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05-22-03 DemoLog

04: starting on the second tin

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auntyalias: 004- 05-22-03-
auntyalias: I have an appointment in a couple of hours so I'm doing
the log pages as we go
auntyalias: I best check my messages on the phone while I'm thinking
about it, going to network with some women across the bay tonight with the Family Midwife
auntyalias: brb
lommomy: I need to make dinner soon
lommomy: kids get upset when they don't eat LOL
ljcswartz: will you be back later tonight??
auntyalias: She's not called me yet, I don't know what's going on
auntyalias: she was supposed to take the day off of work because it
was her birthday and I was supposed to go with her to this networking
meeting in Oakland, across the bay from SF
lommomy: Thank you for showing me how the box works
auntyalias: I've left two messages so far so I don't know what's going
auntyalias: My pleasure honey
auntyalias: I'd best check this tin for air bubbles under the sheet I
sort of made it fast and it might be hiding air bubbles
auntyalias: when popping air bubbles move it to a place in the design
where there's a solid color
auntyalias: then poke it and ease the air out
auntyalias: then close up where you poked it
auntyalias: if you poke where there is design you could goof up your
auntyalias: I'm going to take a lunch break
auntyalias: got to eat something and I'll be back in a half an hour or
ljcswartz: ok thanks
lommomy: OK I will do dinner and catch up in an half an hour too
auntyalias: Coolness
auntyalias: What I'll do is take some pictures of this while I'm
eating and get them on the site
auntyalias: got to do double duty if my girlfriend shows up
auntyalias: see you in a little bit
auntyalias: xoxo
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ljcswartz: hi jael... a break for a bi
ljcswartz: bit
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merrie60us: Hi everyone! Is that a box showing on the webcam? Gorgeous
auntyalias: Hey honey I just got pictures up on the site.
auntyalias: hold on for a tick
auntyalias: ../../../Tins/RecklessEyeball-thms.htm
auntyalias: Merrie check this out, three logs and three pictures, I'm
finishing up lunch right now and linking this section, taking another
15 minutes to do that
auntyalias: Back
auntyalias: Merrie you there?
auntyalias: ok, I'll post to the list and be back then, you're
probably reading the logs and stuff
auntyalias: back, I'm not going to go to that meeting. I posted to the
auntyalias: I should have been contacted already, so I can get ready
to go out to network, but jeese louise, no call to my messages to her.
So I am not going to go. I'll stick around to do Demos
auntyalias: write something when y'all get back to your keyboards, I'm
going to be checking my email
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twinmom94002: hi gang
auntyalias: Lib
auntyalias: I got to edit my Friend's list, I can never remember first
names from Yahoo Ids
auntyalias: did you see the page on the Reckless Eyeball Tin?
auntyalias: ../../../Tins/RecklessEyeball-thms.htm
twinmom94002: yes...was just going to say the tin looks awesome
auntyalias: got to smooth it out a bit before curing
twinmom94002: i'm sorry i missed the covering with one sheet part
auntyalias: have you ever used ClayShapers
twinmom94002: no...they are sculpting tools, right?
auntyalias: oh we'll be doing another tin sometimes soon, but I'm
waiting for Merrie to tell me what she wants, since we're being
special sweet to her. Ya clayshapers are great
twinmom94002: i have a set of kemper ceramics tools that i adore
twinmom94002: kewl! flexible!
auntyalias: when you have finger prints, or some of the cane elements
separate when pressing, just roll the clayshaper over that wonky part
and it'll smooth out right quick
auntyalias: Merrie, are you there?
twinmom94002: *gack* I just checked the prices on those babies! Yowch!
auntyalias: hold up I got to get something for my hubs
auntyalias: back, James is going to the grocery store and I had to
write him up a little list
auntyalias: a Honey Do list
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: now I'm back. The clayshapers are a bit pricey, where did
you check on them. I got mine from ClayAlley, the smaller ones
auntyalias: and the larger one I got from the art store because it is
a "color shaper" to move paint around
twinmom94002: oh...didn't see 'em on karen's page...i checked
twinmom94002: oops...just found em on clayalley...
auntyalias: ah, you beat me to it
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: do you have the #0 or #2 set?
auntyalias: these shown here are #0 size, for mini work
auntyalias: since we do a lot of mini food, we can't pick up the bits
with our fingers
auntyalias: or they will get smashed
auntyalias: so I use these like chop sticks to pick up the wee bits
auntyalias: to place them on plates
twinmom94002: kewl
twinmom94002: they are soft enough not to mar the pieces?
auntyalias: this large one is like size 5 or something, it's for doing
large areas
auntyalias: they mar less than big hot finger tips, that's the best we
can do and it also depends on how adept one is with using chop sticks
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: heh...I lived in San Francisco for 14 years...I'm
auntyalias: I got to close these curtains
auntyalias: the sun came out and is hitting me in the eyes
twinmom94002 left the room
twinmom94002 joined the room
twinmom94002: heh...4 year old wanted to get my attention
auntyalias: Yahoo being mean to you?
