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November 2002 Highlights

11-26-2002: Hair-04, Shady Sadie Gets Hairy

Fearless Leader: thanks honey I'll save this bit
Fearless Leader: of log
buci131: the only prob will be putting them in Epson while I'm away
from my computer for seven days
buci131: I think I'll drop em on a disk and take them with me so I can
do them there
bonsaikathy: I got some screen shots also
Fearless Leader: Thanks we'll get them up after Thanksgiving if need
Fearless Leader: no worries
Fearless Leader: ok, 10 minute break and back at the hour
Fearless Leader: more or less
buci131: cool--I'll try to be back
Fearless Leader: ok, honey
buci131: are we doing the hair embedded in the skull next?
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: on Shady Sadie
buci131: better make time for it, heheh
Fearless Leader: big so we can see good
NikiT: question (not on topic of demo) - didn't Karen update her
clayalley website with the new stuff?
buci131: very cool
buci131: yep she did Niki
NikiT: I am only seeing the "older" stuff
buci131: it's on the first page
Fearless Leader: refresh you might be seeing cached pages
buci131: oh, she had to move her site for a few days or so
NikiT: Tried that, even with Netscape, which usually does a force
update to the server.
NikiT: weird.
buci131: but I know you can reach it from the regular website address
cause I've been there recently
NikiT: I know. I saw the updated pages from home over the weekend.
NikiT: Might be my office's cache
Fearless Leader: when surfing at the office
Fearless Leader: it's good to empty out the cache
Fearless Leader: and histories
Fearless Leader: temporary internet files
Fearless Leader: that sort of clean up before heading out for the day
Fearless Leader: I like to cover my surfing tracks on office computers
Fearless Leader: as much as I can
NikiT: i know. i try to, but it isn't working.  oh well. guess i have
to wait until I get home to see the new stuff again
NikiT: making my xmas list for the family.
Fearless Leader: ok, back in 5 for me
buci131: ooh--sounds like a fun list
NikiT: i am asking for a new pasta machine, and I was told to add more
to the list.
NikiT: J's step-dad kind of chuckled when I told him it was $30.. so
it appears they are being generous..
NikiT: gonna ask for some clay, too.
NikiT: hmm. my server must be caching the old page somewhere 'cause I
just deleted my int temp files & it still loads the older page. Oh
buci131: weird
NikiT: is that a polystyrene head form?
buci131: ok--gotta fix supper (that means ordering a pizza so I'll be
here but on the phone for a few)
buci131: I think that's her clay mold she did for larger face
bonsaikathy: I sent the pics already, unfortunately I lost some of the
last ones, so have to wait until after I hit send before I delete off
my hard drive, I'll know better next time
buci131: that's okay a got quite a few
bonsaikathy: good thing
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: a couple of words about hair color
Fearless Leader: when hair is of one color only, uniform through out
Fearless Leader: it's dyed
Fearless Leader: no hair is uniform ...well Albinos
Fearless Leader: maybe
Fearless Leader: but there's different shades and hues in hair color
Fearless Leader: so when we use this hair extension we can do our hair
Fearless Leader: so the hair looks a little more natural
Fearless Leader: and
Fearless Leader: more original
Fearless Leader: anyone can take hair out of a bag
Fearless Leader: and glue it to a doll's head
Fearless Leader: but to take a moment
Fearless Leader: and look at people's hair in the sunlight
Fearless Leader: see the different colors some light brown hair
is lighter where the sun kisses it
Fearless Leader: and darker around the neck line in the shadows, for
those with long hair that is
Fearless Leader: even when hair is cut, the outer sun kissed hair is
Fearless Leader: and the buzz cut around the sides and back are darker
Fearless Leader: we can replicate that as well
Fearless Leader: now Sadie here is only going to get a rim of hair
Fearless Leader: but we're going to be able to make it look more
Fearless Leader: by mixing some of this hair and then planting it
Fearless Leader: Inshallah
Fearless Leader: God Willing
Fearless Leader: That's the aim
Fearless Leader: any questions?
buci131: nope

