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December 8, 2002: Part Two of Tiger Cane Review

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faye_shelton: Hi Mitch
frogger70301: Hey.
kmrhodes: Hey Mitch
Fearless Leader: Howdy Mitch doing the blend the Easy Breezy Way
bonsaikathy: Hi Mitch
frogger70301: K. thnx for letting me know.
Fearless Leader: now see how I pinched one edge
Fearless Leader: put that pinched end into the rollers and press
purityfailed: oh. seeing it from the end helped. hehe
Fearless Leader: can we roll it, yeah yea
Fearless Leader: can we smoke it, no no
frogger70301: How do you do that without getting a bazillion bubbles?
Fearless Leader: lance the bubbles with a razoe
Fearless Leader: razor
Fearless Leader: now that was about what, 4 passes?
Fearless Leader: and the blend is already happening
Fearless Leader: don't worry about the air bubbles, if you get them,
just pop them
Fearless Leader: so a half a dozen passes
Fearless Leader: will get you the same result
Fearless Leader: as two dozen passes, if you roll the sheet instead
of folding it in half
Fearless Leader: ok? Any questions?
purityfailed: nope
faye_shelton: Wow. useful information
bonsaikathy: I finally understood what you did
kmrhodes: cool stuff NJ
Fearless Leader: now let's make this into a ribbon
bonsaikathy: I've gotten some good screen shots of this too
Fearless Leader: ah cool, who's doing saved logs?
Fearless Leader: I'll save this first bit
frogger70301: I can save from here.
Fearless Leader: but if someone can take over after this save, I'll
be obliged
Fearless Leader: thanks Mitch
frogger70301: np.
Fearless Leader: and your eggs are looking so far out!!
Fearless Leader: great work honey
frogger70301:  thnx.
bonsaikathy: I agree with her
Fearless Leader:
frogger70301: that one was an accident. Tripped out on some meds.
Fearless Leader: it was inspired by DRUGS
Fearless Leader: yikes
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ok see how I folded this, so the dark is at one side
Fearless Leader: and the light is at the other?
bonsaikathy: was this still on the widest setting
Fearless Leader: press it from narrow end to get a long ribbon
Fearless Leader: yes honey it is
bonsaikathy: thanks
Fearless Leader: now we have a ribbon
Fearless Leader: I'm going to press it at a thinner setting and then
roll it like a jelly roll with the light end on the outside
frogger70301: how thin are you going to go?
Fearless Leader: 3rd setting
frogger70301: k.
frogger70301: Can someone tell me what colors she used?
daytonlinda: copper gold yellow pearl
frogger70301: tiger?
purityfailed: i think it was copper gold yellow and then pearl.
purityfailed: oops. heh
Fearless Leader: I mixed copper with a bit of gold and some yellow
purityfailed: what linda said.
Fearless Leader: for the dark part, pearl for the rest
Fearless Leader: I'm going to add some pearl to this on the outside
Fearless Leader: I taper the edge that's getting added to the cane
Fearless Leader: so there's not a big old lump there
Fearless Leader: don't drop your cane though, LOL
kmrhodes: I'd be picking off cats hairs for a week!
purityfailed: me too
Fearless Leader: I have hair extensions to pick out of my cane
bonsaikathy: brb potty break
Fearless Leader: ok potty break for me too and then we'll do the
Fearless Leader: 5 minutes
kmrhodes waves at everyone in the room
kmrhodes waves at everyone in the room
frogger70301 Applauds kmrhodes
bonsaikathy: waving back
kmrhodes: Hey Mitch! I'm looking for face masks
frogger70301: You finally figured out what that was for!
bonsaikathy: to much mint green tea
frogger70301: For what?
kmrhodes: to make clay masks
frogger70301: Oh, cool.
kmrhodes: I made a paper mache one but it took 3 days to dry
frogger70301: I had saw some on one site I ran across a couple days
kmrhodes: and it was only 3 inches
frogger70301: Oh, you want small ones.
kmrhodes: and big ones
frogger70301: I'm gonna have to see if I can dig that site up again
for ya.
kmrhodes: cool
lillet55 joined the room
frogger70301: OK, we got someone new.
kmrhodes: potty break over?
bonsaikathy: We should do a roll call when NJ gets back in here
lillet55: Yes, I'm just trying to catch on, hope I'm not interrupting
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco, Doing the Tiger Cane
frogger70301: No, we're at break.
