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November 2002 Highlights

11-26-2002: Hair-06, Stan the Heavy Metal Man

Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: There are the pictures of the Demo so far
Fearless Leader: Pretty quick huh Kathy, thanks for the screen shots
Fearless Leader: they came out very nice I think
Fearless Leader: I'm taking a 15 minute break and will be back on the
Fearless Leader: brb
bonsaikathy: welcome
Fearless Leader: couple of minutes we'll start again, who's at their
bonsaikathy: me
Fearless Leader: ok
merrie60us: me
Fearless Leader: Hey Merrie
bonsaikathy: I was working on some mini bonsai pots well waiting
Fearless Leader: Kay's cutting into her pork chop
merrie60us: HI, just got home
Fearless Leader: did you see the link to the screen shots that were
taken already?
Fearless Leader: it was sent through the list
merrie60us: yes I am going to check out right now
bonsaikathy: already went and looked
Fearless Leader: While Merrie is checking out the pictures
Fearless Leader: roll call
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
Fearless Leader: looks like they are all looking
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Said and Alyissa just came in so I'll give them the
Fearless Leader: brb
bonsaikathy: ok
Fearless Leader: Kathy
Fearless Leader: I got an idea
Fearless Leader: what if we do a hairy jellyroll?
Fearless Leader: make a bowl of hair
Fearless Leader: and slap it on a doll's head
bonsaikathy: sounds good to me
Fearless Leader: think that would work?
bonsaikathy: let's see it
Fearless Leader: let's do it and you catch the shots, ok?
bonsaikathy: ok
Fearless Leader: I'm excited
Fearless Leader: he he he
Fearless Leader: let's roll this bad boy up
bonsaikathy: might be a new way of doing things
bonsaikathy: NJ took a long log of clay and laid short hair all the
way across it and then started rolling
bonsaikathy: cutting more short lengths of hair and laying it side by
side across the log of clay and rolling some more
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I could have been more generous with the hair
bonsaikathy: got 16 shots
Fearless Leader: but it's a good trick once it gets ironed out
bonsaikathy: will send along now
Fearless Leader: coolness
bonsaikathy: by then everyone should be back
faye_shelton: awesome idea, NJ
Fearless Leader: ah, Faye, from when were you watching?
Fearless Leader: he has a sort of heavy metal look, balding old boomer
Fearless Leader: got to add more hair on the top
Fearless Leader: but we can do it the same way as with Sadie
faye_shelton: right about the time you said I got an idea. . .what if.
. .
Fearless Leader: inplant
Fearless Leader: No kidding, cool
seblack991234 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey Suz
faye_shelton: very cool
seblack991234: Howdy. Just noticed you were on.
Fearless Leader: I'll save log at this point since Kathy is sending
the screen shots

Fearless Leader: I'll save log at this point since Kathy is sending
the screen shots
Fearless Leader: brb, Suz, saving the log, been on since Noon
seblack991234: Wow
seblack991234: OK
seblack991234: This face is something else. Did you do it?
Fearless Leader: Back
Fearless Leader: It's Shady Sadie
Fearless Leader: she's in the Epson webcam albums
Fearless Leader: it's part of the sculpting lessons in full size
seblack991234: Oh, ok
Fearless Leader: easier to see how to do things if they are done big
Fearless Leader: the little guy has a Willy Nelson sort of look don't
seblack991234: I always wanted to do mini faces...but I can see where
I should start out big and then go for the tiny faces. Easier to learn
Fearless Leader: I rolled up a ribbon of clay, laid hair on it, made a
hairy jelly roll and fashioned the clay end like a bowl and put it on
a presculpted head
seblack991234: Pretty clever.
Fearless Leader: I just sent the pix that Kathy got to the epson
albums and the steps will be able to be seen in a few minutes
seblack991234: Ok, great.
bonsaikathy: done
Fearless Leader: a Hairy Jelly Roll
seblack991234: Yum
Fearless Leader: Yes, Kathy I'm forwarding your second set right now
Fearless Leader: brb
Fearless Leader: Yum...LOL
bonsaikathy: I like the break send cycle, makes it easier for me
Fearless Leader: let me go forward these you silly goose girl, Suz
Fearless Leader: for me too
Fearless Leader: brb
seblack991234: LOL
bonsaikathy: Hi Suz, good to see you
seblack991234: I've been packing all day long with a cold rainy day to
inspire me. NOT And just now was able to get on the computer for a
moment or so.
seblack991234: Hi there.
seblack991234: But having my 4 year old grand daughter and a pregnant
chichuahua to babysit just really made my day delightful. NOT
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: there's the Hairy Roll Up Experiment
Fearless Leader: great Pix Kathy
bonsaikathy: thanks dear
seblack991234: Off to see Hairy....
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Hairy Mini Willy Nelson
seblack991234: I love Willie
Fearless Leader: he could use some hair club for men dollheads
seblack991234: LOL
sew_short left the room
seblack991234: What kind of hair did you use?
seblack991234: The pictures were wonderful. Could tell what to do with
no words at all.
bonsaikathy: I tried to take them as fast as I could well she was
doing the demoe
bonsaikathy: sorry demo
seblack991234: synthetic hair, thanks.
Fearless Leader: non flammable
seblack991234: Yeah, you should use that on Willie.
merrie60us left the room
bonsaikathy: ok did I miss anything, had to run load the dishwasher
real quick, couldn't get in the sink
Fearless Leader: I'm inplanting more hair on this hairy jelly roll is
Fearless Leader: filling in the gaps
Fearless Leader: we can do troll dolls this way
Fearless Leader: LOL
bonsaikathy: yup
bonsaikathy: I thought of that earlier
Fearless Leader: Crochet hook
Fearless Leader: you know how they pull hair through those caps
Fearless Leader: when folks get their hair frosted?
bonsaikathy: yup
bonsaikathy: hurts too
Fearless Leader: I could use a crochet hook from underneath
Fearless Leader: and pull locks of hair through the scalp
seblack991234: good idea
seblack991234 left the room
seblack991234 joined the room
bonsaikathy: If one of you can keep a running commentary of what she's
doing I'm doing screen shots and I'd really appreciate it, I just have
a hard time going back and forth and still keeping up with both
seblack991234: Well, that is kinda hard seeing she is just working
back and forth on the wigging part. I wouldn't know what to say.
bonsaikathy: You just said it fine dear
seblack991234: She is now fitting the wig on his head.
seblack991234: And now holding down the hair where the face shows.
seblack991234: Now the hair is tied around the neck area to hold it
bonsaikathy: NJ if you'll hold it back just a hair so that it focuses
I'll get a better pic of the face with the hair on it. Right now he's
just white
seblack991234: We are now seeing all views of the head .
seblack991234: And now we are seeing our fearless leader.
seblack991234: No, Nora-Jean...he looks nothing like you. LOL
seblack991234: Are you going to braid his hair into a pig tail?
seblack991234: I kinda like seeing a man's head on a stake. LOL Just
bonsaikathy: lol
seblack991234: Emmy asked me if the doll's head was my cousin Harry?
What should I say? LOL
Fearless Leader: Is Harry Hairy?
seblack991234: Very Hairy.
bonsaikathy: Ok I'm sending these off to you NJ, brb
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll save log at this point

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.