bonsaikathy: no
frogger70301: none from me.
Fearless Leader: so I'm going to take bits of all these colors and mix
them a bit
Fearless Leader: and then take hanks of it and plant it in the clay.
Kind of difficult to have the scalp be the same as the hair color
Fearless Leader: can't get away with that stuff on large sized dolls
Fearless Leader: or masks
Fearless Leader: so I'll use beige, generic barbie white skin color
Fearless Leader: to use as anchor clay
Fearless Leader: so let's mix hair and get on with it
buci131: lovely wig NJ
buci131: looks like light brown, dark brown and blond
buci131: she's taking some blond strands
buci131: and twisting them together
buci131: Now the light brown?
buci131: and the dark brown
buci131: looks like mostly blond
buci131: now she's mixing them together?
buci131: I can't tell real well what's she's doing
buci131: oh, there
buci131: blond on top with the brown and dark brown mixed in
bonsaikathy: she's still mixing the 3 colors together
bonsaikathy: kind of putting highlights in the hair
buci131: placing it on the face
buci131: and playing with it so that the darker colors are under and
close to the scalp
buci131: another view
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: what ya think?
bonsaikathy: looking good NJ
buci131: pretty cool
Fearless Leader: no wshe could get away with just having the bobby pin
buci131: ouch
Fearless Leader: but we're going to plant these
Fearless Leader: I got to find my sissors
Fearless Leader: got to cut this mess in half
Fearless Leader: I got to go look in my son's room
Fearless Leader: he ganked my sissors
Fearless Leader: what did I tell ya, it was in his room
Fearless Leader: black hole in space that room
buci131: she's laying the hair out to cut it
bonsaikathy: she's slicing, putting in a piece of hair, then covering
over it with a piece of clay
bonsaikathy: Moving up the head she's doing the same thing all the way

bonsaikathy: as she does she lays the next piece on top of what she's
already done
bonsaikathy: covering each with clay
buci131: what's she doing with the carving tool?
buci131: trimming more of hte hair
bonsaikathy: slices the scalp, puts in a piece of hair, covers it with
clay and then moves up
buci131: oh, putting trimmed hair in there
bonsaikathy: with each one she covers the one just before it
buci131: ok, I think I get it.
bonsaikathy: it's going to be interesting seeing what she does on the
crown to go down the other side
buci131: now did she put a layer of fresh clay over the cured head?
bonsaikathy: I don't think this one is cured yet
bonsaikathy: but I may be wrong
buci131: or is she using the carver to cut a groove--oh
bonsaikathy: I'm not sure
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: sorry it goes a bit slow when I'm doing it for show
buci131: that's ok--i've been in and out with a visitor showing up
Fearless Leader: but you see how I planted the hair with what I want
UNDER showing upward
buci131: so I need slow
Fearless Leader: so when I fold it over
Fearless Leader: that under goes under
buci131: yep, got that
Fearless Leader: like putting fabric face to face
Fearless Leader: and then sewing the seam
buci131: is the face cured on this one?
buci131: oh, so if you're doing a whole head, you just do that all the
way down the back
Fearless Leader: huh? Sorry I was doing a princess lea on her hair
Fearless Leader: when you have streaks
Fearless Leader: when you roll the hair
Fearless Leader: it shows the roll
Fearless Leader: looks like Ma Kettle
buci131: yep, it does
bonsaikathy: sure does
Fearless Leader: Marjorie Maine (sp)
buci131: so, NJ is this face cured?
bonsaikathy: although there are some in here a little to young to
remember Ma I suspect
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll take questions
Fearless Leader: no Eva, the face is uncured
Fearless Leader: and her chin is breaking off because of it
buci131: is it better/easier to do it cured or uncured
Fearless Leader: so I just mash it back into place
Fearless Leader: if the mask were cured I'd lay down a raw foundation
"scalp" layer
Fearless Leader: and then do the planting
buci131: ok
Fearless Leader: I'm always planting in raw clay
Fearless Leader: going backwards first
Fearless Leader: cover the roots
Fearless Leader: fold forward
Fearless Leader: and cover that folded bit
Fearless Leader: that way the hair doesn't pull out
Fearless Leader: all that easily than if you planted it in and left it
just like that
Fearless Leader: straight line to freedom at the first tug
Fearless Leader: any other questions? I know this seems labor
intensive and I suppose it is
Fearless Leader: but hey
Fearless Leader: who's counting?
Fearless Leader: it's the effect we want
bonsaikathy: you're the one in labor, hehe
Fearless Leader: we want folks to suck in their breath
Fearless Leader: and say
bonsaikathy: we're just watching
Fearless Leader: Dang
buci131: no, I think I'm good right now
Fearless Leader: Ok, it's been nearly an hour since my last log save
so I'll take five minutes and be back on the hour

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.