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Clay Techniques-04

9/28/02 Saturday: Embellished Faces -01

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Fearless Leader: Hey Honey
Fearless Leader: should be now
Fearless Leader: I've been making sheets and new cane for this Demo
Fearless Leader: No, why?
Fearless Leader: Oh the sun is shining on this side of the house and
it's HOT
Fearless Leader: the clay is all soft and sticky
Fearless Leader: I'm just trying to stay cool
Fearless Leader: with all the cranking of the pasta press
Fearless Leader: post to the list through the web and let them know
we're ready
Fearless Leader: if you could
Fearless Leader: I'm still prepping stuff
NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
NikiT: was there going to be a demo this evening?
Fearless Leader: Embellished faces
NikiT: cool
Fearless Leader: I'm doing prep right now while folks show up. Karen
of ClayAlley was here and is posting to the list that we're here
NikiT: i guess i'm early, eh?
Fearless Leader: Merrie should be showing up soon, she wanted this
Fearless Leader: You're right on time
NikiT: cool
Fearless Leader: everyone else is on CP time
Fearless Leader: colored people time, as we joke in the "hood"
Fearless Leader: show up when you do
NikiT: heh
Fearless Leader: Hey Karen, thanks honey
NikiT: afk.. gonna fix some food
Fearless Leader: I'm going to continue this prep
kmrhodes joined the room
kmrhodes: okay - I'm back
kmrhodes: where is everyone
kmrhodes: this is a dumb question - how thin do you make the slices?
kmrhodes: a dime
kmrhodes: or thinner
NikiT: slices for what?
kmrhodes: for what she is doing there
Fearless Leader: these are a third of the thickness of a dime
Fearless Leader: really thin
elirdt joined the room
NikiT: i didn't have the cam up so I didn't know u were talking about
what she was doing.
kmrhodes: okay so you laid slices on a background and then ran it
through the pasta machine
kmrhodes: in various directions
kmrhodes: what thickness did you run that thru
Fearless Leader: I started out with the thickest
Fearless Leader: as I lay down the first few layers I do it at the
Fearless Leader: then as I get layers piled up
Fearless Leader: the slices are thinner
Fearless Leader: and the cane is reduced smaller
Fearless Leader: for variety sake
Fearless Leader: and at the end
Fearless Leader: I keep on pressing and narrower and narrower settings
Fearless Leader: until I get almost to the thinnest, not quite, one or
two settings down from the thinnest
Fearless Leader: so I can pleate and gather
Fearless Leader: the clay sheet like fabric
Fearless Leader: I'm going to make some leaves now that the face mold
was already done and the sheet prepared
kmrhodes: okay
kmrhodes: bring your hands into camera range
Fearless Leader: see how I reduced the leaf cane into a cone shape
kmrhodes: no
kmrhodes: your hands weren't shown all that much
kmrhodes: okay
Fearless Leader: that's so the slices will be of different shapes
kmrhodes: ahhhh
Fearless Leader: small ones, middle sized ones and larger ones
Fearless Leader: I will slice them as thin as I can
kmrhodes: gottcha
Fearless Leader: then form them like this
Fearless Leader: since the camera is facing the mirror
Fearless Leader: I changed the webcam so it shows mirror
tedi382001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: that should turn the letters around
Fearless Leader: let's see
Fearless Leader: good it worked
kmrhodes: TLS
Fearless Leader: all done with smoke and mirrors
Fearless Leader: the TLS was a test to see if I could put it in the
Fearless Leader: shoot the reflection
Fearless Leader: with the mirror setting on webcam
Fearless Leader: and see it right
Fearless Leader: I can, so now I'll make the leaves
Fearless Leader: when you have a small cane
Fearless Leader: and want to get the very last slice without a mess
Fearless Leader: jam it against a larger cane
Fearless Leader: to hold it steady
Fearless Leader: like this
merrie60us joined the room
kmrhodes: cool idea
merrie60us: Hi, Was here before and no one was here hope I didn't miss
tedi382001 left the room
kmrhodes: shes making leaves now
merrie60us: what did I miss
kmrhodes: folding the slices in half lengthwise and pinching slightly
Fearless Leader: Merrie, I prepared a face ahead of time
merrie60us: just any flat sheet of clay
Fearless Leader: prepped the sheet ahead of time
merrie60us: oh okay
Fearless Leader: now doing leaves
merrie60us: cutting out with cutter
merrie60us: you know I was here before and nothing was showing up in
my dialog box yahoo messenger
merrie60us: I wonder if that is happening to anybody elsw
kmrhodes: I was here at 9:35
merrie60us: oops else
kmrhodes: but it takes a while for YM chat to come up for me
kmrhodes: so you bend it around the tip of your finger
sew_short joined the room
merrie60us: how do you get the shape a cutter or free hand
kmrhodes: bringing the tips around the tip of your finger
kmrhodes: slices of a cane
kmrhodes: folded lenthwise
kmrhodes: then pinched in the middle
kmrhodes: then bent over your index finger
kmrhodes: bringing the tips down
kmrhodes: looks like lips
kmrhodes: big lips
kmrhodes: how many leaves do you make?
