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November 2002 Highlights

11-26-2002: Hair-05, Shady Sadie's Pix are Done

Fearless Leader: Ok, it's been nearly an hour since my last log save
so I'll take five minutes and be back on the hour
bonsaikathy: ok
buci131: k
kmrhodes joined the room
buci131: Karen!
kmrhodes: Hey
kmrhodes: Whats going on now?
buci131: break
buci131: heehee
kmrhodes: I just came off one
kmrhodes: pee break or smoke break
buci131: everything I suppose
kmrhodes: Ahhh
buci131: NJ will be back around 6-
frogger70301 left the room
frogger70301 joined the room
kmrhodes: Hey Mitch
frogger70301: Hey boo.
kmrhodes: Around 6???? that means I have 2 hours to kill
kmrhodes: Whats happening Mitch?
buci131: not 6 your time
buci131: in about 5 minutes
Fearless Leader: Kathy the pictures look great
kmrhodes: Ah, its 6:56 here
Fearless Leader: I'll forward them to Epson and they'll get into the
inbox just like that
Fearless Leader: it's almost 4pm here
kmrhodes: Theres NJ!
Fearless Leader: and I've been on since Noon
Fearless Leader: Oh hey
Fearless Leader: where?
buci131: I can put them in a hair folder if you want NJ--I'll work on
that the next couple days
Fearless Leader: <looking over her shoulder right and left>
kmrhodes: right there
Fearless Leader: I must be besides myself then
Fearless Leader: both of me
Fearless Leader: roses are red
Fearless Leader: violets are blue
Fearless Leader: I'm a schitzophrenic
Fearless Leader: and so
Fearless Leader: am I
kmrhodes: are you
buci131: I'm gonna have to go--supper's here and I gotta finish
packing so we can leave around 4 a.m. tomorrow
Fearless Leader: naw, it was on a T shirt
Fearless Leader: that me and the boys cracked up about one day in the
frogger70301: I've been trying everything I know for the last hour to
get the Clay Alley site to come up, but my d*** puter is stuck on the
redirect thing.
Fearless Leader: okid dokie Eva
Fearless Leader: you saw the main deal
NikiT: hey karen! how are you?
frogger70301: any ideas?
kmrhodes: Mitch, someone else said that but
kmrhodes: I just was there
kmrhodes: and everything is okay
Fearless Leader: folks
kmrhodes: did you refresh
buci131: goody--thanks bunches. I'll put stuff up in Epson in the next
couple days
frogger70301: I know. Everyone else is getting it to come up.
Fearless Leader: empty your temporary internet files
buci131: bye all
buci131 left the room
kmrhodes: bye
Fearless Leader: clean your cachse
Fearless Leader: caches
Fearless Leader: I mean
NikiT: Mine's pulling up the old site. I think it's my office's web
server cache, which I cannot clear.
Fearless Leader: then go to the site and see if you get something
frogger70301: Tried refreshing about 20 times, and deleted every temp
file I could find on here.
Fearless Leader: no kidding
bonsaikathy: good finally read through the posts and saw that you got
the pics ok
Fearless Leader: then that blows my theory out of the water
NikiT: who is your ISP Mitch?
frogger70301: Charter.
Fearless Leader: Kathy ya, the pix are great and I can just forward
the email to Epson
kmrhodes: what are you typing in?
Fearless Leader: and they'll load up
NikiT: Could be their web server, just like mine.
kmrhodes: try
NikiT: I can see the updated stuff from home, but not from work.
Different ISP
kmrhodes: and see if it comes up from there
Fearless Leader: it just redirects for me and I get a blank page
NikiT: I still see the old stuff
kmrhodes: this is weird
frogger70301: Page cannot be displayed.
kmrhodes: do you see the putty?
NikiT: mirrors, multi-blade cutter, pearlex powders, pinata inks
kmrhodes: putty link
NikiT: no putty
kmrhodes: Heck. I was just there
NikiT: but I know it worked from home.
kmrhodes: what browser
kmrhodes: are you using
frogger70301: I've tried both.
Fearless Leader: I'm giving the second link an effort
NikiT: both IE & netscape
Fearless Leader: and it's going hella slow, and I got DSL
kmrhodes: I'm getting orders
Fearless Leader: something wonky I fear
NikiT: well, your old page works fine for ordering
faye_shelton: I see the putty
kmrhodes: okay, what are you using faye
NikiT: but we're just not seeing the new stuff. I think it's probably
a DNS problem?
kmrhodes: try
NikiT: Kind of like NJ has sometimes with her hosting.
Fearless Leader: Kathy, I'm getting totally blank pages for both
links. I've not gone to your site in a long long time so no caches for
faye_shelton: using IE, on cable modem
NikiT: I see that.
NikiT: So it must be DNS issue.
bonsaikathy: It's working fine and fast for me
NikiT: fast here too.
