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2003 February Highlights


1) Open Cam Prep; Translucent Speckled Hibiscus Preview; Background Sheet. 

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auntyalias: no, it seems I'm back
auntyalias: Kathy can you see me?
auntyalias: just making sure it's not still wonky
bonsaikathy: yup
auntyalias: whew
bonsaikathy: I had to step into the kitchen for a minute and check on
Gary's dinner
bonsaikathy: he makes his own when I'm not home but when I'm here with
him I like to spoil him
bonsaikathy: we don't often get time together
auntyalias: no worries, I understand
ljcswartz joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
auntyalias: did I get that right?
auntyalias: LOL
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to ljcswartz (2/11/03 2:05
ljcswartz: I only took ten minutes to find this feature. Now I am off
to get ready for tonight. I have a group that plays Mah Jongg on Tues.
so I will drop out and back in as soon a possible. ____ Jackie
auntyalias: okie dokie honey
auntyalias: xoxoxo
ljcswartz: this is too cool --What fun!! Thanks so much
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bonsaikathy: Hi there
claychik: hi!
bonsaikathy: NJ has been mixing her clay getting ready for webcam, so
we've kind of just been riding along with each other, she's doing that
and I'm making more bonsai
claychik: ooo, kewl!
claychik: you make mini bonsai?
bonsaikathy: yes
claychik: awesome
auntyalias: Hey Sharon
auntyalias: I just went to heat up left overs
claychik: hey nj!
claychik: kathy, those are amazing
bonsaikathy: thankyou Sharon
claychik: nj, i finally made some pinch pots!
bonsaikathy: I just finished a 1/4" scale one for Jyl
claychik: omg @ 1/4" scale
auntyalias: Sharon, that's great, pix pix
auntyalias: ouch, ya, those small ones, they are addicting
claychik: i will take pix
auntyalias: don't take up but a booger's worth of clay
claychik: yeah, i used old cane ends
bonsaikathy: I love using cane ends for the pinch pots, you can get
some really neat designs with them
claychik: yep!
bonsaikathy: I think this bonsai will hide behind a dime
bonsaikathy: it's tiny
auntyalias: Ruth loved the tray, sake bottle and two matching cups and
they were just cane ends
claychik: i made one with some old lemon cane, and one from a cane my
bf made
auntyalias: I'd like to show in Demo how a hundred petals turn into 3,
bit by bit as we slice down the cone of the dog bone end
claychik: kathy, looks like most of yer bonsais can hide behind a dime
claychik: lol
auntyalias: Sharon now that you can do pinch pots you can think of
sake bottles and cups for your sushi plates
claychik: heeeeyyyyyyyyyy!
claychik: yeah!
bonsaikathy: no, the ones on the site are mostly quarter size or
slightly larger, this one though is just about the size of a dime,
smallest one I've made so far
claychik: all matching!
claychik: cheez and rice, kathy
bonsaikathy: Haha, I like to challenge myself sometimes
claychik: i guess SO!
bonsaikathy: Jyl, needed one for her nickle size table
claychik: rofl
claychik: cripes
bonsaikathy: so I made her one
claychik: how much do you sell them for?
bonsaikathy: it depends,
claychik: on?
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auntyalias: Hey Karen
kmrhodes: Yo Hoo
auntyalias: did the paypal
bonsaikathy: Hi Karen
auntyalias: fyi
kmrhodes: what about paypal nj
auntyalias: Karen, I'm thinking of taking digital pictures of the gold
leaf press for the booklet
auntyalias: as I do it in Demo
auntyalias: that's how we can deal with special orders that got no
kmrhodes: Thats a great idea
auntyalias: James said there were two booklet's worth of money in
paypal and he downloaded it
auntyalias: It's keeping his account from going in the red, thank you
a bunch
kmrhodes: Not a problem hon
auntyalias: So I've mixed a load of translucent with burnt umber
auntyalias: and that goes with the gold sheets for those leaves
auntyalias: it's really easy
auntyalias: just a million layers instead of 6
auntyalias: Since it's time I think I'll start
kmrhodes: okie dokie
auntyalias: will save log at this point
auntyalias: Now we don't need screen shooters
auntyalias: because I'll be taking individual digital pix as I go
kmrhodes: good
auntyalias: for Karen got a special order for that technique
kmrhodes: are you putting them on your site for me?
