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December 2002 , 04- December 29, 2002: Dots and Stripes in a cane, Star Gazer Lily petal.

Fearless Leader: slice, thin and you'll be right as rain
jyladams: OK
teri56 left the room
Fearless Leader: Cheryl do you have any small flowers you're still
wondering about?
chelyha55: not that I can think of at the moment
Fearless Leader: These are all the flowers that were made since last
chelyha55: that thing is SO COOL!!!
jyladams: where are you guys located?
chelyha55: I'm going to "steal" that striped petal!
Fearless Leader: I'm in San Francisco
Fearless Leader: Oh please steal the striped petal
chelyha55: I'm in Tehachapi
Fearless Leader: everyone loves that
chelyha55: I
chelyha55: oops
chelyha55: I'm about to put 26 tiny little beads into the oven
chelyha55: that makes 79 that I have made in the last 2 days
jyladams: how long do you bake "tiny"?
Fearless Leader: I always cure the clay for the recommended length of
chelyha55: these will take about 40 minutes, maybe 45
Fearless Leader: it's set for quarter inch thickness, the recommended
amount of time
chelyha55: I run my toaster oven a little low so I bake longer
jyladams: I haven't a clue where Tehachapi is! I am in WA state, near
chelyha55: better that than have them burn!
chelyha55: Tehachapi is between LA and Bakersfield, in the mountains
Fearless Leader: still got snow there Cheryl?
chelyha55: yeah, on the mountains.It's melted in town
Fearless Leader: Cheryl did you see the Tongues of Fire Layered Bead?
Fearless Leader: I did large design chop and then layered more
detailed chop in the center
chelyha55: I saw you making the cane and then you took a break
jyladams: Thank you. Most of the stuff I bake is more like 1/16th of
an inch
Fearless Leader: I think I'll be doing more of this layered chop stack
Fearless Leader: this is before the Natasha cut
jyladams: Beautiful!!
chelyha55: chop and toss is fun, have you done it before?
chelyha55: Jyl?
jyladams: Not me!! I'm so newbie I am just drooling all over my
chelyha55: these Natasha beads are a good way to get into the clay
chelyha55: right NJ?
Fearless Leader: let me do a layered chop just to show Jyl
chelyha55: they are easy and fun and each one is different
jyladams: Oh yes, PLEASE!
Fearless Leader: ok from left to right
Fearless Leader: the design gets tighter
Fearless Leader: more complicated
Fearless Leader: right?
chelyha55: right
Fearless Leader: when I chop the different sizes I'll not mix them
Fearless Leader: I'll layer them with the tightest designs in the
jyladams: Red, black, yellow white, rolled into a tube?
Fearless Leader: that's how you get the designs to be in the middle
chelyha55: any colors you want
Fearless Leader: that's the sheet of that twirled Tongues of Fire
chelyha55: it's a great way to do something constructive with scraps
Fearless Leader: just go with the technique and not the colors per se
jyladams: Just jumbled up at random here?
chelyha55: yes
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
chelyha55: she pushes the pieces together to get all the air out.
chelyha55: Hey Jude!
jude: Howdy!
jyladams: Then surounds the bits with black??
chelyha55: NJ is showing Jyl how to do chop&toss
jude: Okie.
chelyha55: no, she is chopping up a cane she made earlier that was
lined with black
jyladams: O
jyladams: This is still the layered colors she started with?
chelyha55: yes
chelyha55: canes that she made with the basic oneshe started with
chelyha55: variations on the theme,so to speak
chelyha55: She's putting the more detailed stuff around the less
chelyha55: I've never seen her do it like this before but I think I
see where she's going
chelyha55: ok now she's squaring it up, the clump of clay
chelyha55: A block
chelyha55: Now comes the fun part!
