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November 2002 Highlights

11-07-02: Mini Scenes -1

Fearless Leader: so let's play
Fearless Leader: ok?
kmrhodes: ok
teri56: sure thing, sweetie
jude: ure!
Kathy: okie dokie
Fearless Leader: we got our half dozen and it's time
jude: er...Sure!
Fearless Leader: some choices though
Fearless Leader: shall we start out big and then work down to the wee
wee scales
Fearless Leader: or start out really small
Fearless Leader: and work up?
Fearless Leader: I got electricity thing to show you
teri56: hmmmmmm, I vote for starting big
Fearless Leader: for lighting is key
teri56: oh - I definitely want to see the lighting tricks
Fearless Leader: ok, big and we start out lighting, like we're just
moving in
Fearless Leader: we got nothing in this room
teri56: a naked room
kmrhodes: I blushing
jude: Nekkid! GASP!
kmrhodes: cover my eyes
kmrhodes: tell me when its okay to look
Fearless Leader: ok, this is a room box that MargieR in NC made for
me, bless her heart
Fearless Leader: it has a door to the left and a wingow on the back
Fearless Leader: I'll take you in the room to show you
kmrhodes: how big is it NJ
kmrhodes: measurement - wise
teri56: heh heh heh ....... good way to show scale
kmrhodes: her hand in the back looked like a fat little naked santa
kmrhodes: lol
Fearless Leader: now
Fearless Leader: the window
Fearless Leader: people neglect back lighting
Fearless Leader: and dropping a picture on the other side to make a
Fearless Leader: so let's find a view
Fearless Leader: and light it
Fearless Leader: see what sort of effect we will get, for this is too
urban a view, like some crowded concrete jungle
Kathy: what kind of things would you use for a view . . . a photograph
. . .
kmrhodes: magazine photo?
jude: You could print out any scene and use that.
Fearless Leader: this is a calendar picture from a Chinese Restaurant
Kathy: hmmmm a Japanese garden . . .
Kathy: I guess you really want to keep those images in scale as well
as perspective, right?
buci131 joined the room
Kathy: hi Eva
buci131: Hi all
kmrhodes: hey eva
teri56: hi Eva - we just started
teri56: with an empty room.......NJ put an outdoor scenery pic at the
buci131: Cool--I won't actually be able to stay long cuase I have a
dr.'s appointment soon
teri56: and is showing us the lighting
buci131: Oh, that's something you can get at a miniature's store?
jude: Yes, they have lighting systems just for dollhouses.
jude: Different kinds, too.
buci131: Cool
jude: I've seen small lamps that don't plug into anything. They run
off a very small battery.
buci131: How long does the battery last?
jude: Not sure.
buci131: Pretty wild stuff, that's for sure
jude: Probably like a watch battery. Like that.
buci131: That would make sense
jude: Other systems, like NJ is using, are hard wired directly to the
buci131: It looked like a miniature power strip?
Kathy: yeah, that's what I was thinking
Fearless Leader: now check the shadows thrown on the wall
Fearless Leader: this is a film making trick
Fearless Leader: we've made a movie set
seblack991234 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Just pulled Suz Black into the Chat
Fearless Leader: say Howdy to our List Mother
seblack991234: Hi Gang I am here...Love, Suz
Fearless Leader: for the Mother of all Lists
jude: Howdy, Suz!
kmrhodes: Hey Suz!
Kathy: hi
Fearless Leader: so Suz
teri56: hiya Suz!!
buci131: Hi
Fearless Leader: I have a room box
Fearless Leader: with an open window
frogger70301: Hey, Suz.
Fearless Leader: I put a picture behind the room box and lit with a
"grain of wheat" light
seblack991234: Howdy.
Fearless Leader: Let me back up and show you the size of the room box
Fearless Leader: ok, then we'll move on
kmrhodes: another finger walk
seblack991234: Love the web cam.
Fearless Leader: we need light IN the Room
seblack991234: Yes, a little dark at times.
kmrhodes: Okay NJ. Did you put the light up against the picture or
between the picture and the window?
Fearless Leader: between
Fearless Leader: adjust for the time of day you want
kmrhodes: gotcha
Fearless Leader: this is a lamp you can buy
jude: For size, the standard room boxes you can buy are 15" W x 10" H
x 9" D, approximately.