auntyalias: Karen I'll get the pix and maybe you can use the log for
kmrhodes: yep, you got it
auntyalias: I can put them up on pages, but your idea of using the
logs for captions is just brilliant
auntyalias: less work for everybody
auntyalias: so you can save logs from your side for your use
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: I'll save log for the whole run here
kmrhodes: cant save the log
kmrhodes: Mac won't let me
auntyalias: wow, gosh
auntyalias: ok, I'll send you mine
auntyalias: no problem
kmrhodes: I have to use your log and edit like a mad woman
auntyalias: You made me spit
auntyalias: laughing
kmrhodes: ripping hair out
kmrhodes: wiping eyes
auntyalias: ok, how can we make this easier for you
auntyalias: I should just write in some captions and save you the
editing woes
kmrhodes: this is good, nj, I'm just having fun
auntyalias: I'm limping
auntyalias: Karen pulled my leg
auntyalias: hey
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: ok, let's dig out that Translucent with burnt umber sheet
and find something shiney to layer with it.
kmrhodes: but I mean it when I say, I can't save the log. I get
nowhere so you have to send it to me
kmrhodes: or put it on your site for me to copy and paste into my word
processing program
kmrhodes: Shes not even paying me any attention girls
kmrhodes: sheesh
auntyalias: Yes M'am
auntyalias: now let's look at some color mixes
bonsaikathy: NJ, do you want to change the message on your ID
auntyalias: I'm a goof
kmrhodes: but a brilliant one
bonsaikathy: that's what you have us here for, lol
auntyalias: Thank you darling
auntyalias: The gold at the left is mixed with pearl to lighten it up
auntyalias: the center strip is Pearl Green with Gold and Pearl
auntyalias: on the right is Pearl Green with Gold and only a kiss of
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kmrhodes: define "kiss"
auntyalias: That's Pearl Green with gold and copper
auntyalias: ok, let's say you have 4 chunks of green, four chunks of
bonsaikathy: the cam froze up on me, hope this didn't do it too
auntyalias: a kiss of pearl would be one chunk
auntyalias: I'm not moving anything
kmrhodes: gotcha
auntyalias: see movement Kathy?
bonsaikathy: I mixed the most delicious color of green today
kmrhodes: tell, kathy
auntyalias: Ok, I'm going to take a digital pix of these colors
claychik: brb
bonsaikathy: used gold instead of yellow and yes I can see movement
bonsaikathy: thanks
kmrhodes: gold and ?????? Kathy?
kmrhodes: green, green pearl?
kmrhodes: sea green?
bonsaikathy: pearl blue, ultra marine blue, some sea green
bonsaikathy: and some black
kmrhodes: and gold
bonsaikathy: came out soooo pretty, yup and gold
kmrhodes: hope you made a color chart
bonsaikathy: no but I did get it again a second time when I ran out,
wanted it for a pot
faye_shelton joined the room
bonsaikathy: just a slight differance in shade
bonsaikathy: Hi Faye
kmrhodes: Hey Faye
faye_shelton: Hi Kathy, Hi everyone
faye_shelton: wha's up?
auntyalias: Ok, I got to make a sheet that's the back ground
auntyalias: and I'm thinking green leaves
auntyalias: then what am I going to press on that?
auntyalias: Gold leaves, but I have this new trick I'd like to try out
kmrhodes: a test???? shes giving a test???
auntyalias: it's a way of laying the petals down overlapping
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Test?! Invitation for disaster
auntyalias: Yikes
auntyalias: Run Awayyyyyyy
kmrhodes: brb
auntyalias: okie dokie
kmrhodes: hahahahahhaaa
faye_shelton: i'm tardy, already
faye_shelton: lol
auntyalias: Now what we got to do, better late than never Faye baby,
what we got to do
auntyalias: is some quick chevron flips
auntyalias: but the layers is the trick to these gold leaves
kmrhodes: I don't get those NJ
auntyalias: Chevron Flips?
kmrhodes: yea
auntyalias: Well you're oging to see a boat load of them
kmrhodes: k
auntyalias: so get some tea and go pee
auntyalias: while I stack sheets
kmrhodes: k
auntyalias: this is the boring part and folks can take a few moments
for biologicals
kmrhodes: new pack of smokes, really
auntyalias: unless they are morbidly curious or tied to their chairs
kmrhodes: guess I'm both - curious and tied
ljcswartz: me too ... eating pizza
kmrhodes: gotta get my chicken sandwich soon though
auntyalias: Doing a blend of the two greens
kmrhodes: take pictures!
