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2003 February Highlights


3) Hot out of the oven. Close but no Cigar. Do another sheet just gold cane on copper. Cure, still no cigar. Start on the roses.

auntyalias: I'm going to save at this point and go check the timer
faye_shelton: k
auntyalias: I popped it in the freezer for a tick
auntyalias: gosh did I loose all of you on cam?
auntyalias: sorry about that, close the cam if it went black and open
it up again
faye_shelton: I'm gone
faye_shelton: from webcam, that is
auntyalias: close the cam window
auntyalias: and right click on my name to get it again
auntyalias: see if that works, or it's a yahoo thing
faye_shelton: ok. thanks, it worked
auntyalias: Don't know who saw this yet or not
jyladams: I made oranges using Angie Scarr's book and got PERFECT!!!!!
1/4" oranges. The size of B B s! I can say they are perfect too, cause
they are too tiny to tell if they aren't!
auntyalias: LOL
jyladams: what is it?
auntyalias: It's a translucent flower pressed on a pearl background
auntyalias: both are colored with specks of clay
jyladams: Hybiscus shaped! I see, beautiful
faye_shelton: is that light showing throught he background, NJ?
faye_shelton: looks like it from here
auntyalias: The background is pearl with specks
auntyalias: and some of the specks show through the flower
faye_shelton: yes
auntyalias: want to see the cane ends on this?
luna9786: yes
faye_shelton: yep
auntyalias: I took pearl red, blue and green, gold and pearl and
chopped them up
jyladams: yes
auntyalias: then I sprinkled them on a sheet of translucent and
auntyalias: then I cut sections and stacked
auntyalias: and then did a chevron flip
auntyalias: that's what formed the flower
faye_shelton: all the colors are pearls?
auntyalias: yes, all the colors have mica
auntyalias: the background
auntyalias: is those speckled bits pressed to pearl
auntyalias: stacked and done as a basket weave
auntyalias: there's a couple of albums with basket weave trick in it
auntyalias: I'll get the links
auntyalias: Link to Basket Weave Album
faye_shelton: thanks
auntyalias: check this out, just a dozen pictures or so
auntyalias: if you want to see it done
auntyalias: we can do that next
auntyalias: I'm getting the tile out of the freezer
jyladams: is this what is coming out of the freezer?
luna9786: yes
auntyalias: cured and chilled
auntyalias: for quick viewing
faye_shelton: cool
auntyalias: the right half has a finish of generic floor polish
auntyalias: warehouse brand X
auntyalias: see the difference with finished and not finished?
auntyalias: the translucent didn't show the under lines like I thought
faye_shelton: yes. you can see thru it better with the finish
auntyalias: maybe needs more trans
auntyalias: hmmm, close but no cigar
luna9786: NJ do you cure the floor polish on the clay or just air dry?
auntyalias: depends if I'm in a hurry
auntyalias: I cure it if they are earrings I want to wear out
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: otherwise I air dry
faye_shelton: i did that to some future once, and it bubbled on me
auntyalias: how long did you cure it?
faye_shelton: maybe i put it on too thick
auntyalias: I just do it for 10 minutes in a cooling oven
auntyalias: that's enough
faye_shelton: maybe five, ten minutes
faye_shelton: could have been too hot, too. i put the heat back on it
faye_shelton: i use a tabletop convection oven, and it doesnt hold
heat for more than a few minutes
auntyalias: I'm going to cure that gold on brown sheet
auntyalias: see how that comes out
faye_shelton: k
auntyalias: it's in the oven and the timer is on
auntyalias: did everyone see the basket weave who didn't see it in
faye_shelton: yes
ljcswartz: I just read the link..
luna9786: I just read the link also
auntyalias: would you like to see it done?
ljcswartz: sure
luna9786: of course I would
faye_shelton: yep
auntyalias: Let's get out some gold and dark brown, it's actually
copper with pearl green
jyladams: i saw
auntyalias: I cut them too squat, I'm stretching them to be more
auntyalias: I got to get a different camera angle so you can see the
cut and transfer
auntyalias: ok all y'all with me so far?
auntyalias: just stacked sheets
auntyalias: cut in rectangles
faye_shelton: so far, so good
ljcswartz: ok
luna9786: ok here
auntyalias: and stacked like this all of them turned in the same
direction, meaning I see the gold bottom, don't see the brown top
auntyalias: now I'll cut off the corners from the top
auntyalias: and just transfer them to the other side
auntyalias: and then do the pointy end
auntyalias: and stick it in the space on the other end
auntyalias: ok?
faye_shelton: k
ljcswartz: neat move!
