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December 2002  December 28, 2002: Goofing around with chop, some bead nattering and then getting started with flowers and a Face Jar.

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Fearless Leader: jkljlk
tedi382001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Just making a pendant with a big mirror image
tedi382001: gorgeous!!
Fearless Leader: it came from this block of chop
tedi382001: wow, wished mine turned out like that
tedi382001: looks like an Inca god
Fearless Leader: just goofing around
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: napkin ring
tedi382001: sorry have to go get dinner but will try and get back
after if your still on
Fearless Leader: if left like this
Fearless Leader: no problemo, just hanging out
Fearless Leader: see you after dinner
tedi382001 left the room
sew_short joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey Kay
Fearless Leader: the list is constipated
Fearless Leader: there's dozens of posts that are waiting to go
through so says the management section
sew_short: Yes, I see that it is!!
Fearless Leader: I'm just hanging out since the posts aren't going
sew_short: Through the message board?
Fearless Leader: not doing anything but farting about
Fearless Leader: As owner I have a management function
Fearless Leader: where I can see what posts have been submitted before
they show up on the message page
sew_short: hehehe - that's Life, eh?
Fearless Leader: there's two pages and more message subject lines
Fearless Leader: it's going to be a flood when they all come through
sew_short: Oh my Gosh!
Fearless Leader: I put a note on my home page saying as much
sew_short: brb - phone
Fearless Leader: okie dokie
sew_short: I was watching as I talked on the phone.
Fearless Leader: I thought it might be faster or easier to bury the
skewer in the log before the last seam is smoothed
sew_short: I have covered three switch plates and four ink pens - cut
down to make as keychains.
Fearless Leader: coolness
sew_short: Is this going to be square?
sew_short: Oooooh
sew_short: Hi Aunt Jude
Fearless Leader: I don't see Aunt Jude on the list here in chat, only
you and me
Fearless Leader: Yahoo is being wonky?
sew_short: I guess she went into Messenger
sew_short: Do you butt them up against each other?
Fearless Leader: ya, I guess I do
Fearless Leader: that way the Future doesn't get under all of them
Fearless Leader: when they are dunked
Fearless Leader: I can take off 4-5 at a time
Fearless Leader: and then break them off, pop, pop, pop
Fearless Leader: when they have space between them
Fearless Leader: the Future glues them to the skewer
Fearless Leader: major bother
Fearless Leader: Sometimes the design is ok for square beads
Fearless Leader: I never know when ones are going to stay square until
the seams are smoothed
Fearless Leader: couple of posts showed up
Fearless Leader: brb
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader: hey hey
Fearless Leader: just got something to eat and drink
chelyha55: That's important
chelyha55: Gotta have the fuel to work
Fearless Leader: Well I heated up something yummy for James and
gangster snatched a bit of it
Fearless Leader: eating for entertainment mostly
Fearless Leader: but he couldn't get the last of the good stuff
Fearless Leader: LOL
chelyha55: I've been eating leftovers
Fearless Leader: So what was it that you were wanting to see?
chelyha55: I would love to see mini flowers if you do them
chelyha55: or mini food
Fearless Leader: Well, let me see what petal canes I have laying
Fearless Leader: A petal cane
Fearless Leader: form to the size of petal you want
Fearless Leader: I thin the big edge and pull the pointy edge
Fearless Leader: before forming the flower, ok?
chelyha55: right
Fearless Leader: that last one will be the bud
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: the first petal you roll around some sort of stem
Fearless Leader: Hey Aunt Jude
chelyha55: ok
jude: Howdy!
jude: Just got the message that the cam is on. Yahoo is really wonky
chelyha55: are you ready for the storm Jude?
jude: New storm, huh? Yeah, I suppose.
jude: thank goodness it held off for Christmas.
chelyha55: Coming in tonight
jude: We went to Isabella and didn't get home until yesterday.
