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Memorial Day Marathon Demo

Log # 2, 2:25pm

Earthquake Log

auntyalias: are the MAC instructions on my site wrong?
auntyalias: out of date
auntyalias: I have no way of knowing because I use PC
bonsaikathy: Karen says she does it through yahoo chat and then
watches the cams on messenger
icare4bunnies: yahoo doesn't give a hoot about mac users
icare4bunnies: I can talkt to you here
bonsaikathy: Karen couldn't even get into chat
icare4bunnies: but all of you have a line through your smiley face
icare4bunnies: here
auntyalias: Kathy, the MAC users come into chat through the website
and then click on Yahoo Friend's list for the cam?
bonsaikathy: we sent her invites and everything
icare4bunnies: that's what I do
bonsaikathy: she said she couldn't get in that way today for some
icare4bunnies: why do you all have lines through your yahoo faces?
auntyalias: we don't see the same thing as you Jael, no lines through
the smiley faces on my view
bonsaikathy: none here either
icare4bunnies: well, at least I can chat with you
icare4bunnies: so let's let it go now
icare4bunnies: nope
icare4bunnies: brb
Jen (boozrkitty) joined the room
auntyalias: Yo Jen
auntyalias: tidal wave, eh?
auntyalias: good
auntyalias: James thought it was a good love letter, with the EQ
references and all
auntyalias: ooops there she goes
icare4bunnies: I'm here
auntyalias: Jen, boozerkitty, she was in and then got booted
auntyalias: I got to find out if she needs help getting a battery for
her cam
icare4bunnies: i see
auntyalias: I'd love more tutorials on her doll making techniques
auntyalias: I'm doing a blend
auntyalias: with pearl, gold, this light brown mix and black
auntyalias: to do a jelly roll and goof around with wood grain designs
auntyalias: variations on a theme, just for the record
boozrkitty left the room
Jen (boozrkitty) joined the room
auntyalias: Jen, you in?
auntyalias: in and out like a bird in a bird bath
Jen: fina;;y
auntyalias: LOL
Jen: LOL finally
auntyalias: you need help with getting another battery?
auntyalias: so you can take more pictures of your process?
Jen: maybe... I need to look a few more places
icare4bunnies left the room
bonsaikathy: Ok one last look and then I'm shutting the cam off, it's
getting hot under this light
Jen: I have the battery, just can't recharge it... lost the charger
auntyalias: YEAH Kathy, it's too cute
auntyalias: how much is the charger, then
Jen: not sure.. $60 maybe... haven't looked
auntyalias: TIGGER in a tree
icare4bunnies joined the room
auntyalias: that's just too fun, my favorite character
bonsaikathy: mine too
bonsaikathy: lol
auntyalias: ok, if you're short of funds we can pass the hat and see
what we can come up with
bonsaikathy: thanks Eva
auntyalias: what sort of computer equipment do you need?
auntyalias: I've not talked to Andy who built my machine, but he gets
recycled stuff from UC Berkeley
auntyalias: and has sold computers and stuff to list members for a
auntyalias: he works MIS at UCBerserkeley
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Ah I see what you mean
auntyalias: What is it called when folks get married and pick a silver
pattern and folks go in a buy one thing for the couple?
auntyalias: A register
auntyalias: that's it, like a bridal register
auntyalias: but for tech
auntyalias: how funny
auntyalias: I'm going to do this hand blend
auntyalias: I'm enchanted with doing hand blends lately
Jen: Oooh, wish I had my clay with me. I'm at Wesley's. Just hav his
auntyalias: One should always travel with an emergency clay kit
Jen: LOL, you are right. I just need to leave some over here
techi_mom56: i am trying to figure out a small set up for the
Jen: I'm finally up for working on a project I wanted to start years
Jen: I want to do a miniature carnival sideshow
bonsaikathy: what a neat idea
bonsaikathy: lot's you can do with that
Jen: I just can't wait to do the bearded lady
Jen: And the tattood guy
bonsaikathy: cool
techi_mom56: lion tamer, clowns...ideas are endless
bonsaikathy: Eva what kind of a setting will you put these in
bonsaikathy: clowns would be a hoot to do
Jen: I think I'm going for the weirder side... not that clowns can't
be weird
bonsaikathy: snake lady
bonsaikathy: yes the crabs
Jen: Think the 30's movie "Freaks" and that is what I'm going for
bonsaikathy: 2 headed man
greatauntjudy left the room
bonsaikathy: oh you added flowers to the table didn't you, I missed
Jen: great flowers!
