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05-29-03: DemoLog #1

Three Color Leaf blend: Chevron flip with a blend

05-29-03 WebCam Demo Pictures: Hand Blending, Jelly Roll, Chevron Flip and Salvaging End O Cane. 
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sylsnovelties joined the room
auntyalias: Howdy Syl
auntyalias: I was wondering if anyone was available for demo today? What's your pleasure since you're first here?
sylsnovelties: Hi there NJ!
sylsnovelties: Ummm, let me think for just a second.
meows3xx joined the room
sylsnovelties: Hi there!
auntyalias: Howdy Roni
sylsnovelties: Oh, Roni!!
meows3xx: not many of us here today
auntyalias: not yet, sometimes it's a slow start, but I was asking Syl here if she had any requests, do you?
sylsnovelties: They will probably be trickling in!
auntyalias: I was thinking of doing some more flower petals
sylsnovelties: Sounds fine to me or maybe a leaf cane?
meows3xx: not really, anything you do is new to me and I don't know how long I'll be able to stay
auntyalias: some more 3D flowers, or what ever you two are interested in, ya leaf cane is also hip.
sylsnovelties: I want to do one and was going to check the links I have.
auntyalias: click on my TV Icon there and get the cam open Roni
auntyalias: what sort of leaf Syl?
auntyalias: have you done a chevron flip with a blend?
auntyalias: that makes very nice leaves with highlights
chelyha55 joined the room
auntyalias: CherylH, we were talking about doing leaf cane using a blend, and then doing the chevron flip
auntyalias: you know how to do these in your sleep I'd imagine
sylsnovelties: Nope, haven't done a chevron flip with a blend yet.
chelyha55: I'm taking a break from bead making, so wanted to stop in
auntyalias: Ok, let's get our green prepared. I'm going to blend in more yellow at one end and a bit of blue/green at the end and then do a jelly roll blend, that's the start
sylsnovelties: sounds good.
sylsnovelties: Cheryl, your beads are always so terrific!!
auntyalias: equal amounts of these colors, zinc yellow and cobalt blue
auntyalias: for the basic green shade
chelyha55: thank you
chelyha55: I never assume that there isn't something I can learn from NJ
chelyha55: No way do I know it all!
sylsnovelties: That's for sure. Even when I see the same demo, there is always a "twist" to it!
chelyha55: I'm baking beads right now
meows3xx: and if you're a newbie, you're totally amazed
sylsnovelties: The first demo I saw, I was practically glued to the computer.
sylsnovelties: One of these days, I'm going to buy a couple of your beads from you!
chelyha55: I do trades too
sylsnovelties: Believe me, I have nothing you would want! heeheehee
chelyha55: well what are your novelties?
sylsnovelties: I am still too amateur!
chelyha55: don't say that!
sylsnovelties: I know throw a quarter in the jar!!
meows3xx: plink! I heard it land
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
chelyha55: I'm sure we could work something out
sylsnovelties: Maybe I can think of something!
chelyha55: ok you work on that
chelyha55: Did she use a whole pound of each color?
sylsnovelties: She took slices of each.
chelyha55: oh, ok
meows3xx: no, just equal amounts
chelyha55: got it
chelyha55: look at the fists of doom!
meows3xx: think I'm going to have to start chopping my onions by hand LOL
chelyha55: look how fast she is conditioning that clay!
sylsnovelties: The first time I saw that, I was shocked! heeheehee I was always too gentle with the clay.
meows3xx: that little machine is nifty
meows3xx: yahoo blew me off
meows3xx: what did NJ do with the yellow
sylsnovelties: She was running it through the pm.
meows3xx: k
auntyalias: Ok
auntyalias: questions?
chelyha55: none here
sylsnovelties: Nope, not yet!
meows3xx: not yet
auntyalias: The sheet going across the top is half zinc yellow and cobalt blue
auntyalias: that is the basic green
sylsnovelties: Nice green!
auntyalias: I mixed that basic green with equal portions of cobalt blue
auntyalias: for a blue green that looks bluer on camera that real life
auntyalias: then I pressed a sheet of yellow
auntyalias: I'm going to blend these three colors
sylsnovelties: Ooh, that will be nice!
auntyalias: with the basic green in the middle
auntyalias: that will be our blend, when we get that blend into a ribbon
sylsnovelties: Blue on one end and yellow on the other?
auntyalias: yes, blue/green, looks bluer here
auntyalias: than it is
auntyalias: that will be one half of our leaf segment
sylsnovelties: okie
auntyalias: we'll roll that ribbon of three colors so the yellow is in the middle of the jelly roll
auntyalias: that will be the highlight of our leaf segment
sylsnovelties: Oh, ok.
