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Memorial Day Marathon Demo

Log # 1, 12:58pm

Meeting Ulla and picking out colors and designs for today

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auntyalias: Yowie Wowie, three Cams already
buci131: heehee--Hiya NJ
bonsaikathy: Hi NJ
dahs512: hi nj
auntyalias: let me get your cams open
bonsaikathy: ok
buci131: love that blue lotus
buci131: I just finished doing a mini one from your last tute on it
buci131: it's in the oven
auntyalias: I'm falling in love with the hand blends
auntyalias: with the eyeball iris and now this blue lotus
auntyalias: I like the irregularity of it
auntyalias: looks more interesting than doing the blend with the pasta
buci131: definitely works for more organic stuff, eh
auntyalias: Denise, Push UPs
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: posing these figures can get us in a basket full of
trouble, you know that don't you?
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: What you making Eva?
buci131: heehee--well, as long as you know that Yahoo takes no
responsibility for what people show on their webcams
auntyalias: I see Linda on my chat list here, is that an echo of
earlier or is she with us here?
auntyalias: Rob and Melissa and the bun in the oven, Howdy Do
buci131: she's still showing up so she may be connected, but she was
going away briefly to clean her car
auntyalias: Happy MDMD
buci131: hiya Rob and Melissa
auntyalias: Denise has butts in her cam
craftingclay joined the room
auntyalias: don't know whether to be excited or shocked. LOL
auntyalias: Crafting Clay, welcome and what's your first name. I'm NJ
heartlandimages joined the room
buci131: hiya Rob and Melissa again
heartlandimages: can't stay long--to nice a day to stay inside--though
being here would be more fun than cleaning out the garage
craftingclay: Hi my name is Ronda and I'm still fiddling with this web
stuff so if I disappear don't take it personal.8)
auntyalias: No worries Rhonda
auntyalias: Denise I lost your cam
dahs512 left the room
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auntyalias: ah that explains it,
auntyalias: Howdy Faye
heartlandimages: got a question NJ about your turquoise technique
faye_shelton: Howdy, NJ. Loved that blue flower, Hun
buci131: Hiya Ronda. Ok, NJ--here ya go--the mini lotus I did from
your tute
auntyalias: Eva, that is great
faye_shelton: Pretty, Eva!
buci131: I wanted a water flower for my crab tea scene
auntyalias: but with lotus, it's good to pinch the petals so they are
sort of row boat shaped
auntyalias: lilies are laid out, petal wise
bonsaikathy: pretty Eva, Hi Rob and Melissa, and Ronda
dahs512: I'm doing rear ends
buci131: we lost your cam, Denise
auntyalias: I had to get her cam from the Friend's list
faye_shelton: no butts about it
auntyalias: oh let me change my status
dahs512: my computer died
buci131: ok
heartlandimages: NJ, when you're putting the granite and the turquoise
mixes into the blender, are they large or small chunks?
buci131: I'll reopen when your'e back up
dahs512: i'm up
buci131: thanks, you're TV isn't showing in the chat window, lol
bonsaikathy: welcome back Sharon
auntyalias: Rob, they were sort of medium sized chunks and not mixed a
buci131: Hiya again Sharon
auntyalias: Yo sharonV
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auntyalias: Sharon needs velcro for her chair there at home
shargoose: Hi again
auntyalias: to keep her in the room
auntyalias: What I am going to do until someone has a request, like
shargoose: Don't know what button I pushed but bounced off then on
auntyalias: is work on Rita Maid's eyes
heartlandimages: k, I already made some better looking turquoise than
my first attempt by using your granite mix, and chopping/mixing by
hand, but was wanting to try the blender technique
auntyalias: I'm having a heck of a time with them and I'm not stopping
until I get them right
auntyalias: Rob, do stop and go with the food processor when doing the
auntyalias: whirl, stop, look, whirl stop look
auntyalias: like that
auntyalias: easy does it
auntyalias: Rhonda do you have any thing you'd like to see?
