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Clay Techniques-04

9/28/02 Saturday: Embellished Faces -02, up to the end of eyeballs

sew_short: yes, I got to laughing and forgot what I was going to say!!
kmrhodes: don
kmrhodes: don't pee yourself
kmrhodes: LOL
sew_short: Oh yes, did you see the little face merrie put up - the
kmrhodes: not yet
kmrhodes: where is it
kmrhodes: kay, are you peeing
sew_short: It was the great big toothy grin face a couple minutes ago
chelyha: yeah I saw it how do you do those?
kmrhodes: okay
kmrhodes: yeah, how do you do those
merrie60us: after the underline button
kmrhodes: okay
sew_short: Anyway, with my Mac on this chat I can't do it that way but
let me try something
merrie60us: there is a palette button
merrie60us: and then there is a yellow head
merrie60us: with sunglasse
sew_short: brb
merrie60us: click on him and lots of faces pop down
kmrhodes: I have a palette button for the emoions
merrie60us: choose the one you want
kmrhodes: but there are no pictures
merrie60us: my palette button is for color of font
kmrhodes: I have one of those too
merrie60us: do you have a yellow head with sunglasses
kmrhodes: NO
merrie60us: oh I don't know I do
kmrhodes: I have an exclamation point
chelyha: mine has a menu with words
merrie60us: Are you no a mac
merrie60us: on a mac sorry
kmrhodes: I'm on a mac
sew_short: Darn, can't find my cheat sheet of symbols in this pile of
junk on my desk
merrie60us: maybe that is why
kmrhodes cheers
merrie60us: I know I have both a mac and pc and they have different
sew_short ducks out of the way
chelyha: which one do you like better?
sew_short: I will show you later...the emotions I have on the Mac
version are like this:
merrie60us: personally I prefer the mac better for graphics and easier
to use
kmrhodes: okay when I double click on the emotion palette it comes up
with the work
sew_short considers investing in mutual funds
kmrhodes ducks out of the way
kmrhodes yells, "For crying out loud!"
kmrhodes faints
kmrhodes frowns in disgust
kmrhodes yells "Hey Kool-aid!" and crashes into a brick wall
kmrhodes chuckles in amusement
merrie60us: click on one of those and see what happens
kmrhodes: thats what I get when I click on it
sew_short: Yeah, that's all we can do here but on our new Yahoo
Messenger --
kmrhodes washes and folds the laundry
kmrhodes hiccups and then searches for a glass of water
kmrhodes gives everyone a big hug
merrie60us: no I mean clickon one of the descriptions
chelyha busts a move
kmrhodes: okay
chelyha: I don't know
sew_short: we can uses the cute faces and some of they even have
motions - like one kisses at you!
chelyha: mine doesn't work.
merrie60us: what happened
merrie60us: did it appear in your dialog box?
kmrhodes: no
merrie60us: hmmm
kmrhodes screams in a mad fit
chelyha: nothing happened when I tried it.
kmrhodes smiles happily
kmrhodes waves at everyone in the room
merrie60us: did anything happen when you clicked on it
sew_short hiccups and then searches for a glass of water
kmrhodes: gotta double click
chelyha busts a move
kmrhodes sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"
kmrhodes ponders the meaning of life
sew_short yells, "For crying out loud!"
sew_short apologizes
chelyha: oh it just prints out the description. Weird
kmrhodes: yeah, no faces
Fearless Leader: back
chelyha screams in a mad fit
kmrhodes stands up and applauds
chelyha screams in a mad fit
sew_short: Oops, we got caught
chelyha: nah it doesn't work for me
Fearless Leader: LOL
kmrhodes groans loudly
sew_short pokes you in the chest
kmrhodes chuckles in amusement
chelyha: hi Kathy
Fearless Leader: in Japanese we say, "Kitta" which means, "Yikes the
teacher is here"
sew_short: Someone knocked on our door
kmrhodes has fallen and can't get up
kmrhodes: where did she go now?
sew_short: Hehehehe, we been havin fun NJ
Fearless Leader: I realized I didn't change my status
sew_short: Oh
Fearless Leader: before I get started on the second face
Fearless Leader: I'd like to do roll call and questions
bonsaikathy joined the room
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco, What is the Meaning of Life?
