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December 2002  02- December 29, 2002: Flowers and Fan Fold Cane

dahs512: I'll save the log
Fearless Leader: thank you Denise, I'm going to forage
kmrhodes: Denise, where does the log go after you save it?
dahs512: I'll send it to NJ, do you want me to send it to you too?
kmrhodes: yes, please
teri56 joined the room
kmrhodes: I want to do booklets of the tuts
kmrhodes: and the webcame
kmrhodes: webcams
kmrhodes: Hey Teri
teri56: hey there Karen!
kmrhodes: nice flower, huh
teri56: I'm gonna be a voyeur for a while
kmrhodes: thats cool
teri56: yes it's gorgeous
kmrhodes: rest that wrist
bonsaikathy: Hi Teri
teri56: hey Kath.......!
sew_short: Well - had to empty dryer and move wet clothes over - so
missed part of demo.
sew_short: Hello Terkins
teri56: hi there Kay!
sew_short: Missed you
teri56: I too you
bonsaikathy: wow, just made one of the flowers, these are to pretty
sew_short: So turn your cam on Kathy
bonsaikathy: ignore the mess and I will, I"m working on something and
it really is a mess
kmrhodes: Hey NJ more demos during the week?
kmrhodes: daytime?
bonsaikathy: did it come up for you Kay
sew_short: Let me check
kmrhodes: its there Kathy
swaphappy2000: Are we going to see another flower being made?
kmrhodes: I see NJ's arm!
sew_short: Wow Kathy
sew_short: Closer please
bonsaikathy: brb
teri56: dang I missed kathy's flower
teri56: but boy, I sure do like that pile of clay
bonsaikathy: hang on and I"ll show you Teri, had to go stir everything
sew_short: I have some things I did and need to bake. Need to take
pics for the list
teri56: ooooooooooooo Kathy, pretty!
sew_short: Very nice Kathy. Great job
bonsaikathy: that's the chop and toss I put through the pasta machine,
bonsaikathy: not sure what I'll do with it but probably cover
something, lol
Fearless Leader: I'm back and burping
kmrhodes: I ate a popcorn ball
Fearless Leader: what's up?
teri56: whatcha burping, NJ?
bonsaikathy: I haven't had a popcorn ball in years
kmrhodes: now I'm trying to get the kernels out of my teeth
sew_short: Reminds me of the DOD colors and/or african american robes
swaphappy2000: cleaned up the living room from my over active
bonsaikathy: that's true it does
Fearless Leader: Oh I ordered Chinese food. Roast Duck, beef and
broccili, pot stickers and fried prawns, veggie delight, fried rice
and chow mein, I'm not cooking for days
Fearless Leader: I'm going to clay until I hurt myself
bonsaikathy: haha, sounds like it
swaphappy2000: I am so jealous! I want some good chinese!
Fearless Leader: who's ready for a folded cane?
sew_short: lol
teri56: yummmmmm
sew_short: Me
Fearless Leader: we'll do Chinese food in miniature
swaphappy2000: Meeeee meeeeee
kmrhodes: go girl
teri56: me
bonsaikathy: memememe
Fearless Leader: ok, taking that stack of Tongues of Fire
Fearless Leader: air bubble
Fearless Leader: just slice them and burp out the air
Fearless Leader: when you got a seam
Fearless Leader: like I cut the air bubble
Fearless Leader: the way to heal the seam is to jiggle it
dahs512 left the room
sew_short: ok
Fearless Leader: side to side real fast
dahs512 joined the room
Fearless Leader: slicing off a length of that stack I'm going to pinch
and pull it to be longer and thinner than it is now
Fearless Leader: here's a snake
Fearless Leader: I'm not putting it in like that
Fearless Leader: could
Fearless Leader: if I wanted a bullseye with a lot of rings, but
that's another cane
Fearless Leader: I'm going to fold it like you fold a paper fan
Fearless Leader: at every fold I'll lay a length of this red skane
Fearless Leader: snake
Fearless Leader: even
Fearless Leader: I'm going to do the red against the white
Fearless Leader: for I fear the red will be lost if I fold it next to
the black side
Fearless Leader: I want a drastic dot
Fearless Leader: let me show ya
sew_short: NJ is rolling out her snake longer and thinner
Fearless Leader: I'll do a white snake on the black fold, see what
that does
sew_short: Now she is starting to fan fold the stack and adding a
slice of the snake, cutting snake
Fearless Leader: I have no plan that's specific
sew_short: She is now rolling out a white snake to add to the black
side of the fan fold
sew_short: Foling back and adding red snake
sew_short: Fold and add red snake - back and forth until stack is used
sew_short: Reminds me of that fan folder hard Christmas candy
sew_short: Now she is pinching one side of the fan folded stack making
the similar to a heart with three of four tops
sew_short: Reducing?