Fearless Leader: Take a block
jyladams: what now!!
chelyha55: she will cut the block into four pieces and turn it inside
Fearless Leader: cut it down the length
Fearless Leader: and open it like a book
Fearless Leader: then take those two pieces
Fearless Leader: and slice them again
Fearless Leader: opening them like a book
Fearless Leader: that will give you two mirror images
Fearless Leader: then put those two mirror images back to back and
you'll have four mirror images on one log
jyladams: K
Fearless Leader: that's the trick of it
chelyha55: the secret is the cutting and opening
jyladams: Oh WOW!!
chelyha55: you have to open it right after you cut it
chelyha55: see how cool that looks?
jyladams: too cool!
chelyha55: every one is different
chelyha55: NJ makes canes just so she can cut them up and do this with
chelyha55: but it's a great way to use up cane ends and scraps
jyladams: So beautiful......
chelyha55: put a hole down thru the center and hang it on a cord
chelyha55: NJ do you have a link to those necklaces you made?
techi_mom56 joined the room
Fearless Leader: by layering the chop so the more complex stuff is in
the center
Fearless Leader: you get a nice design in the center of the bead
chelyha55: I bet Jyl would love to see them
chelyha55: that's cool I havent tried that yet
Fearless Leader: necklaces... let me get the link
chelyha55: Hi Nancy
techi_mom56: hello..sigh...sometimes i dont like yahoo....
Fearless Leader: The Chop Bead Index
chelyha55: I know you have had a lot of trouble with it
Fearless Leader: that's the bead page
Fearless Leader: Sunset
Fearless Leader: Here is a layer stack that reminds me of the SunSet
chelyha55: that's the one, the sunsets
Fearless Leader: ya ya
Fearless Leader: End Of Run: 12-18-2002, bottom
of this page is the Sun Set beads with their final structure
Fearless Leader: still got to be skewered and cured
Fearless Leader: but I got the design done at least
chelyha55: Cool. I love that color combo
jyladams: The design is breath taking!
Fearless Leader: fun thing about everything on that main bead page is
it is all made with scrap and trim, just three years worth
Fearless Leader: and doing this list I've been going through clay like
a bandit
Fearless Leader: I figured...I shouldn't open open a new pack of clay
until all this trim is recycled
Fearless Leader: and doing these beads is just the thing to utilize
the cane ends and trim. I say use your best cane to do chop then your
bead designs will be nicer than if you just used trim
chelyha55: I use some of mine and send the rest to Cheryl D
Fearless Leader: Hi Nancy, sorry I didn't greet you
chelyha55: I did
techi_mom56: no problem NJ...i just wish i could see whats going
on....sent them a message...
chelyha55: Poor Nancy and that accursed Yahoo
Fearless Leader: Nancy you can't see the cam?
jyladams: I am just soooo impressed with this group. I hope I can
eventually learn ehough to contribute back
chelyha55: Are you trying to see the webcam via Yahoo?
Fearless Leader: did you reboot? have the upgrade with Yahoo?
Fearless Leader: Jyl you'll do fine, we need you quarter inch scale
Fearless Leader: a whole lot
techi_mom56: yes all the above....and also on hubbys faster machine
Fearless Leader: I will be looking forward to your future tutorials
chelyha55: I come to this chat thru the clay list
Fearless Leader: how awful, I'm sorry honey. Kathy and Denise are
putting up screen shots
chelyha55: is that the same or different?
Fearless Leader: I thought it was impossible to see the cam through
the web site chat?
Fearless Leader: One could open the cam from the Yahoo Messenger
friends and come in to chat through the web page
chelyha55: I go to the list, click on chat.
Fearless Leader: that is what the Mac users do
chelyha55: I open yahoo messenger
techi_mom56: i know...its okay just to hang out...i am playing with my
clay right now also...
Fearless Leader: but I'm not familiar with looking at the cam through
the webpage chat
chelyha55: and I right click on your name and click view webcam
Fearless Leader: any Short Orders?
chelyha55: that's why when asked me if I could see your tv icon I said
Fearless Leader: I'll have to experiment when someone is on who has a
cam and a demo isn't in session
jyladams: I could not get in to see the cam shots through the chat
room. I had to come in through the YaHoo Messenger
chelyha55: what's that flowere that looks like a mum on your jar
Fearless Leader: so I can see and then share the info
chelyha55: that one, yes
Fearless Leader: that's a folded cane, just chopped it up for Jyl
chelyha55: that looks like a really pretty cane
Fearless Leader: want to see it done again?
