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2003 February Highlights

2-4-03: Lotus-4

auntyalias: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/How-To.htm
dahs512: good time to save log
auntyalias: Thank you Denise
dahs512: welcome
auntyalias: Here, we have 16 viewers, take a moment those of you who
have time
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auntyalias: read up on how to take screen shots and help us out
auntyalias: it's for those who cannot attend, it's a small kindness
bonsaikathy: is there anyone else who already knows how to do the
screen shots already?
auntyalias: for PC
cgfs20012000: I can do screen shots
cgfs20012000: how often do I have to take them?
auntyalias: For Mac
cgfs20012000: and where do I send them?
auntyalias: when it seems like there's a step you want to share with
bonsaikathy: I use snag it, Gary downloaded it for me just so I could
do this and I love it, it's really super fast to snap the pix with
auntyalias: What's your name, cgfs2001?
cgfs20012000: kristy
cgfs20012000: snagit's demo ran out for me
auntyalias: Kristy, ok, did you get a chance to see the instructions
on how to take screen shots and give it an effort as a test
cgfs20012000: but I can do it
auntyalias: ok, you can email what you capture to me at
auntyalias: and I'll get them into the Epson albums
cgfs20012000: OK, how often should I cap?
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bonsaikathy: just watch and every time you see a good pic
auntyalias: when you go "oh hey..." or "that's interesting"
cgfs20012000: ok
auntyalias: Hey Cheryl H
cgfs20012000: start now?
merrie60us: Hi Cheryl
auntyalias: If you want to ...You're the Screen Shooter now
bonsaikathy: something that will help others when they look at the
pics and read the logs to know what's going on
chelyha55: Hi
bonsaikathy: Hi Cheryl
chelyha55: Just popping in for a few
auntyalias: as my hands are moving, those of you who are not claying
along, saving logs or shooting shots
auntyalias: be virtual scribes
auntyalias: type what you see
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chelyha55: Got my tables in and I'm taking a break from reorganizing
auntyalias: make comment for those who can't be here
auntyalias: Hey Mitch
frogger70301: Hey, sorry I'm late.
auntyalias: Cheryl and Mitch this is what we've got so far
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frogger70301: bouquet of lotuses?
auntyalias: yuppers I'm aiming for a circle of Lotus
auntyalias: for a pinch pot
auntyalias: and dishes
auntyalias: and what not
merrie60us: have to go for one minute my son is acting up be back
frogger70301: ooh, sounds pretty.
auntyalias: I took this dog bone end and rolled it out to fill in the
gaps around the three larger lotus flowers
auntyalias: So I'll start filling in the gaps
frogger70301: cool with me.
auntyalias: just saved log since Merrie got to be Mommy
auntyalias: anyone need to go to the bathroom?
auntyalias: I know I do, 5 minute break here and some of the new folks
can introduce themselves
auntyalias: brb
bonsaikathy: Hi Mitch
frogger70301: hey.
chelyha55: So should we do a roll call?
auntyalias: Rats Said is in the bathroom
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco,
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi, CA
frogger70301: Mitch, Thibodaux, LA
auntyalias: name and location folks
luna9786: jean new jersey
bonsaikathy: haha, we have 2 bathrooms and there are just 2 of us here
but we need them
cgfs20012000: kristy toronto
jude: jude, Tehachapi,
jude: CA
bonsaikathy: Kathy E. TN
wi1dangl: Lynn, Atlanta GA
auntyalias: that's half the folks viewing
auntyalias: name and location please
auntyalias: for the record and so we learn your ID handles
stargazer_sbpcg: jean, South San Francisco (a stone's throw from NJ)
chelyha55: I need to write them down
auntyalias: Jean who is going to be doing demos her own self
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: I'm going to cut and paste them to myself in an email
luna9786: i wish
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee
chelyha55: Jean who is lucky to be that close to NJ
auntyalias: I'm a pain in the butt, believe it
faye_shelton: Faye, Norfolk VA, in and out
stargazer_sbpcg: currently i'm doing bracelet construction demos
auntyalias: Ok that's more than half, so I'll continue filling in the
gaps with smaller lotus flowers to get a wedge
auntyalias: now hopefully
stargazer_sbpcg: <== doesn't believe it!
