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2003 February Highlights


2) More about the speckled mix. The Experiment Plan: Doing overlay of gold and translucent layered leaves. The Invitation to Disaster. A digression on use of Translucent clay. Pressing the gold cane on the green leaves. Putting it in the oven.  

jude: I have got to go. I may be back later. How late you gonna be,
faye_shelton: k
auntyalias: I dunno Jude, just check in honey
jude: Okie, whatever.
jude: Thanks!@
greatauntjudy left the room
teri56 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Teri
auntyalias: just got back from the kitchen
auntyalias: catching a bite to eat
bonsaikathy: Hi Teri
auntyalias: did she come in and is having trouble? She's not on the
cam list yet.
bonsaikathy: I"m not sure, I see her on this list
auntyalias: me too
auntyalias: Yahoo is wonky, I'm sure of it
bonsaikathy: nope she's not on the main list, so she must have had to
close out but it's not dropped her here
auntyalias: that's probably it
auntyalias: I'm grabbing a quick bite and some coffee, let's start at
the hour?
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: 5-6 more minutes? I'm going to check the list.
bonsaikathy: sounds good
auntyalias: I'm back
luna9786 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Luna
luna9786: hi everyone
auntyalias: we're just coming back from break
auntyalias: I just pressed leaves to a background sheet
luna9786: cool. can i see the web cam
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to luna9786 (2/11/03 4:58
auntyalias: I just sent you an invite but you can right click on my
name there when you see the little TV icon
luna9786: i can see
auntyalias: What you're seeing now is a background sheet and in the
middle there
auntyalias: I'm going to do a press thing, with gold and translucent
auntyalias: see how much of that background shows through
auntyalias: I did an experiment last night
luna9786: wow
auntyalias: The flower is translucent with chunks of little colored
daytonlinda joined the room
auntyalias: Ah there she is
auntyalias: I was helping Linda get here
daytonlinda: ah cool - and it even fixed my name
auntyalias: Ok, Linda I was telling Luna here
auntyalias: that what you see there
auntyalias: is a flower made with mostly translucent clay
auntyalias: little chunks of colored clay was laid on a translucent
sheet and then a leaf was made
auntyalias: I over lapped the leaves for this flower design
auntyalias: and put it on a background of those colored sprinkles
pressed on pearl
auntyalias: done as a basket weave
auntyalias: whew
auntyalias: so the background is pearly
auntyalias: and the translucent petals shows some of the design
through it
auntyalias: the chunks are all rich with mica
faye_shelton: ok, is the basketweave on the background pressed out
large? I might be seeing it, not sure
auntyalias: pearl, gold, pearl red, blue and green
auntyalias: Faye it is pressed out large honey
faye_shelton: thanks, now it makes sense 2 me
auntyalias: it's a loose big basket weave with speckles
faye_shelton: kewl
auntyalias: Ok, so what I'm going to do with this background sheet I
just made
auntyalias: is to put a see through flower in the center there
auntyalias: and have smaller flowers distributed around where's
there's too much open space
auntyalias: The gold I'm going to use is mixed with pearl
auntyalias: to lighten it up
auntyalias: these colors here ...the brown stuff is copper with pearl
and a touch of pearl green
auntyalias: the leaves are pearl green mixed with gold and some with
gold and pearl
auntyalias: done as a jelly roll blend which didn't relly stand out I
auntyalias: so what I'm going to do is take this mix of translucent
and a touch of burnt umber
auntyalias: which will be see through in the end
auntyalias: and layer it with this pale gold I have prepared already
auntyalias: I'm going to press the sheets together and stack so
there's a million lines
auntyalias: or nearly a million
auntyalias: and then I'll do the chevron flip
auntyalias: When the leaf is pressed it'll open up
auntyalias: having some parts of the trans/mix show these leaves
auntyalias: or that's the plan
auntyalias: are we ready, let's do Roll Call
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
faye_shelton: faye, norfolk
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E.TN
daytonlinda: linda in dayton
daytonlinda: ohio
luna9786: Jean in New Jersey
auntyalias: Nancy must be away from her keyboard
auntyalias: or if she's saying anything I can't see it
auntyalias: I know that Teri shows on this list but that's a yahoo
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to start on this gold leaf thing after I
save log
bonsaikathy: NJ, I need to run, I have some things to do before bed
and I have to be to work at 7 in the morning, so thanks and everyone
have a good evening
faye_shelton: bye Kathy
luna9786: bye kathy
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auntyalias: Ok I took that pale gold and a sheet of that trans/mix and
pressed them together
auntyalias: to get really thin layers
auntyalias: I'm going to cut and stack this for the chevron flip
faye_shelton: very thin layers
faye_shelton: cutting on diagonal
faye_shelton: is this for the center vein?
auntyalias: yes, exactly
faye_shelton: putting in the center vein and flipping one half over
for the chevron
faye_shelton: wrapping?