Fearless Leader: pretty easy really
Fearless Leader: and a neat trick
chelyha55: if you want to, unless someone else has something else they
want to see
Fearless Leader: well folks, Cheryl is asking if any of you have any
requests before we do the folded cane again
chelyha55: Yes, I'd like to see it
Fearless Leader: ok honey I'll do it again for ya
Fearless Leader: it's something I'd like folks to play with more
chelyha55: but I have had my way for the past two days
Fearless Leader: for it's so easy
Fearless Leader: you're my baby girl that's why
jyladams: I'd like to see it again
chelyha55: since it was I who asked for floweres
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ok, no problemo, like the waitress at a Diner, I am
here to serve
chelyha55: so Jyl you make miniatures, of what?
chelyha55: what is that? Foil?
jyladams: Quarter scale doll house stuff - houses, room boxes,
furniture, just getting into foods and flowers at this scale
Fearless Leader: Cheryl when I roll out sheets I put them in foil
chelyha55: oh that sounds cool. You definitely found the right list
Fearless Leader: for storage
chelyha55: oh, i see. I use waxed paper
Fearless Leader: how did you find us Jyl?
Fearless Leader: wax paper leaches
Fearless Leader: when you have a tower of this stuff
Fearless Leader: clay gets crumbly, doesn't warm up to manipulate
Fearless Leader: I do it for short periods
Fearless Leader: but for a longer term storage I use foil
chelyha55: Oh, ok. Maybe i should use foil then too
chelyha55: because sometimes it sits for a long time
chelyha55: So anyway, how did you find us, Jyl?
jyladams: Someone on the MiniatureCollector list (I think) mentioned
the ClayArt site and I stumbled in from there
chelyha55: Ok. This is a great list.
jyladams: Or it may have been on the Quartr Connection list. I belong
to several
chelyha55: You will learn a lot
chelyha55: very nice people
chelyha55: with a lot to give
jyladams: A whole lot more interactive than any I have seen. hey, I
have already learned a lot!
chelyha55: I don't know if any other list does demos like this
Fearless Leader: stack sheets and now I'll roll out the ribbon
techi_mom56: thats one of the best parts and the wonderful sharing of
Fearless Leader: see?
jyladams: Several do still shot demos, but not with a live web-cam
that I am aware of
chelyha55: yes
Fearless Leader: now I'll roll out some red and white snakes
chelyha55: it's great, isn't it?
jyladams: Oh yes!!
chelyha55: ooh, I can tell this will be something I'll want to try
jyladams: I got a pasta michine and have not even taken it out of the
chelyha55: oh you have to it is so much fun!
chelyha55: You'll spend hours just blending colors. I did.
jyladams: Yes obviously! but in Quarter Scale it takes so little clay
to do so much
chelyha55: Is that real small?
jyladams: I am anxious to see what she is doing!!
Fearless Leader: belay that
Fearless Leader: I'm supposed to do red snake, white snake
chelyha55: See I'm one of the oddballs on this list. I am a beadmaker
jyladams: 1/4" = 1 foot is quarter scale
chelyha55: ooh that is small!
jyladams: A small seed bead would be the correct size for a coffee cup
in quarter scale
chelyha55: oh my gosh that is tiny!!!
jyladams: I am going to tr y to make the pansies we did tonight in
quarter scale. LOL
chelyha55: you'll need a microscope!
Fearless Leader: ok, are we ready for the fold?
Fearless Leader: red snake in the white folds
jyladams: YES YES!!
chelyha55: ok so we have our ribbon and our snakes
Fearless Leader: white snakes in the black folds
chelyha55: oh this is gonna be good!
jyladams: what colors are IN the ribbon now
chelyha55: red, yellow, black and white
chelyha55: ok I can see I will be making lots of these
Fearless Leader: add filler snakes on the creases of the rounds here
chelyha55: of what color?
