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November 2002 Highlights

11-07-02: Mini Scenes -4

Fearless Leader: Nancy, did everyone bugger off?
techi_mom56: i guess...for now...
techi_mom56: dbluwith and merrie said they would be back
Fearless Leader: ah, ok
Fearless Leader: I'm just checking the list
Fearless Leader: and doing some admin until we have a handful of folks
techi_mom56: yeah i loaded the dishwasher and walked the
dog...starting another trial basket
Fearless Leader: I best get back to it while I can, I think everyone
is catching up with real life chores for a bit
Fearless Leader: it's good
Fearless Leader: I'll be back in a few
techi_mom56: smile
merrie60us left the room
chenoa_2b joined the room
chenoa_2b: hi nancy
faye_shelton joined the room
chenoa_2b: Hi faye
faye_shelton: Hi. I finally made it. . .
chenoa_2b: I just got here too. Alex had his 6th birthday today.
Fearless Leader: happy birthday to Alex
Fearless Leader: big man now
faye_shelton: yea!!! big six! fun time. Happy Birthday.
chenoa_2b: lol whines like crazy now! lol I will have to tell him
faye_shelton: k
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
chenoa_2b: hiya jude!
chenoa_2b: Oh! Where did you get that little elmo?!?
faye_shelton: Hi Jude
Fearless Leader: part of a Holiday Swap from 1999 or 2000
chenoa_2b: I am dying to know how it was made!
faye_shelton: isn't that the cutest thing?!!
chenoa_2b: Is he out of clay?
faye_shelton: Nicole would flip out for him
chenoa_2b: Amie loves elmo! lol
chenoa_2b: that little bear is cute, but dang! Elmo does it! lol
Fearless Leader: Christmas box o junk
chenoa_2b: I wish I had enough umph to do a scrooge box! Something
like his cold, dark office.
Fearless Leader: that's the tour of the room
chenoa_2b: I almost want to ask, "hey! Did you take a pic of Said, one
christmas? lol
Fearless Leader: this room box had smaller and smaller scales of
things inside
Fearless Leader: the blue shelves on the armoir behind JenDoll is
1/4th scale
Fearless Leader: Mr. Mousie too
Fearless Leader: then there's even smaller things that are set as
decorations on tables
Fearless Leader: like by the window ....
chenoa_2b: That is why it looks so real.
Fearless Leader: yes, by mixing scale in a room box
Fearless Leader: and not lighting it like a supermarket
Fearless Leader: play with the shadows
Fearless Leader: so there's like a half a dozen mini scenes inside of
this room box
Fearless Leader: and that's just goofing around with rectangles
Fearless Leader: when we can put a mini scene in anything really
jude: Jaws?
chenoa_2b: Like mitch is doing with her eggs?
Fearless Leader: dod
jude: Oh!
jude: It looked like a gaping shark mouth to me for a sec.
chenoa_2b: lol
jude: My overactive imagination is at it again.
faye_shelton: my grandson Chris is here asking a kazillion questions
Fearless Leader: what is he asking honey
chenoa_2b: hiya Chris! Isn't this neato?
faye_shelton: yeah, he says
chenoa_2b: Glad to have ya on board!
Fearless Leader: here's some Christmas Ideas
chenoa_2b: Now is that sock made out of clay?
Fearless Leader: it's knitted
chenoa_2b: himmmm
faye_shelton: oh, finally he has gone to bed. he wanted to know about
everything he saw on cam.
jude: I've seen some mini knitting. They use dressmaker pins as
knitting needles.
faye_shelton: and I told him NOra made them from clay. He's excited.
chenoa_2b: Sheeze! They have got to be crazy!
jude: Yes, they are. It is very tiny.
chenoa_2b: And what do they use for yarn?
faye_shelton: amazing. I'd have to have (even stronger) magnifying
jude: They shred yarn/thread, get very, very thin lengths.
jude: DMC floss will separate into thing lengths, too.
jude: thing? LOL...thin
chenoa_2b: ok... laugh, but I am going to have to try it. lol Just to
see if I can.
jude: Go for it.
faye_shelton: please, oh, please, let us know!
jude: I can't get my fingers to work that tiny, otherwise I'd give it
a try.
faye_shelton: I used to crochet a little. 100% scale, tho
chenoa_2b: lol before and after pics eh? Before with hair, after
jude: I'm a crocheter, too.
chenoa_2b: I have used the punch needle thread to crochet a mini
afaghan before.
faye_shelton: My mom was amazing at crochet
jude: I like crochet because it was more versitile than knitting.
chenoa_2b: Oh! I have got to do a spinning sceane with a drop spindle!
faye_shelton: yes!
faye_shelton: kewl idea
jude: That would be neat.
jude: There are so many things you can use in minis. You don't look at
"normal" things the same any more.
chenoa_2b: Just a bit. A room with a rug, and a rocking chair, and a
basket with wool, then the spindle, and there you have it!
Fearless Leader: there's the penny
Fearless Leader: for the size reference
jude: Dont' chuck that old broken VCR out. Open it up and use the
faye_shelton: wow. Chris should have stayed to see the penny
faye_shelton: He did see your hand, tho. He was amazed at how small it
all is.
chenoa_2b: there is a whole generation of youngins out there that
think Aunty Nora is way to cool! lol
faye_shelton: I hear ya
Fearless Leader: ok, those are just some ideas for making minis for
Fearless Leader: Aunty Nora is way too cool
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I got to take a biological break
chenoa_2b: We know that! lol But I swear we are raising up a whole fan
club for Aunty Nora! lol
Fearless Leader: good, got to get the mini makers while they are young
Fearless Leader: brb
chenoa_2b: ok
jude: Well, if you must, you must...
sew_short joined the room
chenoa_2b: Kay isn't it?
