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2003 February Highlights

02-05-03: 2- Going to Pot. Taking leaf shapes and making pots out of them, a variation of the Wedgie Pot. Chopping up Midnight Lotus and doing a Natasha Pot. Taking a complex cane and doing another Natasha pot.

auntyalias: ok, be back in around 15 minutes then
faye_shelton: k
wi1dangl: k
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
jude: I dunno.
jude: I just got here and it's all quiet.
auntyalias: Jael, hey honey, and Jude too
auntyalias: came in time for break, did you see my notice on Yahoo
Messenger by my name?
jude: Is it break time? Everyone meditating?
auntyalias: just getting back from break, sorting pictures Kathy took
so far
icare4bunnies joined the room
icare4bunnies: hello?
auntyalias: So folks are due to come back from break in a bit
jude: Nope, no message unusual by your name.
auntyalias: I'm catching something to eat
auntyalias: no message at all. I put a new status that I was on break
auntyalias: hmmm
icare4bunnies: says going to pot lol
jude: Okie, I refreshed.
jude: It's there now.
auntyalias: ah ok
auntyalias: Ya, I'm going to pot, one way or the other. LOL
icare4bunnies: anyone see me?
icare4bunnies: ok
auntyalias: Jael I can see you honey
icare4bunnies: it is lagging
auntyalias: you were there and then you were gone and then you came
back, like Luna did last night
icare4bunnies: I did a chrysanthemum cane today
auntyalias: even the record on the log that you were in disappeared
auntyalias: you did, how do you feel it came out?
icare4bunnies: wonderful
icare4bunnies: so easy
auntyalias: LOL, I was drinking coffee and you almost made me spit
auntyalias: wonderful
auntyalias: good I'm glad you're happy with it
icare4bunnies: lol
icare4bunnies: is it that funny?
auntyalias: I think that technique got to work for agate
auntyalias: with different colors
icare4bunnies: lol
auntyalias: Oh it was the speed with which you replied
icare4bunnies: not lagging now
auntyalias: I can tell you're quite pleased with the outcome
icare4bunnies: I'm baking something now
auntyalias: ah there's my microwave mouth just watered, brb
icare4bunnies: last night I had to go make supper anyway
icare4bunnies: so I had to go
icare4bunnies: I'm waiting for some frozen pizza to finish
icare4bunnies: right now
auntyalias: 26 screen shots Kathy took of what we've been doing
auntyalias: taking wedges and making them into pots
auntyalias: wedges made from End o Cane and scraps from the Lotus
jude: They all look great.
auntyalias: I love these little pots made from End o Cane
auntyalias: everyone cries when their dog bones get wonky when they
reduce big canes
auntyalias: and there's so much you can do with the End o Cane
auntyalias: These pots in the cam are End o Cane, reduced and done as
lace cane
auntyalias: and then the pots were formed from that
auntyalias: I took some of that Green Gold and the Copper mix
auntyalias: and made sheets
auntyalias: stacked the sheets and then pinched one side to make a
auntyalias: I'll make these into spoon shapes and connect for a pot,
there's an effect I want to share
jyladams: hey, I'm baaaaaack!
bonsaikathy: I'll be riding along but if anyone can catch the screen
shots I've got some orders I need to finish
wi1dangl left the room
techi_mom56 joined the room
jyladams: looks like a watermelon
bonsaikathy: perfect description
jyladams: I love the swirl!
jyladams: Beautiful!!
auntyalias: ok, the trick to using sheets
auntyalias: and bowling them out for the body
auntyalias: and then constricting them for the neck
auntyalias: and you can see it in the blue and pearl best
auntyalias: the blue lines merge, making the neck darker
auntyalias: I had one around here, must have given it away, tongues of
fire mini pot
auntyalias: but I can't find it, ah well
auntyalias: but the lip was almost all black
auntyalias: the body yellow and red
auntyalias: and this is just sheets stacked
auntyalias: and pinched at one side
auntyalias: to form a wedge
auntyalias: look at the bottom of the blue and pearl here for a tick
auntyalias: it started as chevron flip squares
auntyalias: four of them
auntyalias: I cut the outside rim into a circle and formed the pot
auntyalias: this big pot here, still needs to be wetsanded
auntyalias: was done in the stack sheets and pinch for a wedge
auntyalias: the blue and pearl got the wedge from starting as a
chevron flip
auntyalias: I really like the effect
auntyalias: wish I could find that otehr mini pot
auntyalias: but I give things away on impulse and I take my weekly
work to Ruth's
auntyalias: always come home with less, the other caregivers are
starting their collection of my half finished stuff
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: shall I do the leaf to pot with the chevron flip again,
for those who didn't get to see it?