Fearless Leader: the goop comes up blank for me as well
bonsaikathy: no problems and I do see the putty
Fearless Leader: how odd for me
kmrhodes: what the heck is going on
kmrhodes: any ideas
NikiT: Didn't your host just move or something Karen?
kmrhodes: yes
frogger70301: I can't even get redrivals site to come up.
NikiT: they need to check their servers, their DNS
kmrhodes: physically from east coast to west coast
bonsaikathy: I messed up on a couple, but the others should be fine
NikiT: otherwise, if they can't do anything, the rest of us just have
to wait until everything propagates.
kmrhodes: I will have to email them
kmrhodes: Don't cry Mitch
Fearless Leader: email them now while we're at break
kmrhodes: 'kay
NikiT: It happens, especially when there is a physical move.
Fearless Leader: and give us their email address so we can complain
with you
frogger70301: Too late Karen.
bonsaikathy: I'm getting all of it fine here
NikiT: Well, like I said, I think it depends on the ISP, Kathy.
Fearless Leader: mine are as blank as Little Orphan Annie's Eyes
NikiT: 'CAuse I have at home & I could see it there.
kmrhodes left the room
frogger70301: Does it say redirect where your pointer is?
NikiT: but not here at work through globalcrossing
NikiT: If it is redirecting it is so fast I can't even see it.
Fearless Leader: It's redirecting to that second link that Karen gave
frogger70301: I started having trouble with it when she did the
redirect thing. Couldn't pull it up since then.
Fearless Leader: I could see it from the bottom
Fearless Leader: but it goes from blank page to blank page and the
goop page is blank too
Fearless Leader: no 404
sew_short joined the room
Fearless Leader: no regular message
Fearless Leader: Hey Key
Fearless Leader: Whaddya Say?
Fearless Leader: Kay
Fearless Leader: love typos
bonsaikathy: NJ you should have gotten pics with all but one post
bonsaikathy: Hi Kay
NikiT: That's weird that NJ is seeing a blank page, not even an error
sew_short: Hi Gang
Fearless Leader: Kathy I got two set of pix
Fearless Leader: not even an error page
NikiT: very strange
Fearless Leader: that's the weirdest thing, first for me and I'm a
NikiT: I have a feeling her host may not be able to do much about it
unless they dont' have their redirects set up correctly.
sew_short: You're NOT a Geek!
bonsaikathy: hmmm, I sent a 3rd page of pics, maybe they are just
taking there time going through
Fearless Leader: Oh I've been goofing around with computers since
1975, which makes me a geek
sew_short: giggle
NikiT: wow, more geek than me!
Fearless Leader: did keypunch in COBOL back in the day
Fearless Leader: my first machine was a 286 without a hard drive
Fearless Leader: before windows
Fearless Leader: had to boss my DOS
NikiT: I only got really into computers in 93/94
sew_short: And we learned to type on an old manual typewriter too!
NikiT: boot with a 5 1/2" floppy!
Fearless Leader: my first HDD was a 40 meg Seagate and it cost my boss
$500, around 1986-7
Fearless Leader: ya ya, 5.5 floppies
Fearless Leader: and they had this smell when they were new,
Fearless Leader: got the first copy of WordPerfect, WordStar
Fearless Leader: as a beta test
Fearless Leader: won one at a computer faire
Fearless Leader: that was fun
Fearless Leader: and we have 3 working and 2 non working computers
here at home
Fearless Leader: with a in house network so we're geeks...LOL
Fearless Leader: So Kay what I was doing here with this Shady Sadie
Fearless Leader: was mixing three colors of hair extensions
Fearless Leader: and layering them with the darker hue on the bottom
and the lighter hue on the top
Fearless Leader: and planting them in like laying shingles on a roof
Fearless Leader: I'm just going to continue to plant hair
Fearless Leader: if there's no specific thing anyone wants to see
sew_short: OK
sew_short: I am running back and forth checking the oven .... for
"real" food! hehe
frogger70301: I'm bout to head out. Thnx for letting me watch tv,
although I didn't get much of my intended cleaning done.
frogger70301: Bye, gals.
frogger70301 left the room
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sew_short: Bye Frog
kmrhodes joined the room
kmrhodes: hello
kmrhodes: kathy?
bonsaikathy: yes
kmrhodes: faye
kmrhodes: okay, this is really weird
sew_short: Hi Karen
faye_shelton: hi
bonsaikathy: what is sweetie
kmrhodes: but it seems to be effeting the west coast
kmrhodes: effecting
kmrhodes: everyone on the east coast is not having problems
kmrhodes: with my site
sew_short: What Is?
kmrhodes: my site
sew_short: I'll check
kmrhodes: those in TX, CA can not see it
kmrhodes: but TN, LA can
bonsaikathy: That is wierd, I had no problems what soever and it was
very fast, not slow as NJ was having problems with
faye_shelton: and I can. In Va.
kmrhodes: so the east coast is fine
sew_short: Hummm, Not coming thru in Missouri
bonsaikathy: Mitch couldn't and she's in LA
kmrhodes: its just the west coast that cant see it?