Jen: NJ, you work so fast LOL
bonsaikathy: she's pretty amazing isn't she
bonsaikathy: it's so pretty Eva
Jen: This is the first time I've peeked in on her webcam
bonsaikathy: welcome
Jen: Good for lessons that way
icare4bunnies: gotta go, have fun
icare4bunnies left the room
Jen: I'm definitly going to have to bring some clay over here and get
wes to hook up all his cameras
dahs512: I'm gonna dash ya'll. We are off to swimming(hope it doesn't
rain)and then Keegan's baseball game. I'll be back after 10 but I will
check and see if anyone is still out here. Sorry I wasn't saying much.
faye_shelton: bye Jael
auntyalias: Have fun honey
Jen: bye
dahs512: NJ as usual all was good.
auntyalias: lol
bonsaikathy: bye Denise have a great afternoon honey
dahs512 left the room
auntyalias: This basket weave looks tigerish
bonsaikathy: I love your tiger canes NJ
auntyalias: I'll do a quick tiger cane, since we're doing blends and
using sheets
auntyalias: jelly roll blend, slice and insert stripes
bonsaikathy: ok which colors are you using and maybe I'll grab some
clay and clay along with you
bonsaikathy: I've not done the tiger cane yet
bonsaikathy: Evay where is the base honey
bonsaikathy: I missed it
auntyalias: You know that brown mix I did earlier, raw sienna, pearl,
a touch of yellow
bonsaikathy: and where is her gossiping friend
auntyalias: I did a bunch of this mix and I'm doing everything with
it, blending in pearl and gold here and there
bonsaikathy: ok
auntyalias: I'm going to mix some of this brown mix with some gold
here and do a blend on the brown mix with that and on the other end
boozrkitty left the room
Jen (boozrkitty) joined the room
buci131 joined the room
buci131: Kathy--here's the base, sitting on top of a glass container
bonsaikathy: oh cool it looks like the ocean, great job
lindaslists left the room
lindaslists joined the room
auntyalias: The tiger cane is a jelly roll blend
auntyalias: with the pearl on the outside
auntyalias: and the gold and brown blend going into the center
buci131: thanks Kathy
faye_shelton: boy, Yahoo sure is bouncy today. Hi Linda. You back,
auntyalias: we're going to slice the jelly roll and insert black
bonsaikathy: welcome
auntyalias: taper the ends of the stripes so your tiger doesn't have
stripes that end like a box
lindaslists: Sure am. Went down town and the farmer's market was open.
Got some watermelon and cherries
faye_shelton: yummm
faye_shelton: i'm going to have to run out, too. Just put the last
diaper on Nicole
lindaslists: under the sea luncheon - so cute eva
buci131: thanks Linda
buci131: it's getting there
faye_shelton: two for tea, and tea for two. la lala lala lala
buci131: heheh, have a nice trip to the store Faye--actually I have to
do that pretty soon myself
faye_shelton: k. thanks, Hun
faye_shelton: i'm not gonna turn anything off. just sneak out. . .
boobearns joined the room
bonsaikathy: well hello there Miss Dorothy, good to see you
boobearns: Hello everyone!
boobearns: Just here for a few minutes
auntyalias: Yo Doro
auntyalias: How ya doing?