heartlandimages: my first try was straight turquoise and then painting
the crevases--your granite mix makes a better turquoise
heartlandimages: thanks NJ
auntyalias: Mixing it like I do makes it some thing you can carve
auntyalias: which I like rather than a surface technique
auntyalias: just like the malachite
auntyalias: do it so the design goes all the way through. I collected
a bunch of turquoise pictures from clothing catalogues, jewelry and
I'm making a collage to update the turquoise section
heartlandimages: nod
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bonsaikathy: Maybe we should do roll call
auntyalias: uyletyinen, what's your first name honey
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco, Just waking up
bonsaikathy: we've got lot's in here
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
shargoose: Sharon V New Hampshire
craftingclay: ronda iowa
dahs512: Denise in Cedar Creek
buci131: Eva New Orleans
heartlandimages: Rob, Kansas
auntyalias: uyletyinen... we would love to know your first name and
location, please
uyletyinen: Ullamaija in Helsinki, Finland
auntyalias: WOW
auntyalias: WOW and WOW again
shargoose: Wow, Finland!!
bonsaikathy: Welcome
auntyalias: Welcome and it's late for you, so you get first REQUEST,
anything you'd like to see for Demo is for you to pick
shargoose: May we call you Ulla? Just for chat?
uyletyinen: thanks
buci131: Hiya Ullamaija
uyletyinen: yes, ulla i am
auntyalias: How do we say "hello" in Finnish?
uyletyinen: hei
uyletyinen: or moi
shargoose: I can't type well and Ulla is easier for me!! Thanks and
auntyalias: hei, I can do that
auntyalias: so it's your day here Ulla, anything you want to see me
make I'll make for you
auntyalias: since you're on in the latest time zone
auntyalias: tiger cane?
uyletyinen: i'm just a beginner in this artform
auntyalias: a figure from the beginning?
auntyalias: something basic?
uyletyinen: nj, basic please
auntyalias: ok, let's kick this around. If you're new then everything
is interesting. Let's start out with your favorite colors
uyletyinen: anything... im happy with anything
auntyalias: what are some of your favorite colors and do you like
pearl shine, gold?
bonsaikathy: Sharon pull up the cam honey and tell me what you think
so far
auntyalias: No...anything don't work for me. You pick, look into your
heart and ask yourself
auntyalias: what are my favorite colors
uyletyinen: anything you like...
bonsaikathy: Not finished yet but working on it
auntyalias: blue, red? Are you firery? Do you like cool sea blues?
auntyalias: What astrological sign are you
auntyalias: that'll help me pick for you
uyletyinen: sorry... sounds
uyletyinen: taurus
auntyalias: ah
auntyalias: anything from the earth
auntyalias: gold, turquoise, jade
buci131: Kathy--looking great!
auntyalias: earth tones
uyletyinen: yes
uyletyinen: i like them
auntyalias: wood grains, are you into miniatures?
auntyalias: that also will help me
uyletyinen: yes
auntyalias: ah, ok, let's do some earthy tones
uyletyinen: that's my thing
auntyalias: burnt umber
auntyalias: raw sienna
auntyalias: black
auntyalias: gold
auntyalias: and let's do some wood grain
auntyalias: it's only a bullseye
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auntyalias: that is inbetween sheets
auntyalias: and you'll get wood grain that has a knot in it where a
branch started to grow
shargoose: Kathy, It looks so good
uyletyinen: sound great
auntyalias: so Finnish
auntyalias: you like light pine?
auntyalias: or is that Swedish?
bonsaikathy: Thansk honey still have to add flowers and glue everthing
auntyalias: Here in California we love redwood, with rings and rings,
called burls
bonsaikathy: see tigger up in the tree
shargoose: Yuo
shargoose: Yes, I ment
auntyalias: We'll need these colors... burnt umber, raw sienna, white,
yellow, black, and we will need to prepare sheets. That will take
about a half an hour. I'll start and anyone who wants to clay along
and make light wood grain
auntyalias: I'm starting now
heartlandimages: i'll try and drop in later
bonsaikathy: Bye Rob
uyletyinen: ok.. i'll be here
shargoose: Bye Rob
heartlandimages left the room
craftingclay: okay I'll try see ya later
auntyalias: Leaving out Rhonda?
auntyalias: tooda loo and catch you on the flip flop
auntyalias: I'm going to use pearl, because I'm a mica junkie, you all
can use white if that's what you have
auntyalias: if you're daring you can substitute the yellow for gold
auntyalias: pearl for white
auntyalias: burnt umber for copper
auntyalias: and do wood grain
uyletyinen: ok
auntyalias: do you know what you get with wood grain if you use metal
color clay?
