'm so excited and I can't wait

jyladams: from where?

bonsaikathy: Puerto Rico

bonsaikathy: hubby's a green beret

stargazer_sbpcg: send her an inflatable raft, then she's sure to make it across the creek...

bonsaikathy: hehe

faye_shelton: heckuva creek

bonsaikathy: yup

faye_shelton: happy for you, Kathy

bonsaikathy: thanks

merrie60us: what is she doing now

merrie60us: adjusting leaves

merrie60us: ?

merrie60us: or adding silver black blend

faye_shelton: surrounding the lotus with the hematite mix

bonsaikathy: says she's putting silver and black surround on the lotus flower

faye_shelton: ?

merrie60us: all around

techi_mom56: looks like she is outlining hematite...

merrie60us: yes

bonsaikathy: looks like Denise is back on

merrie60us: did Karen leave?

bonsaikathy: not sure if she left or got booted

dahs512 left the room

dahs512 joined the room

bonsaikathy: welcome back

dahs512: @@#

merrie60us: velcro

merrie60us: coming your way

merrie60us: asap

dahs512: everything online locked up

faye_shelton: shewt. hate it when that happens

dahs512: did anyone get pics?


bonsaikathy: it's been pretty aggravating tonight, may be another online glich going on

bonsaikathy: yes

dahs512: ty

bonsaikathy: I've been doing it all along except when I froze up

bonsaikathy: I told NJ we're backing each other up with it

merrie60us: still wrapping with hematite mix

dahs512: oh, ok...we will have it covered then

bonsaikathy: yup

dahs512: what is she filling with

merrie60us: hematite

merrie60us: mix

bonsaikathy: the silver black hematite mix

dahs512: oooooh

merrie60us: then I think she is going to cover it with blue

merrie60us: cutting edges of blue sheet even

merrie60us: not sure now

stargazer_sbpcg: blue pearl...

faye_shelton: i think she's making the background filler in blue, to round out the cane

merrie60us: sounds right

merrie60us: squeezing blue

merrie60us: rolling

merrie60us: made a long snake

jude: Rolling, rolling, keep them doggies

faye_shelton: making snakes to tuck into the crevices, eh?

merrie60us: taking flower and cutting pieces of blue snake and placing in crevices of lotus flower

dahs512: she's going for square?

merrie60us: wow it

merrie60us: s

merrie60us: really coming out nice

faye_shelton: yes, it is

stargazer_sbpcg: triangle?

jill_z_q joined the room

merrie60us: My mind is just going with all the things you can do with it reduced

dahs512: Hi suzy

jill_z_q: Hihi Everyone

faye_shelton: the pic shows three flowers arranged in a square. the one on her site

faye_shelton: Hi Suzy

dahs512: she usually goes for square or round

merrie60us: maybe she is squaring it off now

merrie60us: wraps whole thng in a sheet of blue

stargazer_sbpcg: i'm still guessing triangle... hee-hee

merrie60us: maybe

jyladams: It is enormous!!

merrie60us: yes easier to reduce

merrie60us: in my humble opinion

merrie60us: nice

auntyalias: I got to press more pearl blue

auntyalias: I'm going for round

auntyalias: as opposed to square

stargazer_sbpcg: lol...

stargazer_sbpcg: you win!

merrie60us: so you are building it up to round it

dahs512: i have trobles reducing all shpes of canes

dahs512: but round is the easiest for me

merrie60us: it is a practiced art

merrie60us: I end up reducing them so small I can barely make the design out

merrie60us: sometimes

jill_z_q: reducing what is that?

dahs512: making the cane smaller

merrie60us: making the cane smaller by squeezing and stretching

dahs512: reducing it

jill_z_q: I'm being sarcastic

dahs512: fist of doom

dahs512: pplllltttt

dahs512: hee hee

jill_z_q: hence the smiley face with the tonuge hanging out

merrie60us: Hee Hee

cgfs20012000 joined the room

jill_z_q: but boy you guys are so helpful though!

merrie60us: Hi who are you

merrie60us: cgfs

cgfs20012000: Kristy M

merrie60us: Hi Kristy

bonsaikathy: Hi Kristy M

jill_z_q: Hi Kristy

faye_shelton: Howdy Kristy

merrie60us: ooh look at the cane

merrie60us: she has it rounded

merrie60us: took it away

dahs512: Kristy can you see the cam?

faye_shelton: oh, i missed it

merrie60us: manipulating it and rounding it

cgfs20012000: I sure can

dahs512: good

merrie60us: Full house tonight

bonsaikathy: yup

bonsaikathy: If I remember right the most I've ever counted on one demo was 18

dahs512: how many tonight?

