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jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
auntyalias: CHILIES
auntyalias: This is YOUR show girlfriend
auntyalias: LOL
jude: Howdy!
auntyalias: I'm ready when you are
jude: I hve about an hour.
jude: Will it take longer?
auntyalias: let's get cracking then
jude: I will be back later if it does.
jude: Red, nice red.
jude: Is that cadmium?
auntyalias: Yes straight out of the pack
jude: I will have to mix some green.
auntyalias: then take a green that's half blue and half yellow and mix
it half and half with red
auntyalias: to get this brown
jude: I hve green, but not dark enough.
jude: Okie.
jude: Got it.
auntyalias: then take green that is half yellow and half blue and
darken it
auntyalias: with this brown mix
auntyalias: ratio
auntyalias: crap
auntyalias: I dunno
auntyalias: let me thing, like half a sheet of green to a torn corner
of brown
auntyalias: like that
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: the green of chilies are darker than mid level green
Pat (my_clay_creations) joined the room
jude: Howdy Pat!
auntyalias: Hola Patty
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to my_clay_creations
(3/10/03 12:25 PM)
auntyalias: Patty, check this out
Pat: Howdy & hola! I'll be pooping in and out as I've been working on
my website and haven't gotten much done today!
auntyalias: No worries, we're doing Chilies
auntyalias: and they are quick
auntyalias: I'll post the color mixes to the list after the demo
jude: It's a good thing!
Pat: Woohoo!
auntyalias: Now see the light yellow green and yellow
auntyalias: do some mixes like that
auntyalias: different chilies have different colors
auntyalias: I'll get you a page in the book to show you too
jude: Yes.
jude: Red, green and yellow are the most common, but are just
different color stages of the same veggie.
jude: Gorgeous red there.
Pat: I thought I'd be here longer than this. I'll be right back. Have
to make a couple of qick calls I was supposed to this morning. Don't
have DSL, grr.
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: ok
jude: What yellow is that there? Is it a blend?
auntyalias: The yellow is a yellow/green
auntyalias: do a blend
auntyalias: yellow to green
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: cut out the middle
jude: 50-50?
auntyalias: cut that into thirds
auntyalias: make a range of chilies
jude: Okie, got it...
auntyalias: see that tool
jude: Good idea.
auntyalias: that's going to give the chilies it's hat
auntyalias: just like the bell pepper
jude: Yes, where the stem is
auntyalias: and thin snakes make the stem
jude: Was just talking about stuffed bell peppers.
auntyalias: thicker snakes make the chillie so here we go
auntyalias: YUM
auntyalias: stop that, I'm supposed to be concentrating
auntyalias: LOL
jude: Okie.
auntyalias: Take the dark green mix and roll out a sheet that's 3-4
settings thin
auntyalias: ok?
jude: Yes.
auntyalias: that'll be our cap stash
auntyalias: then roll out a thin thin snake and that will be our stem
auntyalias: don't smoke the seeds is all
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: but I digress
jude: If you dry bell pepper seeds real well, they look just like mini
potato chips.
chenoa_2b joined the room
auntyalias: I keep on wanting to remember that
jude: I have a small cutter like that I can use for the stem thingy.
jude: Howdy Carolyn.
chenoa_2b: Hiya! how is everyone?
jude: Okie, you are rolling up a snake of red.
jude: Doing okie.
auntyalias: Yo Carolyn
chenoa_2b: Good! Glad to hear it!
auntyalias: doing chilies
jude: Then a snake of yellow/green.
chenoa_2b: I just sent you an email about some fibers I got today. I
think you might be interested in for hair.
auntyalias: Coolness, I don't have my mail program open
auntyalias: I'll see it during a break
chenoa_2b: Good to go! lol
auntyalias: Ok, now we build a Serrano chilie
jude: Hot!
auntyalias: there ya go
chenoa_2b: I wonder if a tiny bit of thread inbeded into the stem
couldn't then be used to make a rasita? Or how every you spell those
hanging pepper thingies! lol
chenoa_2b: Ah ha! did you just see her use those clay tools like chop
sticks? Thats how she does it!
jude: Wow! It is so tiny.
jude: Chop stickes? Yikes!
jude: Many chilies are dented up. You do that to them, too?
jude: Dented up? Sheesh...
frogger70301 joined the room
jude: Howdy Mitch.
frogger70301: Hey, hon.
chenoa_2b: Hiya mitch!
frogger70301: I can only stay just a few. Gotta bring Lene to the
frogger70301: Hey, Cary.
chenoa_2b: Wazzup?
frogger70301: Not much.
jude: Chilies!
frogger70301: I definately want to try these whan I get some time.
jude: They look terrific, NJ.
