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05-29-03: DemoLog #3

What to do with Dog Bone End O Cane. Dave's Soap Opera Diversion.


05-29-03 WebCam Demo Pictures: Hand Blending, Jelly Roll, Chevron Flip and Salvaging End O Cane. 

kmrhodes: she chews and types! What a woman!
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: and talk to the family and drink coffee and smoke
auntyalias: who would have thunk it is all possible
auntyalias: Pat
kmrhodes: The woman of my dreams!
auntyalias: since you're going to be gone for a while
auntyalias: do you want anything special to be done for you?
auntyalias: or shall I continue on this loose hand blend fixation
auntyalias: did you see the eyeball cane?
patab12000: sorry some one messaged me, did you ask a ?
auntyalias: pat
auntyalias: did you see the eyeball cane?
patab12000: no did not see eyebalkl
auntyalias: loose hand blend and staggered layers?
auntyalias: done as a wedge
auntyalias: /Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-thms.htm
Davester (biodredd) joined the room
auntyalias: Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-thms.htm
auntyalias: here's looking at you Dave
auntyalias: LOL
sylsnovelties left the room
Davester: LOL!
auntyalias: ../../../Sculpt/Eyeball/DemoEye3-thm.htm
kmrhodes: Hey Dave
auntyalias: Pat check out this one
Davester: HOw goes the demo?
Davester: Hey!
auntyalias: ../../../Sculpt/Eyeball/008.htm
auntyalias: links on my home page Dave
auntyalias: with one Digi pix example
Davester: I see them.
Davester: The eyes have it.
auntyalias: not what you see in cam
auntyalias: we did leaves today with hand blending
kmrhodes: NJ is doing all sorts of strange things - wedges, staggered layers
Davester: Cool.
auntyalias: This light blending, and then staggering the sheets
auntyalias: gives a lot of variation
auntyalias: I thought, change the colors and you have interesting flower petals
Davester: Well, my life has been a frickin soap opera.
Davester: Missouri was supposed to be stress free.
kmrhodes: whats a happenen Dave
Davester: Ugh!
kmrhodes: whats the matter big boy
Davester: The short version is I eveicted Shane's dad from the property. He has until the end of June to get out.
kmrhodes: so that is good, right
Davester: I am now being threated with a lawsuit for slander which is impossible since I don't know anyone out here.
Davester: The eviction is good yes.
Davester: Shane's grandmother will be trying to throw me out of the trailer to defende her son.
kmrhodes: sounds like an ambulance chaser
auntyalias: time go to to Grand Rapids
kmrhodes: let NJ come and take care of it
Davester: ButShane's great grandmother will sell me the property the trailer sits on if Opal tries to throw me out, then Opal has to go trailer and all.
Davester: I'm staying and fighting.
Davester: I'm not turning my back on this one.
kmrhodes: you go, man
Davester: To sweeten the pot, we turned Shane's dad in for food stamp fraud, welfare fraud and child neglect.
kmrhodes: fight
kmrhodes: thats why you were sued
Davester: Also two charges of child sexual assault with other children that we jut found out about.
Davester: Don is going away for along time.
Davester: I don't know why he is suing.
techi_mom56: dang not nice person
Davester: We didn't do the other stuff until he threated to sue.
kmrhodes: to get even
kmrhodes: revenge
Davester: Yes, he did it to try and get even.
Davester: In any event, at the moment, I am holding all the cards.
Davester: I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop so I can slowly play my hand.
kmrhodes: hold them close
Davester: Shane wanted this property, and I'm going to make damn sure he gets it all.
kmrhodes: Thats my man
Davester: In about three weeks I should be the proud owner of five acres of missouri property.
kmrhodes: Yipee
Davester: If I stay and take care of Opal's parents.... if they need errands to the store, or trips to the hospital and such, they will also leave me their 47 additional acres.
Davester: Which I will then also sign over to shane.
techi_mom56: wow...
kmrhodes: Sounds like a clay retreat to me
Davester: He will get all of that and whatever else I can do.
kmrhodes: huh, NJ?