Fearless Leader: Roll Call
kmrhodes: not interruping
bonsaikathy: kathy in E. TN
kmrhodes: Karen, The Clay Alley, Gettysburg, PA
frogger70301: Mitch, south LA
daytonlinda: im here softening fimo
faye_shelton: Faye, Norfolk
purityfailed: Jessica Columbus OH eating potato soup
lillet55: Beth Ann, S. Ontario
Fearless Leader: Welcome Beth Ann
Fearless Leader: you're the BUFFNESS for making it here on your own
lillet55: ty, nj
kmrhodes: Hey Beth Ann! Thanks for coming
Fearless Leader: Kudos to you
bonsaikathy: Hi Beth Ann
bonsaikathy: welcome
Fearless Leader: ya, give her a hand, claymates
faye_shelton: yehhhaaaaa!!!
Fearless Leader: you know what a pain in the butt getting here is the
first time
purityfailed :applause:: yay
Fearless Leader: how weird it is
kmrhodes stands up and applauds
daytonlinda: yep
lillet55: damn, now I'm blushing.....get on with the show, will ya
Fearless Leader:
kmrhodes blushes
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Ok, now to review what's been done so far
frogger70301: we gotta pick with the newbie!
bonsaikathy: NJ is the pac bell account the right one to send pics
Fearless Leader: ya, Kathy that's the account, but isn't it easier to
upload it into Epson straight off?
Fearless Leader: eliminate the middle man
Fearless Leader: me
Fearless Leader: LOL
bonsaikathy: I could
Fearless Leader: do you need the username and pass word?
bonsaikathy: Ok afterwards give me the scoop and I'll be glad to
bonsaikathy: yup
Fearless Leader: I'll give it to you now in private message
bonsaikathy: ok
Fearless Leader: and you can up load bit by bit
Fearless Leader: it makes it less of a chore that way
Fearless Leader: brb
bonsaikathy: no problem
bonsaikathy: hi there
Fearless Leader: done and done
Fearless Leader: For our new folks, it's a group effort
lillet55: whomever put the instructions on how to log on to
webcam....etc. thank you....I could even understand! LOL
Fearless Leader: to document these live webcam demos
kmrhodes: I gotta find out how to do it with a Mac
Fearless Leader: we have folks who saved logs, take screen shots,
write directions on how to get here that helps our new folks like
Beth Ann
Fearless Leader: Oh, there's Edie's Mac Attack
Fearless Leader: it's on the how to page
kmrhodes: kay
Fearless Leader: so let me get the links for the tiger blend and the
tiger cane, I sent it through the list, but this is for the public
record, brb
Fearless Leader: Kay, ya, both Kay and Edie are Macabators too
lillet55: thank you, thank you. sure do enjoy the list and sites
Fearless Leader: LOL
kmrhodes: Macabators?
Fearless Leader: I'm smiling in an evil way
Fearless Leader: being bad
Fearless Leader:
kmrhodes: you naughty girl!
lillet55: mac users? LOL
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Blend-Tiger-Grp.htm
Here's how I get the Easy Breezy Blend for the Tiger.
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/Tiger/Index
Here's the Tiger Cane, but make the jelly roll with the light end of
the blend on the outside.
Fearless Leader: and this is where we're headed
Fearless Leader:
Tiger Cane Chop Necklaces
Fearless Leader: good time to save log
Fearless Leader: we ok with saved logs Mitch?
frogger70301: Yeah.
kmrhodes: Wake up Mitch
Fearless Leader: I'll save if Mitch is off with the baby
Fearless Leader: ah there you are
Fearless Leader: you're a young mother with a tender charge, just let
us know when you got to be mommy
frogger70301: had some clay in one hand.
Fearless Leader: we got belt and suspenders going on here
kmrhodes: good excuse
Fearless Leader: ok, now what I'm going to do (laughing with Karen)
is show you an easy way to do stripes
Fearless Leader: sort of a take off of
Fearless Leader: cut and paste
Fearless Leader: ready?
kmrhodes: yup
Fearless Leader: ok,
purityfailed: yep
Fearless Leader: who's describing the action?