chenoa_2b: Oh they do! Fantastic!
frogger70301: Well, I gotta head out. I'll come back when we get home.
chenoa_2b: How about habanero?
frogger70301 left the room
chenoa_2b: Ok! I am getting into this!
jude: Good!
jude: Those are all terrific!
jude: brb
chenoa_2b: NJ makes it all look so easy!
chenoa_2b: that little stem cap makes it though! Makes it look so
chenoa_2b: Dang! I know she is good now! I just got a rush of green
bell pepper taste in my mouth! lol Now I am drooling! lol
jude: bak
jude: A bell peper?
chenoa_2b: Missed ya!
auntyalias: I was doing a bell pepper and realized it could be made
chenoa_2b: I will be moving to and from the computer. Hurting to much.
Went wild and made a big batch of poppy seed muffins last night.
chenoa_2b: Can you make a stuffed bell pepper?
auntyalias: Jude's making stuffed bell peppers tonight
auntyalias: for reals
auntyalias: ain't you?
chenoa_2b: Ah ha! I will be right over Jude! lol
jude: No was talking about it, but am not. Don't have any.
auntyalias: rats
chenoa_2b: Double rats!
jude: Am taking the easy way out and doing frozen food.
auntyalias: a stuffed bell pepper... I'd have to get a picture of one
done, the bell pepper changes colors, wrinkles up
chenoa_2b: On mine they lighten up
auntyalias: I'm eating like a bunny rabbit, all fresh stuff, no cook,
fruits, nuts and salads for days
auntyalias: But Jude
jude: Yes?
auntyalias: You see how easy it is to make chilies?
auntyalias: Just a snake
auntyalias: do the Hex Trick for the cap
auntyalias: LOL
jude: Yes, sure is!
auntyalias: Si MaMa, Con Gleem
jude: I will work on them later maybe.
auntyalias: remember that commercial?
jude: I got out my Victorial Dollhouse book and was looking at all the
neat things.
jude: Yes, toothpaste, right?
auntyalias: Ya, the commercial is Juanita's mother asking her if she
brushed her teeth before going to the fiesta
auntyalias: and Juanita says
auntyalias: Si MaMa, con Gleem
chenoa_2b: Oh crimminy! Now you got me thinking about making a tube of
tooth paste
auntyalias: the first Spanish I ever heard on TV
jude: LOL!
auntyalias: Hey I've had people make Tubes of Tooth Paste and nifty
tooth brushes for mini swap
auntyalias: the bath and bed swap
auntyalias: I did a chamber pot can be used in both rooms
jude: \
auntyalias: LOL
chenoa_2b: Tooth Brushs! How!
auntyalias: let me get you the link
jude: Yes, I will do one of those, too.
auntyalias: brb
jude: They used the big water pitchers with a bowl in their bedrooms.
jude: Also, a lot of ginger jars and things like that.
jude: I also found a smallish pedistal with a bust on it might be an
interesting thing to do.
chenoa_2b: What about that pedistal with a crystal ball on it?
my_clay_creations left the room
jude: That would go with the sculpting head thingy.
jude: They did crystal balls, too. Very mystic.
chenoa_2b: Oh yeah! duh! I can't think! I must have broken my brain!
jude: But, these peppers, I want to do for the southwest roombox.
auntyalias: Can't find it right now, I have to rebuild the bath and
bed swap pictures on my site, or get them into Epson
jude: I wonder if I can use some raffia to string them..hmm....
chenoa_2b: I have been wanting to do a Mexican Cocina for ages! That
is what got me into it!
jude: I want to do kitchen/living room/parlor things first, I think.
auntyalias: What's a Cocina?
jude: I also want to do that stove, too.
jude: My book has several pages of old stoves.
chenoa_2b: I think a bit of thread in the stem, and then weave that
into some raffia or hemp
auntyalias: The adobe fireplace that's cone shaped in the corner
auntyalias: I want to do an adobe mini room
jude: Hmmm, yes maybe that will work.
auntyalias: it has, sometimes, a little space inset
auntyalias: above the fire place cave
auntyalias: you can put a votive in there and stuff
chenoa_2b: a niche?
auntyalias: ya, but what's a Cocina?
jude: Yes, I could do a fireplace, too.
chenoa_2b: Cocina = Kitchen
auntyalias: easy, sure you can do it
auntyalias: Oh, duh
auntyalias: LOL
jude: I did one for the southwest roombox, a beehive one. But, I used
balsa and spackle for that.
auntyalias: Taking a break at the hour point
chenoa_2b: Have you ever gone to any of the sites that sells
properties in Mexico?
auntyalias: so I'll put it on the Mexican Food in a Jar
auntyalias: for a bit

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.