auntyalias: It's in the Tiger Cane booklet
auntyalias: pasta press less blend
kmrhodes: k
kmrhodes: rolled the two green sheets and
kmrhodes: pinched them into a triangle
auntyalias: if you have a press
auntyalias: you can still use shortcuts to blends
auntyalias: like rolling it in a tube
auntyalias: and twisting it like a wet rag
auntyalias: it'll be blended anyway so why be shy
auntyalias: you can use pasta press less methods with a press and go
even faster than using only the easy breezy tricks
bonsaikathy: oh how pretty, lot's of stripes, it's how I do wood
kmrhodes: roll sheet, wring it like a rag
kmrhodes: smush it
auntyalias: can make catipillers too
auntyalias: My inch worm mascot
auntyalias: we inch along
auntyalias: bit by bit
kmrhodes: run it thru the pasta machine
bonsaikathy: oh that's to neat
bonsaikathy: how cute
bonsaikathy: I'm busting my diet here guys, I got a craving for
marshmellow treats
kmrhodes: roll, wring, smush, press
kmrhodes: fold in half
kmrhodes: press into ribbon
techi_mom56: what shades of green....
kmrhodes: mixtures
kmrhodes: roll ribbon
techi_mom56: i have green pearl...and other greens...okay
kmrhodes: after cutting off ragged edge
kmrhodes: She gave the colors at the beginning. mix of pearl, green
bonsaikathy: auntyalias: I'm going to chunk up this gold in the food
processor, mix it with pearl, green and I dunno.
kmrhodes: take copper sheet
kmrhodes: the green roll is placed on copper sheet
kmrhodes: measure width of grren roll
kmrhodes: wrap green roll with the copper sheet
techi_mom56: got it
kmrhodes: refuce by squeezing and pulling
kmrhodes: reduce
kmrhodes: shaping into oblong shape
kmrhodes: leaf shape?
kmrhodes: Halp me girls!!
kmrhodes: shape into long flat ...
kmrhodes: cut off ends
auntyalias: that jelly roll blend
auntyalias: was mashed down to be a fat rectangle
auntyalias: from which sections will be cut
auntyalias: and stacked
auntyalias: after it is stacked
auntyalias: it will be cut going diagonally across all the stack lines
auntyalias: from one corner to the other
auntyalias: for two triangles
auntyalias: one of those triangles is going to be turned around
auntyalias: 180
auntyalias: to face the other way
auntyalias: that makes the chevron
kmrhodes: show me
kmrhodes: hey mitch
kmrhodes: cutting flat rectangle into 6 pieces
kmrhodes: stack on top of each other
kmrhodes: smush together
kmrhodes: cut diagionally across ends
kmrhodes: from top left to bottom right corner
kmrhodes: ok
auntyalias: but we need a center vein
kmrhodes: turn one half 180 degrees
auntyalias: when one reduces
auntyalias: the surround sheet thins out
auntyalias: I end up adding layers just to be able to continue
auntyalias: to reduce and save my design
bonsaikathy: that leaf looks great
auntyalias: Now I'll start pressing them on the same color as their
surround sheet
auntyalias: pre pressing the leaves
auntyalias: remember this is just the background sheet for the gold
auntyalias: so I'm not going to be doing digi pix for this to move
kmrhodes: k
kmrhodes: am I frozen
kmrhodes: no, okay
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kmrhodes: can someone scribe what they see. I have to go soon and I
need it for the booklet
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kmrhodes: cool stuff NJ
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jude: Looks like some green (chevron flipped) leaves pressed into a
sheet. Is that a gold sheet?
kmrhodes: copper
jude: Oh, neat.
auntyalias: ok, now this background sheet is ready
kmrhodes: the background sheet is a copper sheet with green chevron
flipped leaves pressed into it
auntyalias: now that block is copper
auntyalias: see the sheet
auntyalias: it's got copper in it
auntyalias: but also gold and pearl
jude: In this light, it looks pinish to me, but I can tell it's
jude: pinish? Sheesh! Pinkish.
auntyalias: but compared to the block
kmrhodes: yeah, a difference
auntyalias: that sheet is not the same hue
jude: Okie, I see...sheet is blended gold/pearl/copper.
kmrhodes: Gotta go NJ. Email me the log or put it on your site so I
can get it. Same with the pictures. Pleeeeaaase!
auntyalias: no worries Karen
jude: Did she use the leaf cutters she said she would?
kmrhodes: thanks sweetie
jude: Oh, wait...that was for a rose. Nevermind.
auntyalias: We're going to put a see through gold thing in the middle
auntyalias: it's like the gold leaf on green
jude: Yeah. I remember now, the leaves are a stack then chevron flip.