Fearless Leader: Virtual Scribes, new folks too
Fearless Leader: if you're not claying along
lillet55: Let's go, FL
Fearless Leader: describe what you see, it helps with your typing
lillet55: Typing skills good, claying skills, newbie! LOL
Fearless Leader: ok, what did I just do?
Fearless Leader: anyone?
frogger70301: Sliced and inserted a sheet.
kmrhodes: hell of a good question
purityfailed: just sliced off a fourth? of the cane lengthwise
bonsaikathy: put the first of the stripes in there
faye_shelton: took a slice off the side and coated it with black, and
then put the slice back
daytonlinda: angle cuts
purityfailed: oh
faye_shelton: did that again
faye_shelton: cut #5, and laid in a black sheet, replaced cut cane
Fearless Leader: now for partial stripes
Fearless Leader: you cut only part way
Fearless Leader: and insert a stripe
Fearless Leader: but taper the end going in
Fearless Leader: so it's not a blunt ended stripe
Fearless Leader: ok?
purityfailed: k
faye_shelton: k
kmrhodes: k
faye_shelton: tapering the edge of the black
Fearless Leader: I tapered that edge
Fearless Leader: and it could be a bunch of partial stripes, ones
that don't go all the way across
Fearless Leader: so you look for wide areas that could take another
Fearless Leader: none of our tiger cane will look identical
Fearless Leader: similar, ya
Fearless Leader: but never identical
Fearless Leader: none of my own tiger cane ever looks like the last
one I've done
Fearless Leader: they sort of evolve
Fearless Leader: now when ever you do a cane that has stripes that go
more or less from one side to another
Fearless Leader: you can do a chevron flip
Fearless Leader: slicing this cane on the diagonal, through the
Fearless Leader: and then flipping one side over
Fearless Leader: will yeild chevrons
Fearless Leader: it's how we do leaves
Fearless Leader: it's also how we can get the center stripe
Fearless Leader: of a tiger's back
Fearless Leader: and the stripes going not side to side
Fearless Leader: but tapering down towards an imaginary tail
Fearless Leader: That might do it, let's see if the theory hold up in
Fearless Leader: ok, any questions on this chevron flip trick?
purityfailed: not here
faye_shelton: nope
bonsaikathy: no but it's awesome looking
frogger70301: none from me.
lillet55: nada
kmrhodes: I'm cool
daytonlinda: the one thing i KNOW i will forget is which way to slice
Fearless Leader: ok there's a couple of things we can do from this
point, let's reduce this with the Fist of DOOM
purityfailed minous music::
kmrhodes: I'm scared
Fearless Leader: diagonal is all, then flip one side
lillet55: OMG....fist of DOOM!
kmrhodes: veins popping
purityfailed: lol
kmrhodes: muscles flexing
lillet55: I'm in heaven
Fearless Leader: two handed
Fearless Leader: and pull
Fearless Leader: putting a surround sheet of pearl on it now
frogger70301: Well, hubby just got home. Don't know how much longer
I'll be able to stay.
Fearless Leader: ok honey
Fearless Leader: log save and I'll take over from here
frogger70301: No, I can stay. He just told me he got plans.
bonsaikathy: cool
Fearless Leader: cool
frogger70301: Goin mess with de boat.
Fearless Leader: ok, trick to surround sheet
Fearless Leader: it's called the Kiss
Fearless Leader: kiss to impress
Fearless Leader: ok?