Fearless Leader: it'll keep the round bits round if you fill in that
"V" crease
chelyha55: oh I see
chelyha55: this will make a great flower petal for my beads
chelyha55 ))
jyladams: wWhat wonderful leaves if done in greens and teals!
chelyha55: oh definitely
chelyha55: AWESOME
jyladams: I have got a plant swap coming up for the quarter scale
group and will have to come up with something!!
chelyha55: I've been having a blast with variations on the feather
jyladams: double awesome!
jyladams: Is that what this is called - a feather cane?
chelyha55: this will give me something new to try
chelyha55: no this is a folded cane
jyladams: what is a feather cane?
chelyha55: she probably has a link to the feather cane
chelyha55: NJ that is lovely
jyladams: This is just unbelievable@@
chelyha55: making things in 1/4 inch scale sounds unbelievable to me!
jyladams: I had intended to use paper, but am going to give it a go in
chelyha55: cool
chelyha55: this cane will make a beautiful flower
jyladams: This cane will make a beautiful ANYTHING!
chelyha55 ))
jyladams: what are you doing now?
chelyha55: looks like she is cutting slices
chelyha55: she's going to lay them on a sheet of clay
jyladams: show a close up of the center please
chelyha55: smoothing them down with a clayshaper tool
icare4bunnies joined the room
chelyha55: maybe that's not clay
chelyha55: that she put them on
jyladams: no I think it is the tile
chelyha55: yeah I think your right
icare4bunnies: what's happening?
chelyha55: sometimes she puts them on a sheet of clay a nd puts it
thru the pasta machine
chelyha55: she's showing us how to make a folded cane
chelyha55: we have been studying flowers
icare4bunnies: folded cane?
chelyha55: yes
jyladams: Little cone shapes??
chelyha55: petal shapes
chelyha55: to me, anyway
jyladams: They look higher in the center to me, or is it an illusion
due to the color
chelyha55: she made a flower out of it earlier
jyladams: yes it was, they are petal/fan shaped
icare4bunnies: what time is it where she is?
icare4bunnies: It's 11pm here lol
jyladams: 9 PM San Fransicso I think
icare4bunnies: looks like the sun is shining though
jyladams: The sun always shines in SF!!
icare4bunnies: lol
chelyha55: oo, there is a special about Lord of the Rings on TV
jyladams: where are you?
icare4bunnies: IL
chelyha55: in california
jyladams: Washington State
icare4bunnies: so you are both in pacific time
chelyha55: yep
jyladams: yep
jyladams: OH LOok what she is doing now!!
icare4bunnies: what kind of flower is it
chelyha55: the first one looked like a mum
chelyha55: this one looks alien
jyladams: A very rare and exotic kind I am sure. Perhaps an alien
icare4bunnies: yep
chelyha55: but very beautiful
icare4bunnies: something tells me it looks different in real life
jyladams: Techi_Mom56 in is NW Oregon
chelyha55: the rare amazon tiger lily
Fearless Leader: San Francisco Dead Head Flower
icare4bunnies: lol
chelyha55: LOL!
jyladams: Jerry would be proud of you!!
jyladams: Truly wonderful NJ
icare4bunnies: nice job
icare4bunnies: I see the folded cane now, couldn't see it before
chelyha55: that's totally cool
Fearless Leader: So to summarize
Fearless Leader: the four sheets, black, red, yellow and white are
jyladams: yes yes, go on
Fearless Leader: they are pressed thin to a ribbon
icare4bunnies: what's in the middle of the flower?
Fearless Leader: then the ribbon is fan folded and in each fold goes a
snake, white snake against black fold
Fearless Leader: red snake against white fold
Fearless Leader: it is reduced to a wedge shape
Fearless Leader: and then cut in two and reassembled
Fearless Leader: it is reduced more and a surround sheet of thin
stacked sheets goes around that
Fearless Leader: then it is reduced to petal size
Fearless Leader: cut
techi_mom56: well good night all...been a long day...looking forward
to the pictures on this...
Fearless Leader: and then fanned out on the tile
Fearless Leader: nighty night honey bunny
icare4bunnies: night
Fearless Leader: sorry you can't see
Fearless Leader: poor Nancy
Fearless Leader: Suzy got that problem too for some reason
chelyha55: nite Nancy
techi_mom56 left the room
Fearless Leader: when you slice off a petal
Fearless Leader: you thin the edges and in so doing you spread out the
Fearless Leader: now you can use this as a mini fan in a mini scene
Fearless Leader: as is
Fearless Leader: no problemo
Fearless Leader: no one else will have custom made mini fans so easily
as we
Fearless Leader: but I digress
Fearless Leader: spread out the cane slice from wedge to fan shape
sylsnovelties joined the room
Fearless Leader: pull the pointy bit downward
Fearless Leader: Yo Syl
icare4bunnies: can I see what you made before?
