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December 2002 , 03- December 29, 2002: Flowers and Fan Fold Cane

dahs512: It still blows me away all the things that can be done with
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Fearless Leader: back
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Fearless Leader: I was thinking of that fan folded cane
dahs512: I forgot i had my camera on and looked up and thought NJ was
doing tounges of fire
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: That's funny
Fearless Leader: silly goose girl
Fearless Leader: ok, with that fan folded cane, I'm thinking if we
used one color for the sheet, one color for the snake in the fold,
only did one side but squeezed that side we'd have quick pansies
Fearless Leader: easier to show you than to explain in text
dahs512: ok this time i will try to keep up
Fearless Leader: I think I'll thin this a couple of settings
Fearless Leader: like the third setting from the widest
Fearless Leader: make this a longer rectangle
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dahs512: is the snake flattened?
dahs512: weaving
dahs512: can't see
bonsaikathy: If someone can take over screen shots for now, I'm having
all sorts of problems with our server right now
jyladams: I can't see what you are doing when you pick it up
dahs512: you wrapped with a sheet of yellow
dahs512: I'll try Kathy
jyladams: same yellow as you folded with?
dahs512: yes
bonsaikathy: thanks Denise, don't know what is going on with this
stupid thing right now
dahs512: onto the thin part of the triangle to make it square?
dahs512: nope, just to give it a wrap
dahs512: oh, i see
dahs512: need a shot NJ
teri56: aack! That's like nine million times easier than the way I've
been doing it!
dahs512: NJ need another peek for a shot
dahs512: NJ, show me the end please
dahs512: ok
jyladams: This is the "raw" end vs the middle cut?
Fearless Leader: ok the trick to this is
Fearless Leader: instead of slicing a solid color and inserting sheets
to make lines like this
dahs512: thanks Jyl, can you talk about what you see, while I get some
screen shots please
Fearless Leader: you have a long sheet, and you fold in a flat ribbon
of color
Fearless Leader: then reduce, it makes those lines and as Teri
noticed, it is faster
Fearless Leader: than slicing and inserting
dahs512: it really is
dahs512: NJ's always thinkin'
Fearless Leader: I'm lazy
Fearless Leader: and pressed for time
teri56: ooo ginko
dahs512: pansy
dahs512: not you
Fearless Leader: take your slices and fan them out
Fearless Leader: for a different petal shape and this works well with
jyladams: OK, do the folding of the flat ribbon on to the thin
rectangle of yellow, then reduce by rolling? and then re-shaping into
the pedal shape?
Fearless Leader: sort of reminds me of California Poppy if it had more
of a golden blend to the cane
Fearless Leader: reduce by pulling
Fearless Leader: if you roll a triangle
Fearless Leader: you'll hurt its feelings
Fearless Leader: ouchie...blunt that point if you roll, pull it like
jyladams: I know about rolling, not about pulling - same principle?
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teri56: often rolling causes distortion
dahs512: skinny outsides, fat core
jyladams: I won't be a pest - is there a tute about "pulling"
merrie60us: Hi, Went to pick up my son and then to my mom's and had to
download yahoo anyway I am here
merrie60us: Can someone give me a brief idea of what's up
dahs512: pansy's
teri56: so squeezing and pulling reduces all the colors at the same
merrie60us: Sara Jane has a tute about the 13 lb cane reduction I am
not home so cannot give you the address right now
dahs512: I'm redoing what NJ just did
dahs512: I think
merrie60us: oh good thanks
bonsaikathy: Folks I hate to do this but I've got to get going, I'm
having all sorts of problems with the internet tonight and it's giving
me fits, so hate to miss the rest of this but better get out of here,
NJ when You're done if you'll email me the info, I'll download
tomorrow if everything is back up and running, I think bellsouth is
messed up, take care everyone
merrie60us: what an interesting ideal
dahs512: nite Kathy
merrie60us: goodnight Kathy
bonsaikathy: night everyone, tell NJ that's great. see ya
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Fearless Leader: Ok, that's how to get the stripes in your flower
petal without cutting and inserting the color
teri56: brilliant NJ!