purityfailed: okeydokie
Fearless Leader: roll your surround sheet over to the other side
Fearless Leader: and just kiss it so it leaves an impression on the
clay sheet
Fearless Leader: then back it away
Fearless Leader: cut INSIDE that impression line
Fearless Leader: and you'll get seams that match
Fearless Leader: each time
Fearless Leader: no over lap
Fearless Leader: to remember... we all want to be kissed so it leaves
an impression
kmrhodes: hell, I give kisses like that! LOL
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: see you'll never forget this technique
kmrhodes: pucker up baby
Fearless Leader: I cut it a little short because when I was rolling
it out
Fearless Leader: there was overlap lines
Fearless Leader: and I read the wrong line
Fearless Leader: but hey who cares
Fearless Leader: this ain't brain surgery
purityfailed: that looks so cool
purityfailed: little vertebre
Fearless Leader: shall we press this to pearl, the tawny mix or
bonsaikathy: I love this cane done into a pinch pot
Fearless Leader: it makes great flowers too
kmrhodes: pearl
kmrhodes: no, black
purityfailed: black
kmrhodes: no, tawny
kmrhodes: black
purityfailed: lol
bonsaikathy: I think Karen wants one of each, lol
kmrhodes: yeah
purityfailed: neat
kmrhodes: can I have one of each NJ
frogger70301: I think the tawny would look great.
purityfailed: oh wow
purityfailed: how pretty
bonsaikathy: very pretty
kmrhodes: Beth Ann are you with us
purityfailed: one hell of a pansy
daytonlinda: looks like a tiger pansy
kmrhodes: I think Beth Ann fell off her chair
purityfailed: hehe
faye_shelton: OMG. I did too
purityfailed: the pansy was too much for her
faye_shelton: putting cane slices on a pearl sheet
lillet55: had to get some refreshments and put the dog child out
doors, coming back around
faye_shelton: pressing that in the PM
purityfailed: ooooh
kmrhodes: ahhhhhh
lillet55: Hey, that's way cool
daytonlinda: they look painted
kmrhodes: NJ show Beth Ann the flower again
lillet55: that's how you do that!
faye_shelton: adding more cane slices
lillet55: Hey, purity, watch what you say, my sis lives in Columbus,
I might find out where you live, LOL
faye_shelton: pressing those thru the PM again
purityfailed: eek!
Fearless Leader: narrow the setting with each pass and turing of the
Fearless Leader: to even everything out
bonsaikathy: Beth Ann you should see the little jacket she made out
of this stuff, fantastic
purityfailed: the kimono for the lounge bear guy, kathy?
lillet55: Is that on her website.....I may have.
Fearless Leader: without the pearl surround sheet
bonsaikathy: her kimono's are wonderful
Fearless Leader: and on black
Fearless Leader: the stripes will fade into the background
Fearless Leader: interesting effect
lillet55: I can't keep up with this group even though I'm on
digest....try to keep an eye on NJ site.....this is way cool
purityfailed: i love being able to actually watch someone doing these
kmrhodes: Don't try to keep up
kmrhodes: too much happens
bonsaikathy: just do the best you can
kmrhodes: just do what you can
kmrhodes: each time you will learn more
lillet55: I hear you, Kathy and your site is awesome too
kmrhodes: thank you
lillet55: Whoa, that is gorgeous, NG
purityfailed: think i liked teh pearl better
lillet55: oops, NJ
purityfailed: but that is definately neat
kmrhodes: now the tawney
bonsaikathy: Thankyou
Fearless Leader: I don't think the tawny will work very well
kmrhodes: why
bonsaikathy: to much already
Fearless Leader: the pearl surround blends into the pearl
Fearless Leader: the one without surround the black touches the black
kmrhodes: see this is why you are so good
Fearless Leader: the tawny won't touch anything for the darker part
of the cane is in the center
Fearless Leader: but
kmrhodes: I would be mucking it up too much
Fearless Leader: the tawny will be great ENDS on a natasha bead
Fearless Leader: so on with the CHOP
kmrhodes: my tawny would turn to mud
purityfailed: i feel like i should say a few fond words or something
for the slices about now.
purityfailed: poor things.
purityfailed: hehe
kmrhodes: may they rest is peace
purityfailed: they were a good cane
faye_shelton: in pieces
purityfailed: but they go on to something better
kmrhodes: and be reincarnated into beads
Fearless Leader: LOL Faye
lillet55: ooh, .....
kmrhodes: Beth Ann fell off her chair again
purityfailed: LOL
lillet55: Hey, a cockatoo bit my buns this week, they are already
sore! LOL
purityfailed: ouch
kmrhodes: sounds a bit like S&M
lillet55: yep, that's birds
purityfailed: i love that mirror effect
faye_shelton: magic happens
kmrhodes: abracababra
kmrhodes: see the flower Beth Ann?
