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2003 February Highlights

02-05-03: 4- Going to Pot. Night Owl Special, review of the three pot techniques: Disk, Wedge and Natasha

auntyalias: wanna see my pretty pots?
claychik: yes!!
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to claychik (2/5/03 9:01
auntyalias: just sent you invite to the cam
claychik: oooooo
claychik: omg
claychik: soooo pretty!
claychik: is that blue pearl clay?
auntyalias: yes
claychik: ooo, i like the one with the skinny neck!
claychik: that bronzey one, how did you make that?
auntyalias: That's what I'm here to show you
claychik: yeah!
auntyalias: here are some made with a bunch of translucent left overs
like the Ruby Grapefruit
claychik: niiiice
auntyalias: door, brb
claychik: kk
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
claychik: heya jude!
jude: Howdy!
claychik: how the heck are ya?
jude: Doing fine! How's by youz?
claychik: doing good!
claychik: nj went to get the door
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: Hilda, my neighbor, she's 90
claychik: ah
auntyalias: I empty her garbage since the garbage room door is too
heavy for her
jude: Bless you.
auntyalias: so she needs to hear the news from Ruth's
jude: Do you make house calls?
claychik: aww, how cool
auntyalias: she's my honey
auntyalias: Sure, that's what I'm doing at Ruth's, house calls
auntyalias: might get Wednesday's too
auntyalias: she doesn't like the new Wednesday's girl
auntyalias: and I can't find a full time job
jude: Oh, dear.
auntyalias: soooooo
auntyalias: that'll be Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday evening
jude: Might as well, huh?
auntyalias: with commute
auntyalias: it'll change the Weekly Demo times
jude: Do them Thursday.
auntyalias: Might have to do half a day on Monday and get a Thursday
demo in, we'll see, it's not official yet
auntyalias: I was going to show Sharon here how to do a pinch pot with
the thin neck
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: Jude you've seen this so much you're going to do one
yourself one day soon, eh?
jude: Syl will be here in a bit.
claychik: i have the hardest time with pinch pots
jude: Don't have a web cam.
jude: I have a hard time with them, too.
techi_mom56 joined the room
jude: Lookie there.
auntyalias: Hey Nancy
auntyalias: Sharon, pick a cane, any cane
jude: All those purty canes.
techi_mom56: laugh...just popping nj...i cant believe your
doing it again!!!
claychik: the one at the bottom center
auntyalias: got to make hay while the sun shines
auntyalias: okie dokie
claychik: yayyy!
techi_mom56: right..well i gotta go...have fun ..i really learned alot
today....gotta take hubby to the doctor tomorrow....
techi_mom56 left the room
auntyalias: Sharon, let me show you what this cane looks like as a
claychik: k
claychik: ooooooo!!!
claychik: awesome!
jude: Isn't that gorgeous?
claychik: yes!!!
auntyalias: this cane you picked, chopped and tossed and Natasha'd
auntyalias: then rolled into a tube shape
auntyalias: and formed as a pot
auntyalias: that's not what I'm going to show you here
claychik: ohhh
auntyalias: working from the round like this we got to go disk, to
bowl, to crimp the neck,
auntyalias: trick with doing pots like this is you got to make sure
that the bottom and walls are as done as you're going to do them
auntyalias: before closing up the neck
auntyalias: or you got a "uh oh" situation
auntyalias: where you got wonky walls that got to be thinned through a
small hole
claychik: i always seem to make my walls too thin
auntyalias: do all that smoothing and thinning and bowling the body
before you close the neck
auntyalias: ya, I have that problem too, when I do that I compress the
pot after making it to thicken up the walls again
auntyalias: just end up with a different shape is all
claychik: cool
auntyalias: so I'll start working on this disk
auntyalias: now did you see how I pinched the rim
auntyalias: made a Tee Pee?
