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2003 February Highlights

02-05-03: 1- Going to Pot. Taking the End o Cane from the Lotus efforts, making wedges from them and making wedge pots.

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bonsaikathy joined the room
bonsaikathy: Let me get changed into my sweats, just got home, brb
auntyalias: okie dokie
auntyalias: I'm still in my jammies
auntyalias: with a rag on my head
auntyalias: LOL
jyladams joined the room
jyladams: Hey all
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: ok back from Round UP
auntyalias: LOL
boobearns joined the room
bonsaikathy: I'm back
bonsaikathy: Hi everyone
boobearns: hi Kathy
auntyalias: Here are the mini pots I made from the scraps
auntyalias: I like the scraps better than the finished canes
boobearns: amazing how great you can make "scraps" look NJ!
bonsaikathy: they are so beautiful, I love that type
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ok, now remember, those who saw the pix or were here
yesterday, the crapped out end of the cane?
auntyalias: remember how the end of the Dog bone looked?
auntyalias: roll that out as a cone
auntyalias: and get little designs like this
bonsaikathy: That's the way I am about scraps too, in fact I go crazy
when I start in with the chop and toss, come up with some really neat
boobearns: I just end up with mud
auntyalias: as the cane collapses we loose leaves and petals, but
interesting designs come up
auntyalias: Ah Doro
bonsaikathy: don't mix it to much
auntyalias: too much mixing
boobearns: just can't stop playing!
auntyalias: remember when I'm talking about chop
bonsaikathy: but mud is also good
auntyalias: to resist over mixing
bonsaikathy: makes some great browns sometimes
auntyalias: for we want the chunks to retain the design in the cane
auntyalias: we're just compressing the air out of the chop
auntyalias: ok some more examples of taking the dog bone by the tail
and doing various lace cane effects
boobearns: ooops...SIL just drove in. see ya
boobearns left the room
bonsaikathy: hey NJ, before we get started, what colors do we mix to
make the right shade of green for kiwi?
auntyalias: fist of translucent, booger's worth of green, there abouts
auntyalias: little more green than for green seedless grapes
auntyalias: not as much as for keylime pie
auntyalias: do a small color card of different ratios
bonsaikathy: will that do the green on the outside too
auntyalias: and go with what looks right to your eye
bonsaikathy: that'll work
bonsaikathy: That's what I'll do
auntyalias: ok about these things in the cam
auntyalias: they are fan shaped earrings in process
frogger70301: NJ, have you ever tried Fimo's lapis lazuli color?
auntyalias: what I wanted to show you was see how there's big designs
and then clusters of little ones? It's a lace cane of the end o cane
rolled like a cone, add small and large sections as a lace cane to a
wedge and you can control the size of the design.
auntyalias: No, I haven't Mitch
auntyalias: I don't do mixes
auntyalias: I got a "thing" about using the manufacturer's mix
auntyalias: back in the day
auntyalias: Bev of Col was doing this huge structure
auntyalias: like a tiled dome
auntyalias: and she used the manufacturer's "purple"
auntyalias: instead of mixing her own
auntyalias: she ran out
auntyalias: went to buy more
auntyalias: got the same clay from the same manufacturer
techi_mom56 joined the room
auntyalias: and the purple didn't match
bonsaikathy: HI Nancy
auntyalias: because it was a different batch
auntyalias: from that point on I thought, screw that
auntyalias: I'll stay with mixing my own colors and having some
control over my pallet
auntyalias: So do you get me about the large and small designs on
these fan shapes
auntyalias: does it make sense or should I show ya?
frogger70301: Yeah.
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: I understand
techi_mom56: hi everyone...just back from a great walk...42 degrees
and sunny...gotta get out while we can around here
auntyalias: ya, what Mitch, do you walk to school or carry your lunch?
auntyalias: Does the cone shape lace cane make sense or shall I show
it done?
bonsaikathy: makes sense here
auntyalias: I'm open to what ever anyone wants to see
frogger70301: I understand it.
auntyalias: ok...dig these pots
frogger70301: love the shape.
bonsaikathy: so do I, they are fantastic
auntyalias: Those designs were the VERY end of the end o cane
auntyalias: just slivers of the original design can be seen
auntyalias: but that's ok
auntyalias: we work those little slivers of design into a wedge, cut
some slices, hook them together and have those designs go around the
rim of the pot
auntyalias: wanna see that done?
frogger70301: sure.
bonsaikathy: sure
auntyalias: ok, lets see what we have to work with here
auntyalias: the wreck that is my work table
bonsaikathy: I'd hate to show mine, it would be totally embarrasing at
the moment, lol
frogger70301: mine too.
auntyalias: ok let me show you the Third Effort
auntyalias: after hours cane
frogger70301: that is gorgeous!
frogger70301: almost the same start as the other one, right?
auntyalias: ok I was going to do a round the edge design
techi_mom56: now i wish i hadn't chopped up my scraps...