kmrhodes: on the tip there
frogger70301: that would look good as a pen.
lillet55: yess
kmrhodes: Give us a close up of that NJ - the whole thing
lillet55: wow
kmrhodes: she does good huh
Fearless Leader: Ok, good time for a log save and a wee break
Fearless Leader: 5 minutes
frogger70301: log is saved.
bonsaikathy: ok
kmrhodes: Hanging in there Beth Ann
lillet55: Yess, maam.
kmrhodes: learning good stuff?
faye_shelton: goin for coffee. BRB
lillet55: trying to......since this is the first time.....awesome1
kmrhodes: thats why they save the logs and do web shots
frogger70301: going check on m,y new kitty. brb.
kmrhodes: so you can see it again
lillet55: Purity, how close are you to Canal-Winchester?
purityfailed: maybe 5 minutes
lillet55: Thank God for Web Shots!
lillet55: You
lillet55: re kidding me, purity
purityfailed: nope
purityfailed: hehe
purityfailed: actually, yes. it's all an evil plot.
purityfailed: really though. i'm pretty close
lillet55: I like that area. Just like Blackwater, ON more
purityfailed: I'm not too happy with it here, but it's home.
purityfailed: and it's familiar.
lillet55: What's wrong with that locale, eh?
purityfailed: Piddly things that I nitpick over.
purityfailed: heh.
lillet55: Close to the big City, good shopping nearby, either
relationships or job, eh?
purityfailed: like the fact that the animal shelters won't call you
if your dog comes in there with a tag on.
purityfailed: location for getting to THINGS is great, though.
lillet55: Believe me, grass isn't always greener.
lillet55: Why wouldn't the shelter call?
purityfailed: Policy.
lillet55: Give 'em hell, sister.
purityfailed: I gave em teary eyes. heh.
bonsaikathy: mitch, what is the url for the epson photo site, I can't
get it for some reason
purityfailed: I lost a dog last year and went looking there. One of
the workers told me that they remembered a dog like I was looking
for. Supposedly, they don't have to call the owner though.
lillet55: LOL
purityfailed: grrr.
purityfailed: hehe
purityfailed: its all good though
lillet55: What type of dog do you have?
purityfailed: right NOW i have an eskimo/labrador mix.
purityfailed: the 'baby' i lost was a 60lb shepherd mix
lillet55: Oh, boy, I bet he is prone to wander
kmrhodes left the room
purityfailed: actually, Kapu (current dog) is a momma's boy who just
got clipped, so I'm hoping he won't be going anywhere.
purityfailed: but I blabber.
purityfailed: lol
purityfailed: Crud.
purityfailed: I should probably hit the sack for a bit before I work
frogger70301: Kath, I'm sorry. Stepped away for a sec. It's
purityfailed: *sigh* I s'pose I should. Hope everyone has a lovely
purityfailed: bye
Fearless Leader: Ciao Bella
bonsaikathy: see ya
bonsaikathy: have a good one
purityfailed left the room
lillet55: bye, purity
Fearless Leader: Said keeps on wanting to check the scores of the
football game online
Fearless Leader: that's why we've been having so many breaks
Fearless Leader: so are there any questions on any of these
lillet55: No problem, I'm going to have to go too.....dinner time on
eastern time. Thank you for the warm welcome and I'll check the logs
the see what I missed.
Fearless Leader: Okie dokie
lillet55 left the room
Fearless Leader: I'm about to take a one hour break at the hour
Fearless Leader: in ten minutes
Fearless Leader: and then be back at 3pm Pacific
Fearless Leader: for another two hour demo
daytonlinda: nj, your tiger nacklaces were beautiful
frogger70301: OK. Do you want me to send you the logs?
Fearless Leader: They are fun
Fearless Leader: ya, Mitch, just send me what you have
Fearless Leader: and I'll put them up during my hour break
frogger70301: K. Give me a min.
Fearless Leader: that way it's not so much work all at the end of the
Fearless Leader: thanks honey
Fearless Leader: and Kathy, thanks for the screen shots you're getting