faye_shelton: in the trans mix, it looks like
tedi382001 joined the room
faye_shelton: reducing
faye_shelton: taking some slices
auntyalias: do you see how I go only in one direction when cutting
auntyalias: so we don't get saw marks
faye_shelton: yes
auntyalias: aaak, I can't get the saw marks to show up well
auntyalias: Hi Tedi
auntyalias: sorry I didn't say anything when you came in
tedi382001: hi there
auntyalias: doyou have cam?
tedi382001: yes I do
auntyalias: ok, cool
daytonlinda: well, this was a short visit! sorry to run, i will be
looking at the tutes. (wah! i wanted to see the eye of Horus!) Company
has arrived.
auntyalias: Check in later
auntyalias: or we do Horus tomorrow
auntyalias: no worries
daytonlinda: i will be watching for it! thanks
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auntyalias: Ok, I'm going to pre press these gold leaves I just cut
teri56 left the room
tedi382001: sorry have to run now too,darn it!
tedi382001 left the room
auntyalias: by prepressing you can see their real size
auntyalias: even when I think they are cut even they are not, this way
you won't have surprises when you press it to the sheet
faye_shelton: cool. hadn't thought of that
auntyalias: My son needs me for a small emergency
auntyalias: it'll be 15 minutes
auntyalias: and I'll be back
faye_shelton: k
auntyalias: thanks
auntyalias: bacl
auntyalias: back even
auntyalias: he needed me to help carry some stuff up from below
auntyalias: he was double parked
auntyalias: pant pant
auntyalias: who's still at their keyboards?
luna9786: I'm here
auntyalias: then you're going to see the flower experiment
auntyalias: I'm not sure how it will come out but it worked somewhat
with the speckled trans test
auntyalias: I'm going to over lap 8 of the leaves in a circle
auntyalias: and then press
auntyalias: it's a new wrinkle so cross your fingers
auntyalias: toes
auntyalias: and
auntyalias: eyes
faye_shelton: i'm back
faye_shelton: nice flower
auntyalias: I think I'll pre press this before putting it on the
background sheet
auntyalias: it's a little thick in the middle
auntyalias: Now to see if that trans mix shows the gold lines beneath
auntyalias: Now we can't see the lines but this isn't cured
auntyalias: I'm going to put this on a tile
auntyalias: and cure it right now
auntyalias: in a half an hour we'll see
jyladams joined the room
faye_shelton: cool
faye_shelton: Hi Jyl
jyladams: hey ya'll
auntyalias: Hey Hyl
auntyalias: Jyl
auntyalias: typos
auntyalias: I'm going to cure this, the brown on the gold leaves is
trans mix
jyladams left the room
auntyalias: and I don't know how much of the leaves from the
background is going to show up and there she goes...
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I should type faster
auntyalias: off to put this in the oven
faye_shelton: oops. Looks like we lost Jyl
faye_shelton: nice
faye_shelton: wouldn't those leaves make some gorgeous pinchpots?
auntyalias: now the thing about these leaves
auntyalias: is the brown is translucent
auntyalias: so we won't see how it looks until after curing
auntyalias: that's why I have that last sheet in the oven right now
auntyalias: where it overlaps the other gold sheets should show
faye_shelton: this gives me ideas, it does
auntyalias: now if we took thinner lines
auntyalias: and more of them
auntyalias: the look gets real fancy
faye_shelton: be interesting for beadwork, I'd say
auntyalias: When the first sheet gets cured I'll put this on in
auntyalias: Translucent before it's cured never looks like it does
afterward, it's always a surprise
auntyalias: but in theory this should work
faye_shelton: is there any clay that is truly transparent? other than
maybe tls?
auntyalias: So is everyone comfortable with the chevron flip?
faye_shelton: yes, i'm cool with it
luna9786: I am now
auntyalias: have you used no color translucent?
faye_shelton: no, haven't seen any 'round here
auntyalias: I took a fist of it and mixed a sweet pea sized bit of
burnt umber
auntyalias: order it from Karen
auntyalias: my oranges, great for mini food
auntyalias: grapes, watermelon
auntyalias: iced lemonade
faye_shelton: just regular translucent? yep that is what i have
auntyalias: Mix colors with that.
auntyalias: let me get you a link
faye_shelton: got it from Karen. Premo
jyladams joined the room
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/Citrus/Citrus-Grp.htm
faye_shelton: Hey, she's back!
faye_shelton: thanks, NJ
jyladams: hey ya'll, maybe Yahoo will let me stay!
faye_shelton: I love that fruit on the black sheet. really nice
auntyalias: The toasty top on the break, the grapes and oranges, the
fruit behind it
auntyalias: loads of translucent clay
faye_shelton: makin me hungry, NJ
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to jyladams (2/11/03 6:10
jyladams: It says the server is busy, try later for me to see webcam
auntyalias: rats
auntyalias: well it's a view of mini food made with translucent clay
auntyalias: stuff from the link above
auntyalias: goofing around with translucence
auntyalias: ah there you are
faye_shelton: I'm going to have to try some fruit
jyladams: not an easy in tonight!
auntyalias: No kidding, I got bumped earlier
faye_shelton: haven't tried fruit, "painting in space" yet. only on
auntyalias: I'm going to save at this point and go check the timer
faye_shelton: k