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Clay Techniques-04: Sept. 4, 2002: Animal Print Cane and Face Molds-2

  1. Adding Elements: Faces, Leaves, Wraps, Snakes

  2. Demo Face pages 4 and 5

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ac4lb joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Kathy
ac4lb: Hi there
ac4lb: Just got done watching a movie, had me cracking up, name of it
was Ping
auntyalias: Never heard of that movie, who was in it?
chelyha joined the room
auntyalias: Cheryl Hey Honey
auntyalias: Rose has me as featured artist on her newsletter but
misspelled my last name
auntyalias: eeep
auntyalias: LOL
ac4lb: Shriley jones is the only one I've seen before but it was about
a chihuhua that tharts a couple burglers, it was hilarious
ac4lb: Hi Cheryl
chelyha: Hi all!
chenoa_2b joined the room
ac4lb: sorry that's thwarts
auntyalias: I don't mind typos, I can unnastan you
ac4lb: I usually try to catch them ahead LOL
auntyalias: you don't have cam on Kathy?
auntyalias: I figure while we're here I'd show you a little nifty
ac4lb: it keeps saying that there isn't one on
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to ac4lb (9/4/02 at 7:09
ac4lb: that is too cool
auntyalias: Wanna see a quick nifty trick?
ac4lb: I love it
ac4lb: yes
dylinna joined the room
dylinna: hello?
ac4lb: Hi there
chelyha: Hi!
dylinna: didn't mean to interrupt, have we begun?
ac4lb: NJ is showing us a neat trick
ac4lb: you're not interupting
dylinna: what's the trick, or do we know yet?
ac4lb: not yet
dylinna: ah
greatauntjudy joined the room
ac4lb: I think she's filling a mold
dylinna: that looked like a blend of some sort. leaves?
ac4lb: that's what I was thinking
dylinna: strategic placement, then...
greatauntjudy left the room
ac4lb: Looks like it
ac4lb: is it a frog
dylinna: cool froggie.
ac4lb: it's kind of dark and I'm not seeing to well tonight
auntyalias: ok the trick is this
auntyalias: when you fill a mold with patterned sheeets
auntyalias: and this is a cat mold,
auntyalias: it's hard to see, I'll do it again with lighter sheets
auntyalias: lay the veins of the leaves,
auntyalias: along the bone lines
auntyalias: utilize the jelly roll blend
auntyalias: to simulate high areas
auntyalias: by putting the lighter part of the jelly roll blend in the
auntyalias: there
auntyalias: with that cane, just a jelly roll blend done as a leaf in
auntyalias: I got stripes for this cat mold
auntyalias: if we filled it with leopard spot
ac4lb: That's really cool, it is kind of dark so it's hard to see it
but that's neat
auntyalias: we'd have a spotted cat
auntyalias: I'll do it in a lighter leaf, they are already cut
auntyalias: ok?
merrie60us joined the room
ac4lb: ok it looks like now she is filling it with tiger cane
following the bone structure of the cat, it's much easier to see with
the white outline
ac4lb: she's now filling it with scrap and making a handle to pull it
auntyalias: Now all demos are quick and messy, you on the other hand
auntyalias: will take more care
auntyalias: but what I want to point out
auntyalias: is lay down the clay remembering what is in front of what
auntyalias: if the tail is in front of the body
auntyalias: lay down the clay for the tail before the body
auntyalias: outer things go down first
auntyalias: things in the background go down later
auntyalias: so you get a knee over lapping a belly
auntyalias: a tail draped over the back
auntyalias: any questions?
ac4lb: much easier to see what it is this time
auntyalias: what if we did this on a face?
auntyalias: or in a face mold
auntyalias: that is
auntyalias: but we got to do it lighter
auntyalias: for those who were not here this afternoon
auntyalias: this is mold, it looks like a sculpture, where the clay
comes out
auntyalias: but it is really the indentation's shadows
auntyalias: that trick the eye
auntyalias: ok, with that said I'll fill this face mold with leaves
auntyalias: just because we can
ac4lb: can somebody pic up descriptions for NJ for a few, Gary just
called me on ham radio and is on his way home, I have to slap a burger
on for him, brb
dylinna: ok
chenoa_2b left the room
dylinna: strategic leaf placement.
auntyalias: the filler is screwed up natasha bead
dylinna: making sure nose is filled.
ac4lb: I love that piece, WOW
auntyalias: or zebra chop and mirror image?
auntyalias: so if we poke eyeballs into this leaf face
auntyalias: it will come alive, but before we poke his eyes
auntyalias: are there any questions?
dylinna: no. good here
ac4lb: perfectly clear
auntyalias: so the only thing I do for the eyes
auntyalias: is to poke down the clay
auntyalias: to put in the whites of the eyes
ac4lb: My son would love one of these in his roombox when I do it
auntyalias: look to see how I use the cone shape
ac4lb: yes
auntyalias: at the corners of the eyes to make them round in the
auntyalias: then I poke a hole to drop in the pupil
auntyalias: add lids
auntyalias: and call it a day
auntyalias: shall I proceed to with the poking of the eyes?
ac4lb: yes
ac4lb: she poked the eye and is filling it with white
ac4lb: then smoothing
ac4lb: now she is poking a tiny hole in the middle of the white for
the pupil
dylinna: cone shape?
ac4lb: on the end of an exacto knife she place a tiny ball of black to
put in the hole for the pupil
ac4lb: not sure on that one
auntyalias: without eyelids
auntyalias: a face looks startled
ac4lb: but on this piece it looks like it's meant to be
dylinna: half a tear drop for eyelids??
auntyalias: so a half lid makes him look sleepy or stoned
auntyalias: if the pupils were oriented both to one side
auntyalias: with half lid
auntyalias: makes them look shifty
auntyalias: like, why not turn your whole head to see something you
sneaky creep
auntyalias: so any questions up to this point?