Fearless Leader: and then assemble this weird assed flower
sylsnovelties: Howdy!
icare4bunnies: wow
Fearless Leader: all it needs is a bunny Huh?
jyladams: Looks almost Indian
icare4bunnies: right
icare4bunnies: how do you bake it?
Fearless Leader: on the glass, this whole jar is going to be festooned
Fearless Leader: more flowers another face on the other side
Fearless Leader: leaves to fill in the bald spots
Fearless Leader: and cure as you would anything
icare4bunnies: what if you want a single flower baked?
Fearless Leader: just no ice water dunk
Fearless Leader: or the glass will shatter
Fearless Leader: keep it on a tooth pick and stick it in a wad of foil
Fearless Leader: easy enough
icare4bunnies: ah
Fearless Leader: have a forest of flowers that way
Fearless Leader: have them made ahead of time
icare4bunnies: with my luck it would fall over
Fearless Leader: and add as needed
icare4bunnies: and the flower would moosh
icare4bunnies: lol
Fearless Leader: naw, stick it in a block of salvage clay if you feel
it's not secure enough
Fearless Leader: naw, you'll do fine
Fearless Leader: Syl you got a flower you want to see, honey?
icare4bunnies: I have pictures of some pins and barrette I made in the
photo album in msat clay art
icare4bunnies: sort of like your jar, a garden
sylsnovelties: Oh geez, anything you want to show me!
Fearless Leader: I'll check them out when I'm done Honey Bunny, I
forget your first name, Old Timer's disease
Fearless Leader: Oh Syl, help me here. My brain is empty
icare4bunnies: Jael
sylsnovelties: Ummm, let me think.
Fearless Leader: I knew it started with a J and then I went blank
icare4bunnies: np
Fearless Leader: You like the Star Gazer Lilies don't you Syl
icare4bunnies: I need to sleep - getting late here
Fearless Leader: how about we do that
chelyha55: yes!
Fearless Leader: Ok Jael I'll be doing another Demo this week
jude: Good one.
chelyha55: that would be great
sylsnovelties: Sure, those are great.
Fearless Leader: I'm on a roll
Fearless Leader: ok, pearl and crimson
icare4bunnies: ok
Fearless Leader: if you want to clay along
Fearless Leader: we'll do a blend and then a plut
Fearless Leader: plug
Fearless Leader: then a ribbon and fold in the dots
icare4bunnies: I'll watch a couple more minutes
Fearless Leader: you with me?
jude: I'd rather see the plut. More fun, yes?
Fearless Leader: I'll work fast for you, quick as a rabbit
Fearless Leader: Jude I love you too much
Fearless Leader: LOL
icare4bunnies: hehe
Fearless Leader: Plut it will be
Fearless Leader: LOL
jude: Goodie!
jyladams: Tonight has been wonderful, but I gotta turn in. OH NO, I
gotta see this too!
sylsnovelties: I love crimson.
icare4bunnies: you are fast...
chelyha55 left the room
Fearless Leader: I'm lightening up the crimson with some pearl
Fearless Leader: I'm not going to use it straight except for the dots
Fearless Leader: which are really snakes, huh, Jyl?
jyladams: right! I just learned that tonight, so I still remember it!
jyladams: did you just roll that up?
Fearless Leader: it cuts down the blend by a quarter of the passes
Fearless Leader: if you fold it in half only you have to roll it two
dozen times
Fearless Leader: when you roll it up like this and pass it through you
need a half a dozen
Fearless Leader: remember
jyladams: passes through the pasta machine
Fearless Leader: quick, cheap and easy
Fearless Leader: that's our goal
jyladams: do you roll it up between each pass?
Fearless Leader: yup
Fearless Leader: I keep on adding pearl as the crimson eats it up
Fearless Leader: you can do that too as you do a blend
Fearless Leader: don't let the clay tell you what to do
Fearless Leader: boss it around
Fearless Leader: I put a pinch there
jyladams: will you now put the white in nto the pasta machine first?
