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Clay Techniques-04 Face molds and pinch pots of animal print cane

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sylsnovelties: Oh neato!
teri56: looks good from here, too
sylsnovelties: Yeah, I did catch part of it.
sylsnovelties: I like it!
dahs512: I was wondering why everyone was showing up in Yahoo...your here!
Stephanie (buddhamoon) joined the room
teri56: hey Denise......hey Steph!
frogger70301: Hey, Steph.
buddhamoon: hey gals
dahs512: NJ is slicing mirror beads?
jakmiami joined the room
frogger70301: Didn't seew you sneakin Denise. Hey!
auntyalias: ok, pulling all this together
auntyalias: and taking the animal canes and making pinch pots with it
sylsnovelties: Shot !
sylsnovelties: OOps shot 1
auntyalias: there
auntyalias: that's better I think
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auntyalias: these are examples of pinch pots and natasha beads that were made with the animal print canes from yesterday
dahs512: shot of various pich pots made from animal canes
auntyalias: What I wanted to show you was how to make this Tiger Leaf Bottle
greatauntjudy joined the room
sylsnovelties: 2
buddhamoon: Hey Jude
auntyalias: it takes 8 leaves to make this tiger leaf bottle, let me slice some up and I'll start. Who's on log save duty?
auntyalias: Syl is taking screen shots
dahs512: shot of tiger leaf bottle
greatauntjudy: Howdy all!
sylsnovelties: If nobody is, I'll save it.
buddhamoon: does bottle mean the same as pinch pot in this instance?
ac4lb joined the room
dahs512: If you want to, if not I can
sylsnovelties: I'll take the shots then.
dahs512: yes, i should have said pinch pot
sylsnovelties: 3
dahs512: she sliced four leaves off of the cane
ac4lb: love those pinch pots, they are beautiful
dahs512: more than that, 8 slices
dahs512: fairly thick slices
sylsnovelties: 4
auntyalias: shoot this
sylsnovelties: got it
dahs512: layout of tiger slices
dahs512: anyone can joiun in and descibe what she is doing
dahs512: join
sylsnovelties: 5
dahs512: she pressed four leaves together at the base
ac4lb: she's just laid out 4 in a t shape, and it looks like she's filling in aourn that
dahs512: thanks
ac4lb: yup filled them in in a circle and now it looks like she's filling in around the top of that
merrie60us joined the room
dahs512: like a bowl?
ac4lb: exactly
merrie60us: What are you doing
sylsnovelties: 6
ac4lb: from bottom to top the base of the leaves are facing down
dahs512: she's making a pot out of the tiger cane
dahs512: like a pinch pot
ac4lb: NJ asked that we describe what she's doing for the screen shots
merrie60us: oh neet
sylsnovelties: 7
ac4lb: the angle fo the camera is perfect
merrie60us: is she covering anything?
dahs512: she's making a vessel
merrie60us: or is it free hand
dahs512: like an urn
ac4lb: free hand
merrie60us: oh, thanks
ac4lb: welcome
sylsnovelties: 8
sylsnovelties: If we decide not to use all the screen shots, we don't have to, but I want to take plenty.
sylsnovelties: 9
ac4lb: good idea
greatauntjudy: Doesn't hoit.
ac4lb: maybe tomorrow you can send a note explaining how you're doing it
ac4lb: she's now pinching it in a little and reounding it up
dahs512: we will have the chat from tonight
ac4lb: I mean the screen shots
jakmiami: i'm taking screen shots as well...just as backup
dahs512: group effort, good job!
ac4lb: ok, she's now pinching it in like a pinch pot
dahs512: she's starting on the neck
sylsnovelties: 10
dahs512: using the tool in the middle
merrie60us: What is 10?
sylsnovelties: 11
ac4lb: She's inserting the tool to round of the top and keep it from collapsing in
dahs512: pressing the outside of the neck against the tool
buddhamoon: the clay looks as if the slices of cane have maintained their thickness.
sylsnovelties: The numbers are the screen shot numbers.
auntyalias: ok, that was the quick and dirty version
ac4lb: wonderul NJ
auntyalias: you will take more time and take more care, but that leaf bottle is only 8 slices
sylsnovelties: Loved it!
merrie60us: very nice
sylsnovelties: 12
auntyalias: Ok, who's chopped up animal print cane from last night?
sylsnovelties: 13
sylsnovelties: brb going potty
ac4lb: I haven't gotten the chance to make it yet, can't wait after seeing this, it's beautiful
auntyalias: Ok break time and we can chatter while Syl goes to the loo
greatauntjudy: I didn't do any homework today.
auntyalias: man did I run over people getting my errands done
auntyalias: Mitch, I sent your box, flower swap and your new things
frogger70301: K, thnx. I'll watch for them.
auntyalias: got it insured and everything
jakmiami: In that case, how thick are the slices ? In terms of pasta settings that is..?
buddhamoon: I'm going to view and comment as able but have to do homework and supper at the same time.
auntyalias: they were sliced off of the cane
dahs512: We got a lot of description going on tonight nj so it should make it easier for you later
sylsnovelties: bak
auntyalias: we took a break to let you to to the loo, Syl
auntyalias: I'm open for questions right now
sylsnovelties: Whew thanks!
jakmiami: how thick are the slices?
auntyalias: They are sliced off the cane, these slices were like 1/16th of an inch thick
auntyalias: when I was starting out I couldn't slice thin
auntyalias: now I have muscle memory
auntyalias: also trick here
auntyalias: when you're at the end of a cane
auntyalias: you want to use it all up
auntyalias: and you don't want it deformed for the last two slices
auntyalias: do this
auntyalias: stick the last of that cane onto a log of clay and that will give you stability
jakmiami: clever!