auntyalias: that jelly roll will be flattened , but not all the way
auntyalias: shall I get you the link? I think I should
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: two different sections on this leaf thing
auntyalias: variations on a theme
auntyalias: we'll do some of these variations today
sylsnovelties: Sounds good.
auntyalias: saving log, one minute...
sylsnovelties: I'm saving log and will do screen shots also. That way if one of us gets knocked out, we can have a back up.
auntyalias: thanks Syl, the screen shots would be nice
auntyalias: Ok, now shall I blend this by hand?
sylsnovelties: Whatever is easier for you.
auntyalias: my latest thing is hand blending, for those who don't have pasta presses, screen shots of that would be hip
auntyalias: we don't have many pictures of that process
sylsnovelties: ok.
auntyalias: the trick to hand blending is to get the triangle sheets of different clay color, lay them in the order you want them
auntyalias: fold the sheets in half and instead of pressing with a pasta press
sylsnovelties: We can divide this into two different albums.
auntyalias: you roll it up, mash it, and twist it, compress and then pull out like a ribbon, I'll show you now
chelyha55: I STILL haven't been able to get your technique to work for me
auntyalias: clay along with me as I do this one
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Mitch
frogger70301: hey, hon.
meows3xx: fold it in half twice, color to color, then roll it into a log
auntyalias: doing leaf, three color, blend, jelly roll and chevron flip
auntyalias: hand blend
meows3xx: puts some legs on it and ya got a cabbage worm
sylsnovelties: I am taking lasix, brb have to potty
chelyha55: lol
chelyha55: this is interesting
auntyalias: Roni, exactly
auntyalias: those twists make great bugs
chelyha55: a way to make a blend without a pasta machine
auntyalias: also if you didn't see the iris cane for eyeballs, light hand blending makes nice designs
auntyalias: NoraJean.Com Sculpt/Eyeball/011
auntyalias: is Syl back yet?
auntyalias: I want her to be here for the jelly roll
patab12000 joined the room
auntyalias: Howdy Pat
auntyalias: I'm doing a hand blend of green, yellow and blue green
auntyalias: to do a jelly roll to make the segment that will make a leaf
patab12000: hi
auntyalias: I'm going to roll this hand pulled sheet into a jelly roll with the yellow in the center
auntyalias: now I'm going to mash it
auntyalias: and then pull it
auntyalias: now this will be cut into segments and stacked
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
chelyha55: Hi Jude
jude: Howdy!
frogger70301: Heya, Jude.
auntyalias: Howdy Jude
jude: How is everyone today?
chelyha55: HOT!!!
auntyalias: dong a hand blend for jelly roll for segments on a leaf
auntyalias: Now, Roni, if you've not see this and Syl if you need to practice this
auntyalias: draw a line diagonally across these segments, going from one corner to the other
auntyalias: that's where you're going to cut
meows3xx: k
auntyalias: I'm going to flatten out a segment for the center vein before I cut and insert it in the cut, after you cut you turn one side all the way around and that will give you the chevron flip
sylsnovelties: I'm bak, I'm so sorry. I have tummy troubles too.
auntyalias: awww, Syl, shim poi poi
auntyalias: I'll do another leaf with you when you're feeling better, don't sweat the screen shots
auntyalias: ok?
jude: Neato!
auntyalias: hand blending gives you some variation in the blend
auntyalias: it looks more "natural"
auntyalias: than a perfectly homogenized blend, I think
meows3xx: great NJ, I need to practice
auntyalias: I'm going to do another one but put separations sheets between each segment, a variation on a theme
auntyalias: we'll see how the leaf looks like then
chelyha55: I like the less blended look
meows3xx: brb
Becky (amukinamerika) joined the room
frogger70301: hey, hon.
Becky: hi!
frogger70301: to get the cam, rtight click on NJ's name, then click view webcam.
frogger70301: didja get it yet?
frogger70301: I take that as a yeah!
chelyha55: I have another cool way to make a leaf, if I get a webcam someday I'll do a demo
sylsnovelties: That would be great Cheryl!!
jude: Love to see it, Cheryl!
chelyha55: Its actually a variation on a feather cane
sylsnovelties: Sounds interesting!
auntyalias: Three Color Leaf blend: Chevron flip with a blend
auntyalias: For those who have just arrived,
auntyalias: hand blend
auntyalias: makes nice variations in the blend and that works well with leaves, so I'm doing the second variation
auntyalias: using separation veins between segments, read the log if you get bored with my hand blending
auntyalias: LOL
meows3xx: back
auntyalias: Oh this hand blend is good for those who don't have a pasta machine
auntyalias: to do blends
sylsnovelties: That's how I did my first one.