auntyalias: and then pressed that down
claychik: yeah
auntyalias: that's how we constrict the rim to make the neck
auntyalias: just keep pinching and pressing and going round and round
auntyalias: if you can't get your finger in there anymore move to a
auntyalias: when you pinch and press
auntyalias: the walls get thicker
auntyalias: so when you press
auntyalias: you pull the rim upward
auntyalias: that will stretch the design too
auntyalias: pull favoring the inside of the pot, pulling the clay on
the inside up
auntyalias: and that will give the lip of the rim of the pot the color
of the last surround sheet
auntyalias: so if the surround sheet is black
auntyalias: you pinch and pull from the inside of the neck
auntyalias: the rim will be black
auntyalias: ok?
claychik: ok
auntyalias: sort tip clayshaper
auntyalias: going to use that instead of my big fingers now
auntyalias: on the inside when I constrict the neck more
auntyalias: the three moves here
auntyalias: strangle
auntyalias: flat top
auntyalias: thin the neck wall
auntyalias: when you do the third move
auntyalias: thinning the wall of the neck that you just strangled
auntyalias: pull upward as you smooth, pulling the neck upward and
making the wall thin again so we can strangle it again
auntyalias: notice we didn't have to do anything more to the bottom or
the walls of the bowl part of the pot?
claychik: yeah!
auntyalias: make sure it's as good as you can get it before you
auntyalias: make your life easier
auntyalias: now we'll give it that Three Mile Island neck
jude: I like the colors on that one.
claychik: woooooohoooo!
claychik: made from one cane slice!
claychik: trip out!
jude: Amazing, huh?
auntyalias: Now any wedge
auntyalias: done like the citrus cane
auntyalias: can make you a nifty pot
claychik: oo, and it looks like flames on the bottle
auntyalias: all those canes were just simple elements repeated as a
auntyalias: ya pinch pots give you flames and smoke trails
auntyalias: because we're pulling the design upward
claychik: neato!
claychik: thanks nj, that was kewl
auntyalias: in constricting the neck and thinning it over and over
auntyalias: now did you see the Natasha Bead to Pot trick?
auntyalias: it's an Easy Breezy pot method
claychik: nope
auntyalias: ok, dig
claychik: kk
jude: You won't believe this one.
auntyalias: a slice off of a Natasha log
jude: She cut a piece of the natasha log.
claychik: ah
auntyalias: we'll make it into a tube, oh thanks Jude you can tell
Sharon what is happening
jude: Pressing gently at the corners, she makes it round.
jude: And, now it's round.
jude: See?
jude: hehehehe
claychik: yep!
jude: She has a dowel and sticks in into the log.
jude: Rolls it around to open up the center.
jude: this will thin the walls.
jude: Like that.
claychik: aw geez
jude: Now she will close the bottom.
jude: Once the bottom is closed and flattened so it won't roll over,
it's basically the same as the other way. Form it into a vase.
claychik: oh heck
claychik: that IS easy breezy!
jude: This one will have a four way design on it, though. Pretty neat.
claychik: i could totally make a pot this way
claychik: that is so insanely easy-looking
jude: Isn't it?
jude: When the hole in the top gets too small for her finger, she uses
clay tools.
claychik: ta-daaa!
jude: The design goes all the way around. That is really neat.
claychik: too cool, nj
jude: that one looks sorta Chinesey.
auntyalias: all those Natasha beads just begging to go potty
claychik: lol!
auntyalias: ya, depends on the chop
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: now for the wedgie
jude: The wedgie one is fun, too.
claychik: bring it on then!
jude: Okie, she has a cane...leaf cane I think.
jude: She will form it into a wedge shape.
jude: Pinching one edge.
jude: Okie, she will take slices off of this wedge.
jude: Three or more. three for this one, I see.
jude: She will flatten them and form them into a slight bowl shape.
jude: She does this to each one. If you do the forming before they are
joined, it is easier.
claychik: ah ok
jude: She gets the thickness where she wants it in the finished pot.
jude: Does that to each.
sylsnovelties joined the room
jude: Howdy Syl!
sylsnovelties: Hi everyone!