jill_z_q: Yeah I've never seen it so full

bonsaikathy: counting NJ 16

dahs512: i see 16

dahs512: ok

merrie60us: and we lost a few

bonsaikathy: Karen made 17

auntyalias: see that bunched up end

jude: She's reducing, looks like.

bonsaikathy: yup

auntyalias: I'm going to show you something to do with those

auntyalias: later

merrie60us: and the swartz lady don't know hwe name

faye_shelton: jackie?

dahs512: Jackie

merrie60us: could be sorry

jill_z_q: I see Nancy

jill_z_q: down there on the bottom

jill_z_q: Dragon lady Niki

merrie60us: reducing cane

techi_mom56: yes i am here...i wrapped mine in a sheet of my faux lapis

merrie60us: fist of ddom

auntyalias: Dog bone

merrie60us: doom

dahs512: hee hee

auntyalias: don't be afraid of this if you have flowers

auntyalias: part of the trick for later

merrie60us: did she cut off the end

merrie60us: oh nice

stargazer_sbpcg: oooooo aaaaaah

wi1dangl joined the room

merrie60us: Hi

bonsaikathy: Denise she moved to fast, did you get the closeup she did?

wi1dangl: Hi everyone

merrie60us: measuring cane length

dahs512: of the cut cane?

dahs512: yes

jill_z_q: Hihi

bonsaikathy: I was saving and she moved before I could

bonsaikathy: yes

merrie60us: cutting end off

bonsaikathy: Hi there

jill_z_q: Alright I'm off you have a good time! Bye all

jill_z_q left the room

merrie60us: who are you

bonsaikathy: bye

merrie60us: bye

dahs512: Hi Lynn

merrie60us: cut it in two

wi1dangl: been away for awhile, glad I caught a demo

bonsaikathy: the cam froze up on me again, had to get back in

bonsaikathy: long time no see, good to have you in here

dahs512: ok

wi1dangl: what are we making tonight?

dahs512: lotus

merrie60us: lotus flower

merrie60us: cane

merrie60us: Biz-Archive/Egypt/BlueNileLotus-grp.htm

techi_mom56: i dont believe it...its coming out okay

merrie60us: the one your doing?

techi_mom56: i was sure mine was a mess

merrie60us: great

stargazer_sbpcg: Wahoo!

auntyalias: now here's the trick for those dog bone ends

bonsaikathy: that's great Nancy


merrie60us: puts three pieces of the log together

merrie60us: rolling out end?

merrie60us: into snake

bonsaikathy: she's taken one of the ends that she'd cut off and rolling it out

merrie60us: oh look

merrie60us: it is a design of a lotus???

lindaslists joined the room

bonsaikathy: Hi Linda

merrie60us: Hi Linda

faye_shelton: Hi Linda

lindaslists: Hi. I just accidentally logged in and saw the demo going. How lucky is that? LOL

merrie60us: very

bonsaikathy: been there done that, lol

dahs512: Kathy, I have to go can you get the rest of the pics? How should we do this We both have some? How about I call mine Lotus 2

merrie60us: stacking logs on top of each other?

bonsaikathy: I sent all but the newest 12 to NJ already

bonsaikathy: I can stick around for a little while longer

bonsaikathy: I have to be to work at 7 in the morning so can't stay much longer

merrie60us: Oh look the ends of the canes she used to fill in the lotus

dahs512: I'll stay till we get a break

lindaslists: Wow Pretty

auntyalias: Ok, I'm taking the dog bone ends and reducing them real small and filling in the spaces around the larger flowers

bonsaikathy: You can go ahead honey, I'll be able to stay for a little bit longer

aurorajv: yay! I am finally back!

dahs512: lots of little lotus's

merrie60us: oh good

stargazer_sbpcg: wb jill

aurorajv: ty!

auntyalias: Ok, we got a changing of the gueard to do?

auntyalias: guard

auntyalias: even

merrie60us: what is laying on table

dahs512: we need a new shooter

auntyalias: Kathy in E. TN

auntyalias: is leaving out

dahs512: and so am i

bonsaikathy: I'm here for a little longer NJ, it's Denise needs to go

auntyalias: ok, we need a volunteer to do screen shots and Merrie and I will save logs

merrie60us: good

dahs512: Thanks NJ for another great demo

dahs512: I'll post what I have on Epson

auntyalias: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/How-To.htm

dahs512: good time to save log

auntyalias: Thank you Denise

dahs512: welcome

auntyalias: Here, we have 16 viewers, take a moment those of you who have time

dahs512 left the room

auntyalias: read up on how to take screen shots and help us out

auntyalias: it's for those who cannot attend, it's a small kindness