sew_short: Yes, reducing. She squeezes the cane in the middle and
pulls it like taffy
sew_short: NJ is slicing of pieces of the cane and putting them side
by side
sew_short: Slicing off more pieces of the cane
sew_short: and joining them side to side --- oops now I am lost
sew_short: Halp me Halp me someone
bonsaikathy: she just made the bud in the middle and will put petals
around it
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions now before I form this flower
Fearless Leader: no questions?
Fearless Leader: okie dokie
dahs512: I'm good
bonsaikathy: next break NJ, if you'll give me the epson site again
I'll start sending in the pics for you
kmrhodes: how many pics do yo have
Fearless Leader: okie dokie Kathy
sew_short: NJ is forming the petals around the bud of the flower
sew_short: Turns her "skewer" that is wedged into some clay for
sew_short: Add a petal, turns and add another petal
dahs512: I like the way the petals are frillier looking
dahs512: she didn't add the petals opposite this time
bonsaikathy: sorry Karen, had to step away to start the fire
sew_short: Looks like lots and lots of little petals rather than just
a few. It's really cute
swaphappy2000: I really like this one!
dahs512: She is overlapping each per\vious petal slightly
bonsaikathy: I have a lot of them, I take them every few minutes when
ever she shows something good
kmrhodes: okay, was just wondering
dahs512: previous
sew_short: Wow
dahs512: she bent the petals back slightly
swaphappy2000: that is beautiful!
kmrhodes: that is just so cool!
Fearless Leader: Miniaturists...think fans
Fearless Leader: for the Lady's table
dahs512: turkey?
Fearless Leader: easy breezy
dahs512: lol
swaphappy2000: how do you cook these?
sew_short: NJ is showing the comparison of the cane before and after
swaphappy2000: do you take the rod out first?
Fearless Leader: I'm slapping these flowers on the Jar
swaphappy2000: did you make the face on the jar too?
swaphappy2000: I would really like to see that one done!!!!
swaphappy2000: Are they cooked before putting them on the jar?
swaphappy2000: I guess not. LOL
kmrhodes left the room
sew_short: No, you can bake them on the jar. Or I would lay it on some
polyfill fluffy stuff and bake
swaphappy2000: what about the face?
swaphappy2000: did NJ make that?
sew_short: You can put some on the jar - bake it - then add more and
bonsaikathy: I'm sure she did
swaphappy2000: rebaking? will that burn it?
bonsaikathy: no
sew_short: Yes that is one of NJ's faces she made and cured (baked) -
then made a mold of it.
Fearless Leader: ok...questions
bonsaikathy: not here
swaphappy2000: Beautiful work NJ. Very impressed.
Fearless Leader: Cynthia... ask away
swaphappy2000: I am bursting with questions. LOL
Fearless Leader: about the face... we're learning how to do faces
Fearless Leader: it's on the site, called FACE OFF
swaphappy2000: ohhhhh...when!
Fearless Leader: about two dozen of us are learning how to sculpt
swaphappy2000: ohhhh...will have to check that out.
Fearless Leader: Do you know the TV show called LEXX?
swaphappy2000: no...I have not heard of that one.
Fearless Leader: I got Lexx tutorials and Non Lexx tutorials for
learning how to sculpt and make doll bodies
dahs512: Cynthia, do you want to see mine?
dahs512: Do you mind NJ?
Fearless Leader: give her the url
Fearless Leader: go for it honey
swaphappy2000: oh yes. That would be great!
dahs512: the cam?
sew_short: YES YES Denise - yours is great
Fearless Leader: sure that would be great , show her the mold
Fearless Leader: I'm going to check my email for a tick
sew_short: Cynthia do you have dahs512 on your Messenger friends list?
dahs512: I sent her an invite
sew_short: If not add her right now and she will have her cam on soon
swaphappy2000: yep
swaphappy2000: That is too cool!
swaphappy2000: Which one is the mold?
sew_short: The blue looking one
teri56: Denise, is that Alley Goop?
swaphappy2000: I guess the whole molding deal is another issue.
dahs512: yes
teri56: sure came out great!
Fearless Leader:
swaphappy2000: I am so impressed!
