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2003 February Highlights

02-05-03: 3- Going to Pot. Going over the secrets of potting, tips and hints galore here.

auntyalias: Man I have a boat load of stuff to cure
bonsaikathy: I'm sure you do, I did too and finally got some of it
cured the day before yesterday and today did some bonsai pots too
auntyalias: Oooh, Jael sent a picture of her Chrysanthemum cane heart
to the pix list
auntyalias: it came out perfect
jude: She did a great job.
bonsaikathy: I'll check it out in the morning
auntyalias: for those who were not here earlier these were made with
the End o Cane from the Second Lotus effort
auntyalias: using up all my scraps before going on
bonsaikathy: right now I believe I"m going to go start a fire and
chill for a little while
auntyalias: okie dokie honey
bonsaikathy: thankyou NJ for another enjoyable time
auntyalias: my pleasure
jude: Night Kathy.
bonsaikathy: Night
bonsaikathy left the room
auntyalias: the dime there is for the size reference for those cups
auntyalias: mini cups are hard to find and to hope they match your
room box interior design is impossible
auntyalias: so we make our own then
jude: Right.
auntyalias: the natasha trick is the best one for doing a bunch of
mini cups and jugs
jude: Easy for you.
auntyalias: Ya, but if I can learn a thing, everyone can learn a thing
jude: I know...get out a few quarters...
auntyalias: and pots took time for me too
auntyalias: Should I drag out some links to some awful pots of mine
auntyalias: I know just where they are in my old GeoCities website
jude: Sure!
jude: Hehehehe
auntyalias: it makes folks feel better
auntyalias: brb
luna9786: why not
jude: her worst is better than my best, I bet. LOL
jude: that's what I thought...those are pretty good!
jude: You have a basket weave type pattern on some. Interesting.
luna9786: those are great
auntyalias: (old site gone) here is my practice from 1999
jude: Those are great, too.
luna9786: I agree those are great too
auntyalias: These will cheer you up
(old site gone)
auntyalias: (old site gone)
auntyalias: when I first discovered translucent in clay
auntyalias: these are really primitive
auntyalias: It's a continuum, you start out rough and progress with
auntyalias: the practice page shows you how many pots I would do
luna9786: they look fantabulous
auntyalias: James said if I made another pot he'd strangle me
jude: Those are also great!
auntyalias: LOL, the see through, they are so rough, but they were my
baby steps so I'm keeping them around
auntyalias: but it isn't instant noodles and that's why I spend time
on doing pots with all y'all
auntyalias: pinch pots and sculpting
auntyalias: takes time
auntyalias: got to get them hands to memorize the steps and get the
right tools
jude: The thing is to get the technique down first.
auntyalias: but the tips I've been giving you lately, about the
Natasha pot and the wedge pot
auntyalias: these will make your life easier with the mini pots
auntyalias: and those mini pots are one step away from a hollow bead
auntyalias: for our beaders
jude: Right.
auntyalias: just close up the neck of the pot and pull it out as a
loop and cure, you got a hollow bead
auntyalias: Some of the difficulties I've found with folks and their
pinch pots
auntyalias: they don't use a warm cane slice
auntyalias: and when they go to bend the cane it separates at the
auntyalias: warm the slice
auntyalias: they turn the sides up before they thinned out the bottom
and walls of the pot
auntyalias: so then they got to do that thinning and leveling through
a small hole
auntyalias: do it when the hole is still large enough to reach inside
auntyalias: they hold the pot instead of putting it on a tile to do
the round and round we go
auntyalias: leaving finger prints on the side of the pot
auntyalias: put that pot down, get something that will work like a
lazy susan
auntyalias: and turn the pot that way when compressing the rim to be a
auntyalias: after compressing folks don't thin the wall of the neck
auntyalias: and pull it upwards
auntyalias: so it looks chunky
auntyalias: or they don't flatten the top of the rim as they compress
auntyalias: so it looks bumpy on the rim
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auntyalias: one has to make sure that the bottom is level first
auntyalias: then thin the walls before bending it upward
auntyalias: make sure since once you compress the rim to make a neck
there's no going back without a hassle
auntyalias: invest in come clayshapers
auntyalias: soft cone tips
auntyalias: big, medium and small
auntyalias: start working the pots with the big one and as you need
more fine tuning move to the smaller sizes
auntyalias: but unless you see it done
auntyalias: and see that it does go real quickly when you remember
these tips
auntyalias: you'll never think you can do it
auntyalias: but you can
auntyalias: Once you do you'll be up to your armpits in mini pots
auntyalias: but they are so useful and handy for the miniaturist
auntyalias: and anyone see the price for mini pots that look stupid
auntyalias: the cost of a meal at Denny's is what
jude: The price of anything mini is sky high.