Fearless Leader: like that
chelyha: Cheryl in Tehachapi
merrie60us: Merrie, Bosotn
merrie60us: oh boston can't spell tonight
kmrhodes: Clay Alley Karen - the Meaning of life is Clay
sew_short: Hi Miz Bonsai
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
bonsaikathy: Hello there,
Fearless Leader: Hey Kathy you came for the second show
sew_short: Kay from the Shoe Me State of Missouri - SO SHOW ME!
Fearless Leader: got three shows tonight
bonsaikathy: yup, just walked in the door
kmrhodes: Show me the money
Fearless Leader: so, if there's no questions on this face
embellishment thing
kmrhodes: show me the demo
chelyha: we heard you knock
Fearless Leader: I'll get started
chelyha: cool
sew_short: Ready
Fearless Leader: Kathy, I prepped sheets and faces for three color
kmrhodes: ready
Fearless Leader: that are related
Fearless Leader: one way or the other
Fearless Leader: so here I go
bonsaikathy: I'll be back in a couple, go ahead and start without me,
gotta get changed real quick
sew_short: Nice blurry pictures on cam
sew_short: Lays out a sheet of clay and a neat looking face
kmrhodes: holds face by the handle - face is raw clay
sew_short: Oh, since we are saving anything I guess I don't have to be
so chatty, huh?
kmrhodes: probably not but this way Kathy can follow along when she
gets back
sew_short: that aren't saving
sew_short: ok
Fearless Leader: I'm going to thin this sheet
Fearless Leader: and then attach it to the head
Fearless Leader: I don't know how I'm going to attach it
sew_short: Hi froggie
Fearless Leader: but I'm going to use that handle on the back of the
sew_short: We are just starting a new demo
merrie60us: what handle
merrie60us: Please show it
sew_short: Do I see pretty shiny pearl?
merrie60us: oh I see do you attach it to head after making head
sew_short: The only face I see that I could mold here close to me is a
kmrhodes: LOL
lindynetmom joined the room
merrie60us: go visit someone that collects figurines
kmrhodes: pleating the sheet of clay
merrie60us: folding clay into pleats
merrie60us: gathers
sew_short: Oh yes - my SO's mother has a house full!!! Nice ones
kmrhodes: careful - you'll start a face swap
kmrhodes: LOL
bonsaikathy: finally comfortable
sew_short: I'll have to order more elasticity clay!
kmrhodes: got it in stock
bonsaikathy: I saw that sweetie, glad you got in ok
merrie60us: wrapping clay around face and adjusting
sew_short: Kathy - did you have to wiggle around in the chair to get
merrie60us: viewing back
merrie60us: shaping
sew_short: Wow, isn't that neat? I've just got to do this
bonsaikathy: needed to get out of work cloths
sew_short: Oh, ok
merrie60us: takes leaf
sew_short: Thanks Kathy for thinking of the folder for members pics
merrie60us: oops shaping with tool
kmrhodes: a #2 soft cone
sew_short: That's one of those "Why didn't I think of that? DUH}
sew_short: Gosh, I almost like this one better
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
merrie60us: added leaves to side
kmrhodes: its got me thinking of faces in the sky
sew_short: Looks so easy, huh?
frogger70301 joined the room
sylsnovelties joined the room
merrie60us: for her
kmrhodes: us too.... just need practice
sew_short: I'm still hungry (didn't eat much today)..I'm going to
kitchen for a few minutes.
sew_short: NJ that really look good
sylsnovelties: Bring me back something Kay!
sew_short: brb
bonsaikathy: cool
kmrhodes: I'll take a ham sandwich kay
kmrhodes: with mustard
sylsnovelties: Grill mine! heeheehee
kmrhodes: ahhhh
kmrhodes: drippin down your chin
sylsnovelties: I'm drooling!
kmrhodes: me too
frogger70301: Are yall on a break?
kmrhodes: all I have is an empty glass of root beer
Fearless Leader: ok
merrie60us: can't wait to try this
bonsaikathy: is anyone else having problems lately with this thing
kind of sticking or freezing and then all of a sudden it catches up
all at once
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions now
merrie60us: none
chelyha: did you ever do a demo on sculpting a small face?
Fearless Leader: Yup, for male and female
chelyha: Dang I missed that!