twinmom94002: love that color of purple you're wearing
auntyalias: that's a curtain there
twinmom94002: Scarlet O'Hara is showing!
auntyalias: I always wear black, unless I got to do laundry then I got
to wear colors
auntyalias: Remember that Carol Burnett skit for Gone with the Wind
auntyalias: she wore the curtains with the rod still in it
twinmom94002: oh gosh, yes! I love Carol Burnett!
auntyalias: "Oh just something I saw in the window"
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: hehehehe
auntyalias: That just kills me
auntyalias: so since Merrie hasn't said anything, what would you like
to see done?
auntyalias: we should start on something while we have a chance
twinmom94002: well, dahling, watch out for the curtains if i ever come
auntyalias: I figured if we got together it would be easier for you if
I came to you
auntyalias: I don't have any space here, 3 people in a one bedroom
twinmom94002: hm...i'm gonna be in and out b/c of the i'll
make it moderator's choice
auntyalias: and you got the kids
auntyalias: we should make a date and I can ping the list from your
twinmom94002: and I've got CHAOS syndrome (can't have anyone over)
because I spend too much time claying and not enough on the other "c"
auntyalias: That never bothered me, I just don't have space for
another body here
auntyalias: it's like two pounds of lard in a one pound package
twinmom94002: gotcha...well we should definitely get together and
playclay! let's talk about it when i get back from disneyland
auntyalias: just waiting for my youngest to fledge and I get the
bedroom for my work space. My hubs and I have tents in the living room
twinmom94002: hehehe...small SF flat...BTDT
auntyalias: that's why there's curtains all over
auntyalias: behind this curtain is my sofa
twinmom94002: how old are yours?
auntyalias: 36, 34, 28, and the youngest is 24
auntyalias: three grand children, two boys and a girl
twinmom94002: ah...grownups!
auntyalias: kindergarden, preschool and 4 months, in that order
auntyalias: Ya, all grown, but I gave the one bedroom to my sons long
before I remarried
auntyalias: I always slept in the living room
twinmom94002: nice! my clan are 4 (frat twin boys, Ben & Max) and 6
1/2 (Emily)
auntyalias: when I remarried I told James, we're still going to have
to sleep in the living room because one day the boys will fledge
auntyalias: and I had rent control so I wasn't going to move
auntyalias: LOL
twinmom94002: sounds like a good hubby
auntyalias: have to shoot me to leave rent controlled apartment in SF
auntyalias: he's half my age and very flexible
auntyalias: like he has a choice
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I'm laughing like a mad woman right now
auntyalias: LOLOL
auntyalias: like it or lump it, that's how it goes around here, I'm
the 800 pound gorillia
twinmom94002: hehehe...btdt, too...well not 1/2, but 12 years hubby is only 5 years younger...he's an old man
merrie60us: I am here hi
twinmom94002: hiya merrie!
auntyalias: Hey Merrie
auntyalias: We've been waiting for you to pick a topic for the next
demo segment
auntyalias: it's ALL YOUR'S
twinmom94002: playing "getting to know you"
auntyalias: Oh I love My Fair Lady. My secret vice is musicals
merrie60us: anything is fine with me
auntyalias: I got Moulin Rouge in the vid right now just for colorful
background music
merrie60us: not picky tonight
auntyalias: I don't want to bore you with stuff you've seen already,
merrie60us: you never bore me
merrie60us: anything but sculpting people
merrie60us: not my forte
auntyalias: LOL, you are a mind reader I was going to suggest
sculpting people
merrie60us: uh oh
auntyalias: but we can do something else. Lib didn't get to see
covering a tin with one sheet
merrie60us: anything you do is fine with me
auntyalias: shall we do that again?
auntyalias: How you on tins?
shargoose joined the room
merrie60us: not good
auntyalias: SharonV hey honey
merrie60us: tin is fine
auntyalias: did you see the Reckless Eyeball Tin yet?
twinmom94002: kewl, thanks nj & merrie
merrie60us: no
merrie60us: but I would like to
auntyalias: ../../../Tins/RecklessEyeball-thms.htm
merrie60us: going to check it out brb
auntyalias: That's what we just did, let's do the same thing but with
leaves. I do have a bunch of leaf cane laying around
auntyalias: ok, check it out and I'll clear up the work space and get
twinmom94002: brb gonna make sure the kids aren't eating the bug
lommomy: Hi all just finished reading what I missed Lisa
shargoose: Well, trying to cliose all kinds of stuff I had open!! Whew
shargoose: May loose me as my server has been up and down like a yoyo
for the past ten days
auntyalias: see how the food processor makes the clay go into a ball?
auntyalias: that's when it's warm enough to pull like taffy
shargoose: It even looks like taffy!