NikiT: Well, I'm pretty sure I saw it OK from home.
sew_short: Blank screen
kmrhodes: so from the middle of the us?
kmrhodes: US
NikiT: i don't think it's isolated to any coast..
sew_short: Yep - where's Teri - we need to have her check from Indiana
NikiT: i'm in AZ, and can see it from home, but not from work.
kmrhodes: this really is crazy
bonsaikathy: You might want to email your server or call if you have a
sew_short: Wow, ole Shady Sadie is sure getting a "do"
kmrhodes: I emailed the web host
bonsaikathy: good
NikiT: Since it is not really isolated, that leads me to think it may
be DNS propagation...
kmrhodes: maybe they can get it straightened out soon
kmrhodes: what is DNS propagation?
sew_short: that's what I was going to ask
NikiT: Remember when NJ's site has problems, and shows her host's
kmrhodes: I remember her talking about it
sew_short: yes
kmrhodes: but I really can't remember what happened
NikiT: That was a DNS issue. Her host had her files & they were OK, it
was just that was not pointing to those files.
kmrhodes: how did she correct it?
NikiT: If a host makes a change to the IP address to where the files
are, the domain has to be updated to point to that IP address,
otherwise it will look for the "old" place where it remembers where it
used to be.
kmrhodes: sounds technical to me
NikiT: As long as your host makes sure they are pointing your domain
to the files correctly, it is just a waiting game.
NikiT: all ISPs talk to each other, and pass information to the next
kmrhodes: this kinda pisses me off
bonsaikathy: don't blame you at all for that
kmrhodes: and I'm a laid back gal!
NikiT: Your host's DNS server knows where the files belong, and it has
to pass along that information to other ISP's DNS servers.
kmrhodes: LOL
NikiT: Some DNS servers update faster than others, hence why I can see
it from home but not at work. Cox is usually pretty fast about their
NikiT: My place of work, however, updates once every 24-48 hours.
kmrhodes: But this was done (they move) in early Nov
NikiT: I may not see your stuff until thursday.
NikiT: hmm.
kmrhodes: I think the 4th
NikiT: is their old server still hooked up>
NikiT: ?
kmrhodes: I don't think so
kmrhodes: They moved all the equipment to Calif
kmrhodes: then had some power interruptions
kmrhodes: but since I saw my site
bonsaikathy: NJ continues to fill in around the head same as on the
other side
kmrhodes: I thought everything was okay
NikiT: if they had power issues they need to make sure their DNS files
are still intact with the new info.
NikiT: If they know anything about their jobs they should be able to
correct it quickly if it is an issue they can fix.
kmrhodes: I need to go and bug the heck out of them
NikiT: Hehe.
kmrhodes: sorry gals, busness before pleasure
Fearless Leader: Ok, she's half done
NikiT: naturally.
bonsaikathy: see ya Karen and good luck
kmrhodes: when's the next demo?
Fearless Leader: I'm hanging out for the late night
NikiT: quick question, karen, before you go?
Fearless Leader: will take a dinner break
kmrhodes: yeah
sew_short: Hey, I think I know that lady. I recognize the double chin
and nose
kmrhodes: its me!
Fearless Leader: Me too, I resemble her
Fearless Leader: more chins than the chinese phone book
kmrhodes: whats the question
bonsaikathy: It's a wonderful Character face
sew_short: Naw, she used to be a customer of mine
Fearless Leader: let me show her face forward
sew_short: ok
sew_short: Oh yes, I'm sure of it now
Fearless Leader: I love the streaks
Fearless Leader: like hair does left to it's own devices
sew_short: My pork chops are smelling good!
bonsaikathy: me too, ok I'll go send these off to you, keep up with it
as we go, then I won't forget to send them, LOL!
Fearless Leader: Good thinking Kathy, thanks
Fearless Leader: let me forward those you did send to Epson
Fearless Leader: brb
bonsaikathy: ok done
merrie60us joined the room
merrie60us: Are you on a break
kmrhodes left the room
sew_short: yes
bonsaikathy: NJ is forwarding pics I sent her to the epson site
merrie60us: be back
bonsaikathy: ok, potty break over, pics sent, water break whew
NikiT: gonna go grab some lunch.. will be AFK for a few, ladies. be
back a little later.
NikiT: (or dinner, rather)
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: There are the pictures of the Demo so far
Fearless Leader: Pretty quick huh Kathy, thanks for the screen shots
Fearless Leader: they came out very nice I think
Fearless Leader: I'm taking a 15 minute break and will be back on the
Fearless Leader: brb

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