Fearless Leader: Ok, Cheryl
Fearless Leader: now I'll pinch the big end of the petals and press
them downward
jude: Roses?
chelyha55: So you put the narrow end at the base. I like that, less
bulk at the bottom
Fearless Leader: Roses of sorts
Fearless Leader: poka dotted rose
Fearless Leader: move it higher
chelyha55: I have a book on making mini flowers
jude: Great, Chery.
jude: er...Cheryl
chelyha55: I want to get my roses down to no more than 1/4 inch in
jude: That's tiny!
chelyha55: I need it for the idea I have
chelyha55: I know NJ can make them that small
jude: Yes, she can.
chelyha55: my smallest is about 1/2 inch
jude: That's about the size I did for some things lately.
chelyha55: they are so cute
jude: I made a tiny rose for the Blues Clues box top.
chelyha55: that sounds cute
sew_short left the room
jude: He came out really cute.
chelyha55: ooh, look at the tiny thing!
chelyha55: I like that cane
chelyha55: there are real roses that color
Fearless Leader: start your petal cane large
Fearless Leader: and reduce to the size you need your petal to be
chelyha55: very nice
jude: Makes sense.
Fearless Leader: I read somewhere that roses are either cups or bowls
chelyha55: the book I have doesn't use canes
Fearless Leader: they are either tightly formed or open
chelyha55: so this is good because I do
jude: I don't usually use canes for my flowers.
chelyha55: well, I'm a caning fool
chelyha55: I have hundreds of canes
jude: Oh, my!
chelyha55: have to start listing them on ebay or something
jude: That's a good idea.
chelyha55: That's pretty
jude: Very pretty.
Fearless Leader: that's 1/4th inch
Fearless Leader: across the flower
Fearless Leader: not including the leaves
chelyha55: that's the size I want to do
Fearless Leader: well there ya are
chelyha55: Cool! Thank you!
chelyha55: right now I am rolling base beads that are 1/4 inch across
jude: Tiny!
chelyha55: they turn out about half an inch after I add on all the
chelyha55: they look sort of like lampwork beads
chelyha55: they are great for bracelets
chelyha55: Hi techi_mom!
chelyha55: Don't know your name
chelyha55: oops, I dont' think she's in the chat room
jude: I was wondering cause I don't see her.
Fearless Leader: I was thinking of the shrimp flower
Fearless Leader: where there were rows of petals going up a stalk
Fearless Leader: just sort of noodling it out
jude: I don't think I've ever seen a shrimp flower.
Fearless Leader: it went through the pix list
jude: Okie. I'm woefully behind.
chelyha55: Ididnt see it either
techi_mom56 joined the room
chelyha55: Hi techi_mom
techi_mom56: hi everyone...
jude: Howdy Nancy.
chelyha55: ah, Nancy. I couldn't remember your name
techi_mom56: popped in to see whats going on...grin...thats okay...i
dont remember yours..(not on my cheat sheet yet)
chelyha55: Cheryl
chelyha55: ooo, space flower
techi_mom56: thanks....i cant get the webcam it going?
chelyha55: yes it is
techi_mom56: sigh okay will try mom is here and she does
clay too...
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to techi_mom56 (12/28/02 at
4:45 PM)
Fearless Leader: Just sent you a cam invite Nancy
Fearless Leader: did you get it?
chelyha55: NJ could you make some calla lilies?
techi_mom56: no not yet
Fearless Leader: Calla Lilies are a big white leaf
Fearless Leader: and the stalk is green going to yellow
chelyha55: I know they are probably dirt easy to make
chelyha55: but very pretty
frogger70301 joined the room
frogger70301: Wow, nice flowers!
chelyha55: aren't they great?
frogger70301: I like the little one, looks like black and white.
chelyha55: she was trying to make one look like a shrimp plant
frogger70301: What cane was that made from?
frogger70301: looks great.
chelyha55: I'm not sure
frogger70301: Oooh, one of my faves!
chelyha55: very cute
chelyha55: I have to go get laundry from dryer, brb
frogger70301: k.
frogger70301: nice bouquet.
Fearless Leader: The calla Lily doesn't show up very well
Fearless Leader: any other requests?
chelyha55: no but I like it it looks great
techi_mom56: brb
techi_mom56 left the room
jude: How about an orchid?
jude: I have a terrible time with orchids.
Fearless Leader: let me go look at the orchid page and refresh my
jude: Okie.
Fearless Leader:
Real Orchids
Fearless Leader: which sort are you wanting to know how to do?
Fearless Leader: there's different kinds
jude: Hmmm....
jude: You got me. LOL!
jude: Let me try to describe.
jude: There is one kind that looks like it is sticking it's tongue
jude: Or something like that. There is a center part of the bloom. The
outer petals look like an iris.
jude: Make any sense?