Fearless Leader: Kay
Fearless Leader: hey honey
faye_shelton: Hi Kay
sew_short: Hi
chenoa_2b: Yah know I can see one of faye's or james's spheres opening
up and a sceane inside.
faye_shelton: that'd be kewl
Fearless Leader: she's writing in a Jim Collins Printable Holiday Card
Fearless Leader: she's good, she's doing her Christmas cards already
Fearless Leader: for those who weren't part of the beginning
sew_short: She's pretty
Fearless Leader: look out the window there
Fearless Leader: see the window on the left
Fearless Leader: look at the back ground, I'm going to move it
sew_short: yes
faye_shelton: yes
chenoa_2b: yup
Fearless Leader: the background
Fearless Leader: is a big picture from a calendar
Fearless Leader: and there's a light on the back of the room box
jude: On the left?
Fearless Leader: to illuminate it
sew_short: Is it on a shelf?
jude: I see a light on the right.
chenoa_2b: lol visions of King Kong! Sorry my cold meds are affecting
me! lol
jude: Oh, wait...there it is.
faye_shelton: oh, i see
jude: My contrast is the pits here.
jude: I'm also blind as a bat.
faye_shelton: welcome to the club, Jude. Not good, for a
Fearless Leader: did you see me shine the light through the window?
faye_shelton: me, that is
jude: I know what you mean. I have a lot of trouble with colors, too.
chenoa_2b: Ok, what did you use for the background outside the window?
Where did you get it?
Fearless Leader: there
sew_short: Yes, was wondering if a car drove past her screne
sew_short: scene
sew_short: Now looks like a porch light was on
sew_short: Cute NJ
chenoa_2b: Aha! I can use a priority box for a mini room box! lol
Fearless Leader: priority stickers in lieu of scotch tape
Fearless Leader: ok, when you put a picture a couple of inches away
from the window
Fearless Leader: and make the picture large enough
Fearless Leader: you can walk past the room box
Fearless Leader: and feel like you're getting different angles on the
Fearless Leader: outside
Fearless Leader: you can light it for day or soft light for night
chenoa_2b: ok
sew_short: Good idea
Fearless Leader: it's a film making trick
sew_short: aha
chenoa_2b: like the view of the city behind jay leno sort of thing?
Fearless Leader: yes and Mitch was figuring the background can be 3D
Fearless Leader: as an alternate to a photo
Fearless Leader: I say, sure, just add some lighting
Fearless Leader: for those who weren't here earlier I'll show you the
power strip where all this mini lighting is plugged into
Fearless Leader: the tour of the different mini scenes inside the room
Fearless Leader: any questions or anything?
sew_short: back - heard the wind chimes going like crazy -
investigated and it was the ones hanging under the kitchen cabinets -
Kali the cat was sitting under them jingling them with her nose!
chenoa_2b: I need to figure out how to get a box, and make a scene! It
is driving me crazy! lol
Fearless Leader: anything will do, a cigar box
Fearless Leader: like the Golden Mermaid
chenoa_2b: I can't seem to find any cigar boxes around here!
Fearless Leader: Mr. Mousie's house is just a paper mache box
sew_short: Awwwww
sew_short: 1/4" ??
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: I thought I was "all that" when I made this and then
Marcella from Holland sends me this...hold on
sew_short: Wow
sew_short: Oh my gosh!
sew_short: Look at those tiny toys
Fearless Leader: it's a gardening hutch
Fearless Leader: with seed packs and tools
Fearless Leader: and all that
chenoa_2b: How ever in the world! It is amazing!
sew_short: OK but what was sitting on a shelf dangling down - looked
like a toy doll?
sew_short: Top shelf - has blue and white
Fearless Leader: My Dancing Doll, Michelle/Luny made it as my portrait
faye_shelton: she must have some of those little trekky nano-dudes
workin for her. amazing
Fearless Leader: her legs go flippty flop and you can turn her around
and around
jude: I love those nano-dudes. LOL!
sew_short: How cute
Fearless Leader: That picture in the back is one of my workroom pix
faye_shelton: wow
Fearless Leader: she reduced and put on the background
Fearless Leader: but dig the back
sew_short: There she goes, dancing around again!\
Fearless Leader: nifty no?
sew_short: nifty yes!
chenoa_2b: Wow!
Fearless Leader: pagoda edges on the roof
chenoa_2b: No matter how you look at it, it is art!
Fearless Leader: so we have Mr. Mousie as one size
Fearless Leader: this is another mini scene
sew_short: Is this a box covered with clay?
Fearless Leader: just a box covered with clay
Fearless Leader: some wires and jump rings
Fearless Leader: a picture and some glue
Fearless Leader: I want all of you to think of mini scenes being able
to be in anything
Fearless Leader: an egg
Fearless Leader: a small box
Fearless Leader: an altoid tin
Fearless Leader: I don't care what it is, if you can get a couple of
things in the space, it's a mini scene
Fearless Leader: and it's as easy as gathering up bits and scraps from
your work table
Fearless Leader: get some glue, some sissors and just start tossing
the bits in a box
Fearless Leader: or an egg
Fearless Leader: or a tin
Fearless Leader: if you're going to work in One Inch Scale
Fearless Leader: take your practice of 1/2 inch, 1/4th inch and pepper
your room box with it
Fearless Leader: for it will make it feel more homey if you do
chenoa_2b: I gotta go take a break. BRB
Fearless Leader: ok, break time