Fearless Leader: so the rollers in the pasta press have a foot hold
Fearless Leader: when the blend is good, then I'll put it white end in
Fearless Leader: yes, you're exactly correct
Fearless Leader: now when we make the plug, we'll pinch it on the
pearl edge and feed that into the rollers for our ribbon
Fearless Leader: for the dots are going to be folded in like we've
been doing
chelyha55 joined the room
chelyha55: i got kicked off
sylsnovelties: I hate when that happens.
jyladams: welcome back!
chelyha55: it's cause I have bluelight
icare4bunnies: you have a weird symbol
icare4bunnies: like do not enter
chelyha55: on what?
jyladams: not on mine, looks like everybody elses, cept NJ
icare4bunnies: next to your name, over your smiley face
icare4bunnies: your text comes up gray
chelyha55: is it that red thing with the minus sign?
jyladams: not on mine
icare4bunnies: yep
chelyha55: hmm...don't know why
chelyha55: I couldn't get in at all before
sylsnovelties: Are those crimson strips in there?
Fearless Leader: Yes Syl
Fearless Leader: I'm adding skinny snakes and doing a jelly roll with
this blend
Fearless Leader: so we'll have dots in the blend
Fearless Leader: that's the aim anyway
sylsnovelties: Ok, got it.
chelyha55: i missed the beginning of this when I got kicked off, but I
think I get it
jyladams: I have to see this, it does NOT translate into dots in my
chelyha55: Dark red snake?
sylsnovelties: Those are crimson snakes in a blend.
chelyha55: oh, ok
sylsnovelties: The blend is pearl and crimson.
chelyha55: k
icare4bunnies: this is why I love caning - it is like a puzzle
sylsnovelties: My canes never come out with what I start with.
jyladams: are you also using white snakes now?
icare4bunnies: that's the beauty
chelyha55: I'm a caning fool
icare4bunnies: sometimes the canes you get are better than what you
thought you wanted
sylsnovelties: I started with a dog and ended up with a cow, goat type
animal. heeheehee
jude: You shouldn't have left them alone.
icare4bunnies: lol
chelyha55: rofll
icare4bunnies: this could take a while
icare4bunnies: and I think I'm fading
jyladams: will you do white snakes all the way down the crimson?
sylsnovelties: I think she will.
sylsnovelties: Pretty close, anyway.
jyladams: Ta DAA!
jyladams: Isee how dots now!! DUH!
sylsnovelties: Now she is squeezing the air out, I think.
chelyha55: Ah yes, the magic of caning
sylsnovelties: and stretching it.
chelyha55: hey that's cool
chelyha55: something else for me to try.
jyladams: Amazing to say the least
icare4bunnies: nice
icare4bunnies: good job! now I need to sleep
Fearless Leader: was that quick enough for a Bunny, Jael?
icare4bunnies: good night all
icare4bunnies: yep,
chelyha55: that would be cool made into one of my draped fabric beads
Fearless Leader: nighty night honey pie
icare4bunnies: lol
Fearless Leader: he he he
icare4bunnies: night
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite
jyladams: Good night
chelyha55: nite
Fearless Leader: whew
icare4bunnies left the room
Fearless Leader: I was pretending that it was a game show and or Iron
Fearless Leader: or some sort of Beat the Clock thing
sylsnovelties: Looks great!
chelyha55: you covered a lot of stuff
chelyha55: you rock!
Fearless Leader: Thanks honey
jyladams: Thank you so much. I probably won't be able to sleep so many
things running through my mind!
Fearless Leader: but you see how we can use that jelly roll blend with
Fearless Leader: and do so many things with it
Fearless Leader: Jyl, hey what's life without a bit of excitement, eh?
Fearless Leader: you've found a home
Fearless Leader: and we're goofy enough for you
sylsnovelties: That is how I did the kiwi.
jyladams: Took me a while to figure out the how and why of the dots,
but I did finally see it!
Fearless Leader: goofy is a prize trait
chelyha55: got dat right
Fearless Leader: coolness. Oh Syl that's how you did the kiwi, bless
your heart
jyladams: Oh then you are right - I should fit in!