Fearless Leader: Trick with orchids is the petals are different sizes.
Often there's like 2-4 that are small
jude: Or we could just do an iris.
Fearless Leader: and then a 2 medium sized ones
jude: Right.
Fearless Leader: and then a long one like the tongue is sticking out
Fearless Leader: so you use one cane
Fearless Leader: and reduce it so one end is small and the other end
is large
jude: Okie, got it.
Fearless Leader: and slice three different size petals
Fearless Leader: let's give that an effort
jude: Okie, you have three sizes cut, I see. Three of the small, two
medium and one large.
jude: All are elongated ovals, sorta pointy at one end.
frogger70301: I gotta go for a little while. I'll try to make iot back
later on.
frogger70301: Bye.
frogger70301 left the room
jude: Vye.
jude: er...Bye.
Fearless Leader: well that's it more or less, but you see what I mean
by slicing different sizes for the petals
Fearless Leader: I was aiming for that belly button bit in the middle
jude: Yes, I do. Thanks.
jude: My computer monitor is wonky on me, everything is gamma dark.
But, I did a couple web shots and can adjust the pic to see what you
were doing.
jude: I know what you mean by the belly button.
jude: Pretty!
jude: That's pretty!
jude: More tropical looking.
chelyha55: that cane is beautiful
jude: That's gorgeous!
chelyha55: is that just a striped cane?
Fearless Leader: yup
Fearless Leader: just reduced and stacked and pinched at the ends
chelyha55: very cool
Fearless Leader: like the last flower on this page
Fearless Leader:
Real Orchids
Fearless Leader: on the lower left
jude: That is a beatiful orchid.
jude: er...beautiful
Fearless Leader: so reduce your cane so it's a cone
Fearless Leader: and slice off different sizes
Fearless Leader: pull some
Fearless Leader: bowl some
Fearless Leader: you can do some crazy things with orchids
jude: So many different kinds.
jude: Thanks!
chelyha55: i bookmarked that page
jude: I did too.
chelyha55: she's on a roll now!
tedi382001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: just goofing around
jill_z_q joined the room
jill_z_q: howdy
jude: Howdy.
tedi382001: hi
jill_z_q: the list is on the fritz again
jude: Yes, Yahoo has been weird all day.
tedi382001 left the room
jill_z_q: wonder how much backlog there is
jill_z_q: I just got the emails I wrote this morning
jill_z_q: chuckles
Fearless Leader: last time I checked the posts that were waiting was
two pages long
Fearless Leader: single space
Fearless Leader: I can see that in our Management area
jill_z_q: wow
Fearless Leader: and they are coming in out of order
jill_z_q: they sure are
Fearless Leader: There were those two pages when I posted I was in the
chat room
Fearless Leader: and that post went through
Fearless Leader: and the others are still waiting
jill_z_q: so is it raining over there in San Fran?
chelyha55: I'm going to have to get new glasses if I am going to work
this small
Fearless Leader: been on and off, early this afternoon the trees were
leaning all to the north
Fearless Leader: use a magnifying glass
jill_z_q: you do mini flowers?
jill_z_q: er doing?
chelyha55: I want a pair of mag-eyes
jill_z_q: that would be weird LOL
chelyha55: I'm just starting doing them
jill_z_q: I want to see is -jealous hehee
chelyha55: oh that's cool, do you stand it on something and work over
it with the flowers under?
jill_z_q: they have glass too
jill_z_q: er glasses
jill_z_q: like what the jewelers wear
Fearless Leader: I had a large magnifying glass that is surrounded by
a light
chelyha55: when I do up one of these "beads" I have in mind I will
post it
Fearless Leader: it's big like a hand mirror
Fearless Leader: I put the little one underneath it, to have two
magnifying glasses going on at the same time for 1/76 inch scale
Fearless Leader: like Lil'Man
jill_z_q: I want to do a mini garden scene in clay
Fearless Leader: That sounds fun Suzy, we have a book on miniature
gardens with live plants, write to Mitch to borrow it
Fearless Leader: it's great
jill_z_q: I did
jill_z_q: those are live ones
Fearless Leader: ah you did, coolness
jill_z_q: I want clay ones
Fearless Leader: easier to upkeep the clay plants
Fearless Leader: LOL
jill_z_q: anything inside the house I kill
jill_z_q: but outside I can grow anything
chelyha55: I want to evolve my flower and lace bead design
Fearless Leader: I leave home for days and weeks at a time and the
guys neglect my plants
chelyha55: into something more 3-D
Fearless Leader: only the heartiest will survive
jill_z_q: chuckles
jill_z_q: I kill my bamboo plant!
