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Memorial Day Marathon Demo  
05-27-03: Helen/halarkin was the first to come up with a Mythology for our scene.
Only where the flowers grew thick and rampant was the magic strong
enough that she could partially revert to her original form, and talk
to her brother in the way that cats could.

"Is it really worth it?" he sighed.  "The furless, graceless,
lumbering human form seems too much to ask for *any* mate or

"Humans aren't as graceless as you might think.  It's just harder for
them.  It seems to me that *everything* is harder for them, and they
strive so hard...  They love our race ceaselessly, and ask for so
little in return.  That's why I asked Pasht for a year in human form.
 If I can help my beloved, even a little in that time, it will be
worth it."