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December 3, 2002: part two

Shady Sadie gets the other side of her hair done

msatclayart: Oh that's great Jessica, they helped me a lot
msatclayart: just click around those links and you'll find organizations that are just for folks doing the jobs we're doing
msatclayart: Hey Denise
dahs512: Hello
dahs512: s Merrie here?
msatclayart: I'm saving the logs to the biz site since addr is down again
msatclayart: hmmm, I didn't see Merrie
dahs512: She couldn't find you earlier
dahs512: i'll go post to her
msatclayart: I got booted
msatclayart: and had to reboot my machine, that's when she was probably looking for me
msatclayart: thanks for posting to her
msatclayart: let me look for her on my friend's list
msatclayart: she's not signed in, but might be online
msatclayart: I'm going to take a potty break, and then I'll be back in a bit, gonna get some coffee too
msatclayart: brb
dahs512: ok
purityfailed: i've got milk and cookies. it's all go here.
msatclayart: oh that sounds good too
msatclayart: eating grapes and cold left over Chinese delivery
msatclayart: LOL
purityfailed: ooh
msatclayart: Denise, are you ready for some Hair?
purityfailed: i woudln't mind some combination rice
msatclayart: how's your energy and time?
dahs512: I've got goolash
msatclayart: I got left over Gumbo from Ant's Mom's Thanksgiving
msatclayart: with crab legs in it, but saving that for a dinner break
dahs512: Ok, but i'll watch and type
dahs512: do you want screen shots?
msatclayart: not if you're not up to it, since we're doing the other half of her head
msatclayart: it's the same as the first half, ya?
dahs512: sure, when I'm not claying along it's easy.
dahs512: by the way, when are you going to get your new webcam?
dahs512: I haven't pestered you in awhile
msatclayart: I'll probably get something soon, it's the deciding that's a pill
msatclayart: this next week or so, it's just been too much to even think about with doing so much time at Ruth's
msatclayart: but it'll settle down between here and Christmas
msatclayart: so I'll have time to catch up on that and sort my swaps
dahs512: The close-up get's no better than with the one I have...10 cm
msatclayart: that's the real nightmare here
msatclayart: microwave ding, brb
dahs512: ok, I'll be patient
dahs512: Has anyone here ever drank chai?
purityfailed: nope
faye_shelton: no, I haven't, but I'd love to try it sometime
purityfailed: what is it?
purityfailed :feels silly::
dahs512: I didn't know what is was when i first tried it
dahs512: black tea, with cardamon, ginger, cloves,etc
purityfailed: oh that sounds lovely
dahs512: It's real tasty
purityfailed: but what's cardamon? lol
purityfailed: the rest sounds great
dahs512: i don't know
dahs512: seed or the like
dahs512: Has Shady Sadie been baked yet?
msatclayart: not yet
msatclayart: so I mixed different colored hair extensions
msatclayart: so the hair won't be just of one color
dahs512: I got those shots
msatclayart: since I want the dark colors to be under and the light colors to be on top I organize this before adding the hair to the head
msatclayart: I use a wood carving tool to cut a trench
dahs512: I guess hilighting later might
msatclayart: into which I will plant some hair in the trench, I got her highlight at the other side of the layered hair here
msatclayart: see?
dahs512: If she were baked...would you add a layer of scalp?
msatclayart: yes
dahs512: i see
msatclayart: and then bury the hair ends
msatclayart: so I pick up a bit of all three colors and fuss with it before getting it buired
dahs512: ok
purityfailed: love those brow ridges
dahs512: Nj is slicing a trench in Sadies scalp
techi_mom56 left the room
msatclayart: I lay the hair down going in the opposite direction than I want it in the end
msatclayart: then I'll fold that planted hair over in the right direction and cover the ends with a snake of clay
msatclayart: that way the ends are J shaped inside the hair
dahs512: I bet you could do some mean cowlicks
msatclayart: and can't be pulled out easily
msatclayart: LOL
dahs512: she is pushing th hair into the trench