Fearless Leader: I did my kiwi so long ago I done forgot
Fearless Leader: Ya, Jyl, you'll do fine, got to show the list your
minis, clay or no
Fearless Leader: and check out the mini scenes I have on my site
Fearless Leader: Stanley at the Cantina
chelyha55: oh yes, I would love to see your minis, Jyl
jyladams: I've gotta be in Seattle at the Transplant center with my
hubby and his new kidney at 6 am tomorrow so I really gotta go now...
Fearless Leader: I'm dying to see her quarter inch scale
Fearless Leader: YIKES
chelyha55: me too
Fearless Leader: get on with yourself girl
Fearless Leader: you been here since the beginning, a real trooper
Fearless Leader: you'll have a lot to think about at the hospital
Fearless Leader: take some clay
jyladams: I've got a picturetrail site with some on it, I'll get the
site addy and have it ready to post for you next time, or maybe on
Fearless Leader: it'll be like petting a cat to calm ya
Fearless Leader: sure, you get some rest though
jyladams: I took clay with me doing the surgery, this is just a blood
draw check up kinda thing tomorrow. Drive up and back!
Fearless Leader: ah, post op follow up?
jyladams: Night all, and thank you so much again.
Fearless Leader: you're very welcome honey
Fearless Leader: it's my pleasure
Fearless Leader: and my therapy
chelyha55: nite and welcome
jyladams left the room
Fearless Leader: so we beat the crap out of folding clay today
chelyha55: How far is SF from bakersfield?
Fearless Leader: snakes and sheets
jude: Its' a ways.
chelyha55: oh I know
Fearless Leader: Gosh I don't know, I take the train
Fearless Leader: and they are always late on me
chelyha55: but someday I'm gonna come up there and knock on your door!
Fearless Leader: Come on in honey, you can teach me how to finish off
these necklaces
Fearless Leader: my clasps suck big time
sylsnovelties: I'll be in Winnemucca, NV by the end of next week.
Fearless Leader: Wow, who you visiting Syl?
chelyha55: another name no one's heard of
chelyha55: Like Tehachapi
sylsnovelties: My sister lives there and my Dad is living with her
sylsnovelties: I'm so excited. We leave on Friday.
Fearless Leader: I know for Winnemucca, drove cross coutry back in the
60s and 70s when I did drive, a dozen times
Fearless Leader: we love the town because the name is so trippy
Fearless Leader: that and Love Lock
sylsnovelties: Right. She says it is 5 hours to SF from there.
chelyha55: we had two ladies in the shop from SF today
chelyha55: they come down every so often to shop for beads
Fearless Leader: So those are all the flowers made this week end
Fearless Leader: I'm bushed
Fearless Leader: been at this for 8 hours
chelyha55: I'll get on my trip planner and plan a route
chelyha55: you've earned your rest, sweetie
Fearless Leader: So we did ya flowers, eh, Cheryl?
chelyha55: thanks so much for all the fun!
chelyha55: oh yeah, and it was great
Fearless Leader: I had fun too
jude: Thanks! Great job!
sylsnovelties: Sorry I missed so much of it.
Fearless Leader: I'll save this log. Syl and Jude I'll be doing a late
show this week
Fearless Leader: you ain't leaving until Friday
Fearless Leader: how about Wednesday
sylsnovelties: Oh good! When?
sylsnovelties: That will be good!
jude: Okie!
Fearless Leader: we'll do a Night Owl, my hours will be turned around
by then
chelyha55: coolness
Fearless Leader: I'm falling out at 9 and 10pm and waking up at 6
without an alarm
sylsnovelties: I can make the late shows!
Fearless Leader: ick
Fearless Leader: not my usual hours
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
chelyha55: that's totally not you is it
Fearless Leader: by Wednesday I'll be able to stay up with you night
Fearless Leader: but now I'm listing to the starboard bow
Fearless Leader: LOL
chelyha55: then it's a date
Fearless Leader: heavy leaning action going on here
Fearless Leader: ok, see you then and I'm going to fall out
Fearless Leader: xoxox
chelyha55: bye bye
jude: Okie, night, night all!
sylsnovelties: Ok, sounds good. I'll be on Wednesday night then. Bye
chelyha55: nite