auntyalias: to do the last two slices and not mess up any of your beloved cane
sylsnovelties: Oh wow, great tip!
buddhamoon: how often does one want to sharpen their cane slicer?
sylsnovelties: 14 was the log
auntyalias: I never do, but I'm a bad example
auntyalias: don't do as I do, I'm a barbarian
auntyalias: heaving the FIST OF DOOM
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: here's the natasha beads from the zebra chop
buddhamoon: NJ, do you have your natasha bead link handy to open separate window? I'm very new to what they are.
ac4lb: how do you sharpen them
auntyalias: They came out really trippy.
auntyalias: Let me get that link for you Stevie
sylsnovelties: Love them.
buddhamoon: they look good enough to eat.
merrie60us: I never sharpen my blades just run alcohol on it occassionally
dahs512: NJ I'm gonna let this go on for awhile before I save...Seems like there will be a lot of chapters
sylsnovelties: 15
Honey (honeyrivers) joined the room
buddhamoon: is the alcohol for cleaning then?
merrie60us: yes or baby wipes
dahs512: Let me know if there is a point you want me to separate at.

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dahs512: PART TWO
buddhamoon: this looks like a toss/chop square log.
sylsnovelties: Natasha Beads Now
ac4lb left the room
ac4lb joined the room
buddhamoon: are these square pieces cut in half. flipped open to mirror.
frogger70301: yeah, Steph.
buddhamoon: thanks.
sylsnovelties left the room
sylsnovelties joined the room
dahs512: .
sylsnovelties: Evil yahoo
dahs512: turning the bead inside out
ac4lb: I agree, it's kicked me off 2ce now
merrie60us: How do you turn it inside out?
buddhamoon: is she looking for the most attractive mirror design? or is there only a couple of possibilities?
ac4lb: WOW!!
sylsnovelties: 16 was the bead
buddhamoon: very large square block of chop & toss and she is cutting off a square log now.
dahs512: chop and toss formed into a rather large brick
buddhamoon: now making a slice of the log.
dahs512: she took a chunk
sylsnovelties: Oh my gosh!!! Is there that much scrap clay in the world? heeheehee
sylsnovelties: 17
dahs512: slice it into two
dahs512: then fold back the two sides one turn and match up the patterns
ac4lb: then she slices both those slices in half and folds them back on themself
ac4lb: that way mirror images are on all four sides
buddhamoon: so the shape is achieved by hand not cuts to the sides?
sylsnovelties: 18
auntyalias: ok, now I'll stop for questions
dahs512: then she pulled the top and bottom to an end
auntyalias: just pinched the edges and pulled them to a point
dahs512: I can't keep up with the description , hope we said it all
sylsnovelties: The zebra cane one looks like an ancient tribal mask.
dahs512: thanks
sylsnovelties: These are gorgeous.
buddhamoon: thanks.
auntyalias: The Tiger and Zebra makes nice chop
ac4lb: very
auntyalias: the Leopard is only good as an addition to a chop theme
buddhamoon: now you would just poke a hole through them?
auntyalias: by itself it's "so so" ya know?
auntyalias: Yup, just skewer them
sylsnovelties: Right, it needs something.
merrie60us left the room
auntyalias: like that
dahs512: the tiger one almost looks like a tiger face
auntyalias: they make good faces, the striped animal print cane chop
teri56: gotta run ladies........have fun!
teri56: xoxo
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: ok I'm ready for the next thing I wanted to show you
auntyalias: Caio Teri
buddhamoon: okay thank you. gonna run fix supper but will be back.
auntyalias: Face Molds with Animal Print Cane Slices
buddhamoon: bye teri
ac4lb: bye Teri
sylsnovelties: 19
auntyalias: You can take the faces you sculpt
auntyalias: and then make a mold of it
auntyalias: and then line it with animal print
sylsnovelties: Oh neato!
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/Eva-Nudge.htm
auntyalias: check this page please
frogger70301: What is the one on the bottom made from?
auntyalias: crimson and gold run
auntyalias: I have some tiger leaf
frogger70301: ok. Looks cool!
auntyalias: pressed from last night
buddhamoon: are molds made with any color/type of clay?
tedi382001 joined the room
sylsnovelties: These are something else!
buddhamoon: NJ is dusting the inside of the face mold with powder.
linda_d_45419 joined the room
buddhamoon: a sheet of the pressed tiger cane is being layed into the mold and with a clay tool she is easing the clay
buddhamoon: into the shape of the face.
sylsnovelties: 20
frogger70301: now she is taking extra clay and filling in the mold.
sylsnovelties: 21
buddhamoon: it appears to be a coned-shaped chunk of clay being pressed into the mold to lift the mask out.
buddhamoon: WOW
auntyalias: ok I'll take questions now
sylsnovelties: That was amazing1
ac4lb: NJ that was too neat
buddhamoon: are molds made with any color/type of clay?
auntyalias: Use your best clay for the molds, one color only, so you can see what you have easier and it'll last through all the work you do
sylsnovelties: 22
auntyalias: This is why I want you to sculpt your own faces
auntyalias: and make molds
auntyalias: and experiment with animal print in the mold
auntyalias: because the effect is just so trippy
auntyalias: this can be a center piece of a pin or pendant
buddhamoon: do you need to back it with foil while curing to keep it from collapsing?
auntyalias: My sister is calling Long Distance
sylsnovelties: Break time?
auntyalias: Let's take a half hour break
auntyalias: and I'll be back
auntyalias: ok?
sylsnovelties: ok
buddhamoon: guess I'll REALLy start supper
jakmiami: OK
dahs512: I'll save this part