dylinna: a little detail on the eyelid creation? Did you fold it or
cut it in half?
auntyalias: bent it into a crescent on my thumb
auntyalias: it's a small leaf
auntyalias: and then if you bend one side over your thumb
auntyalias: and take that bent edge on the tip of your clayshaper
auntyalias: you can situate the eyelid
auntyalias: right into the corner of the eye
auntyalias: and then just roll the rest in place
dylinna: pointed end of the leaf toward the nose?
auntyalias: let me show you, both ends are pointy
auntyalias: it's a leaf, that is bent and pulled into a crescent
auntyalias: and then laid over the eye, putting it on the cone of the
clayshaper allows you more control
auntyalias: to get it to the inner corner of the eye
auntyalias: I find if you can anchor it there
auntyalias: and then smooth the rest of the lid over the eyeball
ac4lb: that's a great tip NJ
auntyalias: it's the quickest way
auntyalias: So I'm done with what I wanted to show you that was a new
auntyalias: so I'll take questions now
ac4lb: You've explained it so well that I think you answered all of
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Ok then
auntyalias: I'll take social chatter
auntyalias: LOL
ac4lb: of course when I go to do it myself that may be a differant
story, haha
auntyalias: shall I show you the ones that are screwed up, Kai 1
auntyalias: Xev 1
ac4lb: sure
auntyalias: Xev 1 ended up being chopped to bits in the end
ac4lb: everyone's so quite tonight
ac4lb: sorry quiet
Xev One Gets Repaired
ac4lb: man I can't type tonight
auntyalias: here's a scary page
dylinna: brb
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/Xev1-Repairs-015.htm
auntyalias: this is my struggle with her eyes
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/Xev1-Repairs-020.htm
auntyalias: more struggles
ac4lb: I do have a question, how do you do the eyebrows and how can I
do a crew cut on my head
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/Xev1isDead.htm
auntyalias: here she is chopped up
auntyalias: post mortem
auntyalias: a crew cut is actually pretty simple
auntyalias: block the clay out with a marbled mix of the different
colors in the hair
auntyalias: back up, let's start this way
greatauntjudy joined the room
auntyalias: ok, you have blond hair
auntyalias: let's say
auntyalias: but blond hair has a lot of different shades
auntyalias: if you took those shades
auntyalias: like snakes
auntyalias: and twisted them
auntyalias: like a candy cane
auntyalias: and then mashed it to a block, you have hair highlight
stripes in the clay color
auntyalias: take a block of that
auntyalias: and put it on a bald head
auntyalias: and with your clay shaper
auntyalias: fashion the hair going up up up
auntyalias: all around
auntyalias: the top
auntyalias: tap with a tooth brush
auntyalias: tap tap tap
auntyalias: there ya go, crew cut
auntyalias: with hightlights
auntyalias: highlights even
ac4lb: I'll give that a try, how about the eyebrows
auntyalias: a snake
auntyalias: teeeny tiny snake
auntyalias: lay it down
auntyalias: texture it with feathery touches with the tip of the cone
auntyalias: of a clayshaper or other tool
auntyalias: like you were brushing your own eyebrows
auntyalias: but smaller
auntyalias: or
auntyalias: TLS
auntyalias: brush on TLS mixed with the hair color
auntyalias: get a paste
auntyalias: paint/glob on the eyebrows
auntyalias: either way,
auntyalias: let me show you something on this white face about
eyebrows, ok?
ac4lb: I'll practice on scrap and see what I can come up with
ac4lb: great
ac4lb: oh wow, they look great
merrie60us left the room
ac4lb: mine didn't come out that good when I tried it
ac4lb: that made all the differance in the world on that face,
melani_l joined the room
auntyalias: to measure the brow
melani_l: Hi gang, just stopping by for a minute.
ac4lb: Hi there
auntyalias: run a line from the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow
for the start of the eyebrow, Hey Melly
auntyalias: for the peak of the eyebrow
melani_l: I'm in the process of rebuilding my computer so I won't stay
auntyalias: to from the center of the eye at an angle measuring from
the nose like this.
auntyalias: the outside of the eyebrow from the nose to the outer eye
to the end of the brow
auntyalias: any questions about placement of the eyebrow?
auntyalias: this guy is just too happy Huh Melly?
ac4lb: no just seein git made it easy to understand
ac4lb: thanks for doing that for me
melani_l: Your faces have improved so much NJ!
auntyalias: Thanks Melly, been fussing with them a lot
auntyalias: check this out Melly
melani_l: Wow-- it's the cast of Cats!
auntyalias: faces for DAZE
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Ya Cats TOTALLY
auntyalias: Let's go to NY and see Kats, like in Tank Girl
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: but it just taking animal cane and putting it in face
auntyalias: wanna see one real quick while you're here for a minute
greatauntjudy left the room
auntyalias: well that was the quick demo
auntyalias: Now these three faces
auntyalias: were all from the same mold
auntyalias: they all look so different
auntyalias: so sculpting one face
auntyalias: will yield you a ton of different faces with a couple of
additional moves
auntyalias: I'm done
ac4lb: You did good, and thank you again
auntyalias: I love how the mold looks like a sculpture
auntyalias: that just trips me out so much
ac4lb: it does from this end also
auntyalias: any special requests since I'm done with showing you this
face mold thing
ac4lb: I'm sure I'll think of at least a dozen tomorrow when I'm
working on something, haha
auntyalias: before I save all this, are there any questions about what
we've covered?
auntyalias: or are we all done?
ac4lb: I have to get on out of here and hit the sack, take care