auntyalias: I'm going to reduce this big wedge into a long wedge and
slice it into sections and construct a ring of lotus flowers, that's
the plan
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: you're too kind, Jean
Chryse: HI Star!
auntyalias: are we ready?
chelyha55: yup
bonsaikathy: yes
cgfs20012000: yep!
auntyalias: Virtual scribes describe what you see for the benefit of
those not here, ok?
frogger70301: sure.
auntyalias: now let's see that dog bone trick again
auntyalias: this is not wasted clay here
auntyalias: there's a lot of flower power left
auntyalias: just reduce it
jude: She does that so quickly.
frogger70301: the way she reduces those canes scares the heck out of
auntyalias: towards the end we loose petals
chelyha55: that sure is a beautiful blue
bonsaikathy: ok, I'm off to bed, 5 a.m. gets here fast, take care
everyone, see ya
chelyha55: fist of doom
jude: Night Kathy.
faye_shelton: nite, Kathy
frogger70301: reducing some more
chelyha55: Good night Kathy
jude: Yup, the fist of doom strikes again.
frogger70301: nite hon.
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frogger70301: cut into 5 sections.
jude: That was the dog bone part, right?
frogger70301: yup.
faye_shelton: yes
jude: Okie.
jude: A ton of distractions here tonight...sigh...
frogger70301: completely understandable!
faye_shelton: yep. Here too, Aunt Jude
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merrie60us joined the room
chelyha55: Are you liking the cold snap Jude?
jude: Oh, yeah...
frogger70301: Is she pinching the edge to fill in the gaps?
chelyha55: if it's going to be this cold I wish it would snow!
jude: Haven't been outside for two weeks.
merrie60us: what did I miss
merrie60us: ooh
merrie60us: where are you
jude: Really! Too cold to snow, though. 20 last night, you see that?
chelyha55: was that a cane end that she reduced?
frogger70301: yup
jude: Yes.
faye_shelton: yes, the doggie bone
chelyha55: yeah, I actually had to put on a sweatshirt
chelyha55: to sleep in
frogger70301: in shorts over here
merrie60us: it's freezing here
merrie60us: we sleep in sweats with electric blankets
chelyha55: Mitch is in AZ, right?
frogger70301: LA
jude: I suppose we should count our blessings. Other parts of the
country have been freezing.
chelyha55: Oh, Louisiana?
merrie60us: like Boston
frogger70301: yeah
cgfs20012000: It's freezing up here...
chelyha55: Merrie where are you?
jude: Looosiana is a neat place.
merrie60us: Boston
frogger70301: not if you live here
merrie60us: and it's freezing cold
chelyha55: Oh ok,
jude: It is now fan-shaped.
merrie60us: below zero for many days
frogger70301: Is she reducing even more?
chelyha55: why Mitch?
ljcswartz: oh I'm back
jude: she keeps adding the reduced smaller canes.
merrie60us: don't even want to get out of bed
ljcswartz: so nice to see more!!
merrie60us: hi
merrie60us: glad your back
frogger70301: It's boring.
chelyha55: boring?
merrie60us: what's boring
frogger70301: yeah, nothing to do.
chelyha55: Hot and humid in summer
jyladams: and humid!
frogger70301: I'm talking about livin in Louisiana.
chelyha55: Louisiana
jude: Move here...we have gorgeous summers!
frogger70301: not the demo.
chelyha55: yes we do
jude: Looks like she is reducing again.
chelyha55: too short a growing season tho
jude: True, very short growing season.
chelyha55: yes she is we are off topic here
chelyha55: In San Diego you can plant stuff all year round
merrie60us: best weather SD
frogger70301: Is she gonna cut what she has so far in half to get the
merrie60us: love it there
merrie60us: don't know
chelyha55: yeah but the weather is boring, it never changes
jude: I lived down there once...loved it. Castle Park.
