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Clay Techniques-04

9/28/02 Saturday: Embellished Faces -03, End of Face Embellishment and beginning of Mini Sweets.

kmrhodes: to place the ball into the socket
kmrhodes: but this is good too
frogger70301 joined the room
chenoa_2b: looks like a zombie with no lid! lol
kmrhodes: hey michelle, I'll have your clay out to you on Mon
frogger70301: Someone up somewhere must have something against me
seeing the eyes done.
frogger70301: K, thnx.
kmrhodes: you should have it on wed or so
frogger70301: good. I appreciate it so much.
Fearless Leader: ok
lindynetmom: Hey Karen: What do I need to ask for to get the cutters?
I'll have money on the 1st
kmrhodes: they are the CA3/16"
kmrhodes: ca is for clay alley
chenoa_2b: does it get a lower lid?
lindynetmom: Thanks kid I'll be in touch soon.
kmrhodes: Looking forward to it
Fearless Leader: are there any questions at this point
Fearless Leader: we have one more head to do the thing to
merrie60us: none
chelyha: no I just learned a lot
lindynetmom: The gouging tool looked really flexable was it soft
rubber like a nail tool
chenoa_2b: is it going to get a lower lid?
chelyha: my eye still looks awful but not as bad as before
Fearless Leader: there's going to be a bunch of stuff done to the two
Fearless Leader: but this is the basics
Fearless Leader: and lower lids
Fearless Leader: for these faces
Fearless Leader: is just pushing up a bit of the cheek
Fearless Leader: make a crease
Fearless Leader: no need to add clay
kmrhodes: the gouging tool was a clay shaper
chenoa_2b: Did you use your own home made face mold to make the faces?
lindynetmom: Wow Karen: how do I ask for them???
kmrhodes: they are from Cowboy Kai -
kmrhodes: Oh, the shapers are on my site
Fearless Leader: In sculpting CowBoy Kai
kmrhodes: Those were the #0
Fearless Leader: I went through many molds
Fearless Leader: when I got his chin
Fearless Leader: I made a mold
Fearless Leader: did an impression and aimed for the lips
Fearless Leader: moved up his face to this one without emotion
Fearless Leader: for Cowboy Kai this impression
Fearless Leader: was given a smile
chenoa_2b: What would one have to do to get a mold made for their own
use, from you?
lindynetmom: I'm all hyped up to find the aluminium foil
NikiT: those are neat.. (i was afk.)
lindynetmom: So excited about finally being able to order from you
kmrhodes: Thanks
chenoa_2b: Nora Jean, What would one have to do to get a mold made for
their own use, from you?
kmrhodes: I aim to please - jsut ask these gals
Fearless Leader: Make me an offer
Fearless Leader: I suppose
kmrhodes: I will give you a big hug and kiss
Fearless Leader: what I would prefer
NikiT: is it bad to user ones lunch break to go buy clay just to get a
Fearless Leader: is for folks, if they are not going to sculpt their
own faces
Fearless Leader: to pick a face
Fearless Leader: someone
Fearless Leader: family
Fearless Leader: actor
Fearless Leader: and then I'll sculpt that and make a mold
NikiT: user = use
Fearless Leader: I would rather keep my Kai faces part of my product
Fearless Leader: I'll give you Ben Bowder
chenoa_2b: That is not a problem! lol
chenoa_2b: I just need a good basic face to futz about with.
Fearless Leader: got to pick the person
Fearless Leader: you want to futz with
Fearless Leader: Then I'll sell those molds
Fearless Leader: LOL
chenoa_2b: Jeff Goldblom is ohhhh so nice! lol
Fearless Leader: or hold them hostage
Fearless Leader: OOOOHHH
Fearless Leader: Sure I'll Do Jeff
Fearless Leader: in a minute
Fearless Leader: I love him
Fearless Leader: them googly eyes
frogger70301: Can you make them from pics even if they aren't famous?
