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Memorial Day Marathon Demo

Log # 3, 5:23pm

Totem Pooh

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halarkin: aah!
auntyalias: it was just a matter of time that my Yahoo would crash
lommomy joined the room
halarkin: another aftershock? are you ok?
auntyalias: no, just Yahoo being mean to me
auntyalias: just like everyone else
halarkin: oh *whew*
lommomy: glad it was just that
halarkin: cool!
jude: Got to go for now, but will be back later. Bye!
halarkin: bye!
lommomy: bye
auntyalias: See ya Jude
patab12000: I git bumpted off too, just as I was trying to ask a
quesstion, so the spots aew logs od umber and black, what color did
you use for the blend that you are wraping them in?
auntyalias: ok, the brown in this blend is a mix
wi1dangl: beautiful nj
auntyalias: raw sienna, pearl and a touch of yellow
auntyalias: then I blended it with pearl
auntyalias: for a ribbon
auntyalias: then the spots are burnt umber with gold
auntyalias: for the center of the spot
auntyalias: and black snakes around it
auntyalias: then those snakes are rolled into the ribbon that is the
auntyalias: we could do a fan fold
auntyalias: so the light side will come out on one end and not be in
the middle like that
halarkin: what kind of clay did you use? The burnt umber and the raw
sienna - did you mix those colors yourself?
auntyalias: I always use Premo, Karen at ClayAlley gives the list a
discount on pounds
auntyalias: just say that you're a list member for the discount
halarkin:  Yay! Thank you!
auntyalias: I think the fan fold would have served us better though
auntyalias: let's do another blend
auntyalias: bury some more spots but not do it jelly roll but do it a
fan fold
auntyalias: then we can have the light background on one side and the
dark background on the other side
auntyalias: then you can stack them
wi1dangl: I have a problem... ran out of brown, tried mixing my own,
but just can't seem to get it right...any ideas?
auntyalias: let me get you a link
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/ColorCards/Brown/Group-thm.htm
auntyalias: this is what I do
auntyalias: and if I have some copper I'll toss that in for some
shine, but the three primary colors should yield you a workable brown
auntyalias: mix that with white
auntyalias: mix that with a touch of black, or copper
auntyalias: and you'll get brown that will work for this. Anyway
auntyalias: no one is going to bust us for using pink and blue for our
leopard if we want to
halarkin: psychadelic leopard! I think i'll do that one.
wi1dangl: thanks...i'll try it again
patab12000: Funny, I get brown all the time, when I try to make purple
patab12000: is the web cam back, I dont see anything
halarkin: I have to go - my boy has to use the computer for
put-off-til-the-end homework. Bye!
halarkin left the room
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patab12000: I think that rolling and twisting is to speed up the
blending process? I have not tried that yet, I just fold in 1/2 and
run through the pasta machine
auntyalias: rolling and mashing and twisting will cut your blending
time to a quarter of what it was when you just folded it in half
lommomy: same snake as before?
auntyalias: yup
bonsaikathy: My internet has slowed to a crawl, I'm shutting down and
coming back in, see you in a few minutes
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auntyalias: since this is a wedge let's make it into a circle
lommomy: cool
wi1dangl: wow...gotta try that
auntyalias: well wait a minute
auntyalias: if we make this wedge into a circle
auntyalias: won't it turn out like the jelly roll?
lommomy: how about a square,
patab12000: wow, that is the best leoperd i have see.
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auntyalias: there
auntyalias: now shall we review?
auntyalias: do a blend
auntyalias: make your spots with one darker brown and three black
auntyalias: make your blend a ribbon
auntyalias: and fan fold the spots in that ribbon
auntyalias: reduce and cut and stack
auntyalias: slice and press
auntyalias: and you've got leopard that has a background that has
different shades
auntyalias: and I think it looks better than the run of the mill
leopard cane you see out there
auntyalias: any questions?
auntyalias: did everyone go to the kitchen for a munch?
bonsaikathy: did I lock up again or did it just get quiet all of a
bonsaikathy: lol
bonsaikathy: that's what I was wondering
auntyalias: shall we do a roll call then to see who is at their
bonsaikathy: good idea
wi1dangl: i'm here...Lynn from Atlanta
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco, the Shake and Bake State
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
patab12000: I'm here
lommomy: Lisa New Jersey
auntyalias: is everyone working on their leopard cane?
bonsaikathy: I was finishing up the pooh scene
lommomy: I'm just watching and a learning
bonsaikathy: I just finished mixing up some grey, going to see about a
tiny elephant
lommomy: did you do the elephant yet? (on web cam)
bonsaikathy: no she hasn't worked on it yet
auntyalias: not yet
patab12000: Yea, I would like to see it too, Noah will need two of
those too
Jen (boozrkitty) joined the room
bonsaikathy: I just wanted to see what the chances were of actually
being able to do one and have it look like an elephant, lol
Jen: Ok, so how long is everyone going to be claying today?