jill_z_q: it is too funny
jill_z_q: that sounds neat Cheryl
Fearless Leader: I'm going to take a bit of a break right now
jill_z_q: you know what would be cool
Fearless Leader: going to forage
Fearless Leader: I'll be back in a bit, got the munchies
jill_z_q: flower inside some trans
jill_z_q: but 3d flower
chelyha55: what time shall we come back?
Fearless Leader: 6:30 my time
Fearless Leader: it's 10 past now
chelyha55: Ok, see you in a few
jill_z_q: have fun NJ.
chelyha55: I'm going to go check my auctions
jill_z_q: heh
jill_z_q: checking them every minute?
jill_z_q: giggles
chelyha55: actually they have slowed down a bit.
chelyha55: I do have a bid on one on ebay
jill_z_q: I listed 69 items thursday
jill_z_q: grin
chelyha55: oh on free listing day. that's when i listed mine too
chelyha55: dont usually go with ebay
chelyha55: mostly Just Beads
jill_z_q: how does that work out for you?
jill_z_q: just bead bring good money?
chelyha55: pretty well, I made almost 300 in november and 300 in
jill_z_q: that is nice
chelyha55: after i deduct all my fees
jill_z_q: that is pretty good for a starving artist
jill_z_q: starting out
chelyha55: yeah, it helps keep the bills paid
chelyha55: the most I've done in one month was $400
jill_z_q: just think you can only get better
jill_z_q: don't you have a bead store?
chelyha55: yeah, i've only been working with clay for 2 years
jill_z_q: or was that someone else
chelyha55: no I work at Klew's bead store
chelyha55: she's who got me into the clay
jill_z_q: okay
jill_z_q: I see that is it
jill_z_q: you sell any of your beads there?
chelyha55: no. Conflict of interest
jill_z_q: Really
jill_z_q: I can understand but then I can see something else
chelyha55: yeah, it's her shop. She's the artist
jill_z_q: You she ever offer?
jill_z_q: er has she ever offer to display your stuff?
jill_z_q: I guess its a compliment then.
chelyha55: she said I could do a trunk show
jill_z_q: heh
chelyha55: at some point
jill_z_q: nod
jill_z_q: Well I think you do really nice Work Cheryl.
chelyha55: thanks
chelyha55: I appreciate it
jill_z_q: Do you make jewelry with your beads or just selling the
focal points and other beads?
chelyha55: i make jewelry too
chelyha55: I also do glass fusing
jill_z_q: I know
jill_z_q: I'm coming over
jill_z_q: lol
jill_z_q: I love glass
jill_z_q: there is a glass fusing class
jill_z_q: right down the street
jill_z_q: 185 bucks
jill_z_q: You ahve a kiln?
chelyha55: yes I do
jill_z_q: I sware I htink I need to call my ex he has two kilns
jill_z_q: one tabletop
jill_z_q: and one big round drum
jill_z_q: they were his mothers
chelyha55: I just have what they call a hotbox
jill_z_q: what is that?
chelyha55: it's not digital or anything
chelyha55: it looks like an igloo
jill_z_q: nod
chelyha55: it's a regular kiln, just not the fancy kind.
jill_z_q: it is white
jill_z_q: ?
chelyha55: but fine for fusing
chelyha55: yes
jill_z_q: I think I saw one on carol duvall show
chelyha55: it was 200.00
jill_z_q: they aren't too expensive
chelyha55: not a bad price
jill_z_q: not all considering
jill_z_q: PMC kiln is like 500
jill_z_q: I think my ex give me the kilns
chelyha55: yeah, I can't do pmc with mine
jill_z_q: er would
jill_z_q: except the biggest problem is he is in NY
jill_z_q: heh
chelyha55: where are you?