lindaslists: wow. looks like a tiger cane\
boobearns: not bad, kinda tired, just got home from the city
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
auntyalias: Now do the chevron flip
buci131: Jude's back!
jude: YM must be overrun with peopel today.
buci131: was it hard to get back in?
jude: Not only did it unceremoniously dump me, but it wouldn't let me
back in. Sheesh!
boobearns: I have to go, need to make some shavings for the bunnies
cage. take care everyone!!
boobearns left the room
buci131: bad Yahoo, bad Yahoo
jude: Right!
jude: What did I miss?
jude: Oh, neato, the chevron flip!
buci131: great looking tiger cane NJ
auntyalias: when you do tiger with a chevron flip
auntyalias: and you put a center stripe
auntyalias: you get the back of the tiger
buci131: OK my daughter's hard at work over here pressing sheets of
scrap clay for me, lol
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: hard working girl there, she's getting BIG
auntyalias: wow
Jen: LOL
bonsaikathy: she's precious
lindaslists: so cute
auntyalias: There she is, busy like her mom
buci131: yeah, no kidding--she won't stop growing out of her clothes
auntyalias: now remember when doing tiger tail, the end is just black
and white stripes close to each other
auntyalias: it's so the cubs can follow
auntyalias: easily
bonsaikathy: lol, when Alicia was that age I had to make her pajamas
with hugggggge hems in the them she grew so fast, didn't grow out just
auntyalias: now let's see what we can get with a cane end of this
tiger stripe chopped, tossed and mirrored
bonsaikathy: much taller than her mama
auntyalias: instant cat face
bonsaikathy: oh yeah the elephant
bonsaikathy: are you planning on doing that today
buci131: what is that, a tiger skin rug?
auntyalias: naw, it's just to show you that chop and toss with tiger
cane makes cat faces
auntyalias: take a slice of tiger cane and cover a lump of clay
auntyalias: pull out a tail
auntyalias: put a chop and toss feline face on it
auntyalias: and it's done
auntyalias: it's a suggestion of cat-ness
buci131: wow--that's amazing
auntyalias: and it's Easy Breezy
auntyalias: and you can fiddle faddle around to get shoulder blades or
front paws and such all
auntyalias: size reference
Jen: I like the ears
auntyalias: just chop tiger cane
auntyalias: oh chopped tiger is the best natasha beads
auntyalias: the blends and then the black, just make all sorts of
auntyalias: let me find a link, brb
auntyalias: tiger butt earrings from 2001
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/TigerChop/Necklace-thm.htm
auntyalias: chopped tiger from 2002, made into beads
Jen: whats'that? Polyzap?
auntyalias: huh? What's polyzap?
Jen: is it glue?
halarkin joined the room
auntyalias: Hello Halarkin, what's your first name and is this the
first time in MSATClayArt Demo?
halarkin: Hi, my name is Helen, and yes it is!
auntyalias: Welcome honey, if you're on a PC right click on auntyalias
up there with the TV icon on it
auntyalias: and go "view webcam
Jen: Eva? The bottle on the screen is making me curious
techi_mom56: me too!
halarkin: Ok, thank you!
auntyalias: Ah, Eva's window. it was buried when I was looking for the
link for the tiger chop necklace
auntyalias: here Helen, check out this link
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/TigerChop/Necklace-thm.htm
bonsaikathy: Hi Helen
auntyalias: Jen check out the third picture enlarged
techi_mom56: hello helen... my name is nancy
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/TigerChop/Necklace-003.htm
halarkin: Checking - Hi Kathy! Your bonsai's are amazing!
auntyalias: Shall we do roll call, Name and Location?
halarkin: hi Nancy!