Fearless Leader: Tonight we take all the things
merrie60us: need the clay shapers
kmrhodes: NJ, these are great
Fearless Leader: we've done in Demo so far
Fearless Leader: and put them together
Fearless Leader: the two finished heads
chelyha: that's what I need to see
Fearless Leader: have the same amount of leaves
bonsaikathy: does that mean we're putting shoes and a purse with this
bonsaikathy: and a baseball cap on the head
kmrhodes chuckles in amusement
Fearless Leader: mini accessories go with mini food with the covered
pizza protector
bonsaikathy: sorry Teach, I'm heading for the corner
Fearless Leader: that's another demo
Fearless Leader: putting sushi on these guys
Fearless Leader: well
lindynetmom: So the head was already cured and was just imbellished
with raw clay
bonsaikathy: hehe
chelyha: I just gouged out the eyes on my face that I've been
bonsaikathy: ouch
merrie60us: NO head is raw
Fearless Leader: it is manufactured things, these always have clay
fabric or leaves and flowers
Fearless Leader: the heads are raw
Fearless Leader: for I still have to open their eyes
Fearless Leader: shall I do that for grins?
Fearless Leader: now?
kmrhodes: yes
chelyha: that's what I need to see!!!
Fearless Leader: a little wreckless eyeballing
Fearless Leader: ok
lindynetmom: Geez you must really have a soft touch
merrie60us: sure
Fearless Leader: let's hit it then
bonsaikathy: yeah
lindynetmom: Yessss
kmrhodes: she holds the heads with a handle that she places on the
back of the head
kmrhodes: so she doesn't mess up the face
lindynetmom: I didn't see the handle
kmrhodes: its a piece of clay that she attached to the back of the
merrie60us: great idea
kmrhodes: just to hold it. it gets covered up by the "scarf"
sylsnovelties: You can see it in the mirror.
merrie60us: Is she making eyes
kmrhodes: is that the oval I made or a 3/16 kemper?
kmrhodes: its the oval
merrie60us: cut out two tiny circles from a different sheet of clay
kmrhodes: I made those
merrie60us: oval or round
merrie60us: cutter
jude: I think I have some of your cutters, Karen.
kmrhodes: do you like them?
jude: Love 'em!
merrie60us: doing something with tissue blade
merrie60us: and oval/round clay
bonsaikathy: I think I need to get new ones
frogger70301: cutting the ovals in half.
chenoa_2b joined the room
kmrhodes: a #0 soft cone to open the eye socket
merrie60us: using shaper to make a recessed hole in eye
bonsaikathy: Hi Carolyn
sylsnovelties: Ouchie!
merrie60us: placing oval in socket with shaper
chenoa_2b: Hi Kathy
kmrhodes: pushing edges of clay in to head to round out the eye
frogger70301 left the room
merrie60us: what is she doing
merrie60us: using exacto knife
sylsnovelties: Is that a pupil?
bonsaikathy: not sure
merrie60us: adding pupil
sylsnovelties: On the tip?
kmrhodes: scrapping off excess clay and adding pupil?
merrie60us: yes
Fearless Leader: sorry the door
Fearless Leader: back
merrie60us: cannot tell what she is doing appears to be oval of
colored clay that she is shaping
chenoa_2b: that looks like an eyelid she just made. Upper one I think.
merrie60us: did she roll it into a thin snake
chenoa_2b: It was like leaf shaped, and I think she folded it in half.
kmrhodes: like the 3/16" kemper teardrop cutter
chenoa_2b: looked like it
kmrhodes: yep
jude: Tear drop shape it looks like.
chenoa_2b: I know I would have white all over from the eye part, and
then I would have mud from the eye and lid if I tried to do it!
bonsaikathy left the room
kmrhodes: interesting
chelyha: well mine looks like he's been in a fight, but I think I get
the idea
chelyha: of how to do it
chelyha: The right tool makes all the difference
kmrhodes: I use a round ball of white. And a carpenter nail set
kmrhodes: to place the ball into the socket
kmrhodes: but this is good too
frogger70301 joined the room
chenoa_2b: looks like a zombie with no lid! lol
kmrhodes: hey michelle, I'll have your clay out to you on Mon
frogger70301: Someone up somewhere must have something against me
seeing the eyes done.
frogger70301: K, thnx.
kmrhodes: you should have it on wed or so
frogger70301: good. I appreciate it so much.
Fearless Leader: ok