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2003 February Highlights


4) Lavender and Deep Purple Blend Roses. One large with leaf cutter tools and one small with plug o blend. Review the Speckled preview. Show finished mini pots. Plans for Thursday Night Owl Special.

auntyalias: ok, let me save log and clean up my work table, we'll take
10 minutes for a break at this point
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auntyalias: Welcome back Cheryl
auntyalias: need a bungie cord?
nor4man93553: hi I got kicked off AGAIN
nor4man93553: something
nor4man93553: so what are we doing?
auntyalias: I'm cleaning my work space to do some roses, doing to do a
blend with these colors
nor4man93553: ok
auntyalias: they look darker on cam
ljcswartz: Do these have translucent in them too?
auntyalias: pearl red, colbalt blue and pearl only
auntyalias: now it looks right, that light sheet there
auntyalias: I think I'll use use two colors here the light and dark
auntyalias: the middle color is too similar to the light one
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nor4man93553: Ok yahoo keeps kicking me off so I am not going to keep
interrupting you guys with this. Have fun I will see you next time
Hugs Cheryl D
ljcswartz: I am going to have to try that tomorrow It looks quick
auntyalias: sorry you're having such a hard time Cheryl
auntyalias: it doesn't bother me you coming in and out
auntyalias: Jackie this is a real quick blend trick, the rolling and
auntyalias: makes it go fast
nor4man93553: oh well it is just a pain in the ass I know how to do
roses so I will go to see screen shots and logs
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auntyalias: see how much it's blended already
auntyalias: just a couple of passes
auntyalias: beats having to just fold in half and do it dozens of
ljcswartz: it looks wonderful
auntyalias: now I'll roll out a ribbon that has these two colors
blended, that's what we'll cut out petals out with
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sylsnovelties: Hi everyone.
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ljcswartz: hi
auntyalias: Hey Nancy
techi_mom56: sorry ...had to deal with wedding details with my son
sylsnovelties: Beautiful blend.
auntyalias: Hey Syl
auntyalias: ya ain't it pretty?
sylsnovelties: Sure is!
sylsnovelties: Love the color.
auntyalias: see how I put the light color at the top of the leaf
auntyalias: I want that at the top of the petal
sylsnovelties: Makes sense.
auntyalias: we can roll up all this scrap and press a new ribbon, no
ljcswartz: I like that idea
sylsnovelties: No waste is always good.
luna9786: Time for me to go. Thanks NJ for more inspiration and
instruction. Good night all.
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auntyalias: Ok, I'm going to thin the edges of these petals, pinch
where it will attach to the stem and do it big so we can see it better
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: I'll save log at this point, we don't have any screen
shots today
auntyalias: Syl if you like this color maybe you can do a couple of
screen shots of this
auntyalias: while I make it
ljcswartz: so normally you don't do this "big" ?
sylsnovelties: Ok.
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auntyalias: Let's do a quick roll call
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
auntyalias: doing roses
chenoa_2b: Carolyn, Oregon
sylsnovelties: Syl, Gallup, New Mexico
ljcswartz: Jackie, Maryland
faye_shelton: faye, Norfolk
auntyalias: and Techi-mom is Nancy, I forget where she lives
techi_mom56: nw oregon...
auntyalias: Howdy Carolyn, good to see you
auntyalias: ah there she is...LOL
auntyalias: this is a two color blend
auntyalias: and I used the leaf cutters to do petals
auntyalias: this will be a large rose for the sake of demo
chenoa_2b: Just happened to see you guys where in here. So dropped in.
auntyalias: cutting the ribbon so the petals have the light color at
the top and dark where it attaches to the stem
auntyalias: coolness, Carolyn
chenoa_2b -
chenoa_2b: 0
chenoa_2b: Are you putting the pointy ends on the bottom?
auntyalias: yes
chenoa_2b: I thought so!
ljcswartz: It is pretty already. I have to get up early tomorrow so I
have to say bye and thanks so much.
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chenoa_2b: Nite
chenoa_2b: are those different sized cut outs? Or are you stretching
the clay?
sylsnovelties: She used different sizes.
auntyalias: thinning and making a bowl shape
auntyalias: there's like five different size cutters
auntyalias: well four
chenoa_2b: ok, that makes sense now. lol
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auntyalias: now we'll peel the flower petals back and pinch them on
their edges a bit
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: are we all here or did we go for cookies?
auntyalias: I don't want to peel these back unless folks are watching
chenoa_2b: I am here
sylsnovelties: I'm here.
jude: I just got here.
auntyalias: ok, that's a majority
auntyalias: just checking because this makes or breaks this rose
faye_shelton: i'm still hangin round
chenoa_2b: damm
auntyalias: ok, there
techi_mom56: me too...
techi_mom56: nice rose
auntyalias: just leaf shape cut outs
auntyalias: pinched and stretched and bowl'd
auntyalias: into a rose petal shape
auntyalias: attach in opposing pairs
auntyalias: and don't peel them back until they are all on the stem
chenoa_2b: Now you got me wanting to make some! Skippy girl!