merrie60us left the room
merrie60us joined the room
Fearless Leader: ok
merrie60us: got bumped am back
Fearless Leader: Now I have this one cane, blue and pink,
Fearless Leader: then I cut slices and pressed it to a sheet
Fearless Leader: took the chop
Fearless Leader: and made mirror image to mold the face
Stephanie (buddhamoon) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Now if we wanted "Matchy Poo" we could use the same
leaves with the same sheet with the face made with the same chop
Fearless Leader: but that would make the face disappear
Fearless Leader: what's a clayer to do
Fearless Leader: Make an assortment
sew_short: El Sleepy Head has been watching for about seven minutes
kmrhodes: who is el sleepy head?
sew_short: ME - Kay
kmrhodes: Hi Kay!!!! Got my mac on!
sew_short: Great!
sew_short: Are the pictures a little blurry to you all tonight?
kmrhodes: slightly
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: questions at this point?
kmrhodes: but the cam is directed into a mirror
sew_short: yeah
kmrhodes: nice sheets
sew_short: Question here
Fearless Leader: Yes, Kay?
kmrhodes: I just have to figure out how to make them to begin with
sew_short: Well I really don't have a question - cause I missed all
but the last part but I love this.
sew_short: the first one is pink and blue?
Fearless Leader: They all share the same colors
Fearless Leader: in one respect or another
sew_short: just variations?
Fearless Leader: the stripes on the one on the left
Fearless Leader: the pink matches the pink on the sheet to the far
Fearless Leader: the blue matches from the middle sheet to the one on
the left
Fearless Leader: that sort of interchangability
Fearless Leader: make this all easy work
Fearless Leader: If we take the middle head
Fearless Leader: mix it with the sheet on the right
sew_short: very nice
Fearless Leader: with leaves from the cane that made the sheet on the
Fearless Leader: we have contrast
sew_short: Same mold for each face?
Fearless Leader: no Matchy Poo
Fearless Leader: yup
Fearless Leader: same face as all the molds in this series
kmrhodes: cool
sew_short: OK - about the leaves ---
sew_short: Are they being used tonight or did you just demo how to
shape leaves?
Fearless Leader: So we have a face, a sheet and some leaves
Fearless Leader: but not enough leaves
kmrhodes: NJ - one of these days you are going to have to show me how
do do the canes
Fearless Leader: Sure honey
kmrhodes: I stink at it
Fearless Leader: post to the list, the time that's good for you and
what you want to do
kmrhodes: turns to mush
kmrhodes: looks like hell
Fearless Leader: and let's do it
kmrhodes: becomes my junk clay real quick
Fearless Leader: I prepared the canes ahead of time
sew_short: Did I catch that you did some chop then made that sheet
from it?