Fearless Leader: that smile
Fearless Leader: sure, family members, but I'll need mug shots
Fearless Leader: front, side to side
Fearless Leader: laughing
chenoa_2b: That or Richard Geer! lol
Fearless Leader: Jeff has a more interesting face than Richard
Fearless Leader: I think
frogger70301: Got plenty. I want one done of T-Guy, but I have tried
too many times to do it myself.
chenoa_2b: To true, but Richard does have something! lol Besides I
have his autographed pic here. Amie got the Jeff one. lol
Fearless Leader: For ClayMates, I'll do a one inch scale face for
NikiT: i agree.. JG has an interesting face
sylsnovelties: Richard Gere? <swoon>
Fearless Leader: It'll be more for strangers
chenoa_2b: Ok, sign me up! lol Karen, my clay order will be lighter
this month! lol
Fearless Leader: ya know, sliding scale and all that
Fearless Leader: send me pix
Fearless Leader: mug shots
Fearless Leader: if you want them smiling send me smiling pictures
frogger70301: check or mo?
kmrhodes: maybe NJ and I can work together on bringing it to more
Fearless Leader: it's just the face mold, so hair and such all will be
up to you
chenoa_2b: I think I want more of that blank expression. I can do more
with that.
Fearless Leader: the zoned look
Fearless Leader: smoked just too much look?
Fearless Leader: LOL
chenoa_2b: Yeah,
Fearless Leader: Sure Karen, we can move face molds from your site
chenoa_2b: Or out to late parting look! lol
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Ok, so we should clay a bit here
Fearless Leader: shall I do that last head?
chenoa_2b: Do you want pics of just interesting faces?
kmrhodes: I'm excited about the molds
Fearless Leader: pix of the face you want a mold made for
chenoa_2b: ok
lindynetmom: I better hit the rug and find my head
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: that sounded very funny
kmrhodes: and if its okay to put the mold on sale for others
Fearless Leader: I think we have to steer away from actors
lindynetmom: The grandboys found them today
Fearless Leader: for selling to the public
kmrhodes: yeah
Fearless Leader: I'll do them for a fan
chenoa_2b: Can I send you a check, or are you going to want me to use
Fearless Leader: ya see
Fearless Leader: if that fan makes a bunch
Fearless Leader: and goes Ebay
Fearless Leader: it's on them
Fearless Leader: I got permission from Lex Giggerof
Fearless Leader: who was the creator of Lexx
Fearless Leader: to use the faces of the characters from the show
lindynetmom left the room
Fearless Leader: that's why I went to Halifax last year
Fearless Leader: permissions a big deal if you're going to sell
someone's likeness
kmrhodes: so if you are using a relative, make sure its okay to sell
their face
Fearless Leader: that too
Fearless Leader: but it's easy enough to make faces
Fearless Leader: that are not real people
chenoa_2b: I don't know if I am going to sell any faces or not! lol
Fearless Leader: that look real enough
Fearless Leader: to make molds for
Fearless Leader: asian faces
Fearless Leader: african faces
Fearless Leader: molds you can't get most places
kmrhodes: OH, NJ, lets do this
Fearless Leader: that's the unexplored market
Fearless Leader: for people of color are under represented in this
whole doll thing
kmrhodes: I have people looking for face molds
Fearless Leader: by golly by gum
kmrhodes: I can even mold them in silicone rubber
kmrhodes: fast, needing no release
sew_short: bak
sew_short: for a couple min
chenoa_2b: Then maybe I need to go for Mexican or something? Instead
of Jeff?
Fearless Leader: Antonio Banderas?
Fearless Leader: perhaps
Fearless Leader: he's yummy
kmrhodes: Lou Gossett
chenoa_2b: lol He is such a pretty boy! lol To easy!
Fearless Leader: I feel pretty confident that I could sculpt any face
with the pictures to go by
chelyha: Denzel Washington.
sew_short: Big mistake going to kitchen - bombarded with four
teenagers giving me a guilt trip for not fixing any supper -
frogger70301: what about those women from India?
sylsnovelties: Kay, are the sandwiches ready? heeheehee
Fearless Leader: teens in other countries are hunting rabbit
Fearless Leader: herding sheep
Fearless Leader: they can nuke a meal
Fearless Leader: in the microwave
Fearless Leader: go wash clothings at the river hitting them with a
stick on a rock
Fearless Leader: kids today
Fearless Leader: LOL
sew_short: No but there's cornbread in the oven and reheating chili
from yesterday and ham & beans from a neighbor
kmrhodes: thank god I have cats
chelyha: me too Karen!