Fearless Leader: it's folded in like a basket weave, like a paper fan
Fearless Leader: Now if the sheet we were folding were blended
Fearless Leader: then the stripes will be going from one color to the
Fearless Leader: cutting through the blend
Fearless Leader: the lines could be longer if you wanted as well, or
more numerous
merrie60us: ooh can't wait to try this
Fearless Leader: variations on a theme
Fearless Leader: easy as Dirt Merrie
merrie60us: very nice I have tried it a different way and it was very
Fearless Leader: Ok, any one been struggling with a particular flower?
Fearless Leader: maybe we can noodle some solution?
dahs512: my roses get way over complicated and I can end up with a
Fearless Leader: how many petals are you using?
Fearless Leader: Some roses have tons of petals, like the cabbage rose
dahs512: way too many...grin
Fearless Leader: some are just tight buds and only need one petal
Fearless Leader: one petal rolled sideways on the stalk makes the
instant bud
dahs512: mine just evolve
dahs512: the base gets too thick
Fearless Leader: then limit your roses to five or 7 and keep the base
skinny like this
Fearless Leader: fan out the edges, make them bowl shape and thin the
pointy end of the petal
Fearless Leader: keep it down to 5 or 7 and see how that works for you
dahs512: ok
dahs512: thanks
Fearless Leader: now this fold trick was with a ribbon
Fearless Leader: so we got stripes
Fearless Leader: if we folded in snakes we'd have dots
merrie60us: how so
Fearless Leader: let me show Merrie the fold trick with snakes
merrie60us: wouldn
merrie60us: thanks
teri56: sounds like a possibility for the foxglove
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Fearless Leader: going to do a blend
Fearless Leader: of white and yellow before adding snakes
dahs512: I did the pansy leaf, it's easy breezy
Fearless Leader: there's the blend
Fearless Leader: now for some snakes
Fearless Leader: should the dots be in the white area more, with the
yellow towards the pointy end of the petal?
Fearless Leader: Ya that's what I think I'll do
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: I'll have to reroll this
Fearless Leader: got it going in the wrong direction I'm thinking
dahs512: how could it be the wrong direction?
dahs512: I'm guessing she want the sheet to be white on one end and
yellow on the other
dahs512: now it is
dahs512: rolling from the white end, adding lengths of snakes as she
rolls it up
merrie60us: So she is laying down a snake then folding/rolling over it
and then laying another snake....?
dahs512: yes
merrie60us: then you reduce and shape?
dahs512: got it
merrie60us: Very nice I like it
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Fearless Leader: well anyway
dahs512: I didn't get the log, from the last start, but I went and
saved the pics Igot
Fearless Leader: it's one way to put spots in a cane without going
through a lot of changes
Fearless Leader: Thanks Denise

Fearless Leader: I'll save what log I have and I'm sure we'll have
Fearless Leader: brb
dahs512: ok
merrie60us: brb
jyladams: HUH??
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: Jyl you're saying Huh to which thing?
Fearless Leader: LOL
jyladams: Life mostly!! I can save the pics from the web cam to my
dahs512: yes you can
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dahs512: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/How-To.htm
dahs512: go bookmark that to refer to later and it will tell you how
dahs512: that's one flourdy jar, you got there NJ
dahs512: flowerdy
Fearless Leader: I want everyone to make a flower sampler for their
Quarter Jar
Fearless Leader: tons of flowers and leaves
sew_short: I think I'm back on-line. Internet service be bad tonite
Fearless Leader: Jyl our Quarter Jar is a jar we decorate and toss
money into when we doubt ourselves
dahs512: To put on the outside, right!
jyladams: Got it thanks again
Fearless Leader: when we say "I could never do that."
Fearless Leader: or "I got the fear"
sew_short: or my stuff looks dumb
Fearless Leader: ker plunk, in goes the money, all the would-a,
could-a, should-a, in goes the quarter
jyladams: Is it pointless to say I need a rather large basket, not a
little ole jar??