Fearless Leader: I make cane
Fearless Leader: press to sheets
Fearless Leader: all the trim from making the cane
Fearless Leader: goes into the chop
Fearless Leader: for the mirror image
Fearless Leader: to mold the face
merrie60us left the room
merrie60us joined the room
merrie60us: Having trouble with yahoo tonight
merrie60us: what is she doing now
kmrhodes: not sure
kmrhodes: more leaves
sew_short: She is making more leaves.
merrie60us: thanks
merrie60us: So she made three faces andlots of leaves
kmrhodes: so far
sew_short: Can't believe Yahoo is messing up going into the end of the
month! hehehe
merrie60us: the night I especially want to see the demo too!!
sew_short: Figures
sew_short: Are you enjoying this Karen?
merrie60us: to make the leaves you cut a slice from a round log and
fold length wise how do you get the center vein?
kmrhodes: yes, very much
kmrhodes: its like having someone here
kmrhodes: I have no one to clay with
sew_short: My family is playing Dungeons at the dining room table
kmrhodes: I'm still in my infancy stage - or so it feels
kmrhodes: everyone here is in bed
sew_short: I am too, so don't feel bad...and NJ makes it all look so
kmrhodes: need baby steps for most of this
NikiT: i'd rather be home claying.. these 12 hour days suck.
kmrhodes: 12 hrs???
NikiT: yeah, 12 hr shift on saturdays
kmrhodes: why?
NikiT: 'cause mgmt is dumb
kmrhodes: mgmt is always dumb
kmrhodes: unless YOU are management HEEHEE
kmrhodes: like me
sew_short: about the veins - is the cane made as a leaf cane or is she
pinching in some veins? The cam isn't showing the color well enough
for me to tell
NikiT: Mon. - Fri there are three shifts.. Sat. & Sun there are only 2
merrie60us: not sure sew-short
kmrhodes: the cane is made like two sides
merrie60us: ?
NikiT: i think it is a leaf cane
Fearless Leader: ok
merrie60us: what do you mean by two sides?
NikiT: and she folds/pinches it down the center vein
Fearless Leader: there's three different leaf canes
kmrhodes: probably since I don't know what I am taking about
Fearless Leader: questions?
sew_short: yes
Fearless Leader: spit
kmrhodes: start from the beginning
Fearless Leader: LOL
kmrhodes: is this a leaf cane
merrie60us: How do you get the vein thing down the center of the leaf
you have bent
sew_short: OK three different leaf canes? Can you hold up the ends of
the canes to the cam?
Fearless Leader: pinch from the back of the leaf, down the vein
merrie60us: oh okay thandks
merrie60us: oops thanks
Fearless Leader: I'll do a leaf for you Merrie
Fearless Leader: and show you
sew_short: OK Awfully blurry but can you see the veins in the canes
Fearless Leader: the vein is built in
Fearless Leader: just pinch the back of the vein as you fold the leaf
almost in half
Stephanie: yes. only a bit blurry during shiny times when the sheets
were lifted.
merrie60us: okay got it thanks
Fearless Leader: when done then hold on to the ends of the leaf and
pull it over your thumb and forefinger tips
sew_short: I tried the Holly Daze a month or so ago - made a really
good mess
sew_short: But NJ told me a couple tips on cutting and ways to use my
cane of disappointment!
sew_short: Give the leaf a nice curve, doesn't it?
kmrhodes: yeah
merrie60us: yes cool
sew_short: Very nice
Fearless Leader: going to change camera angle now
merrie60us: can't wait to try
Stephanie: how do you go from there to the curly cues all along the
sides of leaves?
sew_short: I think she some way stretches the sides - we will ask her
Stephanie: ok.
elirdt left the room
Fearless Leader: these are our bits and pieces
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions before I move forward
sew_short: I just love her face molds ... maybe she will sell some at
the mall
kmrhodes: got to get me in that mall
sew_short: NJ?
merrie60us: where is it
Fearless Leader: Let's do this face embellishment
Fearless Leader: can't do nothing with the mall at this moment in time
Fearless Leader: so let's do what we can do
sew_short: The gals and I want to know how you ruffle the edges of
Fearless Leader: Kay
Fearless Leader: pretend
sew_short: yep
Fearless Leader: you're tearing paper
sew_short: ok
Fearless Leader: on the edge of the clay leaf
Fearless Leader: I'll show you, Aunt Jude came up with the term
Fearless Leader: tearing paper trick
sew_short: ok
merrie60us: Is she tearing or stretching
kmrhodes: tearing
Fearless Leader: it's like tearing
kmrhodes: looks like a tear/pinch
Fearless Leader: but it's really stretching
Fearless Leader: going one way and then the next
sew_short: Looks like she is tearing but I think just really
merrie60us: great idea
sew_short: Oh - you don't do it all in one direction, eh?