auntyalias: now because we cut those short triangles off of the other
auntyalias: when we slice this to match it up
auntyalias: they go back to where they began, or that's the theory
nor4man93553 joined the room
faye_shelton: Hi Cheryl
auntyalias: Hey Cheryl, just reviewing the basket weave
nor4man93553: Hi everyone
auntyalias: for those who've never seen it
ljcswartz: thanks
nor4man93553: ok
auntyalias: the seam is wonky
auntyalias: but you get the idea
auntyalias: reduce this basket weave
auntyalias: and attach the sections together if you need a long basket
weave design
auntyalias: wonky seam
auntyalias: but that's the bane of demos
auntyalias: rushing the technique
auntyalias: let me check the timer and show Cheryl the speckled flower
nor4man93553: oooh
nor4man93553: WOW that beautiful
jyladams: how do you reduce the big flat basket weave sheet you just
nor4man93553: I think she put it through the pm
auntyalias: I pressed the basket weave in the pasta press
auntyalias: Cheryl this is speckles of colors pressed to trans for the
auntyalias: layered for a chevron flip
auntyalias: and then the background is speckles pressed on pearl with
a basket weave
auntyalias: folks think that their layers have to be solid colors
auntyalias: not so
nor4man93553: it's lovely
auntyalias: your layers can be speckles of colors
auntyalias: and do chevron flips with that
auntyalias: then press on some background that will show through
auntyalias: let me check the oven, I get antsy when the timer is about
to go off
nor4man93553: ok honey
nor4man93553: How is everyone
faye_shelton: ok.. getting tired. How are you?
nor4man93553: Oh pretty good
nor4man93553: just got done with dinner
jyladams: I'm still cooking mine!
auntyalias: hot
auntyalias: hot
ljcswartz: nice shades and lines
nor4man93553: sorry had to let the dog in that came out great
auntyalias: the trans mix is too dark
auntyalias: I wanted the lines below to show through
luna9786: it still loks great
nor4man93553: so is this going to cover a tin?
auntyalias: where the over lap I wanted to see through, ah well, next
auntyalias: naw this is just a cured sheet, I wanted to see it
finished to see if I got the trans right
auntyalias: and I didn't
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: here's an earlier one, another "close but no cigar" test
nor4man93553: well it is still beautiful
nor4man93553: oooh I like this one
auntyalias: Thanks honey
auntyalias: don't ya love that green?
auntyalias: I'm using pearl green with gold and pearl
auntyalias: it's just yummy
ljcswartz: is your trans regular or bleached??
nor4man93553: Ya I really love the green
auntyalias: regular trans
auntyalias: Ah well, maybe the next time I do this I'll do the mix
auntyalias: I got to do it right for a booklet request that Karen got
ljcswartz: but what really happens to these pretty sheets?
auntyalias: these
nor4man93553: so what did you do wrong?
auntyalias: oh, I'll probably cut them up and use them like mosaics
auntyalias: this generic floor polish recures fine
auntyalias: they are just test sheets since I was unsure about the
trans mix
auntyalias: if I committed a tin to it I'd be down one tin
auntyalias: this way ... it doesn't hurt my feelings too much
faye_shelton: the colors are really nice. I love that gold and the
green, too
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: oh I've been mixing some nice colors today
nor4man93553: lol
auntyalias: who likes purple and lavender?
faye_shelton: me
luna9786: I do i do
jyladams: me me
ljcswartz: it is growing on me
auntyalias: ok, let's do some flowers then, I got some pretty colors
nor4man93553: oh I want to see
auntyalias: growing on Jackie like a wart?
auntyalias: Yikes
auntyalias: I hope you'll like this Jacky
faye_shelton: oMY
ljcswartz: a bruise
auntyalias: it's a mix of Pearl red, colbalt blue, pearl in different
auntyalias: got to change cam for this
luna9786: Why the foil?
auntyalias: because there's two -three sheets
auntyalias: beneath the ones you see there
auntyalias: same colors
auntyalias: when I'm mixing I do it with a food processor
auntyalias: do a half a pound at a time
auntyalias: more or less
auntyalias: then when I roll out sheets they are three times longer
auntyalias: than the foil is wide
auntyalias: so I fan fold the foil to store colors together
luna9786: Cool
auntyalias: Now I was going to do roses, because everyone can use a
rose here and there
auntyalias: and I was thinking of doing a three colored blend
auntyalias: with this purple family
auntyalias: and then use the Kemper leaf cutters to cut my petals out
auntyalias: making sure that all three colors are present on each
auntyalias: how's that sound?
luna9786: sounds good
ljcswartz: great
auntyalias: ok, let me save log and clean up my work table, we'll take
10 minutes for a break at this point