Davester: But I'm not backing down, and I'm not leaving for grand Rapids anymore.
Davester: Sorry.
Davester: I really shouldn't have disrupted you folks with all this.
kmrhodes: what are you sorry for Dave
Davester: This is demo time, not dave's life as a soap opera.
kmrhodes: You need to vent
auntyalias: Because he is a pesky wabbit
techi_mom56: dont sweat it....we love helping out...
Davester: LOL! Well I'm glad you are all here.
techi_mom56: we have all had bad times...
Davester: I know I dnt know all of you as well as I'd like, but I do like running into you here.
Davester: You are all very sweet. Thank you.
kmrhodes: We grow on ya, huh?
techi_mom56: and i didnt have many friends during mine...
Davester: Yes, like a cyst.
kmrhodes: Scabs
Davester: ROFL!
techi_mom56: giggle
kmrhodes: try to pick us off and we come back!
patab12000: hay, one thing that I liked about this group is everybody is here to suport you
Davester: Thanks a lot.
Davester: Cool, send money to the dave Fund!
kmrhodes: You silly wabbit
Davester: Actually, at some point, after we get things settled out here, a clay retreat might not be a bad idea.
Davester: We'll have to talk about it.
kmrhodes: WaHoo.... thats my Dave
Davester: You guys can clay, and I can cook and cut up the entire time.
kmrhodes: You clean too
Davester: Yes.
kmrhodes: do windows
Davester: You will love my armadillo road kill stew.
Davester: A Missouri speciality.
kmrhodes: scrub floors
Davester: Windows? What windows?
techi_mom56: ugh
Davester: Just kidding.
patab12000: and i thought that all armadillos were here in TX
Davester: They tried to trick me into think that rabbit was chiken one time.
Davester: No we have them here too.
kmrhodes: I'll bring polecat stew
Davester: The leg was shaped funny, but I knew 100% for sure after I found the buckshot in my next bite.
Davester: I was done with dinner for the evening.
patab12000: We really do put dillo in chilly
Davester: Interesting.
kmrhodes: Oh Pat, that sounds so funny
kmrhodes: dillo
Davester: When I was out her six years ago, there were no armadillos out here.
techi_mom56: i like out NW specialtys...dungeness crab and king salmon
patab12000: my uncle out in the woods has a special recipe
Davester: This time we see them all over on the sides of the road.
Davester: Crab and Salmon, Shane would be in Hog Heaven.
Davester: You folks gonna be on for a while yet or no?
Davester: I have to cook tonight.
patab12000: why did the dillo cross the road?
Davester: And its almost 7 here.
Davester: ???
kmrhodes: about 15 minuts for me
patab12000: he wanted to show the chicken it could be done
Davester: Okay, here is the joke I put in my email that Shane wrote.
Davester: Why did the toilet paper cross the road.
techi_mom56: uh oh
kmrhodes: ???
Davester: LOL!
Davester: It was stuck to the chicken's foot.
techi_mom56: lauh...
kmrhodes: Funny wabbit
techi_mom56: neat design NJ
Davester: Okay. I'm gonna go cook.
Davester: Thanks for listening.
Davester: I'll see ya if any of you are on later.
patab12000: I heard how did the cewing gum get across the st---stuck on the chickins foot
kmrhodes: have fun
techi_mom56: thnks for the joke!
Davester: Welcome.
patab12000: buy
Davester: ))) HUGS ((((
biodredd left the room
kmrhodes: hang in there
patab12000: wow, look what NJ has
kmrhodes: awesome
kmrhodes: she just amazes the heck out of me
techi_mom56: very delicate
kmrhodes: well, gals, time for me to get going
techi_mom56: loved the frog karen
kmrhodes: Thanks Nancy
patab12000: buy,nice meeting you
kmrhodes: Nice meeting you Pat
auntyalias: See Ya Karen
kmrhodes: See ya NJ
kmrhodes: I'm her assistant you know
kmrhodes: LOL.... BYE
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: my good right hand
kmrhodes left the room
techi_mom56: thats a neat pattern on the green
auntyalias: that section to the left is faced to itself
auntyalias: and then repeated as a wedge
auntyalias: sort of instant Victorian or something
auntyalias: often these patterns are fairly simple elements, just repeated a lot
techi_mom56: i love it...but i really like filigree
auntyalias: and easy
techi_mom56: do u have a mini tute on it?