auntyalias: Hey Syl
auntyalias: doing a pot from three leaves
auntyalias: with the theory
sylsnovelties: Neato~!
auntyalias: that curved seams sewn to curved seams make round humps in
auntyalias: should work with clay then
auntyalias: curved leaves connected to curved leaves
auntyalias: should make a pot
sylsnovelties: Sounds like it should.
jude: Okie, she took a leaf cane and formed it into a wedge.
jude: Took some slices.
jude: Each she formed into a slight bowl shape and thinned.
jude: she just joined each at the bottom.
jude: they overlap slightly.
jude: Now she is mooshing them together. Sewing the seams, so to
jude: slight overlap and press, I think.
jude: Using the clay tool inside to join, too.
sylsnovelties: Looks pretty good!
jude: At this point it is more or less like the other pots...thinning
the sides and forming the top.
sylsnovelties: Looks like those fancy vases with the edges!
jude: Yes!
jude: I kinda like the tulip vase look, myself.
jude: I might do some of those for my Victorian.
sylsnovelties: Me too!
sylsnovelties: Oh neat!
jude: But, I want to try some with the small opening, too.
sylsnovelties: Looks great!
jude: Ah, ha! she left it alone. hehehehe
auntyalias: at this stage it's ALIENS
auntyalias: YIKES
auntyalias: face suckers
jude: LOL
auntyalias: run awayyyyy
sylsnovelties: I like it!
claychik: lol
auntyalias: this is where we figure out what to do with the neck
auntyalias: it's the same moves, over lap the edges of the leaves
auntyalias: choak the neck of the pot
claychik: these techniques are a lot more doable than the standard
ball o'clay that one would normally start out with
auntyalias: put a tool inside and thin the walls
jude: you could even make a water pitcher out of it.
auntyalias: hey, I'm here to make it easy for you
auntyalias: oh pitchers are fun
auntyalias: ok...digression
auntyalias: this move
auntyalias: use it with your flowers
sylsnovelties: Oh yeah, a pitcher would be neat too!
auntyalias: for buds
auntyalias: on lilies
claychik: ah!!
jude: Oh, right!
auntyalias: or for the pouch on some orchids
auntyalias: or for a home for a really really small person
claychik: it does look like a lily
auntyalias: doesn't it though?
jude: Yes, orchids, too...done smaller it would be.
auntyalias: close these flaps and you got lily buds
auntyalias: Some pouches on some orchids are obscenely large
jude: Overlap and close completely and it's a rosebud.
auntyalias: like ...Hey who you trying to attract already?!
claychik: lol
claychik: those are the desperate ones
sylsnovelties: Oh boy! Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: so let's close up this pot
auntyalias: give it a narrow neck, ok?
jude: You do, syl! You been gone too long!
sylsnovelties: I know!
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: Ya I got to do an engraved invitation for Syl
sylsnovelties: I can't seem to get a good kick in the butt!
auntyalias: do a special Night Owl Special for my girl
jude:'s a couple need to keep up your strength.
jude: Anyone else?
sylsnovelties: Oh yeah!
claychik: here!
jude: Chocolate filled, too.
claychik: ooooo
sylsnovelties: Yumm!
claychik: you rock, jude
sylsnovelties: She always has chocolate around!!
jude: It's the perfect, food.
claychik: heck yes it is
sylsnovelties: Seems like my ends on my pots are a little too thick.
sylsnovelties: I need to thin them out a bit more.
claychik: i think i'm going to put down my shrinky dinks and try some
pots now
sylsnovelties: NJ makes them look so easy!
claychik: she sure does!
claychik: and soo teeny!
jude: she's made some much, much smaller.
claychik: why am i not surprised
auntyalias: Syl did you see the Natasha log to pot trick?
claychik: that one is begging for a bud-shaped stopper
jude: She didn't!
sylsnovelties: I was looking at the logs on it.
auntyalias: Ok let me save log and I'll show you
sylsnovelties: ok
auntyalias: Jude you can copy and paste the description while I do
auntyalias: save you the typing
jude: Huh?
claychik: your commentary
claychik: that you gave me
jude: You want me to copy and paste that?
jude: I am having a very dense moment here.
claychik: eat more chocolate jude
claychik: it'll help
jude: LOL!
jude: Every once in a while that happens. Someone says something to me
and I have no clue.
jude: Right syl?