uyletyinen: :
auntyalias: real mokume gane... it's made with real metals, done like
wood grain, not in these bright pastel colors or translucents
craftingclay: i'm working the clay up into sheets of their own color
right not mixing yet ....
shargoose: cool idea
uyletyinen: ok
auntyalias: the fast way to prepare sheets is to use a food processor
auntyalias: and whirl the clay until it becomes a ball
auntyalias: the you pull the clay, like candy taffy, folding it over
auntyalias: and over, it'll be warm and soft and easier to work with
auntyalias: then you press, stack in aluminum foil sheets to keep it
neat and orderly
auntyalias: and then you'll be ready to start
auntyalias: and that's what I'm going to do right now
uyletyinen: ok
auntyalias: someone save this log
auntyalias: since there is information on it
auntyalias: thanks
faye_shelton: alritey, Faye, Norfolk VA back from checking on the
kiddies and grabbing coffee  Hi everyone again
dahs512: hi Faye
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auntyalias: see the ball?
auntyalias: it's warm, soft and perfect to pull like taffy
uyletyinen: yes
auntyalias: Now I will put in the food processor, raw sienna and a
pearl, and a touch of yellow
uyletyinen: ok
auntyalias: we need to lighten the brown and the quickest way to mix
clay is with the food processor taffy pull technique
auntyalias: just the quickest, part of the Easy Breezy set of tricks
auntyalias: and now I'll do it
shargoose: Can you give us an idea of how much clay you use, NJ?
shargoose: Quarter of a block of clay?
auntyalias: hold on for a tick
auntyalias: I don't measure
auntyalias: I eyeball it
auntyalias: when you make a stew
auntyalias: you sort of eyeball how much carrot you need as opposed to
auntyalias: right?
auntyalias: it's like cooking, salt to taste
auntyalias: also
shargoose: I know but if I'm following along don't want to not have
auntyalias: it depends on how much clay you have
auntyalias: I work with quarter pounds, because I'm going to put a
particular cane through the paces,
auntyalias: cover a tin
auntyalias: make pendants and earrings
auntyalias: do some chop and toss
auntyalias: make mini vases
auntyalias: part of my process of showing what a particular cane can
auntyalias: and then I send it out for the newbie boxes
auntyalias: so don't use how much I use
auntyalias: if I use four or five big chunks, you use one... that's
enough to practice the basic wood grain
auntyalias: but I can't give you amounts, it would make me break out
in hives
auntyalias: LOL
shargoose: good
uyletyinen: ok
craftingclay: cool I got it to look like lite wood color
shargoose: Getting screen shots. Maybe for a tut on starting the clay
auntyalias: Thank you Sharon, you're just a peach
auntyalias: ok, all beginners GOT to learn how to make a blend
shargoose: No I'm more pear shape!! Your welcome
auntyalias: and I'm going to show you the Easy Breezy Blend
auntyalias: but we got to do it while the clay here is still warm
uyletyinen: ok.. thank you
auntyalias: I will cut triangles of the clay
auntyalias: then I'll fold them and press them once
auntyalias: here is where we make our lives easy
auntyalias: we're going to roll it up, twist it and press, making each
press of the pasta machine worth 6 just folded in half, the twisting
will blend the clay faster than just folding in half,
auntyalias: it's a proven fact
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: so let's twist and shout and knock ourselves out with a
quick blend
auntyalias: that alone is good wood paneling
auntyalias: just one press after twisting and compressing
auntyalias: how quick is that already?
auntyalias: but we're going to blend it more, same thing, roll, mash,
twist, compress and press
uyletyinen: this is fantastic
uyletyinen: I hope I'll remember half of all this
shargoose: Don't worry
craftingclay waves at craftingclay
uyletyinen: thanks
shargoose: We keep photos and a log of the instructions
uyletyinen: ok
auntyalias: that's a fan fold
auntyalias: ok?
uyletyinen: I'm relieved
uyletyinen: ok
auntyalias: I'm going to press this into a ribbon, so pearl is at one
end of the ribbon
auntyalias: and brown is on the other end
auntyalias: you know a jelly roll cake?
auntyalias: just a swirl of cake and jam?
auntyalias: or Sushi?