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merrie60us: better that 25 below zero any day
jude: Near Chula Vista.
chelyha55: oh I agree, I wouldn't want to live back east
jude: Me either.
jude: she is still reducing.
chelyha55: Jude I was in El Cajon before I came up here
jude: They get the worst of summer and winter.
chelyha55: I lived all over SD tho
jude: Too far from the sea, El Cajon.
chelyha55: because I was born and raised there
merrie60us: still reducing
jude: Had friends at Sunset Cliffs and went there almost every day to
the beach.
frogger70301: pinching the side.
chelyha55: I would miss the beach except that it got so crowded you
couldn't enjoy it
faye_shelton: shaping into a wedge?
merrie60us: measuring cane
chelyha55: looks like it
jude: True, I haven't been to the beach in years.
jude: she's slicing now.
cgfs20012000: why do you measure a cane?
jude: Marking, it looks like. Marking lengths?
merrie60us: did she make the cane triangular?
frogger70301: to cut it exactly in half.
cgfs20012000: ah k
frogger70301: oh, I see.
faye_shelton: yes, she made it wedged, and is cutting in equal lengths
jude: Putting two together.
frogger70301: gonna do it like flower petals.
faye_shelton: and fitting them together in a circle, looks like
jude: that will make a beautiful design.
frogger70301: it sure will.
merrie60us: wow
chelyha55: ooh, pretty
jude: Neato!
chelyha55: I love to make canes
faye_shelton: a flower flower. cool.
jude: I must admit that canes are not my forte.
chelyha55: hey I am going to be the featured artist
frogger70301: me too, but I would like to be able to design them.
jude: You are?
chelyha55: On Just Beads next month
merrie60us: where
frogger70301: oh wow.
merrie60us: cool
jude: Wow, terrific, Cheryl!
frogger70301: congrats!
chelyha55: so I have to get to work!
chelyha55: Thanks
faye_shelton: way to go! you deserve it
jude: Do you have a site, Cheryl?
chelyha55: not right now it expired
aurorajv: congrats cheryl!
frogger70301: ok, is she gonna put a small cane in the middle?
chelyha55: I have an album on Webshots
jude: Oh, shoot. You need a site so I can see your work. Hehehehe
chelyha55: I'm going to get one up and running soon I hope
merrie60us: Do you know if this gets reduced further as a cane?
frogger70301: prob so.
jude: I think so.
chelyha55: well you could go on reducing
chelyha55: but I've reduced too far and lost the design
aurorajv: hate it when that happens
chelyha55: it got so small you couldn't see it anymore
aurorajv: I've done that, too
frogger70301: I have a prob with not reducing enough.
chelyha55: ive been making really small beads
chelyha55: so I have to get my leaves really tiny
merrie60us: very tedious
chelyha55: worth the effort tho
faye_shelton: what did shw put in the center?
frogger70301: ok, so she put a small diameter cane in the center of
the bigger cane sections.
chelyha55: these little beads I'm making are selling really well
jude: Good, I was worried about that empty center.
merrie60us: do you use the bead roller
chelyha55: who me?
merrie60us: yes
frogger70301: looks like she did some more small canes to fill in
around the outside.
chelyha55: no I start with a 1/4 by 1/4 inch base
chelyha55: and add canes
merrie60us: I use a bead roller for sue lee love them
chelyha55: kaliedescope
chelyha55: then leaves and petals
merrie60us: I have seen your beads and they are lovely
chelyha55: thank you!
chelyha55: I love making them
frogger70301: now pinching the edges of the smaller canes and filling
in the gaps.
faye_shelton: that's so tiny, Cheryl. What size do they end up being?