kmrhodes: give em a litter pan, some food and water and they are good
to fo
chelyha: Though they can be demanding at times too
kmrhodes: good to go
chenoa_2b: Get old enough, the kids start feeding you! lol
Fearless Leader: I'm going to cover this third head
Fearless Leader: and you guys can just chitter chatter
Fearless Leader: all you like
sew_short: Well, darn I have two cats and 1 dog inside and 1 dog
outside - hope these varmits fed the animals
chelyha: Ok NJ we'll stop rambling
Fearless Leader: naw
Fearless Leader: don't mind me
Fearless Leader: I prepped for hours before coming on
Fearless Leader: for the Demo
sew_short: I'll be watching off and on
Fearless Leader: I'm on a roll here
Fearless Leader: that's a
Fearless Leader: that's all
kmrhodes: NJ - email me and lets talk about the face molds
frogger70301: Well, gals. It's time for me to go to bed. See yall
Fearless Leader: I'm not concerned with screen shots or saving logs
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Mitch
kmrhodes: night mitch
frogger70301: Bye.
chenoa_2b: Nit mitch! I will be watching the mail man!
sew_short: Sweet Dreams Mitch
Fearless Leader: I'm just going to finish this run
frogger70301: Karen, send me the info about getting some cutters made.
kmrhodes: I gotta go too. I'm fading fast
chenoa_2b: Dang! Amie showed up! lol
frogger70301: If you get a chance, that
kmrhodes: Mitch, they are on my site
frogger70301: really?
kmrhodes: on the cutters page
chenoa_2b: NIght!
kmrhodes: I made the plunger ones
frogger70301: never noticed. Must not have been looking too good.
sew_short: Sweet Dreams Carolyn and Karen
chenoa_2b: going dancing! lol
kmrhodes: theres 12 and another 4 plunger cutters that I made
frogger70301: I'll go see next weekend.
frogger70301: and prob get a set.
frogger70301: Well, nite all.
frogger70301: Bye.
chenoa_2b: Night
kmrhodes: night mitch
frogger70301 left the room
kmrhodes: night karen
kmrhodes left the room
sew_short: Leaf ears....har har
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
sew_short: leaf hair! - must be the tree man
sew_short: That's neat too NJ
merrie60us: sorry I have to go it's after 12. Thanks so much NJ, I
learned a lot goodnight
merrie60us left the room
sew_short: Sweet Dreams Merri
chelyha: I have to bug out as well. Must clean the kitchen before The
Agency comes on
chelyha: Good night everyone
sylsnovelties: Nite
jude: ight.
jude: er...Night, too.
sew_short: Sweet Dreams
chelyha left the room
chenoa_2b: I need to see the back of them!
sew_short: I like them all - no favorites yet
sew_short: How did that one get eyes?
jude: Magic!
sylsnovelties: That happened when you were in the kitchen!
sew_short: Darn
Fearless Leader: now I ask you
Fearless Leader: does this look like it was the same face mold?
Fearless Leader: or the same canes used through out?
sew_short: Not at all
sew_short: No
NikiT: nope
chenoa_2b: the last one looks different more high cheek bones
sylsnovelties: Different canes, maybe the same face but with it's own
sew_short: One even looks like an older man
Fearless Leader: right or left with the high cheek bone?
Fearless Leader: the blue one with the dark lines on the left looks
Fearless Leader: for the lines simulate wrinkles
sew_short: yes
Fearless Leader: the line is in the clay
Fearless Leader: and I placed it there in the mold
chenoa_2b: The one on my left.
Fearless Leader: to highlight the cheek bone
Fearless Leader: Now this middle guy
Fearless Leader: he feels stronger
Fearless Leader: his petals flow out from his face
Fearless Leader: like an aura
Fearless Leader: he is upright
Fearless Leader: not leaning back
Fearless Leader: he is more forceful
Fearless Leader: than the last face here
Fearless Leader: This guy
Fearless Leader: since he is leaning back
Fearless Leader: his flowers dip down modestly
Fearless Leader: it seems less forceful
Fearless Leader: less assertive
Fearless Leader: same face
Fearless Leader: same colors
Fearless Leader: same canes
chenoa_2b: Amie says he looks more feminie
Fearless Leader: so we ask ourselves
Fearless Leader: yes, why does that last one seem female?
Fearless Leader: or submissive to the middle one?
chenoa_2b: More submissive?
Fearless Leader: if the more male one
chenoa_2b: Softer surrounding, more leaned back.