Fearless Leader: That's the link for the FACE OFF event
sew_short: Yes Cyn - I am just starting to mold some buttons out of
the Elasticity clay
Fearless Leader: it's a communal effort to share our efforts
Fearless Leader: in sculpting heads and faces
swaphappy2000: elasticity clay...that is the molding clay?
Fearless Leader: Alley Goop, a two part mix for making molds,
ClayAlley sells it
Fearless Leader:
swaphappy2000: would that be Karen's deal again.
Fearless Leader: Denise, the blue man is making like Elvis with the
swaphappy2000: worked...I did a face. LOL
dahs512: Do you want to see me do a quick mold?
swaphappy2000: Silicone Rubber Mold
swaphappy2000: Ok
Fearless Leader: coolness I get to watch
swaphappy2000: I would love to..
swaphappy2000: your cam thingy done? Is it ok to close it?
dahs512: she'll be back
bonsaikathy: she's doing some chop and toss right now
dahs512: equal parts
dahs512: one color
dahs512: pretty forgiving on the amount of moving around you do
dahs512: 6 minutes and it should be ready
dahs512: back to you NJ
bonsaikathy: I'm trying to figure out what she's making
bonsaikathy: It's fantastci
swaphappy2000: mold
dahs512: beads
dahs512: NJ is
swaphappy2000: ohh
swaphappy2000: how often you you all play with clay?
sew_short left the room
bonsaikathy: no I mean NJ, it's really a great design
dahs512: all the time
bonsaikathy: sometimes every day and sometimes I can't get near it for
several days because I have to catch up on my mini bonsai orders
swaphappy2000: I try to every night in between my other hobbies.
swaphappy2000: I am working on a girl right now and the face is
killing me.
swaphappy2000: I incoroporated wire in for limbs. Easier.. LOL
dahs512: brb
swaphappy2000: Very Cool.
Fearless Leader: there were three levels of complexity with the canes
Fearless Leader: chopping them up and layering them
Fearless Leader: you can get a middle bead area that has designs every
Fearless Leader: use the thick trim for the outside, and get more and
more complex designs chopped for the center
Fearless Leader: layer like an oreo cookie
Fearless Leader: then slice out the beads
Fearless Leader: for our advanced beaders here
dahs512: hey, it worked
swaphappy2000: GREAT!!!
swaphappy2000: Now, you can send that to me! LOL
dahs512: lol
dahs512: ok Nj sorry for interupting
swaphappy2000: Thanks for the molding 101
dahs512: this stuff is easy to use but pricey
sew_short joined the room
Fearless Leader: no interruption
Fearless Leader: it's a break for me
Fearless Leader: I can just fart around
dahs512: iwas saying that mold material is for special things as it is
swaphappy2000: What's next? My head is spinning. LOL
dahs512: but it will definately save me a lot of time when I make 15
of them
sew_short: I'm back - got knocked off internet and finally just got
back on
swaphappy2000: 15 of them...for what, may I ask?
dahs512: a
swaphappy2000: OH...LOL
dahs512: 10 for them 5 for me
Fearless Leader: wow Kay
Fearless Leader: wrestling with the wires
Fearless Leader: poor honey
swaphappy2000: I gotta go check out this face link.
dahs512: I've learned to make more than the swap requires, because
sometimes it is your best stuff.
bonsaikathy: That's the way I do it too Denise
dahs512: something about the old muscle memory...right NJ?
Fearless Leader: I'd say you're right on that
dahs512: Do you alll want to see some of last years masks
bonsaikathy: Hey NJ, that cheet you have done there would make a great
bonsaikathy: sure
dahs512: lol
bonsaikathy: sorry sheet
Fearless Leader: Barry the Lounge Bear has such a jacket
sew_short: OK both cams back on
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Tongues of Fire, multiplied for Mandarine Maze
swaphappy2000: I must give my regards. I have to feed the family. if they have to eat EVERY single day of the week!
Fearless Leader: I could show you how easy it is to make something
look really complex
Fearless Leader: Feed the kidlets
Fearless Leader: we know the drill
Fearless Leader: claymates
Fearless Leader: remember the Fish Scale?
swaphappy2000 left the room
sew_short: I don't recall seeing that one Denise
dahs512: mosaic
sew_short: yah NJ
dahs512: These are not mine
Fearless Leader: well instead of using a blended bulls eye
Fearless Leader: what if it were made with a Tongues of Fire cane?
sew_short: Awwwww
Fearless Leader: I think I'll do just that
chelyha55 joined the room
sew_short: From a swap?
dahs512: ok Nj is and tell later
bonsaikathy: they are neat Denise
dahs512: yes
sew_short: They are all adorable!
dahs512: thanks
bonsaikathy: NJ, that is really great, I went and looked
sew_short: Yes NJ , lets do it!
chelyha55: what is she doing?
bonsaikathy: tongues of fire
sew_short: NJ takes a stack of todays layered sheet, cuts into four
Fearless Leader: hold up, gotta do something
chelyha55: Oh, cool. how long have you been in chat?
sew_short: Puts one end of each together like a pinwheel, curves the
bonsaikathy: since a little before 6 eastern
bonsaikathy: so around 2 1/2 hours
dahs512: She did flowers now tounges of fire
chelyha55: Ah.