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auntyalias: but instead of being a leaf that you can see through it
might be more flowerish
auntyalias: since I got this idea floating around in the back of my
auntyalias: what I plan to do tonight
auntyalias: Is as soon as it's done
auntyalias: cure it
auntyalias: folks gonna be here a half an hour
auntyalias: then put it in the freezer
auntyalias: for a few
auntyalias: and then slap a finish on it
auntyalias: because when doing demos with translucent clay
auntyalias: there's this long wait to see the finished effect
auntyalias: we're going to do this if I just have to do it flat on a
bit of cardboard
auntyalias: I'll work it into something later
auntyalias: but let me show you something...
auntyalias: after a roll call
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
jude: I have to leave at 5 for an hour.
auntyalias: see who's at their keyboards
jude: jude, Tehachapi.
faye_shelton: Faye, Norfolk
auntyalias: Well Jude and Faye are going to be the first to see this
jude: what in the world?
faye_shelton: it's cool, whatever it is
jude: Is that the fossil stuff?
jude: Technical terms, huh? LOL
bonsaikathy: I'm back sorry NJ, been in and out
bonsaikathy: I love that piece, it's really pretty
bonsaikathy: look at thte translucent in that sheet, wow
faye_shelton: i'm sharing my computer and my workspace, so bear with
me, Y'all
faye_shelton: aurora borealis
faye_shelton: nice
bonsaikathy: good description
jude: Oh, lookie. A bunch of pots.
faye_shelton: I see those.
bonsaikathy: the colors are fantastic
faye_shelton: see thru pots
bonsaikathy: look how clear
jude: Translucent...neat.
faye_shelton: d*&^%#! neat
auntyalias: Ok the trick to this speckled look
auntyalias: wanna know?
faye_shelton: OH yeah
faye_shelton: GIVE!\
bonsaikathy: I do
auntyalias: Ok
auntyalias: see this bunch of chunk
bonsaikathy: yes
faye_shelton: yep
auntyalias: all mica stuff
jude: Scrap? yes.
auntyalias: pearl green, red, blue and then pearl and gold
auntyalias: unka chunk
faye_shelton: just chopped?
auntyalias: then you sprinkle some of it on a sheet of transucent,
just chopped yes
auntyalias: or you can run some chunk through the press and try to put
it on a sheet and make a mess
auntyalias: like I did
auntyalias: so I just sprinkled and pitty patted it down and pressed
auntyalias: ok
jude: Cool!
auntyalias: then you cut and stack
auntyalias: and then do a chevron flip
bonsaikathy: I found when I did pens that I had to be careful with the
translucent because the writing showed through clearly
auntyalias: after you do the chevron flip
auntyalias: you do a flower on some sort of background
auntyalias: this background
auntyalias: was that unka chunk on pearl
auntyalias: done as a basket weave
auntyalias: you all with me on this?
auntyalias: it's a pretty effect for little effort
jude: I got lost, but that's my usual.
faye_shelton: not clearly
bonsaikathy: yes
auntyalias: ok, I took that chop
auntyalias: that made this flower design with translucent
auntyalias: and sprinkled it on a sheet of pearl
auntyalias: cut out sections to stack
auntyalias: for a basket weave
auntyalias: Jude you've been with me for a basket weave cane, right?
auntyalias: I don't know if Faye had
jude: Yes, but what flower?
jude: Right, you formed the chop into a flower on the trans?
faye_shelton: yes, I saw a basketweave
auntyalias: that's sprinkle with translucent
jude: And then pressed?
auntyalias: the background is sprinkle with pearl
auntyalias: I made the background first with the basket weave,
sprinkle with pearl
jude: Wait...background?
auntyalias: and then took the cane with sprinkle with translucent and
did that on top
jude: Oh, okie, that explains it.
auntyalias: this background has pearl
jude: didn't know about a pearl background.
jude: Musta gone over my head.
bonsaikathy: it's really shiny, is it cured already
auntyalias: yes it's cured and got a slap of finish on it
auntyalias: I did it to prep for today
bonsaikathy: I really love it, it's beautiful
auntyalias: I'm aiming for another flower like this one
auntyalias: on that sheet I just did
jude: The pots you did didn't have the pearl, right?
bonsaikathy: cool
auntyalias: but in gold with trans/mix, weak cola color
auntyalias: Some had pearl some had trans, Jude
jude: Oh, okie, that splains it.
auntyalias: here's the pearl
jude: gotcha.
auntyalias: anyway, break time
auntyalias: gonna clear the deck for the gold petal
auntyalias: with trans
auntyalias: to go over that background sheet
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: let's say 10 - 15 minutes?
bonsaikathy: ok
jude: I have got to go. I may be back later. How late you gonna be,
faye_shelton: k
auntyalias: I dunno Jude, just check in honey
jude: Okie, whatever.
jude: Thanks!@
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