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November 2002 Highlights

11-07-02: Mini Scenes -5

chenoa_2b: I gotta go take a break. BRB
Fearless Leader: ok, break time
sew_short: ok
Fearless Leader: 15 minutes, I got to serve up dinner
sew_short: ok
merrie60us joined the room
chenoa_2b: ok.... back
chenoa_2b: Nora, is any of the furniture made out of clay?
Fearless Leader: Yes, let me set some out for you to see
Fearless Leader: the first thing I ever made
Fearless Leader: all obsessed with wood grain
Fearless Leader: was a cross section of a trunk to make a stool
chenoa_2b: But it looks good!
Fearless Leader: I was happy with it, this is as old as my stuff comes
chenoa_2b: Everyone I talk to off list, is obsessed about having
everythingi work. Like the drawers and all.
Fearless Leader: let them do this in wood....hold up
chenoa_2b: I keep looking at some of the Jim collins printies of
chairs and what not. wondering if I can manage to make some out of
clay and cloth.
Fearless Leader: I use Jim's Printables for everything
Fearless Leader: as patterns to use on clay sheets
Fearless Leader: as themselves
Fearless Leader: the rug in the room box
Fearless Leader: is a printable from Jim's site
Fearless Leader: on copy paper
chenoa_2b: I love em! I just did five sets of playing cards! lol
Fearless Leader: let me show you some I printed up years ago
Fearless Leader: I got cards too, money too
Fearless Leader: stationery and news papers
Fearless Leader: persian rug
Fearless Leader: just copy paper and a color printer
chenoa_2b: Now how did you get that to look so real?!
Fearless Leader: copied it from Jim's site
Fearless Leader: and printed it out in PhotoShop without any changes
Fearless Leader: his stuff is good
Fearless Leader: a blue rug
merrie60us left the room
chenoa_2b: they are! I took the sheet of cards, and rubbed chalk on
the back of them. Then covered them with plastic sheeting and cut them
out. they look so real now!
chenoa_2b: I want to make some little clay poker chips. lol
Fearless Leader: I got a lot of printables for Kai3's traveling kit
chenoa_2b: I think part of what holds me back, is thinking everything
has to be working. And be perfect. So I never go ahead, never fail,
but never even get a chance to succeed!
Fearless Leader: dig these printables
chenoa_2b: Is the moneey printed on both sides?
Fearless Leader: one side printed, folded and then taped
chenoa_2b: ok! Got it! lol Duh!
chenoa_2b: What! No chinese take out boxes?!?
chenoa_2b: lol I knew it! lol
Fearless Leader: he he he
Fearless Leader: dig this
Fearless Leader: reduce your photos
Fearless Leader: and make mini photos
faye_shelton: I like!
chenoa_2b: And the frame? Clay?
techi_mom56: gotta fix dinner...brb
Fearless Leader: ok Nancy
Fearless Leader: paper frame
chenoa_2b: ok
Fearless Leader: ShirleyK, who used to be center in the central point
swaps made them for me last year since I was down with the bad wrist
Fearless Leader: and I took them on the road with me when I went on
Fearless Leader: Traveling Kai3 is my example of what one can make
with minis, clay is just a part of the deal
chenoa_2b: it is awesome though! It gives so much depth to the scene.
Fearless Leader: but everything is hand made
sew_short left the room
Fearless Leader: now if you can do mini printables
Fearless Leader: you can print any picture on the box you want
Fearless Leader: I did mini hamburgers so I put them on the cake box
that I used to pack them in as gifts
chenoa_2b: I printed out a bunch of the printies. But can't seem to
get my hands to work doing the gluing.
Fearless Leader: I cover everything with tape
Fearless Leader: and glue candy foil on the back
chenoa_2b: ok, I was thinking of trying bits of straw in some of the
little ones, like a tube of tooth paste. To give it some thing to back
chenoa_2b: Drinking straws that is.
Fearless Leader: So who wants to see the doll naked?
chenoa_2b: lol
chenoa_2b: I've seen him before! lol
Fearless Leader: I don't make dolls with the clothes glued on, no fun
in that
Fearless Leader: can't change their outfits
chenoa_2b: How do you keep the edges from fraying?
Fearless Leader: lots of handtacking, the inside of his shirt is as
clean as the outside
chenoa_2b: ok, so you make like a tiny rolled hem?
chenoa_2b: I am so afraid of getting to much bulk!
Fearless Leader: use thin cloth
chenoa_2b: ok
Fearless Leader: don't roll like a cigar but fold it over a couple of
times and iron it ahead of sewing it
Fearless Leader: keeps things from getting out of hand
chenoa_2b: I can make these littlel pillows. lol Sister quilts and
gave me a ton of one inch square swatches! lol
chenoa_2b: ok now that makes sense to me.
Fearless Leader: the islet lace is nice for pillows
Fearless Leader: and I trim his bedding with lace
chenoa_2b: I want to make a mini bra and panties so bad! lol
Fearless Leader: they are popular to do as minis
Fearless Leader: hanging on hangers
Fearless Leader: well I'm beat
chenoa_2b: but if I sew it, it will work far better than gluing it
Fearless Leader: I've been doing this since 11:30am
Fearless Leader: Sew where you can
chenoa_2b: Ohh boy, I need to let you go then.
Fearless Leader: glue where you can't
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions but I am going to start packing
stuff up
chenoa_2b: ok
faye_shelton: thanks so much NJ.
Fearless Leader: wanna see a mini Koran?
Fearless Leader: got all the words in it
faye_shelton: wow
chenoa_2b: I wish I could have been here sooner.
jude: No questions! Great day, NJ! Thanks!
jude: I will toddle off, then. Night, all!
faye_shelton: me too. Nicole was a 3 year old bear today
chenoa_2b: Night Jude!
Fearless Leader: night night everyone
chenoa_2b: I have a mini bible like that.
Fearless Leader: it was fun
faye_shelton: Nitenite. thanks
greatauntjudy left the room
Fearless Leader: ya, mini scripture, like an American Express card
Fearless Leader: don't leave home without it
chenoa_2b: Ok, I will let you go! lol
Fearless Leader: nighty night all I'll save this log