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Jen: I had previous plans but they hadn't contacted me until just now
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wi1dangl: I'll be here and back again...daughter wants the phone at
Jen: So I am going out but I'll be back around 9 or 10 central time
auntyalias: I'm going to be here until I fall over
auntyalias: that's 7 pacific?
Jen: I think so
auntyalias: I'll still be here
auntyalias: don't know what I'll be showing
auntyalias: but I'll be showing something
Jen: Wes has everything set up though
Jen: I think I'm going to start a carnival character
wi1dangl: 7 eastern
Jen: I have three more premade armitures to play with
patab12000: NJ, I don't need a demo, but could you sugest a formula
for skin for a Tiebetan?
auntyalias: hold up
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Full-face-grp.htm
auntyalias: that might help with getting the asian eyes
auntyalias: although I'd darken the asian features, they have similar
coloring to American Indians
auntyalias: reddish hue with asian features
auntyalias: more asian nose though, pointy chins mostly
auntyalias: as for skin tone mixing
patab12000: thank you
auntyalias: I'd get a base skin color of raw sienna and white
auntyalias: for the basic beige skin tone
Jen: Oh, I almost forgot! My roommate found teh battery charger for
the camera. LOL... full step by step demos now!
auntyalias: then I'd darken it up with some burnt umber, a kiss of
cadmium red, or use copper
auntyalias: YOWIE WOWIE
auntyalias: I'd stay way with using translucents in skin tones
auntyalias: adding bits after the first curing has been proving to be
not as invisible as when I use white or pearl
auntyalias: some folks use a lot of translucent for skin, and I think
it would work for a mold where there's not going to be a lot of
dicking around like I do after the first curing
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wi1dangl: ok...see you all later...thanks NJ
wi1dangl left the room
Jen: Yeah, Wes can soulder armitures for me so the arms stay put
patab12000: back from looking at human skin, what are we watching with
the animal skin?
auntyalias: making a pinch pot with wedges
auntyalias: take 6 slices of stacked leopard spot, this one was done
the jelly roll way and I wasn't thrilled with it
auntyalias: so I rolled out that cane into a cone
auntyalias: and got different sized sections
patab12000: neet
auntyalias: stacked them for a wedge
auntyalias: sliced 6 slices and you attach them like you're making a
full skirt
auntyalias: just close up the "waist band"
auntyalias: once it's a circle
auntyalias: then you start jiggling the seams so they merge together
auntyalias: and you thin out and shape the bottom and work your way up
wi1dangl joined the room
auntyalias: when you want to close it for a neck, start squeezing on
the outside and push the shape out from the inside
meows3xx joined the room
auntyalias: got to close the drapes
meows3xx: hi everyone, Happy Memorial Day!
auntyalias: Yowie Meowie we got Cats!!
auntyalias: we've been on a feline cane thing today so far
meows3xx: is the webcam on? did I miss it all
auntyalias: the little tiger one came out the best
auntyalias: I thought you put the webcam on
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to meows3xx (5/26/03 4:10
auntyalias: just sent you an invite
meows3xx: darn, says the server is busy
auntyalias: rats
auntyalias: keep on trying, click on my name there every so often and
see if you can open my cam
auntyalias: there ya go
auntyalias: see my kitties
meows3xx: got it
meows3xx: aaawwwwwwwww
auntyalias: he's one slice of tiger cane
auntyalias: and the first mirror image of the chop and toss of the
tiger cane did his face and ears
auntyalias: the leopard one didn't turn out so well
auntyalias: I'm going to do another with a slice of this leopard cane
that has light and dark background
auntyalias: that's another thing we did so far today
patab12000: I think the one you did in a square was grear!
