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November 2002 Highlights

11-07-02: Mini Scenes -3

Fearless Leader: good time for a potty break and I'll save log
dbluwitch26: ok with me
Fearless Leader: good, cuz I got to take a biological break, brb
dbluwitch26: how's the storm
Fearless Leader: no visible lightening yet
Fearless Leader: thunder is soft, far away
dbluwitch26: good
Fearless Leader: but I might not be able to stay on as long as I
figured if it gets busy
dbluwitch26: go doodle
dbluwitch26: did you get biological yet
sylsnovelties: Did I miss a lot of goodies?
dbluwitch26: i missed quite a lot of the original room building but
got to see the dollhouse in a doll houds=se built
dbluwitch26: ooops house in a house
sylsnovelties: Oh neat! I've had company today, it figures, huh?
frogger70301 joined the room
Fearless Leader: ok back
Fearless Leader: I want to show you another form of mini scene with
Fearless Leader: ready?
dbluwitch26: nj discussed using multi sized goodies to make the rooms
look more real
sylsnovelties: Hi Mitch!
frogger70301: Hey.
seblack991234: Ready.
sylsnovelties: ready
dbluwitch26: ready
Fearless Leader: dancing doll in a box
dbluwitch26: that's all clay
Fearless Leader: you can turn her around through a wire in her head
Fearless Leader: legs go flippity flop
frogger70301: It's a mini mini scene, huh?
frogger70301: Oh, wow.
sylsnovelties: How cute!
ladytex49: Sure is...
frogger70301: Is that a mag page or something like that for the
Fearless Leader: that's an old picture of my work room
Fearless Leader: Michele/Luny of Florida
frogger70301: oh, really wow!
Fearless Leader: our Moderator who is on haiatus
Fearless Leader: did it as a portrait of me
Fearless Leader: that's me dancing the happy dance
Fearless Leader: with my junk behind me
Fearless Leader: ergo the Kimono on the back
dbluwitch26: aahhh, i see, wow
frogger70301: Ooohhh, I like that!
sylsnovelties: What a great idea!
ladytex49: yes..a great diea for a gift forsomeone you have absolutely
no idea what to get him/her!!!
sylsnovelties: Is that fabric on the table or clay?
Fearless Leader: fabric honey, over a turned over pudding cup
sylsnovelties: Oh neat!
Fearless Leader: I'm looking for something and I thought I set it out
Fearless Leader: hold up ... good time to chat amongst yourselves
because I got the searchies
ladytex49: Hey Mitch that dancing doll thing would proabbly work in
your eggs???
frogger70301: Yeah, that is what I want to do with the angel I'm
working on mow.
ladytex49: No throwing clay wads just cuz "teach" is outta the room...
frogger70301: now, sorry.
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
Fearless Leader: found it, LOL
frogger70301: If I can figure out how to get her in the egg.
sylsnovelties: That will be interesting, Mitch!
ladytex49: teach is back...
dbluwitch26: ooooooo now that's teenie
frogger70301: Hey, throw some toys on the floor and it'll almost look
like my house. Size and all!
ladytex49: How were those chairs made?
Fearless Leader: These are plastic
Fearless Leader: store bought
Fearless Leader: and the reason why I got them was to gage the scale
of things I'm going to make with woodsies and fabric and glue
Fearless Leader: no harm in having a "pattern" to work from for scale
ladytex49: that is true...and a good idea as well..
sylsnovelties: Right.
Fearless Leader: now with a roof on this
Fearless Leader: if you're new to the smaller scales these cheap
plastic furniture is a great beginning
Fearless Leader: you can pepper this scene with mini stuff that is
right for this scale
sylsnovelties: Darn, my niece just dropped in and needs help with her
homework, so i have to go.
sylsnovelties: I hope to be back later. Bye all! thanks for what I got
to see.
dbluwitch26: bye syl
Fearless Leader: ciao syl
ladytex49: byeeeeee
Fearless Leader: now, are you ready to go smaller?
seblack991234: Bye
dbluwitch26: than this
ladytex49: what is that?