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: and once you get the large ones mastered you can go
smaller and smaller
faye_shelton: sweet, ain't it? i hadn't seen one made before. cool
auntyalias: easy too
sylsnovelties: Love it
chenoa_2b: Just think what you can do with em!
techi_mom56: yes i am...
auntyalias: shall I do a small one real quick with the scraps?
auntyalias: using smaller cutters?
chenoa_2b: Did you put a bit of trans lucent into the blend?
sylsnovelties: Sure
auntyalias: nope, pearl red, cobalt blue and pearl
chenoa_2b: ok
jude: purple!
auntyalias: I got to dig out my smaller cutters
auntyalias: they went wayward
sylsnovelties: ok
faye_shelton: Well, I gotta say goodnight, folks. Glad I got to see
all this. Thanks so much.
chenoa_2b: nite
chenoa_2b: I am gonna go smokin! brb
faye_shelton: Niteynite
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auntyalias: crap, I went and misplaced my small cutters, I'll do this
as a cane then and not use the missing cutter tools
auntyalias: My work space, it's such a wreck
jude: I usually use small round cutters...anything I have that is
round for my smaller roses.
auntyalias: ah found them
auntyalias: but not all of them, I'll do it as a cane, for a separate
jude: I also have some smaller Kemper cutters...a tear drop, that is
good, too.
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jude: Howdy Jean.
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi all!
sylsnovelties: Hi Jean
auntyalias: Hey Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: Hey neighbor!
stargazer_sbpcg: purty!
auntyalias: we're going to do that small
auntyalias: the cane here is small on one end and larger on the other
so we have different size petals
chenoa_2b: back
jyladams joined the room
stargazer_sbpcg: curling center petal on a toothpick ??
jyladams: easy breezy!?
auntyalias: sorry
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
auntyalias: Jael got unsubscribed from all her lists
auntyalias: and she was sending me a private message about it
auntyalias: I'm back now
jyladams: was she naughty?
jude: she get hacked?
stargazer_sbpcg: s'okay..
auntyalias: we don't know how that happened
auntyalias: but since it was whole sale
auntyalias: I'd say it's a Yahoo glitch
auntyalias: now I'll peel these petals back and give their edges a
auntyalias: now you can put on more petals
auntyalias: or leave the center not a bud but open with another color,
depending on the rose
sylsnovelties: Can you put the two of them side by side for a shot?
jyladams: beautiful
stargazer_sbpcg: oooo ahhhhh
auntyalias: now if we did it in different colors
sylsnovelties: I got a great shot of it.
auntyalias: some buds
auntyalias: some open
auntyalias: some big and some small
auntyalias: we got a nice bouquet
auntyalias: there
auntyalias: that's what we got today so far
stargazer_sbpcg: Wahoo!
jude: Are these for the box you are making?
auntyalias: naw, just sample slabs
auntyalias: close but no cigar for the gold leaves
auntyalias: I wanted to see through the brown lines
auntyalias: but there was too much brown so the gold lines under
didn't show through
auntyalias: so these are just sheets that were quickly cured
auntyalias: and finished so we can see if it worked
auntyalias: and it didn't
jude: I meant the roses.
auntyalias: Ah, yes, the roses, they are for Ruth
jude: Right...okie.
auntyalias: she likes these colors
auntyalias: Now since we're doing leaves and roses
auntyalias: is there anything else in this category that any of you
want to see
jude: Yes?
jude: Nope.
jude: How do you cure them?
jude: With them on a tooth pick and all.
auntyalias: recognize that Jude?
auntyalias: your pot
jude: Yup!
jude: the red pot.
auntyalias: I only store them on the tooth picks
auntyalias: when I attach them to a box or something
auntyalias: I just smash them to the background sheet
auntyalias: oh I do have something new to show you today
auntyalias: and for those who came in later on
jude: Okie, IC.
auntyalias: it's the speckle trick
chenoa_2b: what about a rose bud?
stargazer_sbpcg: WOW!
auntyalias: The rose bud is just one petal wound around the toothpick
with a couple of leaves folded close
auntyalias: then stop
auntyalias: Thanks Jean
chenoa_2b: ok
sylsnovelties: I like this look.
chenoa_2b: ok, trans, with bits of colored clay right?