Jen: Ok guys, I'll be back in a few hours. Wish I hadn't already said
I'd go out, I was hoping my plans would change. Oh well, I'll be back.
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Jen (boozrkitty) joined the room
bonsaikathy: that was fast Jen
Jen: LOL... she just called and canceled
bonsaikathy: I did an elephant, a tiny one
auntyalias: well it's not a leopard
auntyalias: but it's some sort of mammal
bonsaikathy: great Jen, glad you could stick around
lommomy left the room
bonsaikathy: I turned on my webcam so you could see it
Jen: Give me a few minutes and I'll have a camera set up as well
bonsaikathy: Oh cool
auntyalias: Hey a baby elephant
bonsaikathy: such as it is, lol
bonsaikathy: I think it came out kind of cute though
techi_mom56: that is really great kathy...
auntyalias: it'll get settled down
bonsaikathy: thanks Nancy
bonsaikathy: NJ goosed my muse this morning when she was talking about
doing an elephant
patab12000: really cool!
wi1dangl: aww...Kathy he's adorable
bonsaikathy: Thanks, I think I'll cure this one and keep it around,
Usually I do these things and then use the clay for something else but
I kind of think it's charming
bonsaikathy: brb, gotta show Gary
patab12000: he needs ears?
bonsaikathy: I knew it was missing something, I had them and took them
off to put on later
dahs512 joined the room
patab12000: I love Pooh, My 5 year old granddaughter is starting ti
read Pooh books to me!
dahs512: just a quick peek before the baseball game
meows3xx: very cute Kathy
dahs512: What is NJ up tp now
dahs512: chop and toos?
dahs512: mirror image
dahs512: Is anybody out there?
dahs512: hee hee
bonsaikathy: Hi Denise
dahs512: Hi Kathy
wi1dangl: Hi denise...took a watermelon break
bonsaikathy: seedless, it's great
patab12000: Great natasha,- and how did you do the water? ths is cool,
i have never watched two web cams at once befor
dahs512: I had some earlier today
bonsaikathy: the water is resin
Jen: Did you use seran wrap to do a waterfall?
bonsaikathy: pull up my cam real quick Denise and I'll show you my
baby elephant
dahs512: I'm trying but it won't come up
bonsaikathy: no it's clear seal by liquid nails
dahs512: look a pooh
bonsaikathy: hmm
dahs512: mirror image pooh
auntyalias: Totem Pooh
meows3xx: I have a newbie question, when you all buy your clay, do you
pick a day and condtition it all so it's ready when you want to clay?
bonsaikathy: Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't
dahs512: nope
bonsaikathy: I put conditioned clay in baggies
auntyalias: when I do I end up having to warm it up and condition it
dahs512: totem pooh is cool
dahs512: me too
auntyalias: that's a problem when I do pressed sheets
auntyalias: if they hang around too long
auntyalias: even protected
bonsaikathy: I closed and opened the webcam again
dahs512: conditiong gives me time to think about what i am going to do
with it
auntyalias: when I use some of them they crack
bonsaikathy: try now Denise
dahs512: nope
bonsaikathy: hmm NJ is in there
auntyalias: are those lilies and what's the water?
bonsaikathy: I'm not sure why
dahs512: I might need to reboot
bonsaikathy: now it has ears
meows3xx: I've tried it thanks, I've tried both
dahs512 left the room
bonsaikathy: they were lillies and the water is resin
auntyalias: SharonV/shargoose made a leaf sheet and covered a tin
auntyalias: did real good
dahs512 joined the room
dahs512: elephant
bonsaikathy: You're in this time Denise
bonsaikathy: yes
dahs512: did you do it today?
bonsaikathy: got some refining to do but it's cute
dahs512: it's teeny!
bonsaikathy: yup
dahs512: too cool
dahs512: Well I'll be.
bonsaikathy: I want to work on the muscle's in the leg some
dahs512: gotta dash
patab12000: I can't tell, is that a penny?
bonsaikathy: see ya honey
dahs512: we are heading out the door
dahs512: see ya'll later
dahs512 left the room
techi_mom56: gotta go for about an hour...wave
techi_mom56 left the room
bonsaikathy: Some of you have already seen it but I think it's really
neat that I could get it so close
auntyalias: it is neat honey
auntyalias: but you better point out the mini
auntyalias: or some folks are likely to miss it all together
bonsaikathy: I don't even use fimo
meows3xx: it's great Kathy, like a mini twin
bonsaikathy: thanks honey
bonsaikathy: I was pretty excited when it was done
meows3xx: NJ did you use armatures in the kitties?
auntyalias: no, just balls of scrap clay
meows3xx: k
Jen: Yeah, camera is working (I hope, LOL)
auntyalias: I got your cam
auntyalias: there's your hand
Jen: Well, I have two ideas on what to work on...