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Aunt Jude
bonsaikathy: HI Jude
jude: Howdy!
auntyalias: taking the end o cane, reduced and getting just slivers of
the original design
auntyalias: we can take that end o cane sliver design
auntyalias: and run it around the rim of a pot
auntyalias: like this
jude: Perty!
jude: The blue is gorgeous.
auntyalias: Pearl Blue
auntyalias: I love it too much
jude: Right off the block?
auntyalias: yup
jude: Hmmm....
auntyalias: here's the end o cane I'm going to make into a wedge
techi_mom56: my favorite clay color also..
auntyalias: so I can get some slices to make a round disk
jude: I am a red person, but it can be a tad overpowering.
merrie60us joined the room
jude: Looked like an alien face, didn't it?
merrie60us: Hi all
jude: Howdy.
merrie60us: what is she doing
jude: She's going to pot.
jude: Those are really neat, nJ!
jude: They look painted.
merrie60us: are they metallic?
jude: She's using pearls, I know.
jude: I think this is ends of the lotus cane.
jude: Oh, that's neato too.
jude: Great patterns.
jude: A quick picture of the tile she works on.
jude: My next door neighbor gave me some old ceramic tiles he had in
his garage...they are 12" square. I work on those and it's really
neat. Can't really bake on them, but I like having a bigger work
bonsaikathy: NJ took the log and pinched the bottom long edge so that
it formed a wedge, then cut a slice of that off and is now pinching it
bonsaikathy: by doing that it looks like she'll slice, flatten and
then place each together side by side with the point at the bottom, in
this way she'll form a bowl shape
jude: Clever.
bonsaikathy: with the pattern at the top of the bowl
jude: A fan! A peacock tail! Hehehehe
jude: This might be easier than the pinch-bowl method.
bonsaikathy: I actually can see lot's of applications for this
process, like flowers
jude: The only problem I can see is using the pearl/metalics. The
seams would show.
bonsaikathy: I might try a bonsai pot using this method
jude: But, that might be a good thing, too.
bonsaikathy: might just look like it's part of the pattern
jude: You can probably make any size/shape this way, too.
jude: Not just round.
bonsaikathy: yup, I think so too
jyladams: If you were doing a flower, you wold want the petals to be
shown individually
jyladams: would!
bonsaikathy: you can overlap them slightly
jude: That is how I do mine. just overlap but don't join the edges.
jude: Depends on what kind of flower it is, though.
jude: I can get this far with them. This is where I lose it and make a
jude: I suppose I need to just practice a ton.
bonsaikathy: the tops aren't easy to do but I found if I stick a pen,
dowel or something like that in descending thicknesses and roll around
it, it comes out much neater
jude: I'll try that. She has such a light touch with the clay.
auntyalias: having a spinning platform like acts like a potter's wheel
bonsaikathy: yes she does
jude: When I hold something that small I end up mashing it.
auntyalias: I don't hold on to small things
auntyalias: use tools
auntyalias: turning platforms like this
auntyalias: just like a potter's wheel
auntyalias: turn with one hand
auntyalias: pinch with the other
auntyalias: don't pick up that fragile pot
auntyalias: let it sit
auntyalias: and you can fuss with it this way
jude: Hmmm....look for an old lazy susan.
auntyalias: exactly
auntyalias: now to see the designs that are only on the edge
auntyalias: those end o cane snakes are full of these little slivers
of design
auntyalias: makes your pots look painted
auntyalias: now there's a bonsai vessel that's low and rectangle
jude: I want to do something like that for the Southwest roombox.
auntyalias: they are totally easy to make
auntyalias: How's that Jude for Southwestern in shape?
jude: I shall dig out some old canes and see what I come up with.
jude: That is so neat.
auntyalias: Here is a end o cane slice from a basket weave with lotus
flowers experiment I did last night
auntyalias: end o cane times two
jude: I kinda like the look of the backof that as is.
auntyalias: taking the end o cane snake, making a lace cane in the
rectangle shape I got this design.
auntyalias: Hey I make rings from mini sushi end o cane
auntyalias: so I can relate
auntyalias: but we digress...LOL
jude: Looks like fabric.