Fearless Leader: the multi plug surge protector I like for I can plug
in a ton of stuff
buci131: it IS a miniature power strip
buci131: does it have an on/off switch on it?
buci131: cool, Thanks
jude: Yes, they do have an on/off switch.
jude: I have my Hobby Builder's Supply catalog handy here.
seblack991234: Probably lots of Walmarts have mini xmas lights and
mini street lamps out in their Xmas decoratation departments right
now. I bought them over the years and some are really great for cheap
seblack991234: They also will have mini trees that one could have a
ball making poly delights for.
kmrhodes: yeah, I think I saw them getting that stuff on the shelf the
other day
seblack991234: Check out all the mini decorations. A lot can have the
strings cut off and used as miniatures.
buci131: Hate to do this but I'm gonna have to go already--daughter's
up and I'll be leaving for the dr. soon (though I'd much rather be
Fearless Leader: pop back in when you can Eva
kmrhodes: Yea, we'll be here
Fearless Leader: this is going to be a meditation more than a marathon
jude: See you later, Eva!
buci131: I will--hopefully can a little later on. Sounds good--Bye all
seblack991234: Bye. gave a good afternoon.
kmrhodes: bye eva
buci131 left the room
Fearless Leader: ok we have some furniture to choose from
Fearless Leader: shall we browse what we have and then start tossing
it in the box?
kmrhodes: sure
teri56: sounds good
jude: Okie.
seblack991234: How long are you going to have the web cam on? Maybe
Phillip might drop by with his and I could turn one on too?
Fearless Leader: we're going to be going on all day
Fearless Leader: until I fall over
Kathy: Nora Jean . . . does this room have a "theme" yet?
Fearless Leader: and anyone else who has a cam and wants to make a
Fearless Leader: is welcome to
Fearless Leader: I'm asking for the Theme to be chosen
Fearless Leader: I have to dig out the Japanese bedding still
Fearless Leader: Let me show you trash to furniture first
Fearless Leader: you know pudding cups?
seblack991234: Yes
Kathy: oh yes . . .
Fearless Leader: Table base
Fearless Leader: round velvet
Kathy: ok, throw a tablecloth over it . .
seblack991234: Great idea!
Fearless Leader: and hold it in place with a Doilie Choaker
Kathy: Thanks for that shot . . . didn't know what a doilie choker was
. . LOL
Kathy: looks like those decorator tables . . .
Kathy: martini
Kathy: yum
Fearless Leader: ok now for cheap table trick
Fearless Leader: those stacking boxes, the lids make table tops
Fearless Leader: the base is anything wrapped with matching fabric to
the first table
Fearless Leader: instead of chairs, why not big poofs
Kathy: like tuffets . . .
seblack991234: Pretty clever.
Fearless Leader: now we've filled this room with the large furniture
pieces and didn't buy anything
Fearless Leader: just scav'd what we needed
Fearless Leader: with bits and pieces of crap we have around anyway
Fearless Leader: pizza protectors
Fearless Leader: good as stools and tables
Kathy: ya know . . . I used to do this with my barbie stuff when I was
a kid . .
Fearless Leader: cover with clay
Fearless Leader: if you want to be a purist
Kathy: wow, pretty . . . it's nice to see that in context with other
boobearns joined the room
Fearless Leader: you can make a stool with rings of clay, this is my
FIRST mini stool
jude: Most miniaturists are scavengers.
seblack991234: This would be a good idea when just an idea hits you
and you don't have the money to go buy but want the idea anyway. Then
when the budget allows it you could start replacing while all along
making little minis to decorate with.
Fearless Leader: now to pepper a scene
seblack991234: Kinda like when we first move out into our own first
Fearless Leader: when one is making a hotel room look like a real
guest is staying there
Fearless Leader: like for cops and crooks playing sting games
Fearless Leader: they "pepper" the room with things that are personal
jude: What an analagy! LOL!
jude: er...analogy.
Fearless Leader: LOL
seblack991234: LOL
Fearless Leader: if there are seven layers of design
Fearless Leader: the floors and walls and trim of this room box was
already done
Fearless Leader: the next layer is the larger objects
Fearless Leader: the next layer is the pepper
Fearless Leader: the this and that of our lives that make a room home
Fearless Leader: and not a motel room
Fearless Leader: the pepper I've chosen for this scav'd furniture set
Fearless Leader: are the Christmas stuff
Fearless Leader: are you ready?
seblack991234: yep
jude: Sure!
boobearns: OK
Fearless Leader: let's look at the dusty junked up Christmas stuff I
got here
Kathy: is that elmo in a gift bag?
boobearns: I was just thinking that!!