Fearless Leader: back
dahs512: can we see the end
dahs512: she is wrapping it with a skeet of white
dahs512: stretching the cane
dahs512: only about a half inh in diameter
dahs512: she is marking it into sections
dahs512: she is cutting the cane lengthwise
dahs512: and the stacking the 2 halves onto a log
dahs512: on opposing sides
dahs512: then cutting a third log into halves and adding those halves
to the two sides that have not been covered yet.
dahs512: whew
sew_short left the room
dahs512: If that doesn't make sense to someone, please clarify it for
dahs512: a 4th cane is then cut into quarters and used to fill in
between the othe halves surrounding the cane
jyladams joined the room
Fearless Leader: I think a black surround might be interesting too
jyladams: Oh WOW!!! People are here!!
dahs512: Hi Jyl
jyladams: Jyl Adams from Gig harbor WA signing in....hello
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to jyladams (12/29/02 at
5:22 PM)
chelyha55: Hi Jyl
Fearless Leader: Just sent you the invite to see the cam
Fearless Leader: just got finished with doing this cane
dahs512: I need to take a minute and mix some paint for my son
jyladams: an invite in email?
chelyha55: I think black would look better than white
dahs512: Let me save the log real quick.
chelyha55: not that white looks bad
Fearless Leader: Jyl are you on a Mac?
jyladams: no, pC
Fearless Leader: are you in the chat room through Yahoo Messenger or
the web page java based chat?
dahs512: I think I missed the very first few lines of this one so
could someone else save it to please.
jyladams: I am in chat room through Yahoo
Fearless Leader: then you can see the TV Icon by my name on the chat
room list here?
Fearless Leader: if you right click on that
Fearless Leader: you can get to my cam
jyladams: No TV on my screen next to msatclayart
dahs512 left the room
Fearless Leader: I sent an invite through this chat room option, might
have opened a window on you
Fearless Leader: hmmm,
dahs512 joined the room
Fearless Leader: you might have to update your Yahoo Messenger if you
can't see the TV Icon on my name
Fearless Leader: for those who come to the chat room through Yahoo
Messenger's latest version can see the cam
Fearless Leader: through the list's web page chat or with older
versions folks can't see
Fearless Leader: While you sort it out, it's time for a break for we
came to the end of a cane here. I'm going to have a potty break and
check the list email and be back in 10-15 minutes
chelyha55: Ok, i will do the same
chelyha55 left the room
jyladams: I am looking, did you just do a flowers?
Fearless Leader: Jyl I don't see you as seeing my cam, that's odd
jyladams left the room
jyladams joined the room
Fearless Leader: JYL DID IT
Fearless Leader: GOOD GIRL
Fearless Leader: \(*o*)/
Fearless Leader: LOL
jyladams: Thank you soooooooo much!!!!
jyladams: This is truly wonderful
jyladams: You just did this with canes?
Fearless Leader: yup
Fearless Leader: did you see the links for the flowers and the leaves
I sent through the list today?
jyladams: Oh MY! I have so much to learn
Fearless Leader: Since we're taking a wee break here, I'll give you
those links again
Fearless Leader: and you can check out the flower tutorials, some only
have one picture for they are simple
dahs512: I'm back
jyladams: No, I was just signing on and it seemed there was a chat
event so I went there first
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Check out the one Tile Tutes, simple three
dimensional flowers,
Fearless Leader: easy as dirt, I promise
bonsaikathy: I have to reboot my computer, got it stuck in a mode
where it won't check my email so will be back in a couple minuts
Fearless Leader: I'm going to take a Bio-break, and get some food and
Fearless Leader: Ok Kathy
bonsaikathy left the room
Fearless Leader: back in a few then... Jyl check out the flower tutes,
then what I will be doing will make more sense
Fearless Leader: I'll be back
jyladams: it really does make sense. I am completely blown away!
dahs512: It still blows me away all the things that can be done with
teri56 left the room
Fearless Leader: back