Fearless Leader: had eyeballs
Fearless Leader: we'd see more force from his face
Fearless Leader: these elements, petals standing up
Fearless Leader: or lying down
Fearless Leader: a face tilted back or upright
Fearless Leader: all these evoke an emotional response
Fearless Leader: from your audience
Fearless Leader: the one on the left
Fearless Leader: the face is cold
Fearless Leader: blue and grey
Fearless Leader: like death
Fearless Leader: no matter how bright the wrap
Fearless Leader: he still looks cold
Fearless Leader: the chevron lines etch his face with care and woe
Fearless Leader: we feel bad for him
Fearless Leader: we see him frown
Fearless Leader: when no frown was made from that mold impression
Fearless Leader: it's the use of color or lack of color
Fearless Leader: that gives us this emotional hit
chenoa_2b: I have to go, or be left behind!
chenoa_2b: Night!
chenoa_2b left the room
Fearless Leader: so there it is
sylsnovelties: Yeah, the difference in color does seem to change
jude: I need to get going, too. Night all!
sew_short: It does
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night
greatauntjudy left the room
Fearless Leader: So I'm about done
sew_short: I never thought of the color and pattern affecting things
Fearless Leader: been here three hours and Said just brought in food
sylsnovelties: It is amazing how one mold can make so many different
sew_short: Thank you NJ - sorry I missed a lot of it tonight
Fearless Leader: if you're going to be here longer I'll be back in a
sylsnovelties: Oh, yummy, food!
sew_short: OK
Fearless Leader: brb
sylsnovelties: I'll be around. I'll be doing mail while I wait.
sew_short: I'm eating ham & beans and cornbread right now
sylsnovelties: Did you get me my ham sandwich, Kay? heeheehee
sew_short: No - the teens ate all the easy food earlier
sew_short: Oops forgot my tea...brb
sylsnovelties: Darn!
Fearless Leader: YUM
Fearless Leader: soul food
Fearless Leader: Kay
Fearless Leader: it's corn bread, beans, shrimp and chicken
Fearless Leader: mac and cheese
Fearless Leader: corn on the cob
Fearless Leader: what else
Fearless Leader: salad
sylsnovelties: I'm hungry now!
Fearless Leader: apple cobbler and he got ice cream on the way back
Fearless Leader: I bit my FINGERS
sylsnovelties: Ouch!
sew_short: back and yummy yum yum
Fearless Leader: eating this and that
Fearless Leader: he he he
Fearless Leader: ok, short order time
Fearless Leader: what do you want to see made
Fearless Leader: real quick
Fearless Leader: pick pick pick
sylsnovelties: I guess I could eat a piece of hershey bar!
sylsnovelties: Yup, I want to see!
Fearless Leader: see what?
sew_short: shrimp
sylsnovelties: Oh, I thought you were going to show us something.
sylsnovelties: Mini food!
Fearless Leader: ok,
Fearless Leader: what sort of mini food?
Fearless Leader: sweets?
sylsnovelties: Whatever is easiest for you!
sylsnovelties: Sweets!
Fearless Leader: silly goose girl
sylsnovelties: yes, sweets!
Fearless Leader: ok, sweets
sew_short: ditto
Fearless Leader: easy breezy sweets
Fearless Leader: okie dokie
Fearless Leader: dig out your burnt umber
sylsnovelties: At least those won't hurt my teeth!
Fearless Leader: straight out of the wrapper
Fearless Leader: it's perfect for chocolates
sew_short: yum
sylsnovelties: Is that what the cutters look like in the box there?
sew_short: that's the plunger cutters
sylsnovelties: thanks
sylsnovelties: yummy color
sew_short: Those are the ones from Clay Alley
sylsnovelties: oh neato!
sew_short: Kemper tools makes some too
sew_short: Karen sells Kemper tools also
sylsnovelties: She has it covered then!
sew_short: yes...hey I wonder how thick that sheet is - looks like the
thickest setting??
sylsnovelties: Yeah, it must be.
sylsnovelties: She's cutting different shapes from it, looks like.
sylsnovelties: Stacking them on a plate!
sew_short: Brownies,chocolate ?
Fearless Leader: stack of chocolate bonbons
Fearless Leader: now if you sandwiched
sew_short: wow
Fearless Leader: the brown
Fearless Leader: with white
Fearless Leader: and cut with the circle cutters
sylsnovelties: Yummy
Fearless Leader: you have oreos
sylsnovelties: Oh neato!
sew_short: Oreos - wonderful idea
sylsnovelties: Creamy center!
sew_short: Why do I think we are going to see pizza?