Fearless Leader: A south african claymate
Fearless Leader: thought my saying
Fearless Leader: blow your skirt up
Fearless Leader: was so funny
Fearless Leader: she made this wee fairy
Fearless Leader: with her skirt being blown up
ladytex49: it is soo sweet...
Fearless Leader: but that isn't her smallest
Fearless Leader: dig this
Fearless Leader: african mommy with her baby
Fearless Leader: a basket on her head
dbluwitch26: how fantastic
Fearless Leader: but that's not her smallest
Fearless Leader: an angel
dbluwitch26: that's amazing
Fearless Leader: now look at this dresser top with these micro minis
on it and don't it look real?
dbluwitch26: she does phenomenal work on such a micro scale
seblack991234: Yes, great!
Fearless Leader: mix your scales
dbluwitch26: i think she uses less clay in those than i brush off the
Fearless Leader: for in our lives our scales are mixed
Fearless Leader: we have full size things
Fearless Leader: we have our accessories and toys and they are in
different scales
Fearless Leader: with you mix scales like this
Fearless Leader: this is a mini scene
Fearless Leader: a lamp
Fearless Leader: a couple of table top knick knacks
Fearless Leader: soft lighting and deep shadows,
Fearless Leader: that's how our lives are
Fearless Leader: often room boxes are light up like a sales department
Fearless Leader: which they often are
Fearless Leader: but I think it makes things less intimate
Fearless Leader: and fake looking
Fearless Leader: we don't live in a flood lit room
Fearless Leader: we have spots of light
Fearless Leader: puddles of light
Fearless Leader: shadows in the corners
Fearless Leader: this is how I feel we should think of our mini scenes
because really
Fearless Leader: you can get away with less clay, less minis, more
effect by working with light and shadow and mixing scales
Fearless Leader: a couple of well placed items, little bit of lighting
to draw the eye where you want it to go
seblack991234: You sure are changing my thoughts on lighting things
from now on. Thanks!
Fearless Leader: if someone comes with a flash light to see into the
Fearless Leader: then ask them do they want the "Sales Floor" lighting
Fearless Leader: if not, light it like you would a movie set
Fearless Leader: set your mood with moonlight coming in a window
Fearless Leader: through venetian blinds
Fearless Leader: falling on a sleeping figure
Fearless Leader: just like real life
ladytex49: I gotta leave, it is breathing machine time..NJ once again
you have done a fantastic job..alotta thought and planning have gone
into this...and I think you for it all!! (((hugs)))
Fearless Leader: Love and hugs honey
Fearless Leader: my pleasure
dbluwitch26: bye bye
ladytex49 left the room
seblack991234: bye
Fearless Leader: ok, I just saved log and it's break time
merrie60us joined the room
Fearless Leader: questions, comments?
merrie60us: Hi
seblack991234: You did wonderful!
dbluwitch26: how long you breaking for
Fearless Leader: 15 minutes, Hey Merrie
Fearless Leader: just got here for a break
merrie60us: okay I will come back can get my laundry
dbluwitch26: ok can fix pa lunch in that time
Fearless Leader: ok, good, I'll heat up some coffee and get the next
batch of stuff ready
sylsnovelties left the room
techi_mom56: got my first trial basket done..learned alot from it
frogger70301: Are you gonna show us some pics of it?
dbluwitch26: aawww pooh, had guests arrive just in time to eat, hope i
can make it back later, bye
dbluwitch26 left the room
techi_mom56: absolutely..but i dont have a webcam ..yet..soon
though..if i can find one over the weekend it may do some practicing
with the mean time i will put them in message in the picture to start another one in a few minutes...
frogger70301: Well, I gotta go too. T-Guy should be home in a few. See
yall later.
seblack991234 left the room
frogger70301: Thnx, Nancy. Can't wait to see it.
frogger70301 left the room
techi_mom56: giggle the first one is kind of ugly...i didnt put
something over the pill bottle and it i had to kind of cut
it off
merrie60us: brb
Fearless Leader: Nancy, did everyone bugger off?