Fearless Leader: at the end of the month buy more clay with it
dahs512: I'm only afeared of the computer dumping
Fearless Leader: Ker Plunk
merrie60us: I like the flower on the right that sort of looks like a
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Fearless Leader: which one Merrie?
teri56: somebody sit on be to keep me from gettin' booted again
merrie60us: It has a lot of petals and is sort of reddish it is a
merrie60us: Yes that one
Fearless Leader: that's a folded cane
merrie60us: nice
sew_short: You having problems too teri?
merrie60us: Wrapped in black?
dahs512: "throwing the velcro belt to Teri"
teri56: yah - keep getting frozen out
teri56:  thanks Denise
merrie60us: yes I can see it
Fearless Leader: Merrie, it's a stack of Tongues of Fire, black, red,
yellow and white
Fearless Leader: pulled to be a flat ribbon
Fearless Leader: then red snakes folded in the white and white snakes
where the black folded over
sew_short: Merrie, she did it tonight a little while ago
Fearless Leader: reduced, sliced, doubled, reduced and then the petals
merrie60us: I will have to try this when I get home tomorrow
sew_short: Where are you Merrie?
merrie60us: What do you mean sliced
Fearless Leader: The folded dots in the last petal is the same thing,
but instead of folding it in a bunch of layers of colors it was folded
in on a blended sheet
jyladams: ALL of these flowers were made tonight??!!
dahs512: not all
Fearless Leader: reduce and lengthen, slice and reassemble, reduce
again so it's double this bit
sew_short: No - just the one you are discussing
sew_short: Oh, is the yellow one beside it the newest one?
Fearless Leader: all these flowers were made last night and today in
dahs512: yes
sew_short: Missed it when the server went down
merrie60us: Is the one to the left of the one you just explained
textured or same technique
jyladams: Will these demos be posted on line on the site?
merrie60us: It sort of looks goldish
Fearless Leader: when we get screen shots they go up at the Epson site
Fearless Leader: and the logs go on my site
Fearless Leader: they will be added to the WebCam Demo Index
Fearless Leader: links on my home page
sew_short: NJ, How big is your jar?
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/Index.htm
merrie60us: I think she said it was jam size
Fearless Leader: I update each month and move all the pix and links
into a section for that month
Fearless Leader: have the current things on the index page
Fearless Leader: did you see my hand
Fearless Leader: for size reference?
merrie60us: yes
sew_short: thanks
Fearless Leader: this flower here is 1/4th inch across
sew_short: yes
merrie60us: I like the one above it with the long long petals looks
almost striped
merrie60us: Almost looks like a starfish
sew_short: Whar's da leafs?
merrie60us: oh it is striped
merrie60us: cool
merrie60us: what colors did you use?
Fearless Leader: I've been using Tongues of Fire stack of black, red,
yellow and white
Fearless Leader: then there's some other strays like the Calla Lily at
the bottom
merrie60us: It looks gold and copper on my computer
Fearless Leader: the purple striped tropical flower by his left jaw
Fearless Leader: when the yellow and red get reduced enough they look
Fearless Leader: spread them out and you can see the separate colors
Fearless Leader: so the star fish petal looks orange
Fearless Leader: but it's just black, red, yellow and white stacks
that were pinched at the edges
merrie60us: very nice
jyladams: I am just in awe at what you can do
merrie60us: are the layers very thin or on thick setting
merrie60us: oh thanks
Fearless Leader: Jyl that's just because you're seeing this done for
the first time
Fearless Leader: it's really simple, sheets and snakes
Fearless Leader: if the design in the cane is a line, that's a sheet
Fearless Leader: if the design in the cane is a dot, then that's a
Fearless Leader: you can build anything from there
Fearless Leader: and then abuse the cane
Fearless Leader: pinch it, pull it, cut and stack it
Fearless Leader: Now if you change the colors
Fearless Leader: use blends, like a blend from lavendar to crimson and
Fearless Leader: and then cut petals that have both colors
Fearless Leader: your flowers will take on a different feel
Fearless Leader: but they are all built the same
Fearless Leader: cut petals
Fearless Leader: wrap around a stalk
Fearless Leader: what's the color
Fearless Leader: is the petal elongated or like a fan?
Fearless Leader: take apart a flower and see what the separate petals
look like
merrie60us: How did you get the starfish petals so long
Fearless Leader: that's our guide
Fearless Leader: just cut them thick and then pulled them long and
they thinned out nice
Fearless Leader: any other questions?
Fearless Leader: I need a cup of coffee
Fearless Leader: and there's ice cream sandwiches winking at me
Fearless Leader: how about a break for about 10 minutes?