chelyha55: about 1/2 inch or so
faye_shelton: they are lovely
frogger70301: I hope you don't have to sand them that small.
chelyha55: perfect for bracelets
chelyha55: no I don't sand them because they usually have applique
chelyha55: and I tumble the smooth ones
faye_shelton: they look much bigger in the photo's, because of all the
detail you use
frogger70301: oh, thats true. I lost my mind for a sec.
frogger70301: Sorry about that.
merrie60us: do you use sandpaper in the tumbler or that rottenstone
chelyha55: I just recently gota tumbler
chelyha55: sandpaper, no water
merrie60us: I've had one for a while
merrie60us: no water just sand paper
merrie60us: interesting, for how long?
chelyha55: you don't need the water in the tumbler
merrie60us: Just sandpaper how long per grit
frogger70301: still filling in gaps.
chelyha55: it takes several hours on each grit.I'm really just
starting to experiment with it
merrie60us: some people use that rottenstone stuff but I wouldn't
because there is no long time results yer from using it
frogger70301: how many beads do you usually do in one load?
faye_shelton: is she reducing again now?
frogger70301: yeah.
chelyha55: I fill the chamber about half full
chelyha55: line the barrel with the sandpaper and cut up little pieces
and throw them in
frogger70301: I'm thinking of investing in one.
chelyha55: start with one of the little hobby ones
chelyha55: they work fine and are only 30.00
merrie60us: I bought a kids one at michaels with a coupon but I heard
Walmart has them on sale for nine dollars
frogger70301: I've seen one at Wal-Mart in the toys section. Would
that one be ok?
merrie60us: yes
chelyha55: the Rolling Stones brand?
frogger70301: ???don't know what brand
luna9786: wal-mart .com has them for $9.00
merrie60us: mine is one for rocks and it was 24 less 50 percent
chelyha55: that one will work
merrie60us: nj is reducing
frogger70301: I'm gonna go check tomorrow.
chelyha55: it doesn't have to work as hard to tumble beads
chelyha55: less weight
chelyha55: especially if you don't use water
frogger70301: cutting in half.
merrie60us: I have been using water with a drop of detergent but will
try without water
merrie60us: thanks
chelyha55: no prob
faye_shelton: a slice from the cane
frogger70301: cut a slice. and sahping into a bowl?
merrie60us: cut a slice
merrie60us: shaping
merrie60us: into pot?
faye_shelton: yep. pinchpot time
luna9786: gotta go. good night everyone. great demo
chelyha55: good night!
faye_shelton: good nite
frogger70301: nite sweetie.
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chelyha55: once I see what she does with this I have to go too
chelyha55: I have a couple hundred canes to move into their new home
frogger70301: Oh, you got it finished?
chelyha55: the studio? yeah
chelyha55: it's great
merrie60us: ooh the pot is coming out so nice
frogger70301: when do we get to see it?
frogger70301: it is.
chelyha55: been working on it this afternoon
merrie60us: how long do people keep there canes unused?
chelyha55: I'll get some film here in the next few days
frogger70301: I've had some for almost a year.
chelyha55: take some pics
cgfs20012000: I have some from 6months ago when I started
merrie60us: I have been wrapping mine in wax paper and putting in a
merrie60us: I seem to have many
merrie60us: don't know what to do with all of them
chelyha55: as long as they don't get too warm they will last years
frogger70301: I use saran wrap, and those pencil things you get a
chelyha55: sell them on ebay
merrie60us: I like to make beads but sometimes I get bored
merrie60us: so I do something else
merrie60us: showing pot how cool
chelyha55: that is cute
frogger70301: Did she tuck some of the blue on the top to the inside?
chelyha55: you could put holes in it and wear it on a cord
faye_shelton: pretty, NJ
frogger70301: pretty.
chelyha55: ah the rogue bead maker again!