Jen: Either a figure or mini stained glass
bonsaikathy: Jen if you want to not bother with having to accept each
of us wanting to look at it, then you can go to file, preferences,
webcam and then set it at the bottom to accept all in the webcam
bonsaikathy: saves you some hassle
Jen: cool
bonsaikathy: Denise told us about it earlier
auntyalias: I'm going to make a pinch pot with tiger cane done as a
auntyalias: while Jen does what she's going to do
Jen: Ok, I'm going to do a stained glass window to warm up, might do a
figure later
Jen: I have a piece of glass from a picture frame that I use
Jen: I found a free pattern off the web and am going to tape it under
teh glass as a pattern
chelyha55 joined the room
Jen: I'm rolling some tiiiny black snales to do teh outlines... then
I'll bake and fill in with colored translucent clay... very easy
chelyha55: Hello claymates
meows3xx: hi chely
patab12000: I have a hard time getting raw clay and cured clay to
stick to each other
chelyha55: try some liquid sculpey
chelyha55: How long has NJ been online?
bonsaikathy: Hours
Jen: if you roughen the baked clay, that helps
patab12000: I tryed that the last time.
shargoose joined the room
chelyha55: I've been having a beady birthday party
bonsaikathy: Denise and Eva and I were doing our webcam for a few
hours before she came on, so it's been going on all day
bonsaikathy: Hi Sharon, it's done, want to see it
patab12000: ok, I will try that nex time
shargoose: Yes Please
auntyalias: CherylH
auntyalias: I've been on that long
chelyha55: Hi NJ
auntyalias: Leopard, Tiger
auntyalias: kitties
auntyalias: chop and toss Pooh Bear Totems
auntyalias: a leopard pot
chelyha55: I've been having a birthday party
auntyalias: and now a tiger pot
chelyha55: It's been my best birthday ever
auntyalias: Happy Birthday
shargoose: I don't see you web cam on Kathy
chelyha55: thank you
auntyalias: how fun, everyone is off today to celebrate your birthday
meows3xx: Happy B'Day
chelyha55: that leopard cane looks good
chelyha55: It's been a fun weekend
auntyalias: fan fold a blend
auntyalias: bury the snakes in a blend fan folded, I should say
shargoose: Oh, Kathy I love it!!
chelyha55: that is cool
auntyalias: Oh Sharon, I love your leaf tin
auntyalias: it looks like you've been doing this forever
auntyalias: you're a quick study
chelyha55: who else has a cam on
shargoose: Bonsai Kathy
auntyalias: So there's three cams
shargoose: She's showing me my order she made!!
bonsaikathy: I turned mine on to show Sharon her scene I did for her
bonsaikathy: hey Sharon look at this
auntyalias: How exciting,
auntyalias: we're in on the preview
auntyalias: he he he
auntyalias: Jen's doing a stained glass
shargoose: Oh Kathy did you do that?
bonsaikathy: yes, just finished it a little bit ago
shargoose: When did you do elephants?
auntyalias: I'm ungabunga I don't want to leave the jungle
bonsaikathy: just tonight, first one
chelyha55: cool elephant
bonsaikathy: NJ goosed my muse this morning talking about elephants so
I had to try one
auntyalias: Great elephant, and it's definately a baby, which is
difficult to do
auntyalias: a baby anything
auntyalias: oh it's really mini too
shargoose: Hope there will be a tutorial on the elephant!!
bonsaikathy: yup
shargoose: He's so cuuuute
bonsaikathy: thanks
bonsaikathy: I looked at Doug's pic on his webshots and tried to
follow it best I could
shargoose: Hope your goosed Muse is OK
bonsaikathy: his is better
shargoose: Oh, baloney
shargoose: His is different not better
shargoose: and I bet it's not as tiny
bonsaikathy: I'm going to cure it and keep it
bonsaikathy: his is much bigger than mine, I wanted a tiny one
shargoose: He's a treasure to keep
bonsaikathy: I'll set it on a shelf in my daughters roombox probably
bonsaikathy: She'll love it
shargoose: What's NJ up to now?