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: end o cane snake
auntyalias: done lace cane
auntyalias: for rectangle
auntyalias: then do
bonsaikathy: that's what I thought when I first saw it
auntyalias: basket weave
auntyalias: that's how you get calico
auntyalias: that's how you get fabric patterns
auntyalias: use that end o cane for those wee design elements and do
lace cane to basket weave with them
auntyalias: and it's just soooo trippy
frogger70301: I like that.
auntyalias: oh check this out
auntyalias: remember this fan from earlier?
auntyalias: here's its end o cane
bonsaikathy: These adds changing size non stop drive me crazy
frogger70301: If you get the shoot the duck one, shoot it and it will
frogger70301: or just move the chat window down.
bonsaikathy: LOL, I actually move the add down below the window so I
can't be bothered with it, that's the problem, when it changes size it
either pops this part of the window up or down and I have to readjust
auntyalias: Here's a quick platter, bonsai vessel or other tray from
your rectangle end o cane scraps
frogger70301: oh, wow. that was quick.
bonsaikathy: this is a clever idea that's for sure
frogger70301: Put a glass of OJ and a fried egg on it and give your
hubby breakfast in bed!
auntyalias: Now you know when you do flowers
frogger70301: that would be a gorgeous cane to do as stained glass.
auntyalias: rose petals are different from daisy
auntyalias: you prep your petals so your flowers once assembled would
look right
auntyalias: yes?
auntyalias: same for wedge pots
auntyalias: this wedge section can be manipulated to be as near the
finished shape as you can muster
auntyalias: before adding the wedges together
auntyalias: much easier than putting stiff wedges together and
sticking your finger in a small hole
frogger70301: Well, I gotta go. Got a sick beb over here and she's
getting whiney, so I'm gonna go love her.
frogger70301: Chatch yall later. Bye
frogger70301 left the room
bonsaikathy: bye
auntyalias: Tiffany Lamp Shade anyone?
bonsaikathy: pretty
auntyalias: but it's going to be a pot
auntyalias: but that's how you do mini Tiffany Lamp shades
auntyalias: using the translucent clays
auntyalias: just wedges, formed like a bowl
auntyalias: it's so simple
auntyalias: but this is going to be a pot,
auntyalias: what I wanted to show here
auntyalias: Is you can use three wedges
auntyalias: or two
auntyalias: you don't need to do a full circle
auntyalias: of wedges
auntyalias: the clay will submit to your finger tips
faye_shelton joined the room
faye_shelton: Hi, one and all
auntyalias: that's why I'm going to do this pot with three wedges and
they only are a half circle, but it will still be turned into a pot.
Hi Faye
bonsaikathy: hi Faye
jude: I have got to go. Great demo, NJ! Thanks! Bye all!
auntyalias: Ciao Jude
bonsaikathy: bye Jude
greatauntjudy left the room
faye_shelton: neato! it's already bowled
jyladams: I gotta checkout for a bit also. I'll be back in about an
hour if you guys are still here (I hope)
auntyalias: the trick to this Faye is when you build pots with wedges
auntyalias: you can form the wedges into the shape you need before
attaching them together
auntyalias: Ciao Jyl
faye_shelton: gotta love you, NJ. that is delicious
auntyalias: now if we meet the seams on the top there, those rounded
auntyalias: it'll curve over
auntyalias: watch
merrie60us left the room
auntyalias: Like darts on a dress pattern
faye_shelton: sweet, that is
faye_shelton: yep
auntyalias: two curved edges make a round seam
auntyalias: now what do we do with raggedy seams on cloth, we turn it
over, like a hem
auntyalias: do the same to the top of pots then
auntyalias: saves the hassle of smoothing and evening them out without
the hem
faye_shelton: rolled hem on a pinchpot. gotta love that
auntyalias: Want to see the wedge to pot again?
auntyalias: I got wedges to spare
auntyalias: it's a nifty trick
faye_shelton: nice. I've only been sewing for over half a lifetime.
shoulda noodled that out myself
faye_shelton: yes, that'd be cool
auntyalias: so I'll take these wedges and make them like Tablespoons
faye_shelton: 4 wedges?