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
claychik: yeah, she wants you to copy and paste it so you don't have
to repeat yerself
sylsnovelties: I wasn't going to say anything!
auntyalias: quoting Jude's commentary
"jude: Pressing gently at the corners, she makes it round.
jude: And, now it's round.
jude: See?
jude: hehehehe
claychik: yep!
jude: She has a dowel and sticks in into the log.
jude: Rolls it around to open up the center.
jude: this will thin the walls.
jude: Like that.
claychik: aw geez
jude: Now she will close the bottom.
jude: Once the bottom is closed and flattened so it won't roll over,
it's basically the same as the other way. Form it into a vase.
claychik: oh heck
claychik: that IS easy breezy!
jude: This one will have a four way design on it, though. Pretty neat."
claychik: lol!
jude: Oh, now I understand.!
jude: No problem. I used to do this for a living.
auntyalias: save you the typing
auntyalias: LOL
jude: I used to do 80 WPM.
claychik: dang girl!
jude: I am considerably slower now.
jude: Data don't get to fool around.
sylsnovelties: Yeah, she is down to about 79. heeheehee
claychik: lol
auntyalias: what color Syl?
jude: Pick a color Syl!
jude: Purple, right?
claychik: i gotta git for now, gotta put on some steaks
sylsnovelties: Hmmm, how about the top one
sylsnovelties: OOh, the bottom one
claychik: thanks for the demos nj!
jude: Night!
auntyalias: ok Sharon
auntyalias: ciao bella
sylsnovelties: Yes.
claychik: i'll try to be back
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite!
claychik: ciao, mamcita
auntyalias: ok the bottom one then
claychik: mamacita*
claychik: lol
claychik: night all
claychik: thanks jude
claychik left the room
jude: Okie, it is a Natasha thingy.
jude: she will cut a hunk off.
jude: Now she is rounding off the corners.
jude: Make a round log.
sylsnovelties: Is it already cut into the natasha bead?
jude: Oh, wait...
jude: not a round log.
jude: Wedgie?
jude: Yes, it was an already formed natasha bead.
sylsnovelties: okie
jude: Okie,s he did make it round.
jude: she takes a skewer and sticks it through the center.
jude: rolls it around to hollow it out.
jude: Thins the walls.
sylsnovelties: Ahhh, nice
jude: This is an easy, quick way to do it.
jude: Now she is closing the bottom p.
jude: up.
jude: that twitchy finger bugs the heck out of me. right index. LOL!
jude: Now she willo start more thinning and forming the rest of the
jude: er...pot.
jude: As she thins, she pulls the clay up to form the neck.
jude: She usually uses fingers until she can't get them into the pot
any more. Then uses tools.
jude: As she presses...she sorta tents the sides and pulls the excess
up for form the lip.
jude: And, there.
sylsnovelties: That is so cool!
jude: Another Chinesey one.
jude: she's made a "few" of them in the last day or so.
auntyalias: penny
auntyalias: for size
jude: Lookie the tiny one. Cute.
auntyalias: all have four mirror images on them because they started
with the Natasha log
auntyalias: so easy
auntyalias: For Chinesey, it's the blue
sylsnovelties left the room
sylsnovelties joined the room
jude: You bouncing Syl?
sylsnovelties: I hate getting dumped like that!
sylsnovelties: Oh my!!!
sylsnovelties: Look at all the wonderful pots!!
auntyalias: I have been doing the last finishing touches on these
auntyalias: the pink pots still need smoothing
sylsnovelties: They are wonderful!!!
jude: Let me paste what was just must have missed all that.