jill_z_q: In San Fernando Valley
chelyha55: oh you're not all that far from me
jill_z_q: I'm a hour from the other Cheryl
jill_z_q: We all should get together for a big ole clay day
chelyha55: that would be fun. She is like halfway between you and me
chelyha55: she can't leave home for long periods, so we could have it
at her house
jill_z_q: We could have a little claycon
jill_z_q: chuckles
jill_z_q: yeah I know
jill_z_q: but she is losing weight so that is really good for her
chelyha55: yes it is, I'm really proud of her
jill_z_q: I think it will help with her back tremoudously
chelyha55: Ah! A face!
jill_z_q: maybe we can plan something for her
jill_z_q: hmm
chelyha55: sounds good to me.
chelyha55: I may be teaching again soon
Fearless Leader: What Cheryl is esclaiming about is a Kai face mold
chelyha55: have about 5 people who want to take classes\
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Niki from AZ just logged in
Fearless Leader: hey honey
jill_z_q: Ooh that sounds excitings
Fearless Leader: saw ya coming
NikiT: hi
chelyha55: Is that a new face mold?
Fearless Leader: I'm putting a mirror image of a jungle chop and toss
block in the face mold
Fearless Leader: and the flowers I made are going to go around the
jill_z_q: sounds nice
chelyha55: oh that will be cool
NikiT: cool
jill_z_q: okay I'm going to cook.
jill_z_q: Hi Niki
jill_z_q: I can't see webcam
jill_z_q: We'll chat laster Cheryl
NikiT: i am finding that I really wish I had brought some clay to work
with me today. it is SO SLOW.
jill_z_q: Bye bye all
Fearless Leader: Ciao Suzy
NikiT: ooh that's perty
Fearless Leader: there's the block
jill_z_q left the room
NikiT: i finally have 1 lb blocks of clay to play with.. prolly finish
up my 2oz ones first before i break into the big ones though.. and
gotta clean the bathrooms this weekend before I play with clay..
NikiT: new pasta machine, too, an Atlas (yay!).. so we'll see how that
one compares to the Imperia
NikiT: lots more thickness settings to play with on the atlas
NikiT: well, two or three, i think.
NikiT: That's a pretty big block of chop-n-toss, NJ.. So pretty, too
NikiT: and a rose too? I can't seem to get mine to look like that.
chelyha55: Don't feel bad I can't yet either
Fearless Leader: LOL I got an air bubble under his lip and he looks
like he lost a fight
NikiT: hehe
Fearless Leader: I'll have to make effort to do a second press of the
Fearless Leader: do a save on it
Fearless Leader: LOL
techi_mom56 joined the room
techi_mom56 left the room
chelyha55: Wow! That's cool. I've been making beads and wasn't
Fearless Leader: he needs lids
Fearless Leader: he looks startled without eyelids
chelyha55: Jungle Boogie!
Fearless Leader: Now that he has eyes and eyelids
Fearless Leader: I can add flowers
Fearless Leader: otherwise I would have goofed up the flowers
Fearless Leader: putting in the eyes as an after thought
Fearless Leader: almost did that
techi_mom56 joined the room
chelyha55: Nancy did you ever get the webcam?
Fearless Leader: So there's some flowers for you Cheryl
chelyha55: Quite awesome, NJ!
Fearless Leader: but you make better canes
Fearless Leader: so you can just go nutso
chelyha55: I think I'm heading in that direction. Did you ever get a
look at my draped fabric beads?
Fearless Leader: Yes I did and I thought they were too fun
chelyha55: and that came from that demo about the fish scales!
chelyha55: They've been selling, too
Fearless Leader: That's great to hear
Fearless Leader: I know you can sell your stuff, and develop a style
that's your own
Fearless Leader: that
Fearless Leader: is a better shot
chelyha55: he looks like a forest spirit
Fearless Leader: doesn't he though
Fearless Leader: I'll end up covering the whole jar
Fearless Leader: put Xev's face on the other side
Fearless Leader: add a mess o leaves
Fearless Leader: but I'm going to quit for now
Fearless Leader: I'm beat
chelyha55: thanks so much this was really fun
Fearless Leader: I'll be on tomorrow
Fearless Leader: late in the afternoon
chelyha55: what time?
Fearless Leader: if we have power
Fearless Leader: 2-3pm my time
chelyha55: oh, ok. I'm off work at 4
chelyha55: see you then
Fearless Leader: ok, cool....I'll catch you then
Fearless Leader: xoxox
chelyha55: bye!