auntyalias: same thing, just roll this up and we'll roll it up so the
pearl is in the center
uyletyinen: it's really amazing what you can do
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auntyalias: So that's a jelly roll blend, that's a basic thing you got
to know how to do in order to do a mess of other things
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shargoose: Having a hard time doing log and shots!!
buci131: heya nancy
auntyalias: Sharon, don't sweat it, all this has been shot before,
saving log is more important
auntyalias: I'd say
shargoose: Got log!!
shargoose: I want the photos as I need the basics
techi_mom56: hi eva and everyone...great turnout today....been doing
some spring cleaning...
shargoose: So as long as I'm taking them be happy!!
auntyalias: Oooh I got a flash
faye_shelton: Howdy Nancy
auntyalias: with this jelly roll blend
auntyalias: I'll show you how to do an ammonite
auntyalias: it's nice with these browns and pearls
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bonsaikathy: Ok I'm back and I just read back in the log and caught up
bonsaikathy: Rob asked me to go off with him a minute, so he could ask
me a question
bonsaikathy: HI Nancy
techi_mom56: doggy is mumbling at me...chuckle...
auntyalias: Hey honey, just did a jellyroll blend and did the ammonite
swirl, going to do another blend and kick around that light wood grain
shargoose: Got to go. Log is saved so far
shargoose: Pics also. Have to help Hubby again!!
bonsaikathy: NJ when I did the faux wood I used the metals mixed with
like browns and stuff, they were beautiful, copper for the red woods,
gold and brown for the lighter woods, they were beautiful
shargoose left the room
bonsaikathy: Gary was so impressed he even asked if he could sand them
for me when he saw them
bonsaikathy: oh how pretty
auntyalias: think
auntyalias: inlay
auntyalias: wood's just bullseyes, sheets
bonsaikathy: that's what I did
auntyalias: jelly rolls
auntyalias: this one jelly roll press is yeilding some lovely rings
bonsaikathy: I like the way it's pulled to a ring
bonsaikathy: burls
faye_shelton: sweet, NJ
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faye_shelton: ooh, what is it, Eva?
buci131: just covered a quail's egg
faye_shelton: looks interesting
buci131: used NJ's chop technique for the sheet
faye_shelton: how big is a quail's egg?
buci131: the coin is a dime
faye_shelton: pretty small, thn
faye_shelton: thanks for showing. cool
buci131: you're welcome
bonsaikathy: pretty Eva
buci131: thanks Kathy--want to open it and put a little scene inside
faye_shelton: pretty pot/bowl, NJ
faye_shelton: those colors, wow, nice
auntyalias: I think if I blend black on one end of the ribbon I might
get better definition
auntyalias: still kicking around the technique
auntyalias: the pot's cane got reduced too much
faye_shelton: that's lovely, NJ
auntyalias: going to do another blend and see if I can get a little
closer to what's in my head
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icare4bunnies: hi
auntyalias: Hey Jael
auntyalias: what's the problem with your Mac access?
faye_shelton: Hi Jael
bonsaikathy: Hi Jael
icare4bunnies: the yahoo messenger version for mac does not have that
techi_mom56 left the room
icare4bunnies: I can talk to the group here
auntyalias: anyone here on MAC other than Jael?
techi_mom56 joined the room
faye_shelton: not I
icare4bunnies: but I can't join a group on the messenger program
bonsaikathy: No and Karen had problems earlier too
icare4bunnies: I never have been able
icare4bunnies: it just isn't there
auntyalias: are the MAC instructions on my site wrong?
auntyalias: out of date
auntyalias: I have no way of knowing because I use PC
bonsaikathy: Karen says she does it through yahoo chat and then
watches the cams on messenger
icare4bunnies: yahoo doesn't give a hoot about mac users
icare4bunnies: I can talkt to you here
bonsaikathy: Karen couldn't even get into chat
icare4bunnies: but all of you have a line through your smiley face
icare4bunnies: here
auntyalias: Kathy, the MAC users come into chat through the website
and then click on Yahoo Friend's list for the cam?
bonsaikathy: we sent her invites and everything
icare4bunnies: that's what I do
bonsaikathy: she said she couldn't get in that way today for some
icare4bunnies: why do you all have lines through your yahoo faces?
auntyalias: we don't see the same thing as you Jael, no lines through
the smiley faces on my view
bonsaikathy: none here either
icare4bunnies: well, at least I can chat with you
buci131: three of us have webcams on, tho