chelyha55: Not sure
bonsaikathy: Jen that is really coming out pretty
bonsaikathy: I love it
shargoose: Thanks for the preview. I am going to watch NJ now if
that's OK
Jen: thanks
Jen: Here is a close up
bonsaikathy: do you ever use tinted TLS for the filler
patab12000: Ok, I am watching 3 web cams now, What are you doing now
auntyalias: experimenting with zebra
patab12000: Great
shargoose: Zebra, stipes, yes
bonsaikathy: Hey NJ, I forgot to tell you, I used your tinfoil
armature idea for my fountain and that's how I made the rocks
lommomy joined the room
wi1dangl: wow Kathy...I thought they were real rocks
bonsaikathy: Made the shape and then covered each one with a coating
and then when it was dry I hand painted each rock
nor4man93553 joined the room
bonsaikathy: nope
faye_shelton left the room
wi1dangl: can you show the fountain again?
bonsaikathy: Hi Cheryl Honey
bonsaikathy: Godo to see you here
bonsaikathy: We've had a great day, with lot's of participation
shargoose: Yes, let;s see the fountain
bonsaikathy: ok
bonsaikathy: yes
bonsaikathy: I had to touch it up
wi1dangl: that is too cool
shargoose: Wow, Kathy that looks so real
chelyha55: Hi Kathy
chelyha55: sorry, was adjusting my browser window
shargoose: Oh, and tiny flowers yet
bonsaikathy: the light patches have to be repainted
bonsaikathy: it's ok honey
wi1dangl: what kind of clay did you use/color?
chelyha55: I'm getting ready for a craft fair on the 7th and 8th of
chelyha55: so have not been around much
nor4man93553: It looks great Kathy
shargoose: Love the stripes NJ
bonsaikathy: then hand painted the rocks with a mixture of about 3 or
4 colors
faye_shelton joined the room
shargoose: Now we need to build a Zebra
bonsaikathy: I wish you could see it in person, it's so much more
bonsaikathy: it's the fountain that's going in my bonsai scene
chelyha55: Looks pretty cool to me
auntyalias: slicing down the stack looks better
chelyha55: NJ you get more of a stripe look that way
faye_shelton: Hi Y'all, i'm back
shargoose: Hello
bonsaikathy: Hi again Faye
faye_shelton: just came back in and my computer threw a hissyfit and i
had to reboot
chelyha55: I hate when that happens
nor4man93553: hi Faye
bonsaikathy: NJ how about roll call again, we've got lot's of people
in here right now
lommomy: Hi I'm just checking in for a minute-going to make dinner in
a few...
chelyha55: it's like it has a big brain fart
bonsaikathy: this has been great
faye_shelton: Hi Cheryl
chelyha55: Hi Faye
chelyha55: Roll Call?
chelyha55: Cheryl in Tehachapi, CA
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco, doing Zebra
shargoose: Sharon V, NH
wi1dangl: Lynn in Atlanta
faye_shelton: Faye, Norfolk VA
nor4man93553: Cheryl D in Pearblossom
lommomy: Lisa, Rainy New Jersey
meows3xx: Roni in Michigan
bonsaikathy: Faye, You're not to far from where my son was before he
left for Okinawa
shargoose: What a crowd
auntyalias: Jen's in Austin
shargoose: Who brought the chips n dip?
bonsaikathy: I think today it's watermelon, lol
patab12000: patricia in houtx
chelyha55: Nah, we had homemade California Roll
auntyalias: I'm eating sugarless wafer cookie things
auntyalias: being good
chelyha55: chinese chicken salad
chelyha55: and cheesecake
patab12000: Patricia in HouTX
bonsaikathy: we did roll call, you must have been busy NJ
wi1dangl: watermelon and burgers in atlanta
shargoose: homemade hot fudge sauce
lommomy: doing hotdogs and soup
wi1dangl: yumm
shargoose: to be put on the ice cream treat soon
auntyalias: Oh I thought that CherylD called roll and I didn't scroll
auntyalias: that's ok, I'll save log then

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.