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: these wedges and leaf shapes work the same way in being
able to make a pot that is faster and easier than pinching a disk of
auntyalias: You like Red, Jude?
jude: Yup.
auntyalias: I should find you some red then
jyladams: Why don't you do little ball headed stoppers for your pots
auntyalias: I sometimes do, not always though, I like lids that look
like mini lids with stubby handles
auntyalias: and I cut them out of bubble pinch pots mostly
auntyalias: but I usually cut them at an angle
auntyalias: that was just for example
jude: Looks like a gourd.
auntyalias: onion experiment
auntyalias: Yikes my pearl red is crumbly, I'll mix it with pearl
jude: I found the red pearl to be dark.
jude: Yours doesn't seem to be.
auntyalias: yes it is
auntyalias: and I'm making effort to use up all this clay instead of
"saving it" for a special occasion
jude: Godo idea.
auntyalias: that's why it's so crumbly
jude: er...Good
auntyalias: LOL
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auntyalias: now if we left it here
auntyalias: we'd have a....?
jude: Tulip vase.
auntyalias: you got it
auntyalias: you're so smart
auntyalias: the door, brb
jude: Great design on that.
auntyalias: back
jude: OK
auntyalias: now why would we do a pot with a leaf shape instead of a
circle of cane?
auntyalias: to keep the design from going wonky
jude: It's a great design anyway.
luna9786 joined the room
jude: Isn't that purty! Thanks.
auntyalias: Luna
auntyalias: hey honey
luna9786: hi everyone
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to luna9786 (2/5/03 4:09
jude: Howdy!
auntyalias: We're doing pots from wedge shapes, leaf shapes
auntyalias: as opposed to a lump of clay
auntyalias: or a slice of cane
luna9786: wow i havent made pots yet. willing to give it a try
auntyalias: doing pots is like learning how to play golf, you can
learn golf in an hour and take a life time to prefect
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I'm still finding my way around pots
auntyalias: Now does anyone have any requests?
auntyalias: color wise, or would anyone want to see the Natasha log to
pot trick again?
auntyalias: standard pinch pot?
luna9786: Natasha log trick
auntyalias: Okie Dokie
auntyalias: Like Green?
luna9786: sure
auntyalias: ok
jyladams: NLPT
auntyalias: NLPT?
auntyalias: No Laundry Pour Tous?
faye_shelton left the room
jyladams: nATASHA lOG POT TRICK!
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ok, let's show Luna the Natasha trick first
icare4bunnies: well, I am off to go play with my clay, have fun
icare4bunnies: ttfn
auntyalias: See ya Jael
jyladams: K
icare4bunnies left the room
auntyalias: I think I'll go one step back and show Luna the chop
auntyalias: take trim and or scraps
auntyalias: and slice them going one way and then the next, like egg
bonsaikathy: I just finished 3 bonsai pots, 2 trays and 1 pot to be
exact, even put the rocks on the one tray with the bonsai, they are
curing now as we speak
bonsaikathy: used some mud clay I had, worked great
bonsaikathy: but wait until you see what she comes up with, it's even
bonsaikathy: that's the beauty of chop and toss
auntyalias: Now, don't reduce or stretch this chop pile
auntyalias: just compress the air out of it
jude: Moosh.
bonsaikathy: fingers of doom instead of the fist of doom, lol
auntyalias: Now, there's three slices, in half and open like a book
auntyalias: then cut the two piecs in half again and open them like a
auntyalias: all things you slice like this will have a mirror image
auntyalias: then you take the two halves and put them back to back and
the sides will match and you'll have four mirror images
bonsaikathy: then squish until you get it together again
bonsaikathy: just don't distort, squish carefully
auntyalias: Now that's a Natasha Log, we can get a mess o beads off of
that, one long tube bead
auntyalias: but we're going to slice off a section of that and turn it
into a pot with four mirror images on it
auntyalias: Now I'll reform this into a round log by pressing in the
bonsaikathy: rounded off the long way
auntyalias: Now I'll pierce it with a bamboo skewer and roll it, the
skewer works like a rolling pin
bonsaikathy: from the inside out
auntyalias: I dusted the tip of my skewer
bonsaikathy: as she rolls the skewer back and forth, it thins the
sides out
auntyalias: now to close off one end to make a bottom
auntyalias: we could leave it here
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auntyalias: like these little cups
luna9786: awesome
bonsaikathy: I like the shape of the bottom right one
auntyalias: ya me too, let's do that shape
jyladams: ME2
jude: Me3
faye_shelton: Howdy again, Y'all
luna9786: yes yes yes
auntyalias: it'll just be bigger for example sake
jude: The better to see you with, my dear.