merrie60us: Ilike the technique you showed us the other day to make
the pots on a tool
merrie60us: it is easier for me
frogger70301: Is there anything you won't turn into a bead?
chelyha55: ooh that is pretty
frogger70301: oh, that is gorgeous!
aurorajv: hehe Star!
chelyha55: I gotta get my stuff organized so I can make some beads
cgfs20012000: looks like a firework
aurorajv: I agree!
cgfs20012000: and I loooove fireworks LOL
frogger70301: did she use blue pearl for the bg color?
stargazer_sbpcg: yup
cgfs20012000: the blue looks swimmy... is it different colours? Or
maybe it's the light
chelyha55: I don't think I'd try to hang a covered tin on a cord
frogger70301: oooh, that is gonna be stunning after it's Futured.
frogger70301: why not?
faye_shelton: have you seen the mini tins, about the size of a
faye_shelton: Altoids
frogger70301: my thoughts exactly.
chelyha55: no, I suppose you could make a "bead" out of that
frogger70301: sure could.
jyladams: wonderful
faye_shelton: this is just beautiful
chelyha55: I think I want to make a mask like Denise did
chelyha55: bigger, and make a bead from that
stargazer_sbpcg: Beautiful, NJ!!
frogger70301: the egyptian one? That would be pretty as a bead.
chelyha55: no the mardi gras mask
auntyalias: ok questions
frogger70301: oh, that would be pretty too.
cgfs20012000: is that it for the lotus demo?
frogger70301: none from me.
chelyha55: I have to get back to organizing my studio
chelyha55: So I will leave you now
stargazer_sbpcg: i'm gonna zip off to another chat... THANKS for the
chelyha55: this is beautiful NJ
aurorajv: no questions, but want to thank you for the wonderful demo,
auntyalias: That's it
chelyha55: good job as always
cgfs20012000: OK, I have to run - I'll email you these caps now NJ
auntyalias: It's Premo Pearl Blue by the way
auntyalias: thanks a million honey for the pix
chelyha55: oooh, I like those pearl colors
cgfs20012000: no problem  any time you need me, PM me on Yahoo and
i'll help out
chelyha55: Good nite everyone
auntyalias: the green is green with gold with pearl
frogger70301: Nite Cheryl.
auntyalias: We try to do this every Tuesday, Ciao Cheryl
aurorajv: g'nite Cheryl
chelyha55: ok cool
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ljcswartz: I am so glad to find you.... how do I find the archive on
the web site??
auntyalias: let me give you the link for the webcam demo index
merrie60us: Thanks Nora Jean hope your hands don't hurt too much
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/Index.htm
auntyalias: Thanks Merrie, I took it easy until I had to reduce
auntyalias: but the clay is so soft
frogger70301: Well, I'm gonna head out too. Thnx for the wonderful
frogger70301: Nite, all.
auntyalias: I would have let it cool if it were not for demo
auntyalias: Night Mitch
faye_shelton: thanks, NJ. This is sooooo beautiful
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auntyalias: The third one will be better
chelyha55 left the room
auntyalias: I want to keep the petals pointy and these got smushed
Chryse: thanks for letting me hang out. Nice demo NJ! Bye all!
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aurorajv: well, I need to go too. thankyou again, NJ. Bye all!
techi_mom56: thanks nj...i enjoyed it...mine are not the same....but
it was fun
auntyalias: Nighty Night all, thanks for coming
aurorajv left the room
faye_shelton: Have a good evening, all. Thanks again
ljcswartz: Thanks so much. good night
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auntyalias: hey mine aren't the same from effort to effort
ljcswartz left the room
faye_shelton left the room
auntyalias: well I'm outta here, I got to get these logs up on pages
auntyalias: and check the epson site for the screen shots
techi_mom56: i am glad i used the lapis stuff...the sparkle looks neat
auntyalias: thanks for coming all
auntyalias: pix Nancy
auntyalias: let us see pix
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: xoxo
techi_mom56: yup...will do