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
sylsnovelties: Isn't this going to be oreos?
sew_short: Nope, guess it's the oreos!
sew_short: NJ I have questions
sew_short: S T O P - GOT QUESTIONS
Fearless Leader: hmmm
sew_short: what thickness on the sheets and what size cutters
Fearless Leader: The oreo sandwich came out a bit too thin
Fearless Leader: I'm going to give it another effort
Fearless Leader: had to get a bite of corn bread first
dahs512 joined the room
sew_short: I just finished eating mine
sylsnovelties: Hi Denise
dahs512: hey Syl!
sew_short: hi Denise
dahs512: I couldn't resist a peek
sew_short: Nj is showing us some mini sweets - going for Oreo's now\
dahs512: Yum yum Kay
sew_short: Wonder if that is double stuffed?
sylsnovelties: They are the best
sew_short: Yes and the teens ate all ours today
sew_short: I would use a blacker color
sylsnovelties: Kay, I loved your message today when you were online.
It said you wished you were in CA. heeheehee
dahs512: teensy cookies
sew_short: But that sure looks good
dahs512: she used a kemper cutter circle to cut the stack
sew_short: I was going to say Texas but they are still wet so I wished
for Cal
sylsnovelties: My hubby said my stuff is looking better so not to
leave any clay food laying around or he might try to eat it
sew_short: giggles
sew_short: I have a cat on my foot
sylsnovelties: Oreos would be good on a christmas plate for Santa! A
cat on your foot? heeheehee
sew_short: Yes one of the cats decided to plop down on me - she thinks
I'm her mama
sylsnovelties: Oh boy!
sew_short: Denise if you're still her - that other plate has bon bons
on it cut from the burnt umber
sew_short: cherries?
dahs512: I need to dash...I've got to get up at 7:30 am
sew_short: ok Sweet Dreams
sylsnovelties: Nite Denise, that is early!
dahs512: Tell NJ Howdy and I'll see ya'll later
dahs512 left the room
sew_short: k
sew_short: tan?
sylsnovelties: Hmmm, I'm not good with colors.
sylsnovelties: I know the basics. heeheehee
sew_short: same here
sew_short: one layer white and two other layers ..... hummmm
sew_short: pie?
sew_short: tarts?
sylsnovelties: Hmmm, looks good enough to eat whatever it is!
sew_short: eclairs? too small for pie
sew_short: Yum Yum
sylsnovelties: I love eclairs!
sylsnovelties: Let's face it, I love to eat! heeheehee
sew_short: Me too
Fearless Leader: that's ribbon candy there
Fearless Leader: pink, white and chocolate
sew_short: Oh OK
sylsnovelties: Ahh
sew_short: Oh I see some are heart shaped
sylsnovelties: I'll eat any of it!
sew_short: lol
sew_short: NJ what size cutters are you using?
sew_short: What setting did you make the sheets with?
Fearless Leader: the cutters are the smallest available
Fearless Leader: some are custom made by Karen
Fearless Leader: like this square one
sew_short: OK - I have those, just got them.
Fearless Leader: sheet setting varies
Fearless Leader: for the oreos the white is half the thickness of the
chocolate outer layers
Fearless Leader: but I reduce stacks
Fearless Leader: so there's no way to measure really
sew_short: ok
sylsnovelties: Just by eye
sew_short: What is that you made that is just in front of the round
Fearless Leader: also it depends on how comfortable you are with the
smaller scale
sew_short: I'm ok with the tiny
Fearless Leader: peti fours
Fearless Leader: same white pink and light brown
Fearless Leader: as the ribbon candy
sew_short: OK - hard to tell the colors tonight
sew_short: Are those cherries on the hearts
Fearless Leader: ya, but you can do what ever you want
Fearless Leader: just goof around
sew_short: OK - Is that a skinner blend?
Fearless Leader: layers
Fearless Leader: this is all super basic
sylsnovelties: Sure looks yummy
Fearless Leader: but the burnt umber
sew_short: ok and what size did you use to cut oreos?
Fearless Leader: right out of the wrapper
Fearless Leader: is perfect dark chocolate
Fearless Leader: add white for milk chocolate
Fearless Leader: next size up from the smallest
Fearless Leader: for the cookies
sylsnovelties: I think from all the food that you have made, NJ, the
thing that blew the elastic out of my panties was the breads!
sew_short: Ok -let me check
Fearless Leader: and the hearts
Fearless Leader: that heart shaped cutter is too cute
Fearless Leader: going to get something to drink
Fearless Leader: brb
sylsnovelties: That will make great stuff for valentines day.
sylsnovelties: ok