faye_shelton: I went to feed the kids, and Yahoo Messenger kicked me
off and wouldn't let me login again.. Wierd.
bonsaikathy: NJ keeps smoothing and lightly pinching inward to get the
narrowed top
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
faye_shelton: I like that clay tool. I need to get one
bonsaikathy: I have the small set and would like the large set
bonsaikathy: I did in the meantime use eraser clay to make myself one,
works pretty good
faye_shelton: kewl idea, Kathy
bonsaikathy: Karen at Clay alley
jyladams: TU
bonsaikathy: welcome
jude: I get all my clay and tools from her.
jude: I have one bigger than that.
faye_shelton: Karen is really great, Jyl. Great service.
bonsaikathy: So have I, I also did a couple bonsai clay exchanges to
build up my clay supply, went well, saved my claymates some money if
they wanted a bonsai and I got the clay I needed
bonsaikathy: Yes that is the larger one
luna9786: you make it look so easy
bonsaikathy: the other set is very small
bonsaikathy: I lvoe the design on that
bonsaikathy: sorry, that's love
faye_shelton: me too
auntyalias: start practicing in larger sizes
auntyalias: and work your way down
bonsaikathy: I have the small set but there are times you need the
extra size
luna9786: i will
auntyalias: to get used to the technique in small size first is asking
for tears in your beer
bonsaikathy: how true my Dear
faye_shelton: U listen to a lot of country music, NJ?
auntyalias: My father was from Mississippy and Mom from Tokyo
auntyalias: We're Rice Crackers
faye_shelton: kewl
auntyalias: the smaller the jar
auntyalias: the smaller the chop has to be
jyladams: PRETTY!!
auntyalias: or you get BIG expanses of one color of clay
auntyalias: who's up for a pinch pot from a disk o cane?
luna9786: i like the chop and now i understand how to do it
auntyalias: Luna, with chop there is no garbage clay
auntyalias: everything gets used
auntyalias: and I say use your best
auntyalias: for the best chop
auntyalias: let me see if I have some complicated cane here
auntyalias: let's chop some of this up then
auntyalias: see what happens to the pot, eh?
bonsaikathy: I love that cane, wow
auntyalias: don't be afraid to chop your best cane
bonsaikathy: beautiful
auntyalias: you'll get better natasha beads and pots by using your
best cane efforts
auntyalias: and it makes you make more canes
auntyalias: cuz the ones you had are chopped up
faye_shelton: can I cry now?
auntyalias: just because it all stuck to gether
auntyalias: remember to toss unless you're doing feathers from tiger
skin as per the tute on my site
faye_shelton: making a Natasha cut
faye_shelton: and displaying the mirror images
faye_shelton: skewering the center of the Natasha bead and rolling the
walls out thin, as with a rolling pin
faye_shelton: nice images
bonsaikathy: almost looks like stained glass
faye_shelton: closing one end.
faye_shelton: yes, it does, Kathy. very pretty. wonder how much
translucent is in it
bonsaikathy: let's try to remember to ask her when she gets back on
faye_shelton: hope I'm here. I got kid watch.
bonsaikathy: you are
faye_shelton: when she gets back, i mean
bonsaikathy: oh sorry misunderstood until after I read your whole
sentence, lol
auntyalias: ok, questions?
bonsaikathy: yup, how much translucent do you have in that cane
auntyalias: just about none
auntyalias: it's from the Orchid run
bonsaikathy: that last one almost looked like stained glass
auntyalias: pastels
bonsaikathy: it's very pretty
auntyalias: took that spotted orange petal cane
auntyalias: reduced it and mixed it with Natasha banana
auntyalias: made wedges and reduced to that last cane there
bonsaikathy: I love that cane
auntyalias: I do have some made with a lot of translucent though, not
cured yet
auntyalias: They will look a lot different once cured
auntyalias: for the opaque translucent clay will go clearer
auntyalias: for those new to translucent clay
auntyalias: all primary colors are translucent
bonsaikathy: can't wait, you'll sure have plenty of things to cure
after the past 2 days
auntyalias: and if you mix them with no color translucent
auntyalias: the light will shine through
auntyalias: Man I have a boat load of stuff to cure