lommomy: yum
merrie60us: what is she doing cutting leaves?
shargoose: Looks like it
shargoose: She's cutting the Leaf cane into thin slices
auntyalias: now that will be the first layer, big slices first
auntyalias: each time it gets pressed it'll be turned so the cane
slices don't go all coo coo
auntyalias: press once, narrow the rollers, turn the sheet and press
auntyalias: now for the second layer, move the rollers to the widest
setting again
auntyalias: now for the third layer, each successive layer I'm putting
smaller cane slices
lommomy: are they the same cane reduced?
merrie60us: I think so
auntyalias: yes, when you reduce a cane into a cone shape you can get
small, medium and large sizes
auntyalias: now this is not going to be large enough to cover a tin,
so we take more gold sheet and back it, run it through the press at
the widest
shargoose: Did you keep the rollers on the widest setting for steps 2
and three?
auntyalias: and then we'll stretch the sides of the sheet to make it
wider than the rollers will let us
auntyalias: for each layer I bring the rollers back to the widest
auntyalias: then with each pass I narrow it
auntyalias: I'll put the rollers back to the widest when I put a gold
back on this
auntyalias: and I'll narrow it with each pass
auntyalias: what I want to point out to you
shargoose: So pretty11
auntyalias: see the big leaves, our first layer
auntyalias: since they are stretched out more they open the design
auntyalias: look lighter
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auntyalias: each successive layer the cane is stretched out less
shargoose: Looks like autumn. Just like our weather here
auntyalias: Hi Jean
auntyalias: until the smallest cane slices are the darkest and on the
auntyalias: just like it would be in nature
luna9786: woo hoo I made it. Hi everyone.
auntyalias: since the pasta press rollers are only so wide you can
widen sheets like this by just pulling on the edges
twinmom94002: back...sorry...almost forgot to run Emily to girl
scouts! LOL
twinmom94002: oooh..pretty!
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auntyalias: now I'll get a tin and we'll cover it with the one sheet
shargoose: Love that method. Real time saver!!
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: using the tin to make imprints on the back side as to
where we will need to cut
auntyalias: Merrie
lommomy: it's going to look great!!!!!
auntyalias: Welcome Back
auntyalias: going to get a tin
merrie60us: got bumped
auntyalias: just making a mark for the center of the sheet, that's
where I'll put the hinges and make an indentation
shargoose: BTW I'm getting screen shots for you, NJ
auntyalias: Oh great Sharon, thanks a million
shargoose: Welcome
auntyalias: rock the tin back and forth, so you get lines on the back
of the sheet
auntyalias: those lines are going to be where you will be cutting
auntyalias: it's the Lazy way
auntyalias: no measuring with rulers and all that
auntyalias: see
merrie60us: so you start in the center of the clay and make a mark
from hinges and then turn tin over to each side and mark?
merrie60us: and then cut
auntyalias: yes honey, that's why I made a mark on the center of the
auntyalias: holding the sheet in a U shape and then just touch it to
mark the center
auntyalias: that is where the hinges will press
merrie60us: okay I got it
auntyalias: then roll the tin so all the sides touch the backside of
the sheet
auntyalias: then cut
auntyalias: it's so easy
auntyalias: now here's a trick to do the corners ahead of covering the
auntyalias: make an X on the clay
auntyalias: where the biggest parts of the tin marks are
auntyalias: the X will point you to the corners
auntyalias: at the corners you cut out squares
auntyalias: those would have to be cut off anyway
auntyalias: you can do them now
auntyalias: or later
auntyalias: depending on your mood
auntyalias: but if you do it now this is how it is done
auntyalias: now I'll cut out where the hinges are
auntyalias: just cut out little rectangles
twinmom94002: is it illusion or is the side closer to the pasta
machine wider?
auntyalias: it's wider because that is the bottom of the tin and it
the sides are wider than the top, you got good eyes
twinmom94002: i got good glasses
shargoose: One side is larger as it goes up the sides of the bottom of
the tin
auntyalias: now all we got to do is start pressing this sheet onto the
auntyalias: start at the hinges first
auntyalias: for we will have to cut off a slender slice so the tin can
auntyalias: and it's the middle and we can work out air bubbles when
we go over to the wide areas
auntyalias: but do this part first
auntyalias: any questions at this point?
shargoose: Nope. Good instructions!!
auntyalias: the rest is just making sure that the wide areas don't
have air bubbles before mashing down the side bits
twinmom94002: ditto
luna9786: None here
auntyalias: let's do a roll call since we got a group here, first name
and location
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
lommomy: Lisa NJ
merrie60us: Merrie, Boston
luna9786: Jean, Edison new Jersey
twinmom94002: Lib, Belmont, CA
shargoose: Sharon V, New Hampshire
lommomy: Brick NJ
luna9786: Cool not far from me.
auntyalias: let me save log at this point