auntyalias: I'll show you the steps for this real quick like here
auntyalias: take pearl red, blue and green, gold and pearl and chop
stargazer_sbpcg runs off doing the Happy Dance
auntyalias: then sprinkle them on a sheet of translucent and press
auntyalias: like that
auntyalias: then slice and stack
auntyalias: then do a chevron flip
auntyalias: like that
auntyalias: then cut petals
auntyalias: I got a new way of laying out the petals that I'll show ya
auntyalias: and press
auntyalias: the background sheet is the sprinkles on pearl done as a
basket weave
auntyalias: there's a sample of some basket weave for those who missed
that demo
Link To Basket Weave Album
auntyalias: take a few minutes to see this link
jyladams: Thanks so much for tonight....gotta run Clay on without me!!
auntyalias: and you'll understand the basket weave trick
auntyalias: Ok Jyl, see ya
auntyalias: xoxo
jyladams: tomorrow noon?
auntyalias: Maybe, James was talking about going out
auntyalias: knock me over with a feather already
auntyalias: LOL
jyladams: k
auntyalias: we'll see if he flakes
auntyalias: if so I'll post to the list
jyladams: tu
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auntyalias: So all I did was take the speckled trans
auntyalias: and press it to the speckled basket weave
auntyalias: and got this here
auntyalias: it was quick and easy
auntyalias: really
auntyalias: let me show you some pots made with the speckled trans and
pearl ...
auntyalias: show you the pearl pots first
chenoa_2b: yummy!
auntyalias: that makes it easier to see
auntyalias: now for the ones made with the speckle and trans
auntyalias: chop and toss, these are more basket weave and lines and
stargazer_sbpcg: neato!
chenoa_2b: I wonder if you can't do some ikat with the speckle?
auntyalias: now check this out
chenoa_2b: did you ice water dunk em?
stargazer_sbpcg: WOW!
auntyalias: no icewater dunk, stuck the tile in the freezer
auntyalias: did this last night to show y'all today
auntyalias: as a surprise
auntyalias: I wish you could see how the trans worked on these pots
chenoa_2b: they look like very expensive small deco vases and pots!
auntyalias: Jean we're making pots out of Natasha beads
stargazer_sbpcg: way cool!
stargazer_sbpcg: itty bitty pots!!
auntyalias: oh here's the trans and speckles big
chenoa_2b: aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
auntyalias: ok now dig
stargazer_sbpcg: ah, the lotus!
sylsnovelties: I like the pot that looks like red lines going down.
sylsnovelties: That's the opne
sylsnovelties: one
sylsnovelties: Love it
sylsnovelties: How was that one done? with a cane too?
auntyalias: with that funky orchid cane
sylsnovelties: Oh, ok.
jude: I have got to go. Night all! Thanks NJ!
chenoa_2b: nite
sylsnovelties: Nite Jude
auntyalias: okie dokie Jude
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stargazer_sbpcg: i gotta run too... need to study for test tomorrow...
stargazer_sbpcg: thank you!!
auntyalias: night night Jean
chenoa_2b: nite again! lol
stargazer_sbpcg left the room
chenoa_2b: got a head ache commin on. Sorry!
auntyalias: so I'm pretty much done, went over an hour
sylsnovelties: I just love those pots from the orchid
auntyalias: see you Carolyn
chenoa_2b: yuppers
auntyalias: good to see you for a while
chenoa_2b: nite
sylsnovelties: Thanks NJ!
auntyalias: night night
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auntyalias: my pleasure Syl, I'm glad you were here for the roses
auntyalias: your colors, no?
sylsnovelties: Sure are!
sylsnovelties: I got some great shots too.
auntyalias: great
auntyalias: we have no screen shots for earlier but that's ok, earlier
didn't work out
auntyalias: do you want to load them up yourself or send them to me?
sylsnovelties: Whatever is easier for you.
auntyalias: easier for you to load them up and send me an annoucement
auntyalias: in case I need to rearrage
auntyalias: or something
sylsnovelties: Ok, sounds good to me.
auntyalias: okie dokie, thanks again
sylsnovelties: Sure, and thank you
auntyalias: we'll do another night owl special, what night is good for
auntyalias: weds or thurs?
sylsnovelties: Probably thursday this week. I have to make some jerky
tomorrow and don't know if I will be on or not.
auntyalias: ok, let's do Thursday
auntyalias: I'll post to the list since I was on from 1pm today
sylsnovelties: Ok, thanks. What will you be doing?
auntyalias: what do you want?
sylsnovelties: Ok, sounds good.
auntyalias: my brain is empty
auntyalias: LOL
sylsnovelties: Anything is fine with me! Maybe I'll think of something
auntyalias: Think of something and let me know when you do the
auntyalias: of the album
auntyalias: then I can prep a bit
sylsnovelties: ok.
auntyalias: love ya honey
auntyalias: see ya soon
auntyalias: Nancy, see you too if you're still there
auntyalias: xoxo
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