dahs512: Then adding a piece of flesh over the wound
purityfailed: over the front as well as the back?
dahs512: yes it appears so
purityfailed: looked away for a sec.
dahs512: is she cutting off the excess?
purityfailed: dunno.
purityfailed: oh.
purityfailed: another trench on the front snake?
msatclayart: I cut off the straggle bits
msatclayart: and mash it into the trench
dahs512: are you on a second lock of hair
msatclayart: I'm putting snakes on both sides
msatclayart: since there's little scalp thickness to work with
dahs512: How far apart are your sections
dahs512: about 1/2 inch?
msatclayart: maybe less
msatclayart: I'm eyeballing it mostly
dahs512: It's like the way I do highlights
merrie60us joined the room
dahs512: hey Merrie
dahs512: Sadie is getting hair
merrie60us: Hi, I was here before but no one else was here
faye_shelton: Hi Merrie. I think NJ got bumped offline
purityfailed: she had to reboot for some reason
dahs512: We are glad you are back
dahs512: NJ, how do you keep too muck clay from showing. Do you smoosh it down?
dahs512: much
msatclayart: looks like Ben Franklin
dahs512: lol
purityfailed: aha
msatclayart: now if she were a man she'd do this
purityfailed: hehee
dahs512: no comeovers, please!
msatclayart: fold the hair over the bald spot
msatclayart: LOL
dahs512: davey crockett
purityfailed: shady saidie" i can't believe she just did that"
msatclayart: so this is a bit of a slow and tedious process
msatclayart: but the end effect is really much nicer than gluing doll hair
dahs512: I can see it takes time on a head that big
msatclayart: for we can mix our hair colors
purityfailed: what kind of hair did you use?
purityfailed: hehe.
purityfailed: thankee
merrie60us left the room
faye_shelton: see that it says nonflamable
dahs512: non flamable
dahs512: lol
msatclayart: because we might cure her a couple of times
purityfailed: lol
dahs512: Sadie's cigs can't hurt her
msatclayart: if she wanted to go Hip Hop
msatclayart: micro braids
msatclayart: easier to bury
msatclayart: funny that Bosley Medical hair transplants is showing
dahs512: dreadlocks might go good
msatclayart: in the ad screen
msatclayart: I'm laughing like a loon
msatclayart: So are there any questions or shall I continue to plant hair?
faye_shelton: no questions here
dahs512: Sadie looks like Cristopher
purityfailed: me either.
dahs512: I can't remember his last name...
purityfailed: walkin
dahs512: Walkin?
dahs512: yes
dahs512: She is androgenous
dahs512: Let me save the log
msatclayart: there's my Christopher Walken
dahs512: I love that drawing
dahs512: It's the eyes that are similar?
dahs512: Hey NJ do you want ne to save all this stuff like I did that document I did for me
dahs512: I can do both
msatclayart: what ever you have energy for honey
dahs512: She is working her way up the temple area toward the top of the head with horizontal sections
dahs512: She is getting more light hair
dahs512: Then twisting up the unused strand to keep it neat
dahs512: I see some red hair mixed with the blond
dahs512: Wait a minute

dahs512: Hubby's computer crashed.
dahs512: But I'm back, and I managed to save the log before I got bumped
purityfailed: yay
dahs512: wooly bully
dahs512: foil on the inside
dahs512: Sadie on the outside
purityfailed: ta daaa
dahs512: Shaggy Shadey Sadie
dahs512: Let me find my shears
dahs512: She needs a stle
msatclayart: ya, she needs a styling
msatclayart: that's for sure
dahs512: I like the streaks
purityfailed: brb. puppy potty
msatclayart: This how your customers come in looking like I reckon, huh Denise
dahs512: sometimes
msatclayart: I thought you'd like the streaks
msatclayart: I think it adds depth to the hair do
msatclayart: don't you?
dahs512: yes
dahs512: the more colors, the more depth
msatclayart: I had to sweep up the floor
msatclayart: I was cutting off the raggedy bits before burial
dahs512: I got lots of shots I'll put in the epson, and I'll send you the log
msatclayart: coolness, thanks honey
msatclayart: I'm about done for tonight, I'm needing to get supper ready for the guys here in a bit
dahs512: I'll throw that doc together for you too
dahs512: Thank you so much NJ