auntyalias: That's why we practice to do what we do
auntyalias: because no matter what price we put on our stuff it's
still a better deal and looks better than what is in the stores
auntyalias: Just saved log, I make mention because it helps me edit
luna9786: I have never seen mini pots in the store as nice as yours
auntyalias: so are there any Short Order Requests? Thanks Luna
auntyalias: Short Order Requests are just that, you shout out what
you'd like to see done and I give it effort
auntyalias: not knowing how it will turn out but I'll do it
auntyalias: sculpting, mini food?
jude: You did for me...maybe someone else?
auntyalias: Jackie or Luna, got any requests since you're new to demo?
auntyalias: Jyl you there?
jyladams: FRIED EGG?
jyladams: YEP i AM HERE
auntyalias: how about hard boiled?
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: this is a hard boiled egg cane
auntyalias: for my salads
luna9786: that is cool
auntyalias: Fried eggs are just that but round
auntyalias: my first fried egg effort
auntyalias: TLS goes sort of clear and egg white is white, trouble
with fried eggs for me is they are sort of dark around the edges
auntyalias: I had trouble getting that
auntyalias: was thinking of a blend ...a bit of brown to white and
then the yolk
auntyalias: bacon is fun though
jyladams: Does not matter what I ask for - NJ's been there done that!!
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/Bacon-grp.htm
auntyalias: Well not everything, but I've done a fair share of tutes
for mini food
jyladams: Whats even more amazing - she can put her hands on it in an
auntyalias: since this is a mini list and the only site with polymer
clay mini food that I thought was good for learning expired.
auntyalias: I use the search engine on my site, got a link to it on my
browser's all smoke and mirrors
auntyalias: Anyone remember Shelly in NY, her site?
jude: Yes!
auntyalias: she gave How To for mini food and then the site just
jude: It disappeared a while back.
auntyalias: she was great, I learned more from her than any book
jude: I wish I had saved it then, but that's a long time ago now.
auntyalias: ya, I was sad to see it go. I wrote to her and got no
auntyalias: so I figured I'd best fill the void
auntyalias: minis with polymer clay is a neglected item
auntyalias: remember when someone spammed the list for Ravensdale?
auntyalias: No minis or portrait sculpting offered
jude: Yup.
jyladams: no.......
auntyalias: same for Shrinemount
jude: Figures.
auntyalias: that's why I don't go
auntyalias: and also they don't have wheel chair accessibility
auntyalias: and even though I'm not in a wheel chair I got issues with
auntyalias: I'd like my wheel chair bound claymates to have a chance
to get some instruction with clay
auntyalias: so I put it up on my site for free in protest
jude: Nothing for the disabled?
auntyalias: The National Polymer Clay Guild and the local Chapters
don't do Scholarships either
auntyalias: Hey, the one on the east coast, Shrinemount
auntyalias: the clay room is at the top of a hill
jude: Geez...
auntyalias: the cafeteria is down at the bottom of the hill
auntyalias: got to walk down hill and back up again
auntyalias: Some folks got bad knees
jude: I'd never make it. LOL!
auntyalias: Nor Syl either
auntyalias: Leigh Ross just takes a cooler
auntyalias: she says
jude: Right.
auntyalias: screw that
auntyalias: I'm not walking up that hill after a meal
luna9786: Night all. I need to go. NJ thank you for another great demo
night. You have inspired me.
auntyalias: she brings her own food and stuff, just says in the clay
ljcswartz left the room
auntyalias: Ciao Luna, good to see you again
jude: Night Luna.
jyladams: wish I had not mentioned food ......... now I gotta go cook
so I can eat
auntyalias: I'm going to wind up now
auntyalias: too
jyladams: this has been so good tonight, Thanks a bunch. Ya'll gonna
be around a little longer?
auntyalias: I got folks looking at me like I'm a wife or mother or
auntyalias: I might come back on later tonight
jude: Hehehehe
jude: that might be good. Syl might show up.
auntyalias: once my household chores are done
jyladams: hollar at me if you do, I'll on on. Night
auntyalias: Ya, what time zone are you in Jyl?
auntyalias: or how late you going to be up?
jyladams: Pacific coast, same as you I think
auntyalias: Syl shows up around 9 ish, West Coast
jyladams: Bout midnight I guess
jude: Yes.
auntyalias: ok, I'll ping you
jude: West Coast? Whereabouts?
jyladams: I am in western WA. where you?
auntyalias: You're up North aren't you Jyl?
jude: Oh, WA...I'm in CA.
auntyalias: Ok, so we got a Night Owl Special then
auntyalias: I best go cook, the natives are restless
jyladams: Yes, JUDE, Washington is considered West Coast too - like ya
auntyalias: LOL
jude: Okie. See youz all later.
auntyalias: xoxo