auntyalias: we can make any number of these sort of patterns, what if we used different colors?
auntyalias: it's like a stencil in green and black
auntyalias: nope, you're in on the ground floor here
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: it's basically an orange cane
auntyalias: the wedge trick
auntyalias: the element you put in the wedge makes the difference
auntyalias: ../../../Sculpt/Eyeball/008.htm
auntyalias: Like this wedge that makes up the eyeball cane
techi_mom56: ahhh....
auntyalias: it was staggered sheets of lightly hand blended colors
techi_mom56: okay will check that out
patab12000: wow, i go get a pickle and you already have another prject done
auntyalias: Using a leaf from an earlier cemo
auntyalias: cut some slices uneven
auntyalias: so my flower isn't round but trumpet shaped
auntyalias: hmmm
auntyalias: put it in a bowl made with the filligree
auntyalias: to see if I can salvage the flower by sacrificing the leaf
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: noodling and doodling
patab12000: pretty
auntyalias: now the pink thing I wanted to talk a bit about
auntyalias: when you get an end of cane
auntyalias: where the top surround sheet got all stretched out so colors underneath are showing
auntyalias: like I had with that pink cane
auntyalias: I reduced it, mashed it
auntyalias: sliced and stacked it
auntyalias: I put the darker segments at the bottom and stacked them irregularly going upward, reduced it to a wedge and made the circle design
auntyalias: the center is another single section reduced and repeated 6 times
auntyalias: repeating easy patterns ...but it's that end of dog bone cane end
auntyalias: that everyone hates that can only make this sort of thing
auntyalias: I look for ways of salvaging my cane ends
auntyalias: so folks won't cry about 'wasted clay'
auntyalias: like this
patab12000: neat, i just toss them together for natasha
auntyalias: most folks would sigh and blend it to one shade, but I am loving these for this stacked graded thingie
auntyalias: stacking graded segments and fiddling with it will give you even better chop
auntyalias: than just this cane end as is
auntyalias: an experiment that went wonky
patab12000: beautiful
auntyalias: brb, door
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: my next door neighbor, Hilda, 92 years old
auntyalias: I help her with stuff
auntyalias: well I got to take a dinner break, got to cook and all that
auntyalias: so I'll be heading out in a bit. I'll be back later to see if there's any night owls hanging around
auntyalias: but duty calls
patab12000: thanks for the educatio
patab12000: I can join the demos next week, but then it's back to work
auntyalias: Next week is only Monday for me
patab12000: ok
auntyalias: going to the Museum on Thursday
auntyalias: others on the list are planning Demos to fill in for when I'm gone
patab12000: thought that was today
auntyalias: June 5th
patab12000: ok
auntyalias: I give notice a week in advance at least
auntyalias: so I can get activities planned
auntyalias: keeps the list from going into a coma
auntyalias: so what sort of summer school are you teaching?
auntyalias: Grade school age?
patab12000: this is the most active group i try to keep up with
auntyalias: LOL, we keep the kettle boiling
auntyalias: that's for sure
patab12000: private high school
auntyalias: wow, serious teaching then
auntyalias: gosh
patab12000: the kids that need extra attention, behavior problems
auntyalias: even harder
auntyalias: no wonder you're not going to be around, definately go on digest or no mail during the duration. We'll always be poking along when you get brain space for us.
patab12000: if i have one student who turns around I call that a successful year
auntyalias: exactly
techi_mom56: what a challange
patab12000: will be closs untill the 9th, i am loving this
auntyalias: ok Monday for sure then Pat
auntyalias: and you bring a request
auntyalias: for what ever you want to see done
patab12000: ok buy
auntyalias: give you a special send off from me
auntyalias: see ya Nancy
auntyalias: going to go cook
patab12000: thanks
auntyalias: xoxox
techi_mom56: catch you later
techi_mom56: huggs