jude: Wow!
frogger70301: oooh, cutie!
meows3xx: NJ's got a cutie!
sylsnovelties: Who was the cutie?
auntyalias: Chris a friend and co worker with Said
auntyalias: they are just stopping in for a bit
auntyalias: showing him the set up here with webcam
auntyalias: and is he gobsmacked amazed
jude: Howdy!
auntyalias: Roll Call, name and location
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
meows3xx: why don't you take a break NJ
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
frogger70301: Mitch, southeast LA
sylsnovelties: Syl, Gallup, NM
patab12000: Patricia HouTX
meows3xx: Roni Bloomfield HIlls MI
auntyalias: Chris is blown away, we are THE CUTTING EDGE
auntyalias: take a bow ladies
meows3xx: Mitch, are you close to Torrance
auntyalias: we out TECH'ed the boys
auntyalias: That's Louisanna, Roni, no Los Angeles
chelyha55: Cheryl in Tehachapi, CA
chelyha55: I was doing dishes
meows3xx: oh
auntyalias: see how you can pull out a ribbon with this hand blend?
chelyha55: I know,it's like, huh?
auntyalias: one does not necessarily need a pasta press
chelyha55: Well, ladies, I have to get back to work.
chelyha55: I'll check in later
chelyha55: Have fun
sylsnovelties: Bye Cheryl
jude: Bye, Cheryl! Don't go outside, it's a scorcher!
chelyha55: isn't that the truth!
meows3xx: bye Cheryl
chelyha55: I have two fans on in the studio
jude: Albertson's parking lot is like an oven.
chelyha55 left the room
meows3xx: very nice, much more veining
jude: Looks great!
jude: I love that flip.
sylsnovelties: Love it!
sylsnovelties: Got shots too
auntyalias: great Syl, thanks
auntyalias: now IF every segment were a leaf?
jude: There are several house plants with variegated leaves that look like that.
auntyalias: making veins and highlights in each segment?
sylsnovelties: I hadn't seen it done this way before.
auntyalias: Yes, Jude, that's why the hand blend, when done lightly, not all the way, gives you that variegated look
auntyalias: and it works well for leaves
jude: I love it.
jude: NJ used to do it differently before.
jude: This way seems much easier, and much more foolproof.
auntyalias: now take this same leaf trick
auntyalias: reduce
sylsnovelties: If you wanted a solid color leaf, would you just leave out the yellow?
auntyalias: and make lettuce
jude: I bet it makes great lettuce.
jude: Lettuce pray...sigh...I know, go to my room.
auntyalias: LOL, just like my Mom would say
patab12000 left the room
patab12000 joined the room
jude: brb, gotta get something to eat.
meows3xx: have to run, bye all, thanks NJ
meows3xx left the room
sylsnovelties: Can you hold that up again? I missed it
sylsnovelties: Thanks, got it
sylsnovelties: OOh, I love that!!!!
sylsnovelties: I have got to try that!!
amukinamerika left the room
auntyalias: Ok, with the fog here I can open the curtain
auntyalias: get a better look at the color
sylsnovelties: I got some great shots.
auntyalias: Ok, so a hand blend, jelly roll, mashed to make the segment of the leaf
sylsnovelties: I'll have to sort through them.
auntyalias: you can make a leaf without separation veins
auntyalias: with separation veins
auntyalias: then reduce that to add a bunch of leaves together and reduce
auntyalias: to make a leaf with many lines of color in it
sylsnovelties: I loved the second variation.
jude: Bak!
auntyalias: the one with a bunch of leaves put together?
jude: That is lovely! Really purty!
sylsnovelties: Yup, that one.
patab12000: It is a good thing to know how to do many different leafs
sylsnovelties: Sure is!
auntyalias: with one basic technique
sylsnovelties: I'm sorry, I don't know your name.
auntyalias: now if we blended in pearl instead of yellow
auntyalias: or as I did a couple of years ago, orange with green to make effort towards Autumn leaves
patab12000: my name is Patricia
sylsnovelties: Oh, that would be gorgeous!
auntyalias: it's still the same technique, basically, something that is stacked, chevron flip
sylsnovelties: Thanks, Hi Patricia!
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to take a little break, make the log page and get something to drink
auntyalias: how about 15 minutes or so
sylsnovelties: Sounds good.
auntyalias: potty break, get food and drink yourselves
auntyalias: ok, off to include the new stuff for the log page
auntyalias: brb