auntyalias: with a big bowl shape that goes off into a handle
auntyalias: 2, 3, 4,5,
auntyalias: use as many as you feel like
faye_shelton: oh, depending on what you want
auntyalias: depends on the size of the pot you got in mind
faye_shelton: k
auntyalias: sure, that's right, what you want, that last one was done
with three
auntyalias: some are done with 8
faye_shelton: ok
auntyalias: shape the pot wedges like flower petals
auntyalias: that's what they remind me of
wi1dangl joined the room
auntyalias: it turned into a bloated pitcher that reminds me of a bird
auntyalias: or some sort
faye_shelton: nice, it is
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ok everyone knows the chevron flip
auntyalias: right?
faye_shelton: yep
bonsaikathy: I'll be back, gone to make dinner, Gary will be home
auntyalias: ok honey
wi1dangl: bye kathy...have a good one
auntyalias: now there's nothing different from a flower petal or a
leaf and these wedge shapes to make these pots
wi1dangl: watching, listening to news
wi1dangl: oooh pretty!
auntyalias: now take these leaf slices and make them spoon shaped
ljcswartz joined the room
auntyalias: Jackie?
ljcswartz: yes
auntyalias: We're taking leaf slices and spooning them
auntyalias: and then connecting them to make a pot that's done with
auntyalias: just to let you know what's going on.
ljcswartz: I guess I should have some clay available to try these
ideas... next time
techi_mom56: brb..a friend has a computer problem
faye_shelton: nice
ljcswartz: very pretty
faye_shelton: this one reminds me of a bud, unopened
faye_shelton: very pretty
auntyalias: What I wanted to point out with this leaf trick
auntyalias: is the leaf shape, or the wedge will make pots easier than
pinching a round disk o cane
auntyalias: you can pre-form the curve of the pot before attaching the
wedges, or leaves
ljcswartz: a good way for me to start then
faye_shelton: looks like it'd be better at keeping the pattern intact
as well
auntyalias: Exactly
bonsaikathy: I just sent you off some pics of today NJ
auntyalias: less distortion, if you're wanting the design to be
distorted on purpose, like my tongues of fire
auntyalias: Oh thank you Kathy, did you see the three leaf trick?
bonsaikathy: I love that cane
auntyalias: or were you cooking?
bonsaikathy: yes
bonsaikathy: I was back and forth
auntyalias: left over lotus leaf
auntyalias: pressed at the widest setting
auntyalias: chevron flip
auntyalias: three slices... I think it was three slices
auntyalias: bowl like a spoon
auntyalias: connect
auntyalias: fuss with the neck, but once the seams are attached
auntyalias: there's no need to fool with the bowl of the vase
auntyalias: it's done
auntyalias: before the seams are attached
bonsaikathy: It's a great trick and one I"ll be trying as soon as I
get time
auntyalias: that way your floor of your vase and the sides are all
even and as you like them
auntyalias: this is left over lotus petal
auntyalias: going to make a wedge and a pot but I wanted to show you
how this blue works when it just stops before the end of the cane
techi_mom56: i have to run to back in a little while
techi_mom56 left the room
auntyalias: now if you did that with terra cotta pot
auntyalias: and a rust top
auntyalias: you'd look like a glazed Mexican pot there
ljcswartz: this one is lovery
faye_shelton: very nice, NJ
ljcswartz: lovery = lovely
auntyalias: sorry had to get the door
ljcswartz: time for dinner here - I will let the run though
auntyalias: My ex bosslady sent me a book because of the grandbaby
auntyalias: what a sweetie
faye_shelton: cool
auntyalias: I had to figure it out because I didn't order a book and
it came from Barnes and Noble
auntyalias: and I never buy from them
auntyalias: not that I don't like them, they are just not at my Mall
auntyalias: so I was sorely confused
auntyalias: For those who were not here earlier
auntyalias: let me show you some lotus scrap pots
faye_shelton: beautiful, NJ
auntyalias: that's end o cane, the end of the dog bone
auntyalias: reduced really small
auntyalias: made into lace cane
auntyalias: and then into these pots
auntyalias: that end of cane has a "hint" of lotus
auntyalias: not the full flower
auntyalias: which didn't come out all that hip anyway
auntyalias: I'm liking the suggestion of Lotus in the end o cane snake
auntyalias: LOL
faye_shelton: very pretty effect
auntyalias: in a room box
auntyalias: With flowers
auntyalias: some Ikebana arrangement
auntyalias: would be nice I think
auntyalias: love this Pearl Blue
faye_shelton: yes
auntyalias: I got to take a break for about 15 minutes
auntyalias: the phone is ringing and folks coming to the door
faye_shelton: good. I need one too. Nicole just woke up
wi1dangl: me too...hubby's home
auntyalias: ok, be back in around 15 minutes then
faye_shelton: k
wi1dangl: k