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
Jen: ooh!
bonsaikathy: how Sweet
Jen: Jen, Austin, tX
bonsaikathy: Kathy E. TN
buci131: Eva New Orleans
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA.
lindaslists: Linda - Ely Nevada
techi_mom56: nancy ...clatskanie, oregon (near portland)
halarkin: Helen, Norristown, PA
Jen: Eva, what is polyzap?
bonsaikathy: boy, we're spread all over the globe today, even had one
a little bit ago from Finland

buci131: like superglue but specifically for plastics
buci131: it works really well and is staying thin a lot longer than
any of my superglues ever did
Jen: cool.... can you bake it?
buci131: heehee--I have and haven't had any adverse side effects from
doing so
Jen: hmmm... I'll have to find some of that
buci131: but only small amounts when I've attached something together
and then rebaked for some reason
buci131: Micro Mark
buci131: They have a catalog to drool over with all miniature related
tools, etc.
auntyalias: Helen, I'm going to do a blend with these two colors
jude: I love their tools!
buci131: and every kind of glue you can imagine
halarkin: is that what i've heard is a 'skinner blend'?
auntyalias: the way I do blends is to fold, mash, twist, compress and
then press
Jen: Micromark is one catalog I have to avoid. LOL, last time I had
one I overdrew my bank account
auntyalias: approving our finland claymate's first post
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: just had an Earthquake
auntyalias: had one the other night
auntyalias: this one shook my building
auntyalias: so if I go offline
auntyalias: you'll know why
auntyalias: it felt like a 3 or 4, north of here
halarkin: wow!
auntyalias: just a little shake, waiting for after shocks
auntyalias: we had one Saturday night, Santa Rose, 4.3, so it comes in
clusters if we're lucky
auntyalias: if not, it builds up for a long time and then knocks us on
our behinds
auntyalias: so this one was light
buci131: yikes
auntyalias: when stuff falls over then I get nervous
auntyalias: this was like someone was shaking my chair
auntyalias: nothing fell, no cracks in the dry wall
auntyalias: it's ok
auntyalias: I'm going to check the local news website
auntyalias: it has a listing for recent activity
jude: That web page will show you all the earthquakes. Recent and
almost recent.
techi_mom56: i was thinking about you after i heard about saturday
nights quake...
jude: San Francisco has been quite active lately.
auntyalias: check that out
auntyalias: the red is in the last hour
auntyalias: blue is in the last day
auntyalias: see the Santa Rosa big yellow?
jude: Yellow is last week, I think.
bonsaikathy: Eva it's precious honey, I love it
auntyalias: that's the link I check, then we log onto the Geological
website and report what we felt
auntyalias: 2003/05/26 14:15:29 37.771N 122.575W 8.2 13 km ( 8 mi) NW
of Daly City, CA

halarkin: there are 2 yellows at santa rosa, but there's a lot in the
whole area for the last week or so!
halarkin: yikes!
jude: The site I gave you has all of CA and NV.
jude: You can click on the colors and it gives you the area, epicenter
and strength.
buci131: I've still got to put some future on most of it
halarkin: what does the future do? Future the floor wax stuff, clear
in a clear bottle?
techi_mom56: we dont get many earthquakes up here..but the weirdest
one i ever felt i didnt know it was a quake till i heard about on the mother and i were walking on the beach at the time and the
wet sand we were walking on got reallllly mushy and our feet were
sinking in...
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Mitch we just had an earthquake, I'm filling out the
report with the USGS
auntyalias: brb
buci131: Okie dokie--I gotta go for awhile. I'll try to come back on
frogger70301: oh, my. Are yall okay?
buci131: great stuff on the tiger chop, etc., NJ
buci131: later all
buci131 left the room
lindaslists: bye
halarkin: bye!
auntyalias: it's in red, right off the coast
auntyalias: It was 3.7, I predicted it was 3 to 4, and not right close
auntyalias: I was pretty right on
auntyalias: after a while you can guess pretty close what magnitude it
is and how far from the epicenter you might be
auntyalias: better a bunch of these little ones than to save up for
one big lurch
auntyalias: now I'm hungry
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: primitive reaction, oh gosh an earthquake
auntyalias: let's EAT
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: brb