sew_short: Nice change of effect for a leaf
Fearless Leader: So in doing these embellished faces
Fearless Leader: it's a matter of getting a bunch of items
Fearless Leader: you can add together
merrie60us: Do you do every leaf like that or just an occassional one
Fearless Leader: depends
Fearless Leader: on mood really
chelyha joined the room
Fearless Leader: what you use with these embellished faces
Fearless Leader: has a lot to do with what cane ends you have
Fearless Leader: what colors you've been using
Fearless Leader: what feel you want to give
Fearless Leader: I'm in a blue mood so I did blue, crimson and pearl
for pink
sew_short: Is this how you did your leaf jar with the face on it?
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: but instead of putting this on a jar
Fearless Leader: I'm just making them to make them
Fearless Leader: no holes to hang them
Fearless Leader: no stand to stand them up
sew_short: Cool
Fearless Leader: they are, like bolders or coral growths
merrie60us: could be used for pin
Fearless Leader: organic
Fearless Leader: they have little planning
Fearless Leader: so I don't know how they are going to turn out
Fearless Leader: until they are done
Fearless Leader: then I know
Fearless Leader: so shall we start constructing this thing?
Fearless Leader: or are there any questions
merrie60us: yes
kmrhodes: yeah
Fearless Leader: or should we take a potty break?
chelyha: go
sew_short: Sprinkle under a tree to make them look like they fell off
sew_short: Potty break - I'm hungry
chelyha: no I don't have to go...
kmrhodes: try anyway
chelyha: LOL!
sew_short: I'm sneaking off for FOOD
kmrhodes: food and clay.... is there anything else you need?
merrie60us: is the face cured or uncured?
sew_short: bak
kmrhodes: face must be cured
chelyha: my computer is in the kitchen so I can get to food easily
kmrhodes: LOL
Stephanie: i've got to get back to homework... just missed these demos
so much and needed to get some "clay" time.
sew_short: Teenages ate all the finger food while I slept..but I found
some chips to munch on
merrie60us: folding square of clay around upper portion of head
buddhamoon left the room
chelyha: I'm making Indian food
merrie60us: clay must be thin to drape like fabric
sew_short: Wow
merrie60us: folding and placing folds
chelyha: Ooo that looks cool
merrie60us: wrapping some more
kmrhodes: she said the clay was on like the third setting for thinnest
kmrhodes: from the thinnest
sew_short: OK NJ has taken a sheet of clay, placed over the head of
the face,folded and draped down the side of the head making folds as
if the face had a scarf draped around the head and neck....not like a
turban, more like a scarf
merrie60us: she is now adding a leaf
sew_short: It has a classy look, I think
chelyha: boy I really need to sculpt a decent face so I can try this!
kmrhodes: The leaf is a different color than the sheet or the face
sew_short: Yes, adding a leaf in one of the folds on side of head -
now a second leaf
merrie60us: make a mold of a face from a figurine
merrie60us: to be quick
sew_short: Good thought, I'll have to dig around to see what I have
merrie60us: I made a lot of molds of faces with mega sil works great
for speed
merrie60us: adding leaves and bending them downward
kmrhodes: so the leaaves are placed in the folds of the "scarf" and
brought towards the front of the face and downward
sew_short: I got some elasticity clay from Karen - need to try in on a
chelyha: all I have is a vintage Barbie doll
merrie60us: they are draping
sew_short: lol
merrie60us: go to a friends house
merrie60us: shaping with tool
sew_short: Ah, there's our favorite kind of tool - a clay shaper
kmrhodes: Looks like a #2 soft cone
kmrhodes: I have those
kmrhodes: LOL
chelyha: I was just about to ask that!
kmrhodes: read your mind
merrie60us: leaves have a lot of drape to them just like fabric
chelyha: I need some shaping tools
kmrhodes: leaves are one third the thickness of a dime
merrie60us: pretty thin then?
kmrhodes: got #0 and #2's in stock
sew_short: NJ is adding more leaves and shaping them along the side of
this face.
kmrhodes: yes, really thin
chelyha: what's your minimum order?