auntyalias: now the designs on these blue ones was what came from the
big End O Cane
jude: jude (10:44:51 PM): she's made a "few" of them in the last day
or so. auntyalias (10:45:36 PM): penny auntyalias (10:45:40 PM): for
size jude (10:45:49 PM): Lookie the tiny one. Cute. auntyalias
(10:46:17 PM): all have four mirror images on them because they
started with the Natasha log auntyalias (10:46:22 PM): so easy
auntyalias (10:46:38 PM): For Chinesey, it's the blue sylsnovelties
left the room sylsnovelties joined the room
jude: There.
auntyalias: hey time stamp and everythign
auntyalias: thing
auntyalias: even
auntyalias: LOL
jude: Yup!
auntyalias: here's another leaf vase
sylsnovelties: These are so neat!!!
sylsnovelties: I still have a pinch of a leaf cane left, I'll have to
try a pot from it.
auntyalias: just warm up the slices first
sylsnovelties: Right
auntyalias: and do the first molding on your finger tip
auntyalias: it's easier that way
sylsnovelties: okie
auntyalias: then when you take the leaf off of your fingertip
auntyalias: then stretch it where you want it to be fat
auntyalias: and just connect them. I pinch it so the seam is pointing
outward if it's impossible to do it so the pinched seam is inside
auntyalias: and then I put a tool inside and press that seam against
my finger or thumb
auntyalias: mashes that pinched seam real good
sylsnovelties: Good tips!
auntyalias: when doing pots just remember if you press in on one area
auntyalias: do it all around
auntyalias: round and round
auntyalias: smoothing, go round and round
auntyalias: so it's even
auntyalias: if the pot lists to one side
auntyalias: take a tool and stick it down the neck and straighten it
up that way
auntyalias: tippy tapping the bottom so it sits flat on the tile
sylsnovelties: Ok, I have had a few crooked ones.
auntyalias: I have this pizza tray that this tile is on
auntyalias: and it's WARPED
auntyalias: I had a mess o pots hanging out there
auntyalias: and then I realized...YIKES
sylsnovelties: ut oh
auntyalias: and took them off the next day
auntyalias: they were all DRUNK
jude: Oh, no!
auntyalias: leaning this way and that
sylsnovelties: Oh no
auntyalias: had to baby the bottoms, get them warm and set them all
right again
auntyalias: it was so funny
auntyalias: all these pots looked hung over
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: did you see the folded cane?
sylsnovelties: Love the red and black one
auntyalias: taking a ribbon and going like a paper fan fold with
snakes inside?
sylsnovelties: The one that you fold back and forth?
sylsnovelties: Ahh, yes!
auntyalias: this is a fan fold
auntyalias: done as a wedge
auntyalias: built like a citrus cane
sylsnovelties: Looks gorgeous!
sylsnovelties: I love the bottom too!
auntyalias: they need wet sanding and finish
auntyalias: then they will just POP
sylsnovelties: The pop already!
auntyalias: now the white is subdued with a layer of red smeared on
the surface
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: our little inch worm
sylsnovelties: heeheehee a cutie
jude: Ah, the inch worm.
jude: I just love that little guy.
auntyalias: these pots are cured but not wet sanded or finished
auntyalias: Ya it's Aunt Jude's Inch Worm
auntyalias: that's what I think of it as
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: Papaya scraps,
auntyalias: little one fan fold
auntyalias: big one Natasha pot
sylsnovelties: Neat!
auntyalias: Syl it says you're not watching cam
auntyalias: is Yahoo weird?
sylsnovelties: I can see it!
sylsnovelties: Two pots!
auntyalias: Yahoo is weird
sylsnovelties: one small and one big!
sylsnovelties: I see hands
auntyalias: the big one was first, from the orchid left overs
sylsnovelties: I was wondering what it was from!
auntyalias: then I too big
auntyalias: so I reduced it and that's the smaller pot
sylsnovelties: looks real good.
auntyalias: I still thought... not right yet
jude: Strawberry.