Fearless Leader: coffee is brewed already
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: save log and such all ok?
dahs512: I'm trying to do the last one
sew_short: yep
teri56: 0k
dahs512: I got the shots
dahs512: I can get what I have of the log
merrie60us: Hi, I have to go and put everyone to bed. Thanks for the
demo. Are you doing any this week?
merrie60us left the room
Fearless Leader: I'll post to Merrie on the list, if folks are up for
a Demo this week let's do it
Fearless Leader: we got mini food and sculpting to review
teri56: and it's time for be to get back to listing stuff on eBay. In
case anyone's interested -- the next few weeks will probably be the
best time to get some stuff sold
Fearless Leader: Thank you Teri for letting us know about the free
listing days
teri56: always happens that way after Christmas - especially if the
weather goes bad
jyladams: That would be so great - make sure to let me know!!
Fearless Leader: Jyl, what would you like to have demo'd?
teri56: thanks NJ, and Denise too, for the Demo!!
Fearless Leader: Thanks for coming Teri
Fearless Leader: see ya later
dahs512: Later Teri
jyladams: Food is good. I am a quarterscale miniaturist, so anything
tiny would be fab!
Fearless Leader: Ok, Jyl the trick to quarter scale food
Fearless Leader: is reduce the cane and then slice what you need
Fearless Leader: I'll show you how to do salad and fruit and stuff in
quarter scale, the techniques for building canes are the same
Fearless Leader: we just reduce it more
jyladams: I must review the instructions to get pulling and pinching
to that size.
Fearless Leader: use tools more
Fearless Leader: Let me show you something Jyl
jyladams: LOL! Did you ever cane a whole Christmas Turkey!!
Fearless Leader: that's an orange cane
Fearless Leader: if you need an orange that's quarter inch scale
Fearless Leader: reduce the cane
jyladams: I have done orange and lemon slices
sew_short: Jyl, I made the orange slice cane regular size and reduced
it to miniature (1:12). It was fun even tho my first attempt was
crummy looking
jyladams: One of the VERY few things I have done that I was pleased
with. The other was donuts!
sew_short: She is squeezing the cane in the middle and pulling it
somewhat like taffy
jyladams: By the time I got the orange slices down far enough, you
could barely see the white membrane segements, but I knew they were
sew_short: lol
jyladams: I see what the "pulling " is now however.
sew_short: too blurry NJ
jyladams: what are you building.
jyladams: peeling the orange?
sew_short: I think she is making her pealed orange but it is blurry
sew_short: peeled
sew_short: I have to lay down awhile .. I'm having inner ear dizziness
again. Catch you all later.
dahs512: bye Kay
jyladams: How would you get the pansy flower we just did down small
enough? Your orange is great
sew_short left the room
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Fearless Leader: reduce the cane down to the size you need
Fearless Leader: Hey Cheryl
chelyha55: Hi
jyladams: But it was not round, it was a triangle. How??
chelyha55: YM says you are still away from your keyboard
Fearless Leader: my bad, just came back from break
Fearless Leader: changed it
Fearless Leader: I forget
Fearless Leader: reducing a triangle is done with pulling it
Fearless Leader: not rolling
Fearless Leader: so pinch the narrow side
Fearless Leader: and brace up the fat aide with fingers and pull
jyladams: I gotta practice!!
jyladams: Each petal here is about the size of your fingernail right?
Fearless Leader: yup
chelyha55: watcha makin?
Fearless Leader: little bitty pansy
jyladams: How could you further reduce them to the size of a match
dahs512: I gotta dance. Nj I'll send you the logs I did get and I'll
put the photos on epson
chelyha55: lots of practice
dahs512: Thanks for another wonderful night all.
chelyha55: bye Denise
jyladams: Fantastic!!
Fearless Leader: You're welcome Denise
chelyha55: very cute!
Fearless Leader: thanks for all you're doing
dahs512: ty
dahs512: you too
dahs512 left the room
Fearless Leader: so small flowers can be made in the same way
Fearless Leader: just reduce the cane down to the size petal you need
Fearless Leader: what is a good rule of thumb
Fearless Leader: is to reduce the flower petal to a bit smaller than
the finished petal
Fearless Leader: for when you mash the edges to get it thin
Fearless Leader: it'll get a little bigger
Fearless Leader: so the cane should be smaller than the target petal
Fearless Leader: slice, thin and you'll be right as rain