kmrhodes: $10
sew_short: Leaves on one side and draped "material" on the
other...looks really good
chelyha: I understand you have good prices on clay too
kmrhodes: yep
kmrhodes: premo discounts for MSAT
kmrhodes: This is really nice NJ
sew_short: Now she is adding leaves down toward the chin blending in
with the draped material
sew_short: And her clay is fresh and soft and yummy and you get your
order extremely fast.
kmrhodes: Looks like all the leaves are from the same cane
kmrhodes: Thank you Kay
sew_short: Anytime, Karen, I love supporting Clay Mates
kmrhodes: No, I'm wrong.... different cane leaves for variety
kmrhodes: You are a sweetie
sew_short: I haven't opened my Eraser clay yet - just been too busy
kmrhodes: a lot of people like it
kmrhodes: wonder if it would make good molds
sew_short: Wow, isn't that neat? Looks like drape has pink in it but
I'm not getting clear colors tonight
kmrhodes: don't erasers have to be flexible
kmrhodes: Yes, it does have pink in it
chelyha: do you carry the eraser clay?
kmrhodes: yep, in stock
sew_short: Someone has made clay shaper type tools from the Eraser
clay and say it works good but will eventually "erase" away. hehehe
kmrhodes: thats funny
chelyha: cool, I will check out your site soon
kmrhodes: I'm always here
Fearless Leader: ok
sew_short: Oh, there's the face mold - I came too late to see it
chelyha: NJ this is awesome!
merrie60us: very nice NJ
Fearless Leader: I didn't do it for this Demo
Fearless Leader: Three leaves from three canes
kmrhodes: this is so great
Fearless Leader: a sheet
Fearless Leader: and a face
Fearless Leader: that's it
Fearless Leader: Easier than it seems
sew_short: I love it NJ
merrie60us: Is the face baked first
chelyha: that's a great face
merrie60us: or is it still raw
Fearless Leader: all raw
Fearless Leader: now, Dig
chelyha: did you sculpt the face yourself?
Fearless Leader: I got two more faces, It's Cowboy Kai's face mold
Fearless Leader: before he smiled
Fearless Leader: one of the expressionless face molds
sew_short: I would have to bake the face to keep from ruining it as I
added the drape and leaves
merrie60us: so as you are draping the clay does the face distort
Fearless Leader: you could
kmrhodes: yeah, me too. My hands get hot
chelyha: you could refrigerate it
Fearless Leader: did you see me really handle the face much at all?
Fearless Leader: I held it by the handle on the back
kmrhodes: no
chelyha: before you add the drape
merrie60us: no
Fearless Leader: I held the handle and wrapped the sheet around the
face and didn't touch the face
Fearless Leader: except to press the sheet to it
kmrhodes: ahhhh
sew_short: Aha
chelyha: you're so good!
Fearless Leader: you too can learn how not to screw up your work
Fearless Leader: by not touching it
merrie60us: what handle
Fearless Leader: so much
merrie60us: the neck
Fearless Leader: I'm going to do this two more times
Fearless Leader: so you all can relax
Fearless Leader: same leaves
Fearless Leader: I made enough
Fearless Leader: different sheets
Fearless Leader: different faces, interchange the three sets I
prepared before you all came
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: but I GOT to go pott
merrie60us: great
Fearless Leader: and get something to drink
kmrhodes: go potty
Fearless Leader: break time
kmrhodes: we'll chat till you get back
sew_short: Karen-
Fearless Leader: and we are doing this without log saves or screen
kmrhodes: yes
Fearless Leader: because, we're reckless
Fearless Leader: and wild like that
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: brb
kmrhodes: we wild women
sew_short: because we don;t know how
kmrhodes: that too
sew_short: hey Karen
kmrhodes: yes
Fearless Leader: Kay, you are going to make me pee right here
Fearless Leader: stop
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: brb
kmrhodes: kay
kmrhodes: hey kay
kmrhodes: yahoo kay
kmrhodes: hello
sew_short: yes, I got to laughing and forgot what I was going to say!!
kmrhodes: don
kmrhodes: don't pee yourself
kmrhodes: LOL
sew_short: Oh yes, did you see the little face merrie put up - the
kmrhodes: not yet
kmrhodes: where is it
kmrhodes: kay, are you peeing
sew_short: It was the great big toothy grin face a couple minutes ago
chelyha: yeah I saw it how do you do those?