auntyalias: so I reduced it again and did the wedgie to it
auntyalias: and now I like it fine
sylsnovelties: Oh, I like the pot from that one
auntyalias: but the chop is divine
auntyalias: the chop just came out so yummy and that's a Natasha pot
auntyalias: so getting a complicated cane
sylsnovelties: Nice chop
auntyalias: sometimes is just a matter of taking simple elements and
reducing and adding
auntyalias: and slicing and stacking
auntyalias: until it makes a design that you'd like to keep
auntyalias: ya, it's very Oriental Ornamental
auntyalias: this pot is cured but that's all
auntyalias: that's the cane it came from
auntyalias: papaya, left over leaves
sylsnovelties: Looks great
auntyalias: banana
auntyalias: oh Dragon's eye
auntyalias: that's right
auntyalias: the dragon's eye is made of left over papaya too
sylsnovelties: I'd love to have a million pots! heeheehee
sylsnovelties: I guess I could have a bunch, it doesn't take much clay
for them.
sylsnovelties: What was that one from?
auntyalias: sculpting these cane slices after they've been made into
pots was interesting. That's the play of light and shadow
sylsnovelties: A shadow?
auntyalias: silver, black and pearl blend
sylsnovelties: Ok, I thought it was
sylsnovelties: Terrific
sylsnovelties: Pretty!
auntyalias: different pots from the light and shadow run
sylsnovelties: They look great!
auntyalias: nifty designs
auntyalias: they need finishing
auntyalias: remember that orchid
sylsnovelties: Oh, that is really nice
auntyalias: so do a lace cane with this
sylsnovelties: Ooh, I love it!
auntyalias: I'm finding that if I don't like a cane
auntyalias: it's usually just too big
auntyalias: that I need to reduce it and do a lace cane
sylsnovelties: Reducing helps
auntyalias: and then it'll look ok
sylsnovelties: Ahhh\
auntyalias: remember this orchid?
sylsnovelties: ooh
auntyalias: after all that work I didn't like the cane
sylsnovelties: Oh no
sylsnovelties: the pots are great
jude: It makes a gorgeous pot.
auntyalias: ya, but I like the pot
auntyalias: here's the chop, cured but nothing else
sylsnovelties: Oh my, just beautiful
auntyalias: some canes beg to be chopped
auntyalias: in order to look their best it seems
auntyalias: this Natasha to pot trick is easy and as nice as our
natasha logs get
auntyalias: they deserve to go to pot
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Oh let me show you the big honking one I made for Jude
sylsnovelties: brb I have to get the thermometer.
jude: the red one.
sylsnovelties: bak
sylsnovelties: Oh beautiful!!!
jude: Reminds me of a Bermuda onion.
sylsnovelties: Oh yes!
auntyalias: LOL, I want to eat it
sylsnovelties: Me too
auntyalias: they say if a gem stone doesn't tempt you to pop it in
your mouth
auntyalias: don't buy it
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: this makes me want to eat it and expect peppermint
auntyalias: I'm getting the nudge from the old man
auntyalias: I've been potty for two days
sylsnovelties: Wow, this one came out really gorgeous!
auntyalias: three leaves
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: like the little green one you saw
auntyalias: same technique
sylsnovelties: Ok,
jude: she did layers and then the chevron flip.
auntyalias: I'll make effort to do more late night Demos to catch you
auntyalias: it's just that I did yesterday, this afternoon and tonight
auntyalias: and James is giving me the look
sylsnovelties: Aw shucks
jude: I can usually make it early afternoon and then evening, but Syl
auntyalias: I'll schedule more late nights
sylsnovelties: You go take care of James and I'll catch you when you
are on.
jude: Doncha just love the look? LOL!
sylsnovelties: I appreciate you doing these.
auntyalias: I love you honey
auntyalias: and miss you when you're MIA
auntyalias: but I'd better scoot
auntyalias: big hugs and kisses
sylsnovelties: I miss being around
jude: Thansk a lot!
sylsnovelties: Thanks so much!
auntyalias: my pleasure
auntyalias: xoxo