Kathy: yep
boobearns: how cute!
Kathy: how convenient . . . self stick lamp?
boobearns: question...NJ, are you going to be working on this box for
most of the day? So if I pop in later I"ll see what you've gotten
Fearless Leader: pop in and out
boobearns: OK, hard to focus with the kids awake!
Fearless Leader: I'm going to start out with the larger things, I have
a folding tree
Kathy: I need to run, too . . . have to help #1 son with homework and
start dinner. I'll pop in later . . . thanks NJ . . . bye everyone!
w8koqs3rd left the room
Fearless Leader: Since it's not Christmas yet the stash of ornaments
are still in the box
boobearns: gotta go, Troy was just painting a chair with a bottle of
white glue that he found somewhere...Kaitlyn knew but didn't tell I have a BIG mess to clean up
boobearns left the room
jude: White glue? Oh, goodie.
tedi382001 left the room
Fearless Leader: all of these things are made with scraps of this and
Fearless Leader: only the box and the lighting involves a cash
Fearless Leader: the printables are great for the holidays, let me
show you some Tubes of Wrapping Paper
marcysspirit joined the room
jude: Those are great!
ladytex49 joined the room
ladytex49: Hi everyone...whjat we doin here? And how long has it been
seblack991234: Oh...those were my contributions to the printies list.
Fearless Leader: yup
Fearless Leader: now to get paper that has print small enough
Fearless Leader: to do minis, go to Family Circle or Lady's Home
Fearless Leader: and hit the Ads
Fearless Leader: they have small print that can be cut out and rolled
up for wrapping paper with the right size designs,
Fearless Leader: let me show you
seblack991234: Plus they would be more shiny and flimsy like the real
paper vs the printies
Fearless Leader: exactly
boobearns joined the room
ladytex49: Hey Boo...Forgive me, can't remeber your name...
Fearless Leader: tinsel is just foil sliced and the box is from Jim
Collin's printables
Fearless Leader: It's Doro from Halifax
boobearns: yes??
Fearless Leader: kissie kiss, nothing
boobearns: ohh...sorry...was too busy looking at the pic, didn't see
the question
Fearless Leader: LOL, ok dig
Fearless Leader: tinsel
boobearns: 5 minutes of peace, they are both in a time out!
jude: You didn't murder them?
ladytex49 left the room
jude: Missed your chance?
boobearns: no...not this time
jude: It's justifiable homicide, you know.
ladytex49 joined the room
Fearless Leader: ok, so Jim Collins Printables
ladytex49: Sorry I fell out...
boobearns: I know...but I just didn't have the strength
Fearless Leader: we go there and print out the bags we need
Fearless Leader: but to get wrapping paper we go to the magazines
Fearless Leader: and look for small designs we can use
jude: Jim also has some really neat wallpaper.
Fearless Leader: clock faces that are faced straight to the camera too
Fearless Leader: Here's some things I printed out years ago
boobearns: you know what I learned the other day...Country Sample
magazine on the back cover is just a design, could be wallpaper
Fearless Leader: let's see how much they've faded
boobearns: oops... Sampler
Fearless Leader: these are printables
boobearns: that's not real fabric??
jude: Pretty. Rug, yes?
Fearless Leader: paper, copy paper
boobearns: amazing!!
Fearless Leader: and years old
boobearns: supper is I go again...will pop back in later on
ladytex49: I should age so well
boobearns left the room
marcysspirit left the room
Fearless Leader: this is a necklace
Fearless Leader: I use it for ornaments
Fearless Leader: now I ask you
Fearless Leader: how much cash was spent on putting this scene
Fearless Leader: pudding cups
Fearless Leader: scrap fabric
Fearless Leader: paper printed carpets
Fearless Leader: pizza protectors and clay
Fearless Leader: cut out magazine pictures
Fearless Leader: we spent less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks
Fearless Leader: I'll betcha
seblack991234: Got to run for a minute. Setting up web cam.
seblack991234 left the room
Fearless Leader: Okie Dokie Suz
Fearless Leader: I love the shadows thrown on the wall from interior
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions at this point
